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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Man In The Photo At Laundromat Doing Gesturing Tactic- Use of Pavilion Behavioral Psychology In Organized Stalking And Harassment Of Targeted Individuals

The guy in the laundromat doing gang stalking harassment, look hes even doing a tactic it looks like. He may have been just rubbing his head but when he cost me that piece of writing he was obviously doing gesturing.

The main tactical gesturing now that it seems Ive been anchored with are:

-running hands over side of head. For women its hair over the ears. For men its an awkward touch or runnjng of hand over head over ear area. Males are more awkward i think becuz they want it to be obvious they are gesturing. With women its harder to tell yet they do things to make it obvious.
Acting very uppity and haughty as multiple women tuck their hair behind their ears at the same time. Its ALWAYS accompanied by nasty shitty attitudes towards me the Target. They will also put women in front of me or across a street or in places I will notice just so they can perform this tactic. Usually the women are shapely and dressed up oftrn young but not always.
They look as attractive as I did in my 20s and often are dressed up as I always was back then.

This Hair Over The Ear tactic or head tap with some males began after I shaved my hair off last summer in Oregon.
This is a direct reference to my lack of long hair and also an attack on my lacking femininity in past few years (out of necessity as traveling has become rougher and conditions more difficult, resources and welcoming areas more scarce).

I had to shave my head due to the guy I was with in OR his son having some sort of thing that wasnt lice but kept making my scalp feel creepy crawly. His son had recurring lice but I never presented with it. It may have evolved into that. It was also hot there and it cooled me off. Its a common look among Travelers anyway but the local perps made sure I heard them say "..and she had to do it, because if lice". A woman actually shouted this at someone else in a parking lot at a bus station outside Portland. Classy, eh?

And they are also utilizing the traumas of that time period. This is where I had an abortion and OHSU messed me up really bad. It took almost two years to be able to walk again normally due to severe lower back pain after a hemmorage two weeks post abortion. I posted about it. I suspect they did other nasty things with nanotechnology I won't get into.

I posted a few months ago that in the MIT library in Cambridge MA when I started looking up lawyers to sue OHSU in Oregon as I was still suffering a year later, the MIT police had an unusual walk thru of the Rotch library and performed obvious and sufficient intimidation to have me forget the idea.

This tactic is also backed up with clerks sometimes referring to me as 'sir' and its done on purpose and that is made obvious. This insult also utilizes intergenerational damages from MK Ultra related harassment as my mother used to complain about people also referring to her as 'sir' often times over the telephone. What makes this tactic even more obvious as harassment is that ever since its been in use as part of the reference to my having cut my hair off, only now do I ALSO get called 'sir' over the phone by service persons, which did not happen previously and is odd, becuz over a phone one cannot see my appearance.

I get called 'sir' when I'm wearing a dress which is ridiculous. The perps refer to me as 'sir' then immediately, too quickly change it to 'maam'.

So this hooks into traumatic circunstances and also uses intergenerational intimidation as harassment.

This is also why women are used who are either young and attractive or fat older and ugly.
Its punishment for not keeping up with expected social norms as well as reminding me what this system took from me by way of years of my life. Its a way to continue behavior modification. To push me to clean up etc and settle down somewhere. Ugly fat women doing this is humiliation by putting society's lower ranking females above me in status simply becuz they aren't targeted.
Both are intimated as being better than me...if only I would CONFORM right? (And give up activism, revenge etc).

When males run their hand across their heads its pure intimidation. Its real obvious too when BALD GUYS do this. Like last night at 7-11 on S Congress when they didn't expect me and the late night Mex tattoed guy is talking to this raggedy African American guy hanging out at the counter. You should have seen the fear in his eyes as I walked in and out of sheer nerves he put ran his hand in a long stroke over the right side of his head, with his head down sheepishly and his eyes on me. The black guy had fear in his face but it was partially a look of trying to hide under a happy-ass fake smiling face, which of course him being black pissed me off even more. I immediately lost all respect for the Mex cashier who in every previous interaction never pullled that crap and was respectful.
I guess the company he was keeping influenced him. Gross.

Bald guys doing this as well as men doing head taps is pretty overt. Its mostly the women I mentioned. And its done like 500 times a day around Austin . One of the reasons it works so well is becuz it can be confusing as to whether its gang stalking gesturing or just young women genuinely playing with or fixing their long hair.

I also now believe there is an attempt to push me into lesbianism even though thats not my true sexual nature. Ive read many years ago that this system tries to alter or modify a Target's sexual orientation or preferences. Straight to lesbian or gay, adult to pedophilia, same race to race mixing etc.
It seems like a prize for them if they can traumatize and brain wash you into changing your true Self in anyway.
Especially deeply personal things.

-The second tactic thats used now is the long running Wallet Tap or back pocket tap.
Variations of this are side taps which are especially used when passing me the TI quickly. A side tap can be seen from the front. Often males will hit their sides in an obvious manner with a swat, one handed.
Both a genders employ this when Im behind them standing or walking by performing what looks like a man chekcing on his wallet in his back pocket but there is no wallet or anything there, often not even a pocket.
Women do a variation of this by pulling on one side of their t shirts in a manner and with timing that ensures I will notice it as a tactic. Pulling down your shirt is one thing but doing this so close to a wallet tap is obvious.

This has been in use for a few years, ever since they realized they found something that finally worked-that I could be anchored with (this is all Pavlovian behavioral psychology bring used).
The intimiation is that i have no money, that I seek money from males and that I am now always under suspicion of being a thief due to having a backpack and being homeless.

What bothers me is that in Austin it seems to be being perverted, like sexualized. Women are actually grabbing the bottom of their ass cheeks when in shorts. The man in the photo did the same in his Wrangler jeans by drawing attention to his buttocks and behind area. Its as if they are trying to turn it into something else like perhaps an attempt at humiliation?

Often people will perform both in what looks like a ritual action. As in ritualized gesturing like its done as a ritual action by the perps for the group against their common enemy, the Target.

Since so many people are doing this now in public spaces it serves to isolate me almost completely from society.

It also serves as constant diversion, brainwashing, attempted behavior modification as well as keeping me a traumatized, controllable child-at 44 years old.

MK Ultra was notorioua for regression by any means even brain damage. Its a phase the experimentee has to reach before repatterning of the personality. It's part of behavior modification.

The man in the photograph was doing overt gesturing right after he cost me an hour of writing by doing something very overt insulting and distracting...that almost got him killed.

Do they even warn these people about who and what the Target is? How many od these people doing this understand programming to an extent that they know what the Target is made of?

From my experience here in Austin they don't understand beyond "sex slave" which has very little to do with high level programming.

The jerks behind getting rid of Survivors dont care as long as the system serves to get rid of us.

The people doing the harassment have knowledge of programming on different levels but they have very little understanding.

How could they? The people involved on those levels are like math professors and geniuses who worked for IBM etc and computer programmers.

My experience here in Austin and my last experiences in Cambridge lead me to believe that gang stalkers are simply hateful, vindictive people who are used to destroy Targets but other than that have very little control over anything else.

The guy in the photo was older with white hair and moustache. Glasses. Green shirt.

Ive been reluctant to post about the gesturing used in my campaign becuz it seems like in the past after I do so alot of nobodies copycat off of the info in this blog and the harassment activity increases.

Is this what is done with disgarded obsolete military hardware nowadays? Its thrown to the ignorant general public as a toy? So they can destroy it?

Well such people certainly are good at being apes that violently destroy things they dont understand fully.
Nothing like being thrown to the peadants outside the castle walls eh?

I think not. Im going to keep myself together and away from the idiots and leave so i can get harassed by a better class of people in a culture i actually like.

Whats priceless is when fat miserable old lady perps say things like "Wherever she goes its not going to be any different. People are the same everywhere." (AZ last year).

Seriously? You perps consider yourselves the normal level of people populating the planet? With so many in your ranks being sex offenders, criminal opportunists, fake Christian Cause Stalkers and generally the dregs of humanity regardless of your demographic?

Then we really DO need to reduce the population by 90%.

FBI 'Community Outreach'- "Citizen Academy"?/ Do Not Get In The Way Of These Blogs

I love the hokey expression "reach out" to law enforcement or any other authority nowadays is a pansy ass new expression for being an informant.

Found out FBI office is near Reseach Blvd in Austin which might explain why going up north of the college and the only Dunkin Donuts in town near The Domain (a shopping center especially foe all the ghouls working at JJ Pickle Research Center) is such a perilous event every single time.

This city is too damn small and has way to much intelligence in a small radius of the capital.

Stratfor, FBI, Orion, JJ Pickle- the place is a nightmare plus the music industry (mind control slavery) and druf running from Mexico.

One idiot cost me an hour of writing today in a laundromat close to the north area.
Stop sending these morons to fuck with me. Im serious this time.



In no other area are the perps this stupid of backwards arrogant hick cowbky mother fuckers as to interrupt mw writing.

Take this post however u want to but mostly stick it up your asses.

If u even try to come to me with some terrorist threat bullshit I will tell on everything I know which in Boston is connected to the FBI ans has been for years.

