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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Bush Was Being Sued Over 9-11 In 2004...Its time to wake up now

Gee you dont hear about this much anymore. What happened eh?

And no, not everyone's vote was based on fear.
On election day, 2004, a number of American citizens were preparing to go to the polls to vote and on that day, in a specific moment, they either decided to not vote at all or they voted Republican, both actions against their original intentions to vote Democrat or anything but for Bush.

Many of us simply chose not to vote as the best action possible.

George Bush won that election partially do to fear and that entire mess, but George Bush was ensured to win in 2004 by the use of technologies to sway the public's action. I heard it said on the radio as well as in public, on oddity it seemed, just another strange disturbing occurrence of many during this administration.

The entire eight years was taken by such means. Recall we were going to impeach him after the first election, then something blew up and a war began..a hallmark of everytime a Bush in this line gets into the presidency.

If Romney gets in , due to him being in that little group of people in office in key states during Bush- McCain, Romney, Giuliani, brother Bush, as well as he being basically touted by Bush as a preference in the 2012 elections, I shudder to think what will happen next.

Perhaps this will be the Republican that saves the country and sets things right.
Anything can be done with enough manipulation.

Survivor of programming Cathy O'Brien stated in an early video that this would occur, except alot of details were variable it seems. She said she overheard this basically being planned years ago, that the public would be manipulated in such a way.

Of all the posts I make where I am confused, pained, overtired or targeted heavily where I am beligerant, self absorbed angry etc etc, THIS I am not confused about.

George W. Bush won the 2004 election by means of the same technologies that are used in psy ops by the military, that Michael Aquino of the US Army psy ops proposed in his paper MIND WAR be used to shape and form society via mass mind control as well as target individual dissidents.
During his administration human experimentation was done hidden under the guise of war, anti terror and law and order. The parading as a right wing Christian is nothing but a good front as the country experienced what can only be described as an extreme of evil.

All of this was done to rob the public. Of their money, their pride, their freedom and even their very life energy, some of us have lost our very life essence to these actions. Essentially, we are no more, just as the country is no more.

As long as the public are still confused about what happened or asleep at the wheel, America and perhaps the world will remain in this purgatory so very close to Hell that it has been lifted into by these actions.

It isnt magic, though there is ritual isnt God it isnt a mystery.
Mind control technologies exist which can produce these results when used in unison with chemicals, propaganda and psychology and the Will of the designers.

By seeing the truth, even considering this as a possibility, can we regain our freedom and solace.

I feel I am speaking to a loved one in a coma:
Please wake up.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

I Am Not Ivy League Educated Nor Mispell Words On Purpose

Uh, guys, I am not an Ivy League college grad. Please read more carefully. I come from Boston Cambridge MA where the underclasses are often encouraged to be smarter due to the environment. I personally only obtained my GED. I was trying to go to UMass Boston during Bush but the harassment as well as a moldy apartment that messed me up for life physically and mentally made that impossible.

I dont mis spell words purposefully, I am using a briwser on my smartphone where word correction doesnt work on the keyboard and I can't do a spell check for whatever reason.

Whoever wrote a comment saying I am an Ivy League grad and that my mis spelling of words is 'hip' has got to be a perp. Or really not paying attention. By now everyone should know that I have been houseless for many years, systematically kept down and denied education, healthcare etc and am writing this blog on bare bones tech and budget.

Its typical for perps to make the TI feel like people arent seeing thier situations or that no one cares or is paying attention. Its part of the constant brainwash to divert attention away from how serious this all really is.

Anything to keep the TI from getting justice or telling their story or suing. Fake smiles, gas lighting the person and not telling them whats going on with holding vital information. And the entire nation seems in on it. America does indeed suck and needs slave labor, exploitation and death to survive as a nation but gang stalking occurs overseas wherever the Target goes.

The people involved, mostly nobodies from the general public think they are hard or players but really the TI singularly is one of the hardest, the public gets the benefit of this illusion by being part of mobbing and gas lighting the targeted person when in reality, they are as peasants to royalty.

Especially if the Target is a Survivor of programming, then you are truly dealing with alters that are potentially dangerous. Trained and built that way from infancy.

I doubt if their house slave perps actually understand what they are dealing with most of the time. They have a wonderfully naive sense of tribe and a mob or gang suits them well. Yet when the TI thinks of what these individuals would be like without their 'peeps' especially at the hands of someone who is programmed who feels threatened, you just know they would never make it. Fail, like immediately.

The only thing lowly gang stalkers have usually is numbers on their side. And then there are people who think they are cool by gaining the TIs trust and exploiting them. Usually every single one of those types has a history of sexual molestation of some kind and this is a safe way for them to become the predator, with social approval and continue on NOT facing their own sh*t.

Every single person who was close to me who was key to betraying me had two things in common. They all had criminal activity they were trying to keep from being exposed or had been busted and needed to work with the system and they all had a sexual abuse history. They also were the kinds of people that would rather die than face their own issues and heal. They all also refused to face reality and then cut ties or get real with the families that were the perpetrators or protected the perpetrators.

These families usually will control yet coddle any victim who has dirt on them of this nature yet is so wounded needs the family's support.

None of the people close to me could have done what I am doing..none. They were always too weak and codependent on their immediate families. So basically the people who betrayed me not only did so out of jealousy but out of this idea that I am stronger and can afford to be beat down. Such people are simply acting as their own past perpetrators in a way that seems socially acceptable.

And they simply DIE for approval from male authority anyway, which is disgusting in itself to begin with.

These wimps are all still giving it up to their male sexual violators and our society has become very much like a sick dysfunctional family who needs to live in denial to survive, mostly due to what Bush did and also Hayden.

The powers that be in our society will not be satisfied until people like me are also beat down in such a way and trauma bonded to a malecentric authority.

This is one of the reasons that sexual arousal and abuse is used so heavily via psychoogical warfare and tech.

Its well known that teams are built and bonded through male aggression and sexual abuse-from the locker room to the barracks.

Typical of a militarized society I would say. But there is some element of control over our population way creepier than overt military rule. Something much more sinister than Rome, more damaging than overt force and bloodymindedness.

It was indeed amazing to experience just how easily human beings can be manipulated like mere human animals during Bush/Hayden eras.

The Observer part of me looks on and emotionlessly sees that the people around me changed so drastically. It just wasnt normal.

One day this WILL be set right but so much sacrifice is going into pushing back this false reality that these powers are trying to roll out..or have already and want to seal the deal if you will.

