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Sunday, February 14, 2016

I Have A Moment Of Clarity So This Post Matters-Whats Going On In Boston Area

While I have a clear few hours I want to put down what I can see clearly right now as I know that I will not retain this clarity.

Im inside, in a basement so underground in an older building. Always a good thing and its a Saturday night and extreme weather always seems to make this system not as effective.

Ive posted that since new administrations have taken over power positions in MA that its been very different here. They caught me off guard two summers ago after the changes here but I learned very quickly the differences between the old guard and the new people.

The new people are more viscous and like set ups and frame ups. There is less tech and mind control being used and much more gang stalking. It seems as if these areas dont have the access like they did just a few years ago and that might have something to do with important people leaving office or dying in the north east.

Dissidents arent being tolerated. The People Of Color part of the NWO has gotten powerful and gained protection from Black Lives Matter and the last years of Obama. Instead of focusing on what Bush had done, the war years, post 9-11 and foreign terrorism people are now more focused on domestic issues and 'injustices'. Which means trying to explain to anyone at this time about something like COINTELPRO and how it effects the black community today or that immigrants are vulnerable, desperate people who will do nasty things for green cards or are part of drug cartels etc isnt really going to work.

Theres alot of anti homelessness. Its as if Homeless Lives Dont Matter is a part of the new generations' mentality. They also seem to be aware that theres alot of dissidents or potential within the homeless community. Being dissident in the Boston area is somehow now equated with causing trouble and being a threat to the United States and thier own personal futures. Gone are attitudes about 9-11 or Bush or the war having been part of changes in the USA that are indicitive of something much bigger that MUST be addressed.

Boston and Cambridge are very DARK. Theres a darkness lingering over the area. Its not normal. Its miserable, terrible. Through tech, chem and then constant non stop harassment using behavioral psychology a TI like myself is reduced to a compliant, half crazed idiot who cant remember anything and they are also making me as a TI at least out to be THE BAD GUY and make me feel bad or guilty.
This is also being done by flooding the area with alot of fake Christianity in the form of YUPpie churches and religious types standing in MBTA transit stations with stands with literature-even Girl Scouts is considered religious now and they are also adding to the fake wholesomeness thats being used to cover for the war crimes and other horrors-pure evil in the northeast in the last 15 years.

Its amazing watching humans become brainwashed this quickly and effectively and so quickly.

The mind control within the city limits of Cambridge and Boston are now unbeatable. And there is no way to function under these conditions. Whatever they are using now you cant fight it. All you can do is find a safe space or 'Faraday cage' type environment which might be a bathroom or other area even part of a train station or building or wooded area.

Whatever they are using is like a net thats completely draped over the Boston-Cambridge area and a bit outside. Even going on the train to Quincy theres relief or the edges of the MBTA train line. The parameters are a bit the same as during Menino but differ slightly.

Whats noticeable to me as a New Englander or at least from Mass is that I no longer feel connected to the natural environment inside or outside the city while within these parameters.  Theres no pleasure or happiness derived from the environment itself. In other words the natural energy of the area is probably being subdued or outright covered up by this system in this area. I have been here long enough to recall a very different feeling during most of my existence here.

Once the net wears off like due to the circumstances I just described in these past few hours-I can feel the way it used to feel for years here. The natural peace, happiness etc that has always been such a part of this area. MA isnt just beautiful to look at. It has energy to match and its a very peaceful place.

Now within city limits theres created this reality of misery that just isnt normal.

Also theres this use of what seems like chemical warfare as I had written about and it also ends at the same city limits. If you stay in certain areas within the parameters you keep getting reinfected with whatever this is. Its very distracting especially being female and somewhat uncomfortable but I am dealing with it until I can remove myself from the area.

I have become very isolated and the system here now seems to actually want to try to keep me here and perform extreme behavior modification. Even today there was this sickening feeling of lovey-doveyness as well as over the top cooperation and friendliness with other citizens. I thought this was just the weather becuz we have a cold snap where its -5 but with wind chill it feels like -20 last night as well as its Valentines Day.

Then I WENT INTO ONE OF THE AREAS THATS A SAFE AREA FROM THE INFLUENCE IN THIS AREA and just the thought of things being so nice and happy in such a fake way made me ill. Especially since for weeks the environment has been totally miserable. A few months ago a bunch of people got killed by trains all in a few days and a driver accidentally let a train go with no driver (google it).

I also noticed that part of making changes to the Harvard Homeless scene at least has been people leaving and people dying. BUT THEY ALL DIED OFF WITHIN A SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME. As well as a long time well known homeless man who used to sleep and basically live in front of a beautiful unused building owned by BU in Kenmore Square ALSO DIED AT AROUND THE SAME TIME. Within a few years many long time homeless have all died.