Also i am going to sue anyway becuz a legit investigation should not include 20 year old kids on a bus during Bush asking me why I came to AZ instead of Florida and WHAT DO I THINK OF GEORGE BUSH.

YOU and anyone else I can sue are screwed anyway its just a matter of if i do it from in the US or after I leave the country.

Also we all know i have..mysterious helpers who seem to have no problem causibg 'accidents' to anyone who really gets in the way or really harms me.

I dont know exactly all how it works but I know Austin is too big for its britches to quote a countrified expression and NO ONE has ever been stuoid enoufh to interrupt my writing other than hacking which is an acceltable engagement of war condition.

This is the twat that cost me an hours worth of hard and revealing writing. Taking a pciture registered as neutralizing a threat. Hes lucky he's alive.
Don't ever fuckin do that again. Hacking-fine. Harassment from idiots-whatever. No direct interference with information delivery from actual humans.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Hospital Is Shielded Building, Helped Improve Condition/Can't Do Activism Too Targeted

My breathing improved. But it was scary today.

I dislike including you all in my dramas. It seems thats all im capable of nowadays.

Its the outside environment. Its become obvious that the outside environment has become very rough to exist in for Targets over the past few years.

More than ever, 'safe' spots are needed and its strikingly noticeable when you find yourself in a safe place for even a short amount of time.

One of the local hospitals I went to today is and has been a place where the hostile environment outside seems to be blocked.

It feels like much of the radiation and electromagnetic pollution is blocked out. Peace and normalcy ensue.

To be reminded of a time before the country went crazy.

At times like these its so obvious what the radiation from Fukushima, other leaks, electromagnetic pollution and all other environmental stressors have done to change human reality.

All that plus the increase in the number of stalkers around the country.

How are they not effected or are these factors creating more psychos to do their dirty work for them?

Peaceful environments that feel safe with out hostility or electromag influence are very hard to come by now.

Its much worse than it was just in 2012.

I think housed and employed or school going humans must benefit from being inside buildings for most of the day especially two seperate places like home and work or school.

They might not notice the changes as they dont get damaged as quickly. Also rhe young and healthy kids outside wouldnt be effected. It wont show yet.

It seems what they do to TIs is covertly and slowly expose us to radiation and hit us with weapons until our bodies are overly sensitive then the unhealthy, above normal levels out there now are going to kill us even though healthy, unaffected people wouldn't notice.
Firstly they don't get exposed daily and nightly outside as we do and they arent constantly hunted and hit or exposed as we are in campaigns so that damage is done over time.

Last year i had an MRI and almost had what felt like a heart attack. It actually hurt at certain points.

I could feel the years of damage from being exposed outside as well as being hit for years with tech and weapons.
Probably my mother being exposed through experimentation is a factor also.

I wonder if thats why people don't want someone like me around. Could i give off to enough energy to be dangerous to other people simply from being exposed for so long?

The increase in radiation and pollution as well as organized harassment is making outside in American towns and cities unlivable and nightmarish.

At the University Med Center ER I was bring hit with tech which is one of the reasons I got out of there. It made my distress over not being able to breath right more stressful.
So stressful in fact that i had to switfh into this denial/tough mode to survive which THEY KEEP TRYING TO INDUCE with DAILY STRESS.

Its as if they want Targets to switch into these survival modes. There can never be any true peace.

A luxury of the past.

So at moments where a building provides shielding its pretty obvious, and appreciated.

There's something much worse and more severe about these hot, sunny areas.

Left University Hospital Brackenridge. Kept Me Waiting Took Lesser Cases

The staff and cops in there sat there for the last 2.5 hours while i suffered thru labored breathing while they took alot of other people before me.

And there was a guy there who complained of trouble breathing for two days but he seemed fine.

He was even ok to ask a person in a wheelchair if they need help and wheel them around the waiting room.

He was doing gesturing tactics the entire time while standing perfectly normally as well as chatting with other patients.

I think that UT Medical is the place cops bring prisoners as there was a guy in there with a policeman. I overheard the cops saying they got "sucked into excessive use of force" with the guy. Perhaps a valid complaint but to air such a gripe in such an unprofessional manner in a public place is appalling and disgusting.

Back home no cop would ever allow the public to know anything going on much less what he was thinking.

There was a lady in the rest room who eaited a long time after using bathroom and it seemed was waiting for me to get out of stall.

When i did she positioned herself to the side of me as if trying to be aggressive then made sure she threw the paper towel on the floor instead of the trash on her way out. All so i could see.

Betryal of professional trust and faith as well as causing chaos seems to be the m.o. of the people in that ER.

Right after she left a cleaning lady appeared and I told her about the lady in scrubs.

I was afraid she had made the bathroom a mess so i would get blamed and that induced more stress.

When i decided to leave due to realizing they had taken that guy who was full of sh*t and doing tactics as we as others before me, i looked into the faces of people waiting and there were lots of African Americans giving mw that cold, evil, arrogant, obnoxious look that gang stalking perps use to intimidate a Target.

So dont go to University Medical Center Brackenridge in Austin TX if you are a Targeted Individual.

I will take the mean African American male nurse at the other place.
All I had to do was give him a bad review. The doctors seem to try there and I never get any crap from the front desk people.

No more cop or university hospitals.

Ive experienced this before in certain hospitals. They are trying to minimize what ever duress And medical issues i go thru by waiting.

At UT Med Center Trouble Breathing Comfortably (Maybe Staph Complication)

Fighting staph infection. St Davids medical center was ok when i first arrived a month or so ago but last time i went in there for this staph infection (same area as before turning into cellulitis) the male nurse was awful.
They were not clear about the medication treatment so i may not have taken them properly.

I've had shortness of breath due to heavy chest, fatigue and dizziness just as I did when this was cellulitis last summer going up through Maine.

After a short course of doxycycline the skin wound healed but it hurt underneath the skin. I began a course of keflex as the doc at St Davids prescribed both but I was unclear as to how to take them.
The nurse actually said "you dont need to fill both". The doc alluded to taking both at once yet with my antibiotic allergies and my having mild symptoms of a anaphylactic reation each time I take them (i take a benedryl or a half of one with each pill. The reaction is mild but uncomfortable.)

I did wake up with a nasal cold so it might be something respitory but heaviness in chest and uncomfortable breathing has been part of the staph symptoms this time as it was when it had turned to cellulitis last summer.

My chest is sore in front and back and I've felt off and on for the entire time Ive had this staph infection that i cannot get a full breath.

I HAVE AN OLDER FRIEND WHO WILL CALL A LAWYER BACK HOME AND CONTACT ANOTHER FRIEND if anything unusual happens. Like i get manipulated into the psych ward (its UT hospital.)
Already the lady at the front has played games with me by asking stupid questions as if Im the damn doctor (typical of harassment).
"why cant you breath? Your oxygen seems fine."
Just by having that thing on my finger showing oxygen levels.

Already minimizing my plight.

Im not a doctor and i am afraid for my safety and concerned about my health. Im traveling from another state and i have pre existing health conditions as well as a history of staph and cellulitis in the area thats afflicted.
I also have allergic reactions now due to being given Bactrim in 2009 where i went into full blown anaphylaxis where after that event i had multiple life threatening allergies to foods and materials such as latex.

Im at a hospital to find out why my chest is sore and im having shortness of breath.

I will post if i leave and go to st davids or get proper treatment here.

Perps were doing tactical gs on way here and it pissed me off. The laws in TX for this must be hard ass becuz in MA or CA they would have stopped or shown some deceny.

I suppose they have to keep up the 'don't mess with TX' theme even though no one is messing with them by coming to visit for a month or two.

It is the capital of Bush's home state and that was poor judgement on my part.

Uh this is where Kennedy was shot. And they have a play running now at local theatre about LBJ called 'All The Way" having to do with his commitment to civil rights (!).
This was not my best choice but who knows why i came.

Theyve also been blessed with the heaviest rains on record since 1981 which is getting rid of their drought they've suffered for a few years.
Payola or pay offs come in strange forms with 21st century technology.

It could just be coincidence. Extreme weather seems to come to an area Im in at that time. Coldest winters or like this constant heavy rain.

Its not a very healthy city either. I think the lack of a salt water ocean nearby which I'm used to has ALOT to do with my deteriorating health here.
And down south i notice that teeth rot faster. Look at all the toothless poor people.

One Mex guy slapped his back pocket hard as he walked by me to go into the triage. I ignored it.

Wish me luck im going to need it.
If they can do that to one Yankee they can certainly do it to another one.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Handling Austin-Get Outside Austin City Limits

The secret to managing Austin is to go beyond the city border.

That rant earlier stays becuz it was totally accurate and what i felt at the time. Remember this is supposed to be candid. And it does serve a purpose by showing what certain areas and conditions do to me as a TI over time, and how i end up dealing with or being guided by protective forces.

There are things wrong with Austin. Its too hot for me and itz making me aggressive and agitated.
Theres constant incessant stalking and harassment. The people are often new money or yuppies or hipsters.

The water tastes awful and has a weird quality of making me feel trippy. The water for showering also seems to change mental state of mind.

Lets say theres tech and chemical influences in use along with constant psych war fare daily.