The TI is usually someone who is morally superior to ANYONE involved in gs or betrayal so its pretty aggrevating when a smear campaign makes that person out to be the opposite.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Thread On Gang Stalking As Paranoia

I think I tackled this thread before and basically did a rip up job concerning actual TIs with reliable motives for being targeted being harmed by the generalization.
What bothers me about this now is that reading it, looking over these peoples behaviors its hard to judge exactly what their situations are.

Its not every car that goes by. Youll know a perp becuz they do specific things to.stand out from normal people. The purpose of doing a tactic is to get the Targets attention anyway, as the perps are conditioning the Target with behavioral psychology and must form.patterns order to use repitition to brainwash the Target. Patterns are formed with each perp coming into contact with Targeted Individuals. Normal, random occurences and free association are broken up by gang stalking activity. (at this juncture in this post my phone cut dead and shut off and now again on this site trying finish this post, paragraph bar wont work I cannot type with phone sideways and backspace now destroys entire words not individual letters with one press of bitton. ) I was writing about when I had home invasions baxk at Washington St Brighton MA I knew someone had been in my place. The gas was left on, or important papers were gone through and lefy in places where I would notice they had been moved. There was one video i made and it caught an intruder entering the apartment but the video camera was digital and before the face could be seen, the vid mysteriously goes into alot of times (x) magnification, so the image cant be made out nor a face either. (paragraph): I have heaed truck drivers tell stories about a place where their equipment does such things and radios malfunction or change stations by themselves etc: Area fifty one (isnt letting me use number keys either) in New Mexico. TIs are full well aware of such interferences with electronics or technologies. Many of us have been unfortunate enough to be plagued with the white vans and bkack helicopters. Many of us have experienced MILABs which have nothing to do with littke gren men. This is a particularly sick and very powerful faction of the military playing games. Often its thought to be occultists within the military who have akot of power, resources,and access. Its also connected to human experimenration black projects and other activities that these factions would like to keep quiet and have thw public only see such things as science fiction. (pp) But its a definate program of psychological warfare . Its not vague and the Target wont be mistaken about what is going on.

American Life Now Officially Recognized By World Travelers As Boring

Yes others have noted this as well.

It became noticable and alarming, around 2008. I went back to Boston and really took a hard look at people on the train. They all looked uncharacteristically depressed and gloomy for that area of the country. The only people having fun were students to young to know any better and wealthy adults.

Another activist, a very long time female TI agreed and asked " They look like robots dont they?". She caused me to realize more quickly that what I was seeing was indeed abnormal.

When people complain about a nation of Americans who seemed to just 'let it happen'-the whole mess back to Bush being elected, then 9-11 and so on, I know what they are on about. They are usually akin to children, confused and abandoned as to why thier fellow tribe or family has not protected them nor there homeland from destruction.

I recently heard stories about sects of London where radical anti-American sentiment is so extreme it will get you killed.

Europeans in the past have inquired as to how an entire nation of people can be so stupid?

One answer: Mass Mind Control.

Basically a three point system used on everyone from the entire nation to individuals targeted as enemies of the agenda.

This is the twenty first century, the public are being held in a twentieth century mind set and thats on purpose.

This system is easily explained, can be tracked from its roots in Nazi human experimentation and much of it is actually documented to exist or prototypes of such technologies are patented so one can safely deduct that abuses of such tech could be possible especially on a classified level.

Why am I writing this, a contraversial homeless woman with no formal education nor employment, and not some credible academic?

Firstly, credible acaxemics have written on this subject but that information is often buried in favor of disinfo agents pushing crazy conspiracy theory. The job of the intelligence or psy ops units involved is to market you, the public out of seeing the truth and its as easy as marketing a product to you. Its a great PR campaign where the info they want ignored is buried though easily accessible and the info they contrive or find useful as sensational is pushed forward so that is what you focus on, as well much of this is easily debunked.

Second, credible academics dont want to get targeted or lose tenure or their careers. And they, unlike the rest of us, are smart enough to know that.

The kinds of people who are going to be able to come forward are those who have nothing to lose or have been stripped of everything and now have nothing left to lose. Often people with resources who understand they are targeted in time can retain some normalcy in life but often they have substantial losses and are shunned from society in some area.

Being a whistle blower doesnt come free.
Many human beings are going to crumble under the pressure, the idea of losing what they have and in addition to that, the system on top of allowing them to keep what they have offers them reward for co-operation.
Many people are cowardly and too morally weak to resist. This is where one must rethink a judgement of what makes value. In a situation such as this, an academic is actually more easily detered becuz they posess something valuable.
And the judgement of value in this situation is not measured by normal standards-it seems to be if one posesses moral strength and bravery to the point of stupidity.

Also realize that most Targeted persons posessing information about these issues are usually people who are kept down in society so they cant cause any trouble to begin with. Many TIs are highly intelligent people talented attractive etc. There are other factors involved like a faction of Targets actually can fight this mass mind control system better than average people becuz they themselves are Survivors of individual or group classified mind control projects.

If anyone in our society is truly serious about understanding why the country has undergone the changes that it has then one must consider mass mind control as the explaination.

Its easily mapped out and not at all difficult to comprehend.

The only problem for most people is the mental leap and moral I suppose, in accepting that authorities and powers that be could be so sinister.

One must remember that when dealing with very powerful deadly entities like the military, intelligence agencies as in their darker components and corporations that there exists a kind of success, control and power in which results are all that matter-at any cost. For example if the military industrial complex makes its money off of the loss of human life then why is it outside the realm of possibility that securing power and control or gaining new knowledge for advanced weapons systems wouldnt require loss of life and this would be an acceptable loss? My own predicament was described to me by an informant once :" Expendable people are factored or budgeted into businesses; like budgeting how many construcion workers are projected to die on a job site constructing a large building". It was being intimated that I was one of those kinds of people, which of course is simply more cruelty, a hallmark of all the people involved in harassing people who are targeted.

The public are usually aware of the Dirty Tricks Dept through multiple media types but usually one doesnt end up dealing with that system directly.
Targeted Individuals have fallen into this world seemingly by accident yet its found usually by design.
There is a great difference between an individual who can articulate their experience and make a case that seems legit and someone who is either disordered or hysterical. There is such a thing in our society as people who are targeted becuz they know too much or they are being exploited still or both.

These people, whos lives become wrapped up in the world of covert ops and warfare can attest to the absolute power sought by authority.

There are hints, whispers and even moments of clear stated intent concerning a New World Order but targeted persons can often furnish the details concerning the mechanics of such an undertaking.

Discrediting a whistleblower on this level is usually a preoccupation of the powers that be, if not an obsession.
There are people who for whatever reason are obsessed with order and believe that creating a psycho civilized society will be the ultimate answer, realizing such concepts as world peace.
However Survivors of mind control projects can attest to the reality which is that this kind of peace is false, an illusion. As programming Survivor Cathy Obrien once stated with Mid Western simplicity "There is no peace under mind control".

