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Saturday, February 20, 2016

😲 The ER Psychiatrist Just Used The Word 'Punitive'

Something about how my stay wasnt going to be "punative" psychiatry.

Awww. They read my blog. So my freedom of speech is useless becuz my writing is totally used against me! So it seems.

And lets totally make fun of my lack of education becuz you have an education, by throwing a 'big word' back at me that I use with only a simple understanding of its meaning.

I also know another bunch of words that should be above my head and beyond me but Ive come to hold close to my heart in this situation for many years:

-First Do No Harm.

-To Protect And Serve.

I know its so old fashioned to expect people to adhere to virtues or standards.
And isnt that one of the things thats so annoying about me?

Lets hope theres another term Im not going to be victim to thats the way people do things nowadays:
Judicial activism.

But I have such a loose understanding of that term becuz Im SO uneducated.

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