Sexual abuse is used here-a near constant low to med level forced arousal that disappears on holidays and when you go outside the city borders.

I cant keep a routine. Taking care of myself as i do is discouraged or just interferred with.

Panhandling was awful for most of the day. It was hot and people went by being jerks and doing harassment. Theyve been getting me going lately in Austin. They really need to piss me off and discredit me.

Yet i did meet a few nice people. One lady finally gave me enough to eat and buy medicine (staph skin infection is back and I cant breath which also makes me aggressive becuz i am scared by this.)

I went into a nice neighborhood went to a grocery and bought real food and ate at an outside table under trees with birds making noises it reminded me of California.

In Austin I always just want to eat fast food so I can take care of myself and of course I'm her ass so hard at the HEB on Oltorf that I'm starting to conditions not want to go to the supermarket to buy real food which is probably on purpose because they'll do anything to make sure that you're not healthy because of course that kills you faster and it makes it look like its random health issues of a homeless person instead of it being there harassing you into bad health.

I finally got to relax and feel good and normal and my body and mediately responded to the better environment and the decent food and the lack of shitheads because I was outside of the Austin city border.

Just one street away completely different in a much better neighborhood.

I had to walk and not take a bus and it was late at night and it was dark and they used all my gear which of course locals make fun of or don't understand why I have so much stuff and it's because they either don't leave the city or they just bum around Texas on the south where it's warm and that's also been very demotivating having other homeless people constantly say "oh you're awful loaded down aren't you?" when in fact it's taken me seven years to streamline a system where I have pretty much everything I need for multiple environments everything from heat to cold and it all fits into one backpack and a sleeping bag along with some sewing stuff and some toiletries and tools for survival. That's pretty fucking impressive because I've seen train riders that have a hell of a lot more shit on their backs and other travelers who carry alot of things for christ sake I do pretty damn well compared to a lot of other people around this country but in this area it's very frustrating and sometimes I can't figure out if it's actually harassment like psychological mind games or if its just homeless people being ignorant because they come from a hot place like Austin.
Besides it's not really home with etiquette comment on other peoples gear it's actually really really rude and its not what I'm used to its not really appropriate and specially to be negative one of the things about being a traveler is your supposed to be breaking away from social norms and one of the rules of being out here is that you don't comment on peoples personal preferences unless it's something that interferes with your comfort and security which it shouldn't.

Like for instance travelers that seem to not have a lot of gear and you seem to be pretty together might actually have a couple of eccentric habits didn't they have that's their little thing they might seem perfectly efficient and have a normal size backpack and then they have like a weird stock of session where they have to have new socks every single day or who knows what it is like sometimes people just have a weird picking you things that they do with their gear and some people don't give a fuck and they just have a year and that's it like it's none of anyone else's business what you do with your personal preferences that make you feel secure and safe on the road. And actually part of the safety and security of being a traveler is meeting other people that know what not to interfere with the only appropriate thing would be to ask somebody if they need help with something or if we need something cuz they look like they're struggling with some piece of gear with the rule of thumb is if you can't handle your fucking gear you don't belong out here so I'm not overloaded because if I was I would get rid of some stuff story so I'm not used to this in the homeless environment I had never ever travel to a place where people have been negative and commented on my gear the way that other hoe most people have year because nobody wants to deal with demotivational bullshit from other homeless people we get enough of that from house EZ and your P's and our families and the law and whatever from society we don't need that from other house with people I think that that's downright fucking bizarre about Austin.

And because so many homeless people here are in on the gang stalking for whatever the reason there's a sleazy people here I can't be sure if it's like a psychological warfare or if they're genuinely f*cking ignorant.

It's really hot here and I feel like I'm all alone and there's no other like minded this isn't people on the locals are against me and the other user against me and it's really hard and everyone is doing gangsta tactical gangstalking every fucking day like every other person on the street is doing gestures like I've never seen so many people in on campaign in one place.

So when I realized is that way to handle Austin is to get the hell out of Austin get out of the border of the city because there is a lot of crazy badass shit going on here you may not think that but it is the capital and its was very strange when I went to that other neighborhood it was technically no longer Austin.

One of the things that was the strangest incident was literally my backpack has been extremely like heavy here in the city like I feel like I'm driving around probably 5 or 6 maybe even 10 more pounds on my back then I usually am when I started walking up to the drugstore I noticed that I felt like I was traveling again like before I came into Austin outside the city I noticed that my pack was later and I was cry and I was like stronger.

And I noticed when I came back over the city line which is in the middle of a street where you have to cross it and then go back into Austin I could not believe that coming back over the border into Austin just crossing a street made it so my pack was heavier again seriously the difference I kept going back and forth over that street back out of Austin back into Austin and the weight did change the feeling of it being heavier fucking changed going over the border of Austin and Ally the border again.

Another thing I don't know what it is about the self but my teeth are rotting out of my fucking head and my teeth hurt more when I'm in Austin in my health is generally more poor and I'm fatigued as fuck and my package heavy and sometimes I actually feel like you see there something under the ground or something hitting me from the air like microwaves I feel like in certain spots I'm just stopped dead by what feels like being hit by microwave weapons I feel like I'm being stopped dead in my tracks were I can't move anymore I can't walk down the street and carry my pack like I literally feel disoriented for a second like I'm like disoriented in the space that I'm standing in my body has a spatial disorientation and then other times I feel like I'm actually tethered to the ground I'm sending it is if it's some kind of weird electromagnetic disturbance in Austin.

And remember the weird stuff that happened I posted about with the stop lights and the stuff under the ground being messed with and things being different and no stop lights downtown with they weren't working so they didn't seem to be any electromagnetic influence or disturbances there is a lot of shit going on in Austin it is the city capital of the state that is extremely big and greedy and has a lot of shit going on and it's probably corrupt and the GOP are really really good at covering your ass and taking care of their fucking enemies which I respect them for and always have.

In some ways Massachusetts is much more fucking horrible in here and in other ways it's easier to navigate through and vice-versa but it's just generally right now that's a whole country in every city that you go to there's a lot of purpose and there's absolutely no resting place like there used to be and I don't know why that is.

And obviously a lot of technology is being used to control the cities until cycle manage public and another thing I don't like about Austin is that I've blogged about the one time during bush in Boston when I was living there where I saw an entire bus load of people fall asleep at the same time and I did too but I woke up and saw it obviously and there's chemicals that they use that I've been sprayed with the spray bottles by the person I posted about it during bush and those same smells and that same chemical effect unfortunately I believe that they're using this chemical to dumb down people's minds in places like train stations down in the underground I think they put it out into certain enclosed environments but what's really disturbing is in Austin the buses are completely closed and you can't open the windows to get fresh air and that might also be part of the problem let me be very blunt I feel like in Austin there's some shit being put into the water and into the air supply when you're in enclosed environments specifically on the buses.

Because when I go to the city run place where people shower I feel really out of it and unable to focus and laxidasical an off-center after I shower there and it's the minute I get into that water and so Austin is not really over a healthy place specifically if you're not in your twenties or thirties if you're older if you're poor and if you sleep outside but that's a lot of cities nowadays my Siri is there trying to get rid of people are the population and the first demographics they're starting with other people that they can get rid of more easily and of course homeless people all of them are targeted individuals and people who have been deemed a threat to the New World Order so sinh somehow don't fit into society so therefore why not get rid of them first I could swear that in Cambridge in certain areas there was some kind of biowarfare being put down where they knew that we slept because everybody was getting sick and that doesn't surprise me in Boston I've had theories about the populations of Boston in Cambridge being completely spoiled because of the colleges in the medical community there for years now things like Boston getting inoculated against diseases that are going to come over here from other countries like SARS and other stuff like that because the medical community wants to protect that asset and the money that they're in the students and all the academia people and I can't blame them for that and that would actually be a good thing but if that can be done on a level of protecting people you can also be done on the inverse which is if you want to get rid of people.

I also have extremely bad short term memory loss and Austin like we're talking about me trying to remember to go into a store and get water in my Nalgene before I leave the area and just got going completely out of my mind and me forgetting it like I can't remember small things I can't make a schedule work it's so I've been getting more and more frustrated.

And the gang stalking is based on people being very nasty women being very snooty and people just acting like they're better than me and people putting me down and just this whole like to have psychological campaign of like Austin hates you and you're nobody and you can't win and it's been very demoralizing and demotivating.

Unlike where I'm from there is no built-in comfort for somebody who is isolated and alone on a mission like I am for some reason other parts of the country there's something built into the city maybe by the founders of the city fathers for people who are seeking or trying to accomplish something that's difficult that's contrary to society Austin and Texas seem to just punish the shit out of you for not being in line with mainstream society.

So going outside the city that borders was very revealing and very good. And I realize that that is the way to deal with Austin and I've always known that there's a lot of stuff to see outside of Austin did the part of the general area its just I didn't have time on this trip because I'm trying to get stuff done and leave if I had moved here I went to the attractions was going to be the fact that there was a lot of other places outside of the city that I can go check out.