The evolution of human beings with technology is simply being guided and dictated by special interests as opposed to forming freely or at least to its most possible positive end.

This is a common occurence and can be shown throughout history repeatedly from so many inventors usually mysteriously aquiring 'bad luck', losing their patents and then dying penniless and insane to the work of Tesla and other such people, which actually shows that the earth itself can provide energy for human existence and all our production for consumerist culture as it is now is unnecessary.

Another danger of the internet is that anyone who is brilliant by birth can now be seen, heard and find that in themselves. This is a great threat to the social order. Believe it or not, a family member of one of the 2012 Republican presidential runners was involved in my harassment campaign and her boyfriend stated plainly to me that people from the lower classes who have imagination, soul, spirit and intelligence are a major problem for the upper class. He mentioned Tupac Shakur as example, further implicating as far as Im concerned, conspiracy by hidden forces in his death.

Yet the system of the elite and special interests have this time gone too far. Using technologies to mind control the masses and interfere with natural human development is a foul in the game. Its simply not allowed.

Oppression will always exist, evil, greed etc in human populations but creating a system of total population control of such magnitude is so outrageous and power hungry that someone has to do something about it. Its like hunting squirrels with an elephant gun. It leaves out most of the chance, risk, imagination and creativity that humans use to live out what it means to be human.

The only way to counter this is awareness. Anyone who is interested and can make those mental and moral leaps out of their comfort zone of what they thought they knew about their world can easily access the information necessary to understand how this system works. Then act accordingly. Consider the system of mass and individual mind control when trying to understand why things are the way they are, such as a nation of people just looking on in gloom busy fiddling with their gadgets while allowing their leaders to destroy their nation.

It may be the greatest freedom you will ever attain in the world aas its being set up now. To know the reason why things are so screwed up and people are inhuman.
Its also a refreshing opportunity to regain individuality in a culture seemingly obsessed with conformity in the interest of security.

Its the key to the NWO.

Its really that simple.

And you dont need to depend on groups leaders, experts, psychiatrists, or the normall usual sources of fixing things or setting things right.

As of now there have been attempts by some government and other political powers to make laws and limits on such technologies (proving thus, that they DO exist) but like everything else this is marketed out of focus and replaced with wild conspiracy fodder for the public to focus on.

If citizens care enough about their communities they will realize and then take action make laws etc . For now it seems limited to individuals and groups who know whats going on.

A good chunk of the population in the know is busy trying to entrap TIs and screw us over for pay offs anyway, so there is resistance and difficulty there to begin with.

The most beautiful part of this is that its up to the Will of the individual. No more feeling oppressed by power structureds.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Chemtrails To Blame For Bad Time Past Few Days?

my friend just pointed out that there have been chemtrails in the sky all day. i was too agitated to notice.
Its strange i felt fine a week ago and now train riders left ( they dont put up with any bs from racial intimidators or anyone else for that matter. whenever they are in town i personally find any area i am in peaceful. ) when they left and over past few days its sucked and i have been. annoyed pissed aggrevated.
If America wants to keep writing me off as some silly bitch then lets see what another country thinks of my testimonies. Perhaps they will be able to use them more honestly and productively. And if not, at least I tried. The US and its asshole population is not going to use me as the butt of jokes for much longer. Its interesting that they want to keep me on the road, being mocked and laughed at and toyed with so I cant give my trstimony in a book.

The USA is a Sick Society, I Want To Leave But Dont Know How

Pretty soon we will not be able to be travelers or homeless. These scenes are being manipulated so that the mentally ill and other disruptive demographics of the houseless population bring chaos to society. This is so the homeless can remain a problem and then be destroyed altogether.

Squats in Europe are being attacked by the system there even though traditionally they function well within that society. More and more people who do not agree with the agenda are being targeted and driven into homelessness. At the same time its being made harder to be houseless, a traveler or alternatively housed so that anyone who is targeted for not going along with ANY part of the NWO is more easily handled and eventually destroyed.

There are people in the US who believe that doing away with privacy and harassing everyone into being part of an interconnected system of society is the way things should be. Framing someone like me is the perfect excuse to make it look like I need to be watched or I need to be cured or reformed or I need to stop wanting privacy and totally explain and connect to this system or society in order to be normal or reformed.

The comment that trucker made one day, the one named Steve who was in on the harassment I ended up remembering him from the early Bush years in AZ. This guy was the tylical sick woman hater who was part of this to get off on seeing a woman controlled as well as be in on the sick eroticized part of this so many people are into where I am kept as a slave of sorts and it appeals to people there is nothing I can do about it etc, all of which is of course part of the attempted campaign to beat me(and rape me) into becoming a depraved submissive most likely for sex films. Its very common testimony from other Survivors of high level programming who are expendable that when they are no longer useful in the capacity they were in their youth, they are isolated by this system and used for snuff films or whatever.

I asked if a specific community he mentioned minded their own business, which I asked refering to gang stalking of course but he responded as if I were asking that question becuz I was a child molester.
The assholes involved in this often pose as Cause Stalkers, trying to get women out of prostitution via organized stalking and harassment or to reform a child molester but if u r around them long enough they reveal that they are men who have been fucked over by women and want revenge or they are actually perverts who get turned on by the female Survivor being targeted and treated like a sex slave in some sick erotic story. Many of these people I now can testify to are actually themselves child molesters and total sick perverts with vendetta against women and with extreme insecurity to want to control women.

So most Cause Stalkers are full of shit and are actually part of the cult that handles sex slaves and abuses women.

Alot of Americans are into this kind of perversion simply by accepting what is going on without doing anything or disapproving.

This is wby the sex industry MUST stay unregulated and misunderstood. They coukd no longer abuse people easily if it were legal and regulated and could not hide programmed slaves in this industry, destroying such people easily behind the idea that this is what sex workers get in life.

American society is extremely corrupt and negligent in regards to sex slavery especially of women and children.

By marketing my character to the public's imagination as merely a prostitute, it is easy for this system to murder me or harass me into suicide or desfroying my life becjz in the popular imagination, that is what sex workers get. That is the way it goes, the way it is. Its something that is soley the responsibikity of corrupt police and organized crime, its their territory. It is percieved as having nothing to do with mainstream society-they have no part in it and no responsibility.

Even though I am targeted becuz of being programmed and obviously as part of my mother's MK Ultra connection, and this has more to do with war crimes, govt whistleblowing and unethical human experimentation, all this system has to do is keep the focus on the cover story and the American public will percieve me solely according to that image and not care if I live or die. They figure that is the way it goes with my kind of people and its none of their business but the business of the slave handlers.

