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Monday, February 15, 2016

Just Had A Disturbing Experience At A CVS (rare)

Walked into CVS downtown crossing Boston.

In my head I heard very clearly "You're going to jail for a long time."

Only after entering the store and this happened exactly at the moment I went through the anti theft device.

For what pray tell?

Cool! I can finally have free time and peace and quiet to write my book!!  Yay?  The mold and brutal covert behavior modification technologies in there will probably leave me a vegetable but isnt that how this new admin seems to like their women?

Put this down in the Gitmo type tortures file.

This new head of FBI Boston, Shaw-Dont know much about him other than he is from the south shore of MA originally and in his new position in office, focused on potential terrorists and home grown threats. He recently transferred from NYC where he worked covering the span of post 9-11.

I also love how I'm being assumed guilty without due process and cops keep approaching me to ask questions without council.

Update: this incident was prob due to effects of contaminated water from the Harvard Square Homeless Shelter that uses the Lutheran Church in the Square ever winter. Its a very old building and its housed in its basement.

As of September 2016 I finally had a chance to send a letter to both the state and the city environmental health departments with concerns over what I experienced. This incident is deeply disturbing as construction around Boston and Cambridge is rampant and could contribute to making people sick as well as water main breakages could have caused contamination. 

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Anonymous said...


that didn't happen.

you are a liar. you need to leave while you can. every minute you waste on this blog is time you should have spent getting out of town while you had the chance.

it's the end of the world as you know it.

and i feel fine.