The name of that I went to you though I don't know when I was down there I kind of wanted to come back and you know when I walked back from the store and then I got to this point SUSE to Austin I felt better this is one of those weird rich neighborhoods where the deeper you get into it the more you feel like there's a dark by there and there's something fucked up about it.

I've seen too much shit and I've been sleep deprived for years you know off and on and social actually feels like the way out in spiracy theory about aliens taking over our planet is actually true some of these areas do feel like that this like not humans there that there's something else going on there the energy is not normal its friendly with me but it's uncomfortable and dark and its way too quiet but in the way it feels like much better than some place like Austin while Beasley move out of nasty normal humans living.

More and more small towns are getting really weird I mean maybe small towns are always fucking weird noises never traveled to the moon noticed maybe I just don't understand America cuz I didn't travel when I was younger if you small towns of always being fucking weird the people are hiding stuff in there but I don't know the country is getting strange as I travel and I've seen some very disturbing things this particular trip.

What happened to me during bush was definitely disturbing it's just that it happened to me in a world that was unaware and seemingly normal is hidden in the normal world what's disturbing now is that something about the country is changing it's as if it's being possessed or occupied or taken over and the shit that happened to me I've dealt with that but it's the country that's changing and it's not normal and there's something strange about it.

And I keep having strange dreams here I mean I had a dream a couple of days ago about the map of the United States and the bottom half of the country was gone off the map and a voice in the dream said 'come on, hurry up you know half the country is going to be gone soon' as if I need to get my ass out of here and start heading north and get the f*ck out of the United States because something is going to come down soon.

I mean is this real premonition and advice or is this intimidation to get me to leave the country so I can be not on American soil and then get my ass kicked somehow in some other country?
You just can't be sure right I mean cult mind control consists of like making people believe its the last days type stuff.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Did I Mention Austin Is The Most Disrespectful, Arrogant, Evil Place Ive Ever Been? (But They Made Me Realize The US Is Hopeless, For Which I Am Thankful)

Austin has been a big disappointment.

It's ridiculously sexist and that makes doing anything difficult.
The entire population does not take what Im doing in seriously nor has ANY respect at all for me, what Ive been through or my valiant effort to defend myself and my country.

They seem to be very pro-America types and by that i mean the new America. Supporting business and the complexes not America as it was originally designed.

They cant stop focusing or hating my gypsyish type clothing. Its as if anything resembling gypsy or hippie even if you are a metal head, is an instant threat to the TX way of life and value system.

The street people exist to drink and take speed. They will sell you out and work against you in order to gain something or just the boys club looking cool for screwing over a woman thing.

In Harvard Square we have kids who are political and were at the front lines of OCCUPY (as lame as that movement was).
I guarentee you none of the street people in Austin are on a terrorist list.

A choice few are solid. Most of them are two faced pieces of crap. They live for TX and American values becuz it allows them to lay around and drink beer as well as going up against the system is just too much work.

95% of the human beings I cross paths with on a daily basis in Austin seem to know who I am.

If anything Austin TX has made me realize why I wanted to leave America. It exemplifies everything wrong with the United States.

The REAL Mexicans are fine to deal with. Its the uptight, wanna be white types who seem to be complete uppity, insecure and mean.

Mobbing is easy here bz the herd instinct is incredibly strong.
And being Texas I guess they see nothing wrong with civil or human rights abuses thus their lovely privatized corporate prison system.

The lack of old money values is hard to deal with. Where I come from you would be showing everyone how not upper class you are by mocking a store clerk publicly. Snobbery replaces any sense of class in Austin. Its appalling how crass people are here.

The YUPpies and posers I deal with all day long outside of downtown seem like the worst people Ive ever experienced in America.

What is so baffling to me is that the whole city seems to think i, my predicament and my activism are a joke. This is the part i can't figure out.

Is the entire city Satanic? If so there are the most boring Satanists Ive ever seen which would totally align with the awful trendy Satanism thats been being pumped out to the public in past decade, as a form of cult mind control.
Ever meet real Satanists? Are they THIS annoying? Is their energy THAT weak and pathetic and in need of 'the herd'? Nope.
So what are these people then?

Christian extremists? Aliens?

Or just people, exemplifying the reason why all the world hates the US now and showing just the kind of greedy, selfish, obnoxious, self serving action and attitude that is doing damage in many other parts of the world.

In Boston they are either hateful of me, afraid of me or a bit stressed but sure of their ability to stop what I am trying to do.
Yet all the while theres a sense of wrongdoing-they understand what is being done is illegal and ethically wrong.

Austin TX doesnt have such filters. Its shocking to me That so many people can be so shitty in one location at once.
Maybe these are mostly military people or psy ops or not normal population in some other way.
It is the capital of TX. Maybe they made sure 80% of the people living here were agents or in on the intelligence agencies somehow as anti terrorism.

Its been very depressing to have an entire city hate you, mock you and disregard years of suffering as well as hard work in self defense.

I think TX lives by slavery still. People dying for them and slaving for them to make them successful or wealthy.
I think people in Austin are spoiled becuz theres no violence. I realized for a city full of bars there are NO bar fights unlike Boston where skirmishes and public drunkenness are part of the culture-so is self defense.

Theres no consequences here for acting like an asshole. In reality they are YUPpies bottom line. They pose as creatives etc. I think Austin is full of INDUSTRY creatives not eccentric, mercurial creative genius types. That seems to make them uncomfortable and start off the herd mobbing mentality.

Austin is jealous. Austin has alot of suppressed female jealousy i find both laughable and ridiculous. Austin discourages sisterhood.

Austin is a boys town with pick up trucks, revving engines and screeching tires pulling out of stop lights, seemingly used as daily psychological warfare on the public so as to secure male dominance and maintain testosterone levels.

The people here cannot stop focusing on my past before being targeted becuz I guess its better than focusing on their major contribution to US war crimes and civil, human rights abuses domestically.

No one cares about me here. No one respects me or is afraid of me. There are too many sexist pig males who laugh at abuse of females and far too many fat pig miserable women willing to attack the same victims as their pathetic men.

There are nice people in rich neighborhoods outside the city area. But most of Austin hates me and doesnt take me seriously, im a perpetual joke.

Becuz they know the US or even TX will never have to pay for their crimes.

Which opens my eyes to the reality of the United States.
Whereas other places have wasted my time with hope TX makes me realize how hopeless the country has become and how much greedy, overweight stupid, military loving American jealous f*cks and their scrawny, mediocre YUPpie-Hipster counter parts are happy as pigs in sh*t living under these conditions, being bribed and bought off with cheap materialism while destroying the rest of the world.

Im no longsr confused about how evil and sick the United States is. How much they anyone who threatens their slavery which they love so much as long as they have self delusion ans iPhones.

TX has given me the gift of 'fuck the United States' once and for all.

Every major city is now a cesspool of dumbed down culture populated by Hipsters, YUPpies and their black or Mexican house slaves often with third world shitty immigrants serving to ensure none of the white folk who would stand against the elite or corporate America get jobs.

Its probably the same in other parts of the world. The NWO demands compliance from all over. Yet I get the feeling that theres parts of the world where people like me are resisting.

I need to find those places. There are NONE here in the USA.

Im sick of serving as a source of amusement for Mexican males, smug street drunks and as a way for insecure, fat unhappy working Mexican women to feel better about themselves or to serve as validation for the dumb white bitches here who believe they are very clever.

TX doesnt have to care about anything. They have lots of land and lots of money.
They are hateful, childish, cheap, scamming, stupid people who create an environment of male sweat laden competition where no one can get a moments peace....unless they can display a sign of social superiority or acceptability.

There has to be some real Christians here or some decency becuz i can at least get my community service done. But my morale and sense of self are being completely trashed.

Perhaps becuz the tech isnt as strong as other places they do more stalking and harassment.

I cant wait to leave TX and never return and finally realize the US will never be a decent place to live.

Its evil and was never my country. I now feel like Ive never been a US citizen. Ive never been treated like one.

Why shouldnt I go elsewhere?

Austin has shown me that the US is a murderous, calllous evil giant who laughs at its victims and Ive been here 20 years too long.

I dont want to waste anymore of my life here.

People think im going to stay becuz America is safe. Yet its emotionally and spiritually very dangerous. The place is a destroyer.

Theres no getting the US back again.

Monday, May 25, 2015

COINTELPRO (FBI Program Using African Americans Against Activist Groups) In Furgeson, MO

This is an example of why getting sucked into this diversion isnt productive. Police are still the creepy, militarized stooges they were during Bush.
And it doesnt surprise me that they wave at people filming them and then commit acts like this.

This is also why African Americans cannot be trusted as the holy keepers of civil rights that people naively perceive them as.
Most non blacks and many black people dont know the deeper stories of civil rights and all that happened.

And as usual PC has NO PLACE in the warzone with covert activity and classified projects. YOU CANNOT JUDGE THINGS BY NORMAL STANDARDS and you cannot trust ANYONE until of course you are sure of them and even then they can turn.
Actually, trying to make use of people you know are already comprimised seems most useful.

What they are doing overtly now is what they've been doing covertly over the Bush years and beyond. To cause chaos and divert from other issues they dont want the public to focus on.