America is a sick, childish country full of totally brainwashed willfully ignorant people.

It doesnt matter that this is essentially about Nazi human experimentation thats documented in Project Paperclip and MK Ultra. It doesnt matter that I moreso than any other high profile Survivor have more cred in claiming programming has a connection to MK Ultra experimentees as well as the sex industry is tied into this, via my mother being a documented radiation experimetee with both parents in the US Marines. Other Survivors all tell basic similar stories yet I have the actual documented connection to MK Ultra. Yet my being involved in adult entertainment is what is focused on, even though its really the least important issue at hand.

This is why America is so dangerous and murderous. Greedy criminal minded empire that, unlike Rome hides its brutality even from itself using Abrahamic religions to do so.

Its disgusting really. We focus on ancient Rome with shock and awe yet refuse to face our own crimes against humanity, perversions or madness as an empire.

As someone who has been kept down and destroyed simply to ensure the United States of America never has to admit to its war crimes I am sick and tired kissing ass to survive while living under duress being attacked by my own country and merely smiled at by other citizens while I am slowly destroyed and kept from expressing my potential.

I am tired of being enslaved by a nation that cant exist without slavery.

And being pjshed constantly to 'get honest' and become more open, social and connected to society is bullshit also. This is done as part of forced deprogramming so that I cannot have privacy, so I cannot work in secrecy so that I may never grow in power or have personal power.

I want nothing to do with a nation that has pirposefully destroyed me as an artist and writes me off as a mentally ill person so they dont have to deal with thier own shit as war criminals and perverts.

Fuck the US and their obsession with a Puritanical front to cover up thier crimes.

I want to leave but dont know how. The only thing stopping me is lack of money status and understanding travel outside the US due to lack of experience.

But to finally escape and perhaps die in a foriegn country is better than this.

What they are doing is trying to break me down via hard core brainwashing or behavior modification methods so that I accept what happened as normal and forget about it and take a place in society at this lowly level....hmph, as if far below average was where I would have ended up had I not been destroyed.

Fuck the US and this twisted new idealization of busting down the best to create equality. Strangely I have read this is done alot in Scandinavian countries, so the best are humbled, which makes the attitudes of Black Metal musicians there even more understandable. Flaunting being the best etc. This is America. I should have been able to take full advantage of my birthright as talented, beautiful and smart, taken it to its limits and then mellowed out with age or realized social responsibility as an elder. This sick idea of destroying talented people in the US is marketed to the Equality Diversity cult here but in reality is to ensure that corporate culture and dominance over peoples lives stays firmly in place.

There is no more America. The USA doesnt even exist anymore. Its all corporate now, it got sold off a long time ago. I dont want to live in a corporation I want to live in a legit human culture.

Monday, September 26, 2011

The United States Is A Sewer

Sunday, September 25, 2011

All That Fat Anti Terror Money Cant Stop Gang Problem In USA

I have seen forces that exist in this country that allow this kind of activity to go on. Focusing the nation on outside threats from certain nations as terrorism yet ignoring many foriegn gangs infiltrating American soil was and is pretty clever.

And of course PC and denial work beautifully as psychological barriers to facing and revealing the truth.

Brainwashing people, especially whites, into giving up their natural human inclination to want to defend their territory is also working in favor of this problem.

Its also another reason that TIs testimonies of 'gang stalking' activity or organized stalking harassment by what seems to be intelligence factions doing covert ops, has to be continually denied as delusional or at least isolated incidents, that these campaigns only happen to select people who deserve it.

Becuz the public should start questioning exactly why community watch goons or black ops or whatever cant keep this nonsense from destroying a nation, yet they can follow and harass one person almost everywhere they go nationwide.

By the way dont get confused and take it personally that I featured one specific gang. I am worldly enough to understand that crime and human aggression are always going to exist.
Its simply how ridiculous this has gotten, when your macing young women protesting on Wall Street yet this can happen.

The message of the Wall Street macings are even more clear now: dont dare defend yourselves from anything. Not corporate criminals, war crimes from govt, the police nor the gang problem in the USA.

Dont question the current system or set up nor draw attention to it nor the mechanics of how it works.

Who decided that the American people were to be so intimidated and exploited?

THIS is part of making the world 'equal' for everyone? wtf is this? What, wealth redistribution to south America?

There is something wrong with a country where both a Republican president twenty years ago and recently a Democratic president both speak of a New World Order and this is what it consists of.

I think this is simply part of the grand scheme to enslave mankind. Becuz you know that certain classes of people are never going to have to deal with gangs like this, while the rest of the population is TERRORized by them.

In short from what I have experienced, these problems are allowed to exist its that simple.

And from growing up around crime to an extent, they are allowed to operate, piss off the wrong person or agency and your entire operation is done.

Why were there until recently, so many anti terror personell show boating dramatic Nazi like outfits with big automatic weapons and dogs etc in fairly safe areas like Boston, yet the cops who deal with this claim to be underfunded?

And then the public mistrusts and hates law enforcement so may more easily be swayed to trust the criminals.

All very well played really. But its getting a bit boring doncha think?

The most dangerous gang in the US cant even be defined. These people seem like they only mess with you if you're involved with them. Outside of the crimes they commit.

Which is worse? Losing your hands, perhaps your physical being or having your soul destroyed or memories of who you really are taken from you, even your defined Self and being told to go quietly and live on as if nothing happened.

The most dangerous gang is well hidden and anyone speaking of their existence is labeled nuts becuz humans cant deal with the reality of the beast within much less something even more frightening in nature.
awww...wassamatta for you, ah? Its annoying that I am not posting stuff that makes me look like a psychotic idiot anymore isnt it?
Another benefit of leaving the east coast.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

NYC Police Contain And Mace Female Protesters

I personally have experienced up close and personal the arrogance and sexism of this part of the East Coast establishment.

And it makes me feel a whole lot more validated in my decision to leave and never return to the northeast again.

Nice job once again guys. They get off on this shit, I can tell you from experience that they do. To them its as good as f*cking these broads even better.

They are the guard dogs of the rich and its all they know.

Keep in mind at all times that there are decent cops left out there, these sites focus on corruption which needs a focus becuz this aint gonna make it onto the news or interrupt the nations obsession with insular bs like American Idol, which of course makes them feel safe and approved of by authority. Which of course is natural for The People to be seeking like beaten down dogs becuz as one can see, going up against authority in public places isnt ending favorably these days.