I was up early one day taking the train. I was at Park Street. It was unbelievable. People, mostly young people but everyone was silent. No one was talking and it was just so weird for Boston to be like that. It really reminded me of the Invasion Of The Body Snatchers movie-the one from the 70s or 80s.

The people in power now do things very differently than the old guard. Im sure they think they are helping or doing good but building a better, perfect world forgets one thing- humans have souls and spirits. Which somehow this new system believes people wont notice. I guess they want to get rid of everyone who DOES notice.

Im so isolated now and reacting badly to the environment they way it is and the way Im being targeted that Im doing alot of talking out loud in public. Interestingly if seem happy and content on a given day the gang stalking perps will simply harass me either intensely or catch me off guard (a signature of the new people in power now) until I start to self talk in public. Its definitely about discrediting me. But it also seems to be a tactic to make sure I cant get anything done on my project.
A great majority of people in this area are really getting alot of satisfaction out of this melt down Im in (just by being in this area). I am ignoring this becuz I know that once I get out of the city limits I will feel somewhat normally and regain a perception thats connected to reality and feel a freedom of mind and clarity.

Most of my posts now are misguided, reactionary to being harassed or totally off the point-not what I would be writing if I had clarity.

Whats keeping me down or what is being used to keep me down is alot of perceptions that are negative about my age, my health or how much time i have left or the futility of my work on this blog or trying to get a book out.
The system here seems to want to keep me here so they can force me to be a sort of babysitter of the homeless in this area. Sort of trying to get me to focus on that instead of finish what I started on this. They are really trying to manipulate my emotions on this subject.

Ive seen this before in organized crime-intelligence-law enforcement families which always include the use of mind control and it seems many members dont realize its a part of the family.

A woman has no other use or seems to be to strong to be manipulated into  or blackmailed into serving any other purpose for that system I just described and is getting older, no longer youthful will over time be terrorized with handlers and people generally destroying her mentally and emotionally until she BECOMES A CARETAKER of others and forgets about herself or her own hopes and dreams. Shes so traumatized by loss that she will become a caretaker of others. It helps if like myself the woman is childless.

Scott Ashmanski one of hte first abusive handlers that they put into my life when this campaign went 24-7 during early 2000s had  a sister and that is what it seemed like they did to her. His family fits the profile I just described.

Its certainly the most extensive and intense program Ive experienced to try to neutralize an enemy. I mean completely obliterate any recall in the persons mind or emotional drives that something like this project ever mattered to me at all.

So there it is. Im going to post a warning to readers that my posts for the past year or so much of it is misguided or reactionary and probably not of much use.

Im also tired alot. And Ive gained weight-Im at my heavest ever, almost 200 lbs but with my athleticism and height it just looks like Im this strong Traveler or hobo type woman. I still have a shape. Another reason I must leave is becuz within city limits IM HAVING TROUBLE NOT EATING AND EATING SUGARY FOODS. I can feel the changes just going outside the inner city parameters I mentioned on  the train system.
I cannot afford to be overweight. Its not an option healthwise. I usually lose weight when I start traveling again.

This constnat eating is also a direct result of losing my Harvard Sq street family or homeless scene which in part is my realizing that Ive always been surrounded by people I couldnt trust or its not healthy for me to be talking to such people. Losing my nest however and being isolated has resulted in the need to eat almost constantly.

I heard something on a creepy Christian show the other day on radio. That behavior modification consists of someone giving you a hard time  and harassing you one moment then someone else showing up after that or alternately to give you support or positive reinforcement.

Im not a material that needs to be molded. I have an internal structure and a mind of my own. No one is going to make me into something Im not.

This area was less sick and evil under Whitey Bulger and all that mess decades ago. Becuz it was an open secret. No one had any pious attitudes or uppitiness about the ugly truth of it. People were down to earth about what it was.
This seeing Christians and YUPpies being uppity, self righteous f*cks who are either compliant and hate Homeless or oblivious and arent smart enough to think maybe theres political oppression in America-who are now hiding all hte horrors of the last 16 years are just absolutely sickening and insufferable.

People want to whine about Whitey bringing in drugs into Southie or wherever. OK so hes in jail now and we have an opiate problem unlike the last administration. So whos responsible now?

Noting like a scapegoat whos not useful anymore or is only useful for that purpose. Im still wondering who Bill Cosby pissed off or did he just become obsolete to the agenda? Which is why I havent addressed that news story. Becuz its obvious that if it is true the authorities and people in the industry could have done something about it before now but chose not too becuz he served such a useful purpose to some agenda.

I WAS kind of warned about this a few years ago where it became clear leaving the area if not hte USA was advisable. Soldiers coming home and Obamacare, wikileaks-Snowden, NSA trials. Black Lives Matter as diversion. I had health issues etc and couldnt leave. At least now I see clearly that this area is UNlivable, that it will never change and its not worth staying.

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