These people have absolutely no problem killing anyone if its useful to them. They use black ghettos for a number of purposes to begin with. Do you honestly believe they would hesitate to waste a black male in order to start a riot or diversion? Or kill a mentally ill homeless man?

Also, it might be that certain police are brainwashed or chipped or both. This could cause overly aggressive behavior.

When u understand and accept mind control, programming and mass mind control you no longer are surprised, confused or angry.
Just very cautious from then on.
Dont expect the most evil sects to change. They never will.
But to know how the tricks work is to no longer be fooled or a potential victim.

Btw when I was in Soulard a part of St. Louis, MO in 2008 I saw the 'choas people' there. East St Louis was THE most violent city in the United States that year.

I was hit with something one day, in a campaign of daily torture for months in winter that was some of the worst I'd ever experienced. (Hayden was head of CIA). I was young, strong and still full of hormones. Whatever they use to make people snap into lone shooters ITS BASED IN HUMAN SEX HORMONES and a history of sexual abuse which the harassment/mind control system works off of to cause the person to snap. I barely made it out of 'going out with a bang' suicide-lone shooter as an end to my life while there.
It seems ESTROGEN saves people from snapping.
I was ovulating and that takes TESTOSTERONE. Arent lone shooters usually male?

Just days later, a black male went into the city hall and shot the mayor and a police officer.
Locals and the news said he was from a better off black neighborhood that whites and officials were trying to take from blacks and gentrify. They were using parking space and tickets etc to start a harassment campaign.
Racial tactics in MO are things that people from the northeast wouldn't tolerate happening.

So MO is messed up to begin with. And you can't tell me that wasnt coincidence.
Its not pleasant to be lighting a cigarette on a gas stove and look into the blue flame and almost...almost, fall into choosing going out that way is 'the only way out'.
I know testosterone was a factor becuz back then i still had strong hormonal phases or cycles and during some ovulations depending on location, I would either go into a heat type state, almost like turning into a werewolf or vampire or animal yet in this location the testosterone made me begin to percieve the world as a male would. I became more curious about what was going on outside, wanted to go mingle in the streets, wanted to dominate and was not intimidated or afraid of the way the city and streets are built. (Cities arent built FOR or BY women in case you didn't know that. Everyday is a struggle through boys world for us.)
I also had an urge i used to get sometimes, to go out and conquer and take over small countries if possible lol. Ah the mysteries of DNA.

I could feel the 'maleness' posess my body and urges as it happened sometimes that way.
That is when this very strange male view of death by violence became apparent. Yet being in a woman's body somehow prevented it.

I saw The Gremlins as I call them everywhere in the area. A man in a high ranking policeman's uniform learing at me out of a truck, marked police cars doing overt tactical stalking using the car which is scarier than you can imagine becuz they have training.

Two cops giving me a ride then trying to intimate I was "in trouble", a tactic they used at first to try to get me to either work for them or go ratting to the fed and get myself killed (a common method of getting rid of MK Ultra kids who can be comprimised in some way and they make sure all mind controlled people are involved with such people life long if possible. They get pissed and come after you when you DON'T want to be part of an underworld of crime or immorality.)

Security guards on trains. Clerks in stores (this is the place where they kept targeting me as if I was Jewish but Im not which has always confused me ).
The fire dept was ridiculous, helping with noise campaigns by having multiple drive bys per day with sirens. Once they drove by the apartment building and one looked up learing, just like the man dressed as a police seargent.

I dare claim that in this location I even saw a group of the black helicopters. Copters went overhead in swarms sometimes as a part of the noise campaign at nite.

This is also the location I got virtually waterboarded as a helicopter stayed in place right overhead the vacant apartment building the owner let me stay in.

As the process went of making the person being interrogated believe they are going to die anyway so might as well tell the truth, once the person manning this copter got the answer to the question 'what is your ultimate intention here?' it seems he did not like the answer he got becuz it did not fit in with the answers his superiors wanted for their frame up of me.
I got this impression that the entire thing was to be denied or junked as if it did not occur the way it did.

Military people know when an answer isnt right even if its the truth by the way officers react to that information. They know to change that answer or to say they dont know what happened.

In the center of my mind all I wanted was to get revenge for my family and honor the spy from Russia who died from uranium poisoning becuz he is the one who warned all of us..whatever you call us, MK Kids, that the system was coming after us. That hidden under the war effort and post 9-11, there was going to be a clean up operation. To destroy us and now we see get rid of anyone whos a threat to the NWO.
That was my ultimate intention.

Uh,with all that going on in St Louis people might want to consider that the authorities there are beyond evil and capable of ruthless violence in the interest of getting results. It was like a completely lawless place..yet it was in the USA. It was so strange.

Virtualizing reality to create battlefields right under people's noses. That can exist covertly, hidden right alongside 'normal' daily reality.

Oh and former LT Michael Aquino psy ops officer, former co founder of COS and founder of the Temple of Set, had an address there for years as well as some training facility-which I found out years too late.

See now why these advances in science and technologies are dangerous? Perhaps there was legit reasons for their existence at that time but when people are gaining info by horrible forms of interrogation and dont accept the answers they get it could be becuz they are really trying to frame an inconvenient victim witness. That use of all this is for special interests not legit warfare.

Have I informed you enough about why Missouri is a totally messed up, evil, scary place to begin with?

Furgeson does not surprise me at all. Its what The Gremlins do.

America's challenge is to wake up to the fact they exist and they have dangerous toys, ways, means and an endless supply of useful idiots working for them in population.

Then you can live in reality, peacefully becuz you wont be fooled or caught off guard.
I mean they ALWAYS find ways to catch you off guard but you can regain control quickly and not be victimized.

There was an endless parade of very evil African Americans involved in St Louis area also, some even partaking in torture operations involving mind reading of the frontal lobe. (This system cant find info deep in the brain which is why they have to torture and do brain damage.)
One older black man on a train harassed me for having an abortion but put it in the form of killing or getting rid of my baby.
They seemed obsessed for a few years with getting me pregnant. Which I wasnt going to allow.
How did this fool know about my personal business? They always do. Dont be surprised.
Just like the arrogant pricks working in the Buffalo NY social services office, telling me "Rachael why don't you go back to your grandmother's house in Waltham?" When I never gave that address or mentioned it or who lived there.
(Why dont YOU f*ck right off?!)

Im warning you that MO is extremely dangerous and both blacks and white people are dangerous and viscous as a part of this system.

The normal black homeless can be agreeable and nice. They told me that a double of me was showing up at a feed line daily and it was obvious they did so in innocence.

You will notice downtown there's a Masonic lodge building that's as big and garish as a Pharaoh's palace. That always concerned me as well.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Missing Malaysian Plane-Austin TX Tech Company Conspiracy Theory (Admits To Existence Of Tech Capability For E-War And Elite Living In Future Public Left Behind)

"The general public … might not hear about how far the U.S. has really come, because it is and should remain classified,” firearms expert Chris Sajnog, a former Navy SEAL, said. “Other countries are still playing catch-up — but they’re closing the gap.”

If its "classified" then how is it you can speak about the subject matter openly?
Much that the public should know thats interfering with their liberty, freedom and even safety and quality of life is declassified and easily researched. Its the disinfo campaigns and endless diversions that keep the public from knowing.

"Might not know about"? Thats pretty arrogant.
And this is just a Navy Seal? Not some one high up with special clearances? How telling and dangerous is that?

How many soldiers, Seals etc 'know about' whats going on domestically and even are involved? Making sure the " general public " continue to 'not know about' whats out here?

Mass mind control and the suppression and destruction of people inconvenient to the 'special interests' and agendas of those in power?

THEYVE ALREADY USED THE TECHNOLOGY ONCE TO WIN AN ELECTION. (GW Bush, second term). There's good godamn reason the general public shouldn't know.


"Freescale’s commercial products can meet the requirements of applications such as avionics, electronic warfare, and battlefield communications, according to the company’s website."

"Electronic warfare"? Really? They just come out and state that it exists so casually? And the public doesnt question if its being used domestically and if theres any abuse of power involved? Becuz they dont know about it?

This is the kind of arrogance that makes people who are victimized really hate the US and the world elite.
But the public cant figure out why therr are lone shooters, homeless people or citizens hateful of their own country.

The public truly are bribed and bought out. They dont really care about any thing that does not effect them generally. After all this time to evolve and being in the 21st century nothing has changed. It started to and it was stopped.

Now those advancements in science are helping to control the public while the natural environment all life on earth needs to survive continues to be destroyed.

iPhones don't degrade. Fracking cant be good. Pollution is getting worse in cities and the environment is becoming unbearable with electromagnetic pollution added to that the radiation from multiple leaks and accidents.

And the public shouldnt know about advances in technologies that they pay for with their money and through the military industrial complex meat grinder: their lives.

Targeted Individuals lives are destroyed due to elites power games, ritual obsessions and classified unethical human experimentation.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Harassed Trying To Finish Community Service\ Austin and USA Suck/Street People Now Overt About Involvement

Finishing community service at a non profit clothing store.