Public Enemy Warn Of Obama Deception

I know damn well that the blacks that come after me are COINTELPRO house slaves or gang members working for their CIA drug overlords. And I know that poor black America wants and needs different things than poor white America, (whether they are aware of that or not) but when it comes to what is going on with the NWO and trying to enslave ALL mamkind or perhaps a good amount of the population, many of us agree and see the same things occurring.

The sad thing is that alot of people seem happy even through this economic slump.

Truth has become something inconvenient even distasteful. Things that are self evident are no longer worth considering.

The powers that be have shown their muscle over any possible rebellion or the internet exposing all corruption or uniting peoples against power structures. They have shown us, simply that ignoring the People or laws even and invalidating internet activism is all that is required to overshadow any true threat to thier power.

They simply appeal to people's greed and need for power tripping. In this they have found a great ally, one that will most likely never abandon them.

That and human fear and cowardice...something I have seen so commonly under the past two administrations it makes me sick to be human.

As long as the public are stuck in a 20th century mentality they will never believe that 21st century methods and technologies exist that are being used to control them and falsely shape their worlds.

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Eyeborg

Once again humans are fascinated and tempted by technology while disregarding the responsibility of such power. So often the more sinister motives that are natural to humans are not considered.

Getting people to talk un self conshusly is not fascinating, its manipulative, controlling and deceptive. Also like most normal artists, this man cannot resist the idea of god like power or doing anything for art's sake. Artists are like scientists in this way, needing to see the results and getting results at any cost.

Technology offers artists and alot of other people for that matter what seems like carte blanche to be unethical and get away with things utilizing tech which would usually not be acceptable otherwise.

We KNOW better than this. My parents taught us the opposite of this and Gen X was fighting to make this kind of society a thing of the past. Then tech became this excuse to behave in such ways once again.

This is NOT ok and this spying and torture as a normal part of society is not a necessary by product of progress.

There could easily be laws implemented to prevent this kind of behavior.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Radio Frequency/ Abuse of TECH seen as paranoia in current society culture


Medical uses of RF:

Future medical uses:

Consumer and corporate use of RF:

The problem with all of this, in fact with all new technologies is that the public are given minimal information about how technologies can be used by criminals and that includes oppression from ANY state actor or private entity. They are told about 'hackers' who will steal thier identities- it always revolves around thier MONEY and what is THIERS not thier freedoms or mental, emotional, spiritual assets, which TIs are living proof that these things can be interfered with if not destroyed by the use of technologies in unison with other methods- essentially to destroy a human being.

This means essentially that human beings are being trained to define themselves soley by thier posessions and thier part in society as consumers. When we stop considering the very things it means to be human as important enough to protect or even worth considering at all, we start to either fuse with such tech on subtle levels and become what the powers that be want us to be, not what we are by birthright or by nature.


The power of religion, bigotry and all other systems of divide and conquer will seem like nothing compared to the power of technologies along with 'brainwashing' techniques out in society to imprison mankind.

When you cant even think straight nor be left alone in your own mind to reflect or form your own Self according to who you are, a combo of DNA and environment- then how are you supposed to even consider going against an oppressive power structure to begin with?


I am not clear on the technologies, other Targets specialize in this. Eleanor White and others who have engineering backrounds or science backrounds would be best to read up on. But I can tell you one thing:
these systems work. They also harm, destroy, kill, maime, torture and create a literal living Hell for human beings.
You have to understand that ALL WE ARE is elemental. Electromagnetic fields and all the things we cant see make up those parts of what humans ARE, along with what we can see- our physical bodies.

In American culture things like mind control, brainwashing and psychic phenomena such as parapsychology are ignored even banned from the public. In recent years there has been a leaning towards science, logic etc and abondoning the very 70's and turn of the century dabbling or considering spiritual content or occult. This is especially suspect considering that these technologies are nothing but raw science. They are only dangerous when misused by humans. They are documented to exist plainly in our world.

The trend now is to hide these crimes by constantly intimating that the powers that be would never misuse such technologies on human populations, great or small. That that is an impossibility in our current society.

This is a result of brainwashing and propaganda that markets America as 'good' due to anti terror in recent years and cleaning up of SOME VERY SELECT government corruption as well as seeing technology as good and clean and god like where actually like every thing else its subjective: its how it is used.

See Patterns Of Motive, Know Who Not To Trust

Being a TI and knowing your situation in the long term means adapting to survive.

You learn to think in ways that you never would.l In time, even dispite the constant brainwashing to get you to always forget what you learned you can make thinking outside your natural way of thinking second nature.

I as of today had the good fortune in a moment of clarity to see that there is a definate pattern to the kinds of people who surround me or latch onto me and another pattern is thier behavior towards being targeted.

Anyone who seems to know what your situation is but is blase about it is NOT to be trusted. Though as targets we want people who understand or even just friends very badly.

Anyone who seems to grasp the severity of the situation but is blase about it should be regarded with suspicion.

The pattern I have experienced is that the people who are close to us or get close to us that will be used by the system against us ALL HAVE CURRENT LEGAL PROBLEMS or are REPEAT FELONS. Being on probation seems to be the major one . People who state they just got out of jail are also common but not as much as being on probation.
The other frequent variety of perp is someone who has white collar crime in their backround and has money they made from scams or criminal activity. I dont mean just a small time person but major amounts of money, which would have made the risk worth it as well as made it now necessary to cover up for it.

Another frequent motive is getting govt or other grant money that is difficult to get. I have seen this numbers of times.

Once you are in this position you have to change your thinking: people no longer see you as human or even consider your pain and suffering- they see you as a resource. They see dollar signs or opportunity.
Destroying you and keeping you down is what they help to accomplish and get something out of it.

No one in New America is going to sympathize. The feds run this country on rats now. In order to get whst you want you have to be part of the system. Complete and total corporate thinking has taken over.

People are now viscous animals hiding behind yellow ribbons and whatever else they have to to be approved of by authority or feel they risk being harassed or targeted.

I have actually seen people look at me once normally then after realizing who I am look again with dollar signs in their eyes.

Its like the old cartoons where two guys are stuck on a desert isle and starving and begin seeing each other as food, hamburgers or whatever. That is the same look.

I was always surrounded by greedy, selfish people who would keep me down constantly and exploit me and use me to blame for their own issues or wrong doings.

I simply got handed over to a large network of those same kinds of people the only difference is they are strangers.

The public who do know have their own reasons for supporting this system or turning a blind eye to it.

In the end you have got to realize that no matter what you are alone in this, other than other TIs and truly sympathetic peoples.

Each time someone knew my situation they also had current legal problems. That drunk girl in Harvard Sq is a good example. She knew too much and she kept breezing through probation.
And you get this feeling they really think yer a naive sucker...a sacrificial lamb when it comes down to it.