Was ok when the boss was there. Perps come in as customers. Staff started doing tactics but I gave them my printout that explains gang stalking and TIs and they stopped.

Now the boss is away til next week and the staff are all doing gesturing now along with customers who come in.

It was manageable when it was just customers. I was shocked to see even this hunched over very old woman who volunteers there doing tactical gesturing.
(The volunteer group seems in on it too. I dont trust many religious especially Catholic groups who do charity. Its the perfect place for abusers and child molesters to both hide making themselves look good to the community as well as get rid of some of their guilt. (A close relative of mine told me the family perpetrator her and her siblings were victimized by scrubbed floors in convents as charity to allay his guilt.)
Its constant in the place as of today.
One of the young girls at the register involved even looked paranoid or worried as if she might be caught or something.

I'm broke for the month and have no food money so i have to fit flying a sign in with comm service hours and showering. I think TX being the charcter it is likes to try to break spirits. Remember the dealing with animals analogy. Its kind of the mentality here. Its as if im a wayward steer they need to get back to the herd or a horse who needs to be broken to then serve the community.

They seem intent on preventing me from completing court ordered community service.

I purposely did not send in my hours yet and was going to wait til they were completed so that the harassment that seemed to occur in Cambridge when all those women showed up from Women's Lunch Place to do gang stalking harassment.
There was not a problem coming from the MAPS program at the Friends Church in Cambridge until I sent in my hours to probation telling them where I was doing my community service.

So I tried to avoid that situation this time but the gang stalking here in Austin is so pervasive it happens every single place I go every minute of the day anyway.

1 girl in the shop really pisses me off so impatient with me and dismissive. I just find it really hard to believe people do not grasp what is being done to a human being and if they do they just don't seem like the type to be able to go along with something like that but yet they are.

Religion is very strong here not like down south but to a point.
I'm wondering if religious types would help harass me because the exposure of this system would actually prove the Abrahamic religious God doesn't exist and that religion is just social control.

It should be a pleasant experience working there a couple of hours but its not and thats really very sad.

The most obnoxious part of this is getting handled like a fucking child by people half my god damn age.

A bunch of rich girls came in yesterday 1 of my street friends was in the store getting clothing. One of the girls actually said " I think they're allowed to have friends". Its obnoxious but its also really great psychological warfare.
On the way out the door they also made fun of the girl at the counter-the 1 who acts paranoid about getting caught doing harassment I mentioned earlier

Sometimes I think that the only decent people left are street people. Everyone else seems so...insane. Even our mentally ill people have a sense of tribe and communal living. I'm not referring to the inner city type of homelessness that revolves around the non profit industry...
which are the only homeless scenes the NWO perps now want to let alone or allow to exist.

Austin is doing all it can to make me give up and go to jail or even give up and care about being discredited or turn against truth and go get labeled. Its so much more important to write my experiences down.

I just cant believe how many people in society are involved in the organized harassment. Since last year its gotten pretty ridiculous.

Alot of the street people here are now being overt and doing tactics showing they either were always in on this or they've been recruited.

In the past I've heard some people I run into say "its all about the money" referring to motivation for gang stalking.

Wouldn't it be nice to know where all this money comes from? Black budgets dont leave paper trails I assume.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

America Is Officially A Hopeless Nation/ Austinites Are Eternal High School Hallway Walkers

I guess America as a nation wants to be my enemy and Im a foreigner in my own country.

America is beyond hope. Its corrupt, selfish and insists on exploiting the rest of the world as well as a fraction of its own people so it can maintain its ridiculous lifestyles.

Its a complete joke that the US wants to be known as a human rights champion. The USA is now one of the main countries causing the world's problems.

Americans are naive, brainwashed, ignorant about the rest of the world and extremely dangerous.

Its evil beyond measure simply becuz it insists on hiding its crimes and parading as a human rights champion.

America has been turned into a stupid, heartless piece of corporate crap and is never going to be decent again.

The young people are an indication that the fight is over. They are completely formed into the mold needed to keep perpetuating America's war crimes. Intelligence games are now a part of their lives and spying is normal.

The nation has always used slaves to make itself wealthy and that hasnt changed and never will.

Europe had evolved so of course now has to be destroyed by mass lower the people to the levels of animalistic greed and stupidity of Americans.

Austin is such an example of the American disease. Its so unpolitical. The houseless people could not be more useless to a movement if they tried.

The United States is beyond repair. The stupid arrogant young kids like life hetr this way. Its going to be impossible to ever get the real America back again.

Every major city is infested with the same cancer: yuppies, hipsters and the house slaves (blacks or Mexicans or third world foreigners depending on your location and region.)

The banks and corporations and the insane Zionists have won.

The public likes life this way. Anyone left living in reality whos sane has to find a new place to live.

There's got to be a place outside the USA where people are resisting or preserving true human culture.

TX is horrible. These are the worst 'sheep with an attitude' in the country. The whites and the sell out Mexicans and wanna be white Mexicans all act like high school level.

The place sucks. Literally, people act like they are in high school for life. Its terrible.

I cant wait to leave and start hunting for some place outside the US. Away from the assholes.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Alex Jones' 2° Of Seperation From Stratfor Intel Collection Agency (Austin, TX)

Alex Jones Exposed

Alex Jones And Stratfor
(Raytheon? Not good).

Gangstalking And Harassment
" The research paper "ZERZETSEN TORTURE REPORT" provides a blueprint on the illegal use of the "Zerzetsen" no touch torture technique against whistle-blowers and enemies of rogue elements in the establishment elites."

"Zerzetsen is a process of character assassination and threats – its purpose is to poison every aspect of a person’s life."

Stratfor Is a Joke and So Is Wikileaks for Taking It Seriously

They claim the company doesnt do actual spying. However the harassment around 6th Street and downtown is pretty intense. This could be due to the parameter thata around the business district.

Barrett Brown reported on Anonymous' hack of CIA firm

On Jews

I cant agree with the idea of all Jews being problematic. My lawyer is Jewish and she just set things right which is one of their redeeming qualities. Perhaps I am Jewish and dont know it is why I have had favor from Jews. But Ive also encountered 'The Goyim' haters also.
They are no different from any other people with a distinct culture trying to get for themselves or even rule the world if they can. Every group is out to do that. The danger lies I think with what Jews point out as the 1% types.

One can negotiate with any different people. And I am not intinidated into silence about conspiracies to dominate but I also wont disregard an entire people. There's always some good qualities. Something brought to humanity by each group race or culture.

Just think about the world without Jews. Some might enjoy that but I wouldnt like it at all.
Its just right now theres a lack of balance and power mongering is out of control. The elite if you will have an avantage over the rest of us simply due to the public's ignorance about 21st century advancements in technologies as well as how influential MK Ultra has been.

I now theorize that the 1960s LSD culture (post WWII and MK Ultra projects beginning) was part of a large scale re engineering of western society.

Even if 80% of 'the Jews' hate you its useless to disregard them as a people. They arent going to go away and they arent going to cease what they are doing.
Remember its in their own books that they claim to come from Cain and Able. There's a duality of moral character.

The Jewish culture fools alot of people but mostly they fool themselves. Its become more of a cultural heritage instead of a religion for many.

If there is a conspiracy it should be exposed or theorized without fear. Yet the Jew shouldnt have to fear ovens and extermination.

So what if it is true that their tactics include divide and conquer or deceit? That is society's fault for not resisting or paying attention.

Its like people not wanting to see the evil thats around them in the world or warn their children. Not by instilling fear but respect for what could kill them.

Since when can we live in a totally peaceful society?
If people defended themselves against threats or refused to give up cultural identity then they wouldn't be destroyed.

Europeans gave that up knce they accepted a foreign Middle Eastern religion that was basically a vehicle for Rome to bring its power into new centuries in a new form.

That primes people to be brought further away from who they are. One of the reasons Euro Americans and Europeans are so easily led into the NWO is becuz they were beaten down into a world wide order a few thousand years ago by pretty much the same means.
Abrahamic religions.
Islam, Christianity and Judaism are all monotheistic, sexist religions where once again man is ruled over by a male kingly figure.

Catholicism preserved a female goddess in the form of Mary. Elizabeth the I replaced her after breaking away from Rome with her own virgin queen image.

People dont understand the route of belief systems that rule their cultures or their own ethnic history.
Thats what makes the Jew seem superior and fascinating. As if they are the only pagan rooted people left who possess magickal abilities.

If you don't like this perception that gives them such power and advantage then find out where your own ancestral power lies and in what belief systems.

In all reality religions should be gone due the entire thing being judged by the likes of psychiatry as delusional or magical thinking disorder.
Of course theres alot of involvement in psychiatry by Jews.
Youre angry becuz they get to have it both ways. Like they push multi culturalism yet have an exclusive society of their own.

Then fight back then. Take responsibility for your own beliefs. Believing in Christianity only gives Jews the advantage.

Jews just happen to be very good at playing their cards at the table. They have excellent fronts cons and routines.

If you don't like this then simply refuse to be manipulated.
The Jew knows that your mental problems partially stem from abandoning your ancient ethnic ways and a natural human connection to nature.

You cant blame anyone for being opportunists. Raise your children to not be victimized or fooled and then what can anyone do?

There does seem to be a predominantly Jewish majority in power over finances and media in the western world. And if that is a danger due to their cultural cohesiveness or some suspected secret hatred of outsiders with actual plots and conspiracies to abuse that concentrated power it should be approached as a legal issue.

YOU choose to take in what Hollywood puts out. YOU choose to not research your own history even after the cultural revolution of the 1960s now gives you freedom to escape all kinds of oppression.

The internet provides information.

If you choose to live in a world others dictate for you then only you are to blame.

The 1% Jews maybe provide a way of seeing who is weak and who is strong enough to escape their tricks and deceptions.
Middle Easterners generally seem wiser in areas of deception. Knowing that why would you allow it? WASPs are deceptive to a fault. This may be ignored becuz theres a perception they mind their own business and Live and Let Live. Yet they are simply very stealthy concerning their vices and criminal activity even social engineering.

Im sick of not being able to point out the obvious concerning Jewish elites. Yet White Supremacy or Neo Nazism isnt the answer either.

This is my position on 'the Jews'.
Ive been helped and favored by some but others have certainly served as a major pain in my ass especially concerning gang stalking where Isrealis specifically females act like they have the power of their god himself over my life being destroyed.
I ignore them. They are stuck with neurotic mothers, creationism, obsession with money and pressure to succeed. They will wake up the next day with the same circumstances (and many painful nose jobs.)

Like I said they are viscous and effective in war. So what? So are lots of cultures.

Ancient Persia had female generals. Now they cant even show their faces.

We are the ones who limit ourselves and allow oppression. Others simply take advantage of our weak position.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Marked Police Vehicles Stalking All Over Austin As Of May.

(Who parks on a highway?)
Marked police vehicles seem to be doing stalking around Austin just since May.
May begins Austin's tourist season. This also began once I got serious about finishing my community service.

It seems awfully attention seeking but Austin has a flare for the dramatic. Posting such a thing also serves to make me appear paranoid as well as anti police becuz its marked vehicles.

Recall my recent post about how LEGIT cops showing up in an area forces this system to cease and dissist. Ive also posted that most TIs have experienced stalking and harassment from all First Responders and I personally have noted that in certain areas like Boston my hometown a natural or weather disaster seems to stop the technologies as well as most of the gang stalking. Its as if the tech is diverted to deal with a national or state emergency which lines up with harassment from First Responders and any other Homeland Security darlings.

This wud only occur when I was in northern part of Austin near downtown and UT, around state hospital and military base. Now its very frequent on a daily basis.

Its obviously intimidation and it is alot like what was going on in Cambridge with the black detective car.

Mostly its a sentiment that falls into line with what alot of people around Austin have been trying to brainwash me with: no one cares about you and your plight.

Its also diversionary. Recall many people (always males) telling me that my activism for being a TI and Survivor of mind control gives my life meaning. Its like a standardized insult for me as a Target. "It gives your life meaning".
And these are street kids in Cambridge or other random people.  Such a viscous piece of psychological warfare must be very meaningful to the perpetrators.
And so these bait-and-waits are to ensure I keep busy doing this instead of finding lawyers or creating artwork.

Dont know what motive is. Dont care.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Getting Hit Hard In Austin S. Congress-Making Comm Serv Hours For Probation and Lawyer Intervention Seems To Have Gotten Me Retaliation

Made emergency vid not enough battery to post.

Got slammed on South Congress by gang stalking. Place called Guero's taco place totally out of control with perps. Just sitting on the street. Never saw so much gs action in this area of Austin. Ever since May its become a nightmare. Prob connected to tourist season (starts in May here).

I found two places to do community service. One I gave my activist info to and staff stopped harassment. I still get perps but its doable.

I start volunteering at a place tomorrow that will reflect the fair diplomatic not so racist caring person i am.

This coupled with the fact that my lawyer in Boston had to intervene and get my original 35 hours i did months ago finally sent to my probation officer (someone was either lying or a third party made sure the faxes never got where they were supposed to.)...the system is pissed off.

Ive been targeted more heavily than i ever have here in Austin as of tonite and the results were not good. All i can do is document it.

They seem to be ok here when i am just being homeless and wasnt doing my hours for probation. It got worse tonight as if to make me resent going to that place tomorrow. I even got stuck acting out late in a part of town im never usually in. Alot of uncontrollable aggression. Use of sexual arousal and of course this is what leads to self injury and suicidal ideations both of which i got tonight.

Ihad to hold on with all my Will and clasp my hands in a fist TO NOT SELF INJURE. Ive never gotten the urge to self injure inAustin nor have i been especially aggressive.

Theres also been more perps than ive ever encountered.

I have good people here helping me and some good influence and whoever does the harassment is tryng to counter that.

They genuinely wanted me to default on probation and never be able to leave the USA. They actually act like they deserve this result at MY expense. It is the most arrogant thing i have ever seen.

In Boston they were always a little bit cautious like perhaps afraid of some consequences or dirt i have on people.

Here they just do not give a damn and arent afraid to overtly come after me. The community seems full of haters who like to watch this kind of stuff or have no ethics.

I will post vid when i can.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Austin Better Now. Improved Conditions\ Another Instance Of Legit Police Effecting GS System 's Output, Power

Cops were at a fast food place i was in and ambulance came. Kid had cut on hand.

All thats been plaguing Barton Springs and Lamar seemed to melt away with their presence. Its as if the place has been cursed lately.

A friend came back into the area and that was also positive. It was all too much-that area becoming unpleasant, two weeks of rain with a few hours of sun for only a few days. Heavy rains.
Friends leaving. I was getting very isolated. Through it I kept going.

So Ive had a better time in Austin past few days and the positive ive experienced here is returning.

It doesnt suck always it just sucks more than it did in 2011 when i thought it was pretty great..despite the swarms of male Hipsters doing gestures as tactical gang stalking. (So bizarre. Are Hipsters like, another race? They look alike have you noted this?
F*cking clones! I knew it!)

Always Austin would redeem itself. I would have uncomfortable or awkward interactions then always meet someone nice.
However this might be part of the psychological manipulation used for behavior modification. Its akin to prisoners in Guantanamo Bay camp being tortured then going to counseling where a therapist would tell them how to deal with the torture.

How to adapt to it. Its TOTAL brainwashing.

The world is not about to leave TIs alone or give us real freedom or consideration or respect who we truly are and our experiences.

Just keep in mind always that no one is for real potentially like no one can be trusted. Things might be put ons or set ups.

Knowing that always and keeping that in one's mind is always a way of ensuring you dont get manipulated. Even if it only dawns on you later.

And this isnt the first time ive posted about this system dropping off when uniformed police show up at a location. Its as if legit cops stop this system outright.

Thats why they have so many authority types doing harassment. So TIs will become anti authority or lose faith in authorities helping rather.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Austin Not Good Choice For Homebase. Its All Sold Out.

Austin sucks. If u stay here the heat and other charms seduce you into believing its a nice place and worth the gs harassment or that its a place you can have a life outside of being targeted.

Firstly TX like OR makes women fat for some reason and Im no exception. I HATE that feeling.

Secondly everyone is a poser. The only truly cool people here are in the street homeless. Most of them are drunk and if pressed for political discussion are either invapable or conveniently Christian where God's will can be the dead end they require to avoid personal and social responsibility. The other ones are musicians. Unless u play an instrument the street scene has no other creativity maybe a few jewelry makers.

People suffer from magical thinking disorder here. Theres many wana be witches here who have no real power-without their being in their cult of other wana bes. They are a very real diversionary nuisance and diversion.

Despite their charms the Mexicans are house slaves to the United States interests. It's an awkward daily struggle with racism from them where eventually i am getting tired of staying aligned with my stance of my being Latin (Italian) and Slavic (indigenous Arctic Asiatic mixed with many Russians) making us similar enough to get along.
Im starting to feel like I did with the blacks from Boston. They also do way to much of the gang stalking and for some reason oddly unlike any other perps, they find me a source of ultimate amusement whereas other classes and races of gs perps seem threatened enough by me to take part in destroying me.

The whites completely segregate themselves from homeless people. Its not as overt as southern California but at least there they're respectful to your face.

If i see one more poser-fuck, nuevo riche slob\middle-upper middle, nothing but average yuppie/hipster turd working in some oh so funky restaurant here who responds to my polite inquiry about ANYTHING i am going to meet this ongoing disrespect with a severe run and stomp to the face reminicent of Chuck Norris's early film-right at the throat through the windshield.

After which i will inform the little shit of my status as an MK Ultra super soldier prototype as well as battling these unbelievable forces BEYOND HIS PEON MIND COMPREHENSION for years on end...then tell him I come from a homeless scene around Harvard University where he would shrivel and die after a day of dealing with oppression and taunting from ACTUAL REAL WEALTH FROM MULTI GENERATIONS not some oil rig or cattle fucking drive or tumble weed fucking land ownership.