And anyone who knows your situation but is blase aboit it...get out of it and stay out.

I discovered the hard way people around you either downplaying rhe severity of the situation or playing any kind of mind game are going to be a problem.

They will eventually waste your time, divert your attentions and generally mess with your activism efforts, even going so far as to try to cause self doubt or even brainwash you out of believing your situation is real and your experience valid.

Always remember these people are the ones with something to hide or a desire so great they would rob and cheat another human being by proxy to get what they want.

Most in recovery with legal issues are seeing you as an easy way to breeze through the system.

You cant afford to have that much time and energy wasted.

What these people are doing essentially is to help the bad guys string you along and keep you quiet just a little bit longer...using mind control tactics of course.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Police Harassment In Berekely CA While Staying Up All Night

The typical gang stalking group members are very pleased with themselves this morning becuz they think they did a stellar job all night long harassing me. City workers like garbage men etc this morning are very smug.

All I did was stay awake and walk around all night becuz that is what I planned to do to begin with. They simply provided gang stalking so that was a part of my experience as opposed to just walking around.

In on it last night were local police marked cars and cabs. Unmarked or civilian cars as well but thats harder to discern.

I find it very suspect that cops focus on me repeatedly in any city I go to as if I am a dangerous criminal. I am a single older female of 40 with health issues and has basically nothing as far as reslurces. I make sure I come to places like Berkeley sometimes that have high instances of mentally ill homeless so that it wjll appear odd that any one officer should focus on me comparex to anyome else kn the street.

However, time and time again I get focused on and stalked and watched as if I am a truly dangerous person. Like as if I was a scary danverous full grown man with a violent history.

These are GROWN MEN with beefed up cars and military grade tech toys as well as they are younger. Why must they insist on focusing on me like I am a dangerous wanted criminal?

Why is what I am doing any more interesting or severe than a truly scary crazy person late at night?

Last night I took a walk up Dwight St. to see whst was up the hill
I did a piece on the other blog. I then realized that this is where all the Fraternities and Sororities are as when I came down Dwight St hill I went down Piedmont St and discovered the college has alot of nice buildings tucked away up in the afore mentioned areas.

Naturally being from Boston I wanted to see their college area as well as have somerhing interesting to do walking through the night.

Not only did I begin to notice police stalking when I left the Telegraph area to go up the hill on Dwight as documented in other Targeted Survivor blog but when I came back down and turned on Piedmont I noted a male policeman driving by aggressively and frequently. There is a difference between watching out for a single female's safety and harassing a single female walking alone.

Of course this agitation led to my getting pissed off and verbal which was its purpose. This entire campaign has the eventual full blown discreditation of me as its purpose. Big surprise.

Eventually the stalking became overt and a police car actually passed me and then hid behind some cars in a parking lot.
I had enough and called the officer out from his hiding spot. I told him if he wanted to talk to me I was right here but be forwarned I have a recording device.
I then noted the car pulled out and as it did I actually called it out and gave the gesture to come out with my hands kind of like dealing with a hiding child. Never before had I experienced a time when police played dead like that. Obviously playing games.
Normally the officer would show authority over the situation. Creepy was the only way to describe it.

The car then faced me so I could not see who was driving. In the dark with its lights on. I know cop cars have cameras so I spoke plainly and simply, and throughout no officer shown a presence nor responded.
"I can go for a walk up there anytime I want. If not give me a ticket. There is a difference between watching out for a single females well being and harassing a single female walking alone."

No response. Upon walking away I said 'Understand?' in Italian probably from being so annoyed.

All I could picture was this little game was captured on video so more cops nationwide can watch it and once again get a laugh at my expense.

I spent the evening being annoyed instead of pleasantly walking or sitting quietly minding my own business.

Just now an Asian cop sat in his car to my right, looking at his computer doing his morning routine...or so it would seem.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Using Blog's IP Address To Track Activists

O have over the years realized that one major way that i am tracked by whoever sends out gang stalkers in person is by whatever ip address shows up from a computer posting on thos blog. using my phone doesnt attract gang stalkers. just now that post with the video was from a library location in CA. I had not experienced anythig but slight tech in a college area nearby. Now walking out of that library I not only cam feel thir presence but am getting exactly what i expected: strangers dping tactics etc.

funny thwt it was quiet in this location for days up until i posted on that computer.

so i turned on my gps as i believe there is an elememt or faction that watches out fr TIs and if its poloc or govt then this would be the best method of countsring the actions of whoever the rogue elemnts are.

Recalll my expereience has often been that any and all remote influence stops dead when a police vehicle or police man or woman comes into my presence, randomly, a cop who is there or in that location for some other reaskn and is NOT involved with gang stalking.

This says alot about how criminal this really is.

Another Boring Attempt to Discredit TI's and Gang Stalking/Black Ops

Notice how this YOUNG woman has made sure that comments are disabled for this video. COWARD!!

Why doesnt she allow at least a response? A video response?

Who does this woman think she is?? What is she trying to get some grand opportunity or get her stupid poetry published?

This woman should be sued for defamation, especially of people like me who are children of DOCUMENTED survivors of human experimentation connected to the military and other state actors.

She has done no research at all. She is stupid enough to believe whatever a video or book tells her. Obviously she has no expertise in black ops or any other kind of spycraft. She is totally non political in her approach to this.

This video should be flagged until she gets off the air. By the way, nice black and red combo, scarf etc.

Anybody bored after almost ten years of ametuers like this as well as pros trying to discredit us?

Total idiot.

I am sure there are enough of you out there who have the talents to even this up. Go for it.... Get rid of this b*tch. The only reason she pissess me off so much is that she is some prissy ass poet who is also a young whippper snapper. Also being from Boston and being BORN IN CAMBRIDGE MA with my parents meeting in prestigise Harvard Sq Cambridge, MA, its hard to take her putting on aires very seriously. In fact, I have seen street kids back home in New England with more cred for being poets or sophisticated. Up yours dear.

After so many years I have simply lost my patience with this non stop flow of people doing really simple stupid things to discredit us.

The question should be, who is SHE? Why does SHE think she is this important. Most TI's actually know why they are targeted.

Shes worse than psychiatry, simply making a judgement without any logic or investigation.

Stick to flowery words honey, because scientific method and logic are not your strong suit.

Oh and stop eating all those Ho-Hos between poems. Or are you just lonely? If you lost some weight maybe you wouldnt be so concerned with other people's business.

And alot of us know that perps have jobs, many of them are successful actually, thus they are involved in vices they have to cover ass for..duh. Perps are either in need of protection or they are in want of something, or they are horribly insecure. In fact many of them are either totally skinny Beta males or fat unhappy b*tches like this example in the vid. Lets hope she is just an innocent that decided to stick her nose where it doesnt belong.