Then i will inform his scrawny ass (hardly any REAL men here. Gotta go TN or upstate NY. YUPpies exist so scrawny average weak humans can defend themselves from us-Mother Nature's TRUE elite.) how i was recently informed about my family's close alignment with organized crime-and how slighted,upset and frightened i am to know I have a guy named Johhny 'no neck' in my paternal family and just looking at pics of the now dead old gangsters just gives me the creeps-and occasional inspiration.
And remind him its never wise to unnecessarily disrespect Italian people.

I can't figure out if the Bourgeoisie are rude little insects to me becuz they DON'T know who I am or they do.

Its very popular around here for people who work in businesses to respond to my asking a question with "Excuse me?" very nastily or "Whats up?" after turning off in their facial expression completely any acknowledgement of my being a human being.

All ways and means for lower class and insecure middle to upper middle to attempt to keep me under control for the system. Either that or these ignorant imitation cool people actually believe every homeless person is a nobody.

Where im from so many rich connected kids drop out that people are respecful to street people or Travelers-becuz you never know who the fuck you are really dealing with.

Now I understand why the police chief said what he did that seemed tasteless and whined about Austin nitpicking. We live as we do in the northeast due to the olde money and organized crime towering over us and threat of crime always lurking in the shadows.

These fucks here are just plain spoilt. They dont face adversity. If they did they would recognize others who have.

Here they would criticize a prize fighters nose and think he needed a nose job (to fit in of course) instead of appreciate the art of such a face and its history.

Oh a good portion here arent prissy. They take frightening calculation in choosing perfect tattoo placement and green hair and antique cars. But theres something conformist about it. As if once again im dealing with a herd of cattle on a range who dont want to step ouy of form for fear of being prodded-or slaughtered first.

Punk rock does not exist here in any form. Me wearing a tie dye sun dress along with Chippewa boots and metal patches or alternating with overalls is not understood as eclectic. No such concept is capable of being understood here.
Im never a metalhead with hippie tendencies due to mostly my age group being Gen X...Im a Hippie and theu absolutely HATE that here.

In Harvard the older punkers would say it was punk for me to WEAR WHATEVER I WANT without thought for conformity. Here its a threat to the Texan way of life. (Except around UT where this seems acceptable. Probably becuz people are actually using their brains for academics not trying to be start up entrepreneurs hiding behind large beards or other fake uniform like identities.

Being alternative here is fine i guess unless u r truly radical or a threat to the system then one sees just how full of shit it all really is.
I hate and loathe this generations alt culture thats so careful to still be a pet of authority and the status quo.

Slowly over decades the straight people or the straights as they were referred to in the 1970s have stolen our fuckin clothes, our fetish scenes, music.

YUPpies are a cancer which is taking over every city. Alt bullshit culture people accompany that cancer by cloning itself after the original host cell yet with its multiplication comes the death and destruction of the original cells.

I realized years ago too late to save myself from being hurt by these imposters that these people are the enemy-who are now wearing our clothes.

You cant tell whos cool anymore. They used to have THEIR OWN clothes and clubs, cliques and sections of town AND WOULD LEAVE US THE F*CK ALONE and visa versa.

I realize that these vain attempts at making contact with totally foriegn, hostile alien life forms is the result of a intelligent, creative, cool white woman forcibly kept in the lower classes trying to escape the fate of her people in this day and age: black people and the prison and dead end that is modern ghetto culture. (Go to jail. Go on psych meds. Feed every part of the complex with your very existence. If you dont want to go to jail, join the military! See what I mean?)

This is why this fails. Who ISN'T in Austin to escape black culture? Its the one shining reedeming quality about this place.
Unfortunately it seems locals equate The Homeless with just that...instead of being alt or fringe, pioneering or innovative. Becuz that might threaten your start up.

It was still so good in 2011. It appears to have gone the way of other meccas of arts and alt culture.

Its sold out completely. Only in and around the yuppies hipsters and developers can one gain sustenance from what remains of old Austin.

The Springs are trying to send the message that there's too many people here already to sustain it (another dream i had recently). The ghosts in the old historical buildings are yearning for people to come and either restore Austin's character or preserve what's left.

The new inhabitants are far too powerful of evil forces to allow that to happen. Having a bank built in the image of an owl from a three quarter view that from a side view plainly exhibits the sun symbol as well as a Pharisees striped head dress should frighten anyone who understands exactly who now runs this city.

It sucks its gone its over.

Im going to Cali or back to MA to serve my time then go to the south perhaps (ive been targeted to make doing my community service difficult and that Quaker church in Cambridge where i got targeted keeps saying they sent my thirty hours but the po never gets it. They are all conspiring to put me in jail.)

Whatever the deal im not going to stay in Austin. Its horrid for anyone whos an actual revolutionary fighting from the gutters-who doesn't want to be part of the African American struggle.

Imagine a time where the poor white struggle has become so taboo and a threat- yet the black one is marketable as a lifestyle.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

OnGS TI Update

GoodWill And Other Companies Who Are Notorius For Organized Stalking And Harassment ('Gang Stalking')

Add Walmart to that and McDonald's. Starbucks have toned it down alot in the past few years.

Dunkin Donuts has become nasty recently usually in on the TI campsign and arrogantly flaunting that knowledge but never have employees done overt harassment. Usually perps come in as customers and do overt gang stalking.

Post offices should be listed up with all the First Responders and bus/ train drivers.

NWO Plans Exposed (British Intelligence)

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Kept In A Loop Of Discrediting Behavior-Hard Time South Congress, Austin, TX

Not the cool part of South Congress but what I have dubbed the Mex cartel area just south of there-past Oltorf.

In McDs in the morning there's a creepy bunch of older Mexican men who look Jewish some of them-this guy from Alabama calls them 'The Over The Hill Gang'. They always do gang stalking gestures i just ignore them.

That McD isnt too bad. Theres been African American perps come in there (of course) which every single McDonald's is notorious for anyway gs wise and thst hasnt worked but they've tried. Ive also met some nice people in there.

This is just a bad part of the neighborhood for being targeted. The stop light at Oltorf and Congress is really bad for encountering stalking and harassment activity.

The HEB is still intense but theyve either given up or laid off for unknown reasons. I go in there prepped for battle everytime so maybe I've adapted.

The laundromat is better but perps still come in from OUTSIDE the neighborhood to mess with me.

I washed my laundry and it took a while due to having to wash special items i never usually do. I had to rewash alllergic to new soap and thats where trouble began.

A weird African American girl and hemomom seemed to be messing with this older Christian Mex guy and myself also. I told him to ignore her but it started me on a path of getting stressed.

I began just jabbering about whats going on with the diversions that are the protests and focusing on racial profiling and killings by police and Obama.

I then went on to hating the US and wanting to leave. I got stuck in loop I felt held in it.

Then a strange guy came outside where i was folding laundry and it continued. Almost like one of the psychic warriors i have run into in the past-Cheney's Spoonbenders (look up that term).

A fellow homeless man came by to do his laundry and to tell me about a mean shop keeper who terrified him today...and suddenly the man who had come outside who seemed to be assisting in keeping me stuck in this holding pattern left very quickly and whatever influence or power that was on me that was keeping me stuck in that rant lifted very quickly. Like immediately.

Its been raining multiple days here and the springs and creeks have flooded. Its been humid.
Ive had trouble with moving about during mid afternoon.
This morning i experienced the ever annoying'go here go there' mind control thats common in certain cities. (There's a vid many in the TI community have seen where a prison warden brags of the capabilities of technologies to control prisoner behavior in such a way. This is before Reagan and friends decided to put forth these technologies secretly due to public opposition. I had the vid in an email in 2007 and it was hacked and disappeared.)

TX has alot of privatized corporate prisons. Im also in the state capital which I daily like to deny due to Austin's character being so alternative which i intuitively understand is a cover or diversion from the capital being too conservative as the rest of the state.
It just seems odd but contrived like its a ploy to have the capital be so out of character with the rest of the state. )

I try to fight these when i get them but sometimes its difficult. Lately the system has been to harass me intensely at certain times in certain areas to deter me from being there or wanting to stay there at those times of day.

So harass the Target out of wanting to be in a certain area at a certain time then put into the mind an ideation about going elsewhere. The person is more motivated by fear of being harassed to take the suggestion.

I was willed to take the long bus ride north to nearest Dunkin Donuts to downtown Austin. This excertion is best taken on a weekday due to it serving the dual purpose of also getting me the TI out of the inner city area where the most intense psycho management of the population occurs. Also Saturday is a pretty 'clear' day compared to M-F in Austin. Why would I take that trip on a Saturday??

So i get pushed into this and am being controlled like a doll or robot. I walk off the bus as far approaching Barton Springs area and literally get slowed to a shuffle by the heat and humidity. I realize i cant possibly make it.

As this occurs the forcing and ideation seems to melt away and be lifted. I then cross the street and start being unable to breath due to the damage to my lungs the moldy apartment back in Boston had caused WHICH IS WHY I CANNOT GO TO FLORIDA and other similar environments.

It must-have been more humid there due to the springs etc.

I walked back towards my point of origin and took care of the asthma with inhalrer and mind power.

Pissed i vowed i would post this experience today.

So mind control is alive and well in Austin. Which is actually more livable and free than many other major cities right now. (For the right people who can fit in here.)