Lets give this little teddy bear a taste of what happens when she tries to stick her nose in the hive. I say she needs to be stung a bit. Of course she is avoiding reality and consequences via turning off the comments. Messaging her instead might suffice. DONT INSULT HER OR BE ABUSIVE. Just tell her like it is. Let her know this is serious business and plenty of TI's are credible people in society.

As for myself I might be easily discredited but the information I have I use to blackmail a good deal of my way out of being closed in on. Thus this is my 'cred'.

This is just another dumb kid trying to muscle in on our territory. I must say these types of attempts are getting less and less.

Also if she were to allow a video response we could at least send her the DOCUMENTED cases of gang stalking, like those two news videos on YouTube and one of them has a real life policeman (gasp!) actually talking about gang stalking existing.
Seems she did not look very hard on YouTube under "gang stalking" to find those vids or any other ones other than the vid that can be discredited that Eleanor White featured on, I think its Eleanor doing that vid actually.

Like I said, we need an anti defamation league. This is really disgusting, especially since there is testimony right on YouTube directly from the Pres Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments, most informative on Marsboy's YouTube account, that plainly gives testimony to a presidential appointed committee concerning gang stalking-like harassment.

Shut this girl down, not with harassment becuz unlike the perps, we are not DESPERATE AND GUILTY, but with fact and reason. Oh how they would love it if we bought into being guilty as those smear campaigns try to make out.

Notice how she went along with the crazy approach opposed to the 'you deserve this' for some infraction on society etc, approach. Gee, how can any one TI be deserving of being both mentally ill enough to be simply imagining things as well as being bullied for life wherever they go for these supposed reasons that they 'deserve' to be bullied for life??

This shit is only going to work for a few more years. Its almost time I can tell. The only reason this EVER worked was the feeding frenzy that was created during Bush that people went for becuz they knew they could get away with it or via the fear factor that his administration created that traumatized people into being easily brainwashed.

Notice also that she never asks "WHY do you think you are important", she simply states that we are not. Gee, thats alot of people to make a generalized statement about, without any interviews or anything on her own or research. Please prove to this chick how unimportant she is really...I have seen much better attempts in my years being Targeted, and ones that were much more frightening.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Person Raised Around Crime Will Behave In A Way Beneficial To The Cover Story

I think I understand now. If say, someone like me thinks nothing of associating with people involved in crime then the FBI or other similar state actor like DEA could be used as a front and part of the cover story for mind control projects.

However the feds running around f*cking with people, without issuing subpeonas where the person has no idea whats going on seems a bit suspect.

How can a person, like myself who is obviously being gas lighted, going to be able to know whats going on?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Going through Utah and neveda I have been targeted so I cannot work though my smartphone. My posts are continuously interfered with by mysterious malfunctions and the phone shutting off at just the moment I am writing soethng it seems someone monitoring me is u.happy with. I have been unable to post on harassment in Utah and also my other mp3 player I use to take pics of frozen screens on smart phone has overnight broken and screen in busted so its all black and other colors. If this continues I will begin revealing damaging sensitive information not only about my associates in Boston but about various police etc involved in harassment over the years. Get off my ass and stop trying to condition me to give up my activism and forgdt. You owe me, its never going to happen and it doesn't matter how many people think I am just crazy. I have the info to male that less plausible.

Dangers Of Giving Personal Info To Stores For Databases/ MC Through SD Card

Being targeted often we live in society through alters or lead 'double lives'. For those of us who are Survivors of programming its useful but with all the harassment and attempted brainwashing its hard to remian fully cautious as a TI while livng in society pretending everything is ok. Keeping up a good front isnt always practical. We slip into our alter, our front wanting desperately for a life where everything would truly be normal and ok. So obvious things may slip past us. Knowing damn well that a store like MICROCENTER is involved in targeting TIs not only with remote influence but with overt gang stalking in stores, why the hell would I give them my personal info at the register? Its not easy to play this role in society while constantly being controlled by an abusive entity. Its very much like being in a relationship with a severe controlling abusive partner and having no choice other than to put on a good front to survive. Those relationships involve alot of mind control as well and of course American and western society in general are kept from understanding the realities of mind control so many people in those relationships end up having to hide thier horrible predicaments becuz people simply do NOT understand why the person cant get out of it. Try having such a situation being victim to that by a huge well funded entity with connections to government and state actors. Its no surprise that the wheel chart used to explain domestic violence is exactly what TIs live with being Targeted Individuals:Power and Control.

Not only doesnt society understand, they dont believe becuz they simply dont want to. They want to believe America is what you see you get. TIs know better.

I have noticed that mini sd cards that i had given my name address etc to MICROCENTER have played a part in remote influence. It was hard to accept, to want to believe. Yet the difference can be felt when the card is removed from the smart phone. It could be info given upon purchase or i could be simply via whatever device is put into a computer and associated with the TI. Unbelievable? Sure, but with what I have seen and experienced its actually feasable. The classified tech capabilities seem to be much more advanced that what is openly known to the public.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11 NASCAR Yesterday: "We'll Be Watching"

"You Better Listen...Because We'll Be Watching".

And patriotism was pushed, a NYC cop sang the anthem and an African American minister gave an overzealous prayer for America.

There was something very intimidating about the entire event. That statement above should be a more overt example of what I am talking about.

We'll be watching too, TIswill be. There are things that went on during Bush that still need to be answered for.

And intimidation makes it all the moe obvious. What, that statement was for foriegn terrrorists?
Yeah right.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

harassment while traveling...tactics, gesturing

In a different part of the country now. just got some tactics i think cant be totally positive this instance. left GPS on smart phone woth long time phone number and by now every TI should now rhat brings perps to you inevitably.

i am in a part of the country where i pretty much feel superior to anyone who messes with me being from Boston and all.

i like this area, i respect this region...but gang stalkers here have traditionally gotten mild amusement from me thats all.
they wear pentagrams on their clothes here and bumper stickers on their cars and i al supposed to be stifled with fear by teenybopper satanists with a cartoonish existence. why dont you wear a sign on your head as well?

it would be so easy to counter their moves here...being from the northeast. it could be fun actually but i have leaned that these Satanic types are just religious Cause Stalkers equal to their Christian counter parts, thus neither can be taken seriously...or at face value.

i would like to believe these people are either brainwashed and performing psy ops or that tjey are in full knowledge of being involved in Psy Ops and the belief systems are always a front.

Either way thier peasants and hicks here , if they want to pull power or rank thats where they it doesnt really affect me. they were horribly unattractive as well. i will just look in the mirror and feel better about the situation. as for the rest of the people here they couldnt be nicer.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Never Say CIA/ These Days Are Lost and Wasted

Its much harder now than during Bush to be focused. Back then I could tell when I was being handled and who was a perpetual. Now it seems I float through life. And I am ignored now to the point where I feel I don't exist.

The problem is that everyone has agreed thst making me out to be schizophrenic and mentally ill is the best route to cover up what they did to me and helped this system do to me.

Basically they come after you when you are still young strong and alert and then beat you down for so long thst you simply enter a phase of existing, of dealing with years of being traumatized. They depend on this to make you manageable years later.

I still cannot believe the way that my family as well as people, so many people in the community were in on this. I now firmly believe stories like thst the CIA set up Kennedy in Chappaquitick, they drugged him and made the scene into an accident and filmed it.

I have seen this kind of thing, and they have the capacity to do it too.

My biggest obstacle is that I was so beat repeatedly with the idea that I am percieved as paranoid schizophrenic like my father had been labeled, and my mother trying to trick me years ago, my shrink turning on me in that letter. Even perps harassing me with "you said I was CIA" when I didn't, just to create a memory thst will run itself over and over repeatedly and reinforce those other memories. Basically they have reprogrammed or engineered me from the beginning of this, to NEVER make any claims against the CIA or any state actor for that matter.

And also the only reason I can write this now is becuz I am out in middle of nowhere and its after 12 midnight. I clearly sensed the change in me at 12:03 am..just moments after midnight.

The rest of the day is a mist of dream like reality mostly depression Ans recently this year, a blankness of mind and spirit. That is not living.

My posts are ridiculous and I waste huge amounts of time on diversionary bullshit. I also say a lot of things I realize in moments like this discredit me permanently.

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Boule/ Finally Understanding African American's Role

Black White and Red Vid YouTube

I only watched the beginning. One mistake is the star next to Yoda he speaks of is a pentacle not a pentagram. Pentagram is inverted. At least I have some validation for my noting this nation wide as a color combo worn by people in a gang like or cult fashion.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mass Mind Control USA, Targeting of Individuals: China's Influence

This is not going to be a post where there is a link to reference or prove my point. Alot of what I have been doing over many years as well as some interesting reflections and the very nature of the way and style we are targeted keeps indicating that China or some other communist influence has alot to do with gang stalking. Perahps that is where they took thier inspiration from.

Something keeps saying 'China China..' as well as some influence from India. Asia generally. And believe me they are very good at staying quiet while the enemy blames the wrong people and bangs thier heads against the wall trying to figure things out.

I feel that China is going to be very dangerous in coming years and is already. We cannot afford thier kind of censorship, control and expertise in mind control.

And historically speaking, the Orient (forget PC re-mapping of the world. Orientals are different than Indians. And Russia used to be part of Asia for a reason. There is much Asian influence. There are Russians with Chinese features and vice versa. Screw the new maps. Always look at the LAND, the FLORA, the ANIMALS and the PEOPLE to understand how our world is truly mapped out- becuz that is how Nature mapped it out not man with his false borders and made up countries, which he keeps changing constantly anyway.)...Orientals can be extremely viscous and exacting in warfare as well as rulership. The Orient as well as India- all Eastern peoples deserve respect for much of thier culture being superior, thier intellect and thier sensitivity, sense of honor and spirituality, qualities terrorized out of Europeans to a great extent by 2000 years of oppression by Rome via the Church, plagues etc. An extremely oppressive culture.

However, Europeans have grown in ways that I dont see among Asians specifically Orientals. To me this makes them dangerous overlords. In a way they need to 'grow up' out of being rooted in thier native land becuz remember Indians and Orientals are native peoples.

There is no way that we should have to deal with oppression from quiet, calculating, stealth Asians taking over the country from unseen depths while we blame each other or the standard enemies. Even Afro Centrists who give speeches about infiltrating and taking over can be heard stating that trying to mind f*ck the Asians out of power is not going to work becuz "they are more viscous- they dont have this stance of political correctness that white folks have to show the world". And they are smart, they keep to themselves, to thier own kind but keep quiet and work hard so unlike Muslims or Africans they dont piss anyone off so no one complains about thier not assimilating.

I dont think Asians respect the US nor its people nor Europe either. India has a bone to pick with England for invading and oppressing them for so long and rightly so as does Hong Kong. But keep in mind then that England representing the WASP- the ultimate in 'white', the Anglo Saxon- is going to give many Asians something to resent. I am sure that many Europeans are dismissive of them as well and they know that PC allows America to be muscled nowadays.

We as Americans, maybe the last of any Americans who truly care about our culture, that has mostly abandoned us anyway- must consider the threat from such cultures. The country has been destroyed anyway and the culture altered so badly that only the whitest of whites in white areas or the richest whites in urban areas truly have any freedom or safety. That is now what America was about years ago. Multicultural has been turned into domestic terrorism and its used in a class war against lower and lower middle class whites.

If China has such strict censorship and Japan is so oppressive and corporate then we must consider where does that leave us with so many American companies overseas as well as we being indebted to them.

I have experienced much of the mind control and oppression going along with gang stalking as very Chinese in nature. Its cruelty and its disregard for human rights. I am also curious as to thier relationship with Germany.

We must also go back to the 80's. In the 70's much of America had been sold off to Arabs. In the 80's it was Japan. Then magically when 9-11 happened we were marketed a country that was as American as mom and apple pie. So what happened to all that foriegn influence?

What is going on most likely is that all these things are being used as diversions so the American and other public focuses on these things and does so from a new perception of what 'America' is. America is now perceived as some bizarre 1950
s like place, due to us sticking together and believing in ourselves in the face of 'foriegn' terrorists who are out to get us etc.

A false environment has been constructed, like a prison, for us to exist in while corporate culture and entities basically control the world at this point. The military industrial complex is expanding world wide.

People are asleep for good reason- mass mind control. Targeted Individuals have seen the worst of it first hand. People who see whats going on often run it down to me and then point out that the country's people are doing nothing about it. They let this all happen- I am sad to hear it and want to just tell them to look up at the towers- that its that simple. Technologies, chemicals in chem trails (proven) and psychological operations plus mass media. I want to let them know they are not wrong- they just dont have all the information to solve the question.

People are so hurt and confused. And the bastards behind this, they think that the public can be saved after this-that people can be fooled into forgetting about all this and move on to some happy NWO. Its totally unfair.

And if the truth is not told or known by the people never again will true freedom and liberty exist.

This is all bs so corporate culture can rule the masses. Its that simple. And old cultures like China's way of oppressing its people are being used to do just that.