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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Website On Amin Al - Husseini and Connections To Nazi Factions, Saddam, Other Middle East Leaders

I dont know how accurate this is as I am very lacking in knowledge about Middle East affairs.

Its interesting the claim that people of different religions lived side by side in peace for hundreds of years.

If Bush's father supported the Nazi's then why is Israel also supported? Like I said I am very confused about this subject matter but I am interested in anything that is available to explain who could be utilizing so much of what was found from Nazi human experimentation and what seems like alot of Nazi content as far as being targeted.

I also recall that during Bush alot that was connected to Nazi's came into play.

But I dont trust Israel either. And I did not like how many people from the Jewish community here were involved in my harassment hands on. This is the problem with being so undereducated and unworldly but what can one expect from someone basically enslaved thier whole lives? Its perfectly natural for me to be this confused as I dont have any points of reference for the relationships involved or the motives and natures of the factions in the big picture. World politics is way over my head.

But I know what I experienced and whatever occurred was extremely nasty during Bush and it only really started up to become 24/7 during G.W. Bush after the bombing of the towers. 2003 was a key year for many Targeted persons. That is no coincidence.

4 things i wanted to post but was mentally jammed: My Uncle, Harv Sq, Arafat, Hussien

Four things:
-my uncle tommy
-Harv Sq from wake up (7 approx) to 8:50 am
-Saddam Hussein

So I wont forget..

I am sick today. Lucky for me this screwed up my schedule, This system knows I am a lover of routine and takes advantage of that. I suspected as much.

Lately I have had a horrible time thinking clearly and getting anything done. This mostly has to do with the state of my health as after going into anaphylaxis from Bactrim my systems seems supressed somehow. I am constantly in this state of non existence or like I am not truly vibrant or alive or able to put forth any energy. Its like being suspended. This goes away when I have another allergic reaction to something or like now I get sick with a cold or similar ailment.

Its been a year and I think this system wants to keep me from suiing for the Bactrim the way that they kept me from going after Olnick again by making sure I was so harassed for the 3 years window that by then it was too late.

I am thouroughly controlled in Harv Sq every morning by what seems to be gang stalking activiey and alot of tech activity mentally. I am a non entity and my only concern is stikcing to my routine. A vegatable going through the motions of life. I noticed this same feeling this morning but i was so sick I just laid down in my sleep bag on grassy brick thing that contains a tree- people usually sit on it not lay down. Too sick to care I just wanted to stay warm.

I noted alot of weird people as i never conshusly noticed before if I peeked out of my sleep bag. I also noted someone snapped a pic of me or my sleep bag covering me anyway. One of those odd people seemed to be just standing there playing look out- lots of that sort of thing. People going to work, some perps reciting thier directed conversation lines which I have not experienced in some time probably as I dont stay here long enough to get targeted that way. I just ignored everything. I also sensed alot of attention from passing cars and trucks. Frustration that I wouldnt move into my schedule and be controlled of course and some people I sensed felt rightly they f*cking should. What is strange is that I got all this psychic connection activity- it may sound like insanity but strangely I am usually right about what I am sensing.

But note that once 8:50 rolled around the entire area- the whole reality became what used to known as 'normal'. No psychic interactions, no interfacing, no thought blocking or mental jamming. Many people had left to get to work surely and taken thier cell phones and computers with them thus electromatically cleaning up the area- perhaps. But the return to a normal state I am encountering is amazing. What a change from the severe mental jamming I have been experiencing lately has reduced me to a state resembling retardation.

Also this is all connected to human experimentation (through my mother being a documentd Radiation Experimentee connected to MK ULtra and other mind control projects.) and its interesting that torture as well as enslavement is gained by somehow getting the targeted subject into some sort of psychic network where people are connnected. Bill Gates proposed such a system at one time...hmph. Just like Ronald Reagan suggested the abusive mind control methods being used COVERTLY NOW, to be used overtly and officially in prisons and hospitals. And for dissidents and whistleblowers as usual in the game of punitive psychiatry.

The second thing is that I then had a vision of my uncle Tommy Willems along with the ideation that he is privvy to this. His motive is that he wants me to come back into the family fold, but this time I will be so beaten down that I will be easily controlled unlike before (as now) I have my own Will and refused to be treated like a slave by my mother's family, The impression was that he is a total control freak and wants the end result to be this sort of (fake) peace between me and other family members. Beating me down like this is a way of getting that result I am told or at least its an ideation. He is indeed a rotten control freak as is my mother and thier parents.

Also I used envisioning my grandfather still alive or his image available to me to defend my self against alot of male energy that was very enslaving and distracting before 8:50 am. This seemed to 'scare off' these aggressive male energies. It seems that I am right in my observation that in pedo/mind control families when the main controller/perp/pedo is gone or dead, this is when the gang stalking system moves in on the family especially male perp energies and groups to take control of the women involved in these families.

-Third is I want to mention this before I forget again since temporarily I cant think and remember. I havent been able to post what i want lately as there seems in place a system that makes it so I forget things I experience or cant remember ideas I have in this area and I have been stuck in Cambridge. During the weekdays I am so tired and fatigued I cant do much else but sleep and take care of just survival stuff. Only on Sundays can I seem to have the energy to get to MIT to use computers.

My mind has become a swirling mess of things I need to do but cant remember, then to think of how to get them done turns into being overwhelmed and then into a system of what can be compared to a house with blocked stairways and locked doors. Mentally this keeps the person jammed and under control.

-Before I 'forget' again I want to say that I had visions of Yasir Arofat for a few days. Like this was very important. I hardly know who the man is other than associated with the PLO which is something to do with oil and being against the Jews. These visions have stopped but it was like some sort of message that it was important to post or address.

- I also had a vision of Saddam Hiessen a few weeks ago again jammed so coulnt post this incident. The impression was that he was a scapegoat and that he was 'murdered' unjustly.

That is all i have for now hopefullly I can get out of here soon.
This alwatys happens. I convinve myself that I can beat Boston/Cambridge's 'system' of gang stalking/remote influence and I always fail and become horribly controlled.
Updated: It seems Arafat died in 2004. That does not mean that my vision was insignificant. Also the head of the CIA that destroyed the MK Ultra files died during this period as well. Richard Helms died 2002. Alot of things seemed to occur during this era that are tied into one another but alas old age always is I suppose.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Front Page Says Bloodless 'Safer' War In Future

One major newspaper carrier today said a Middlesex Sheriff allegedly committed suicide due to an inquiry into ethics and his pension.

The other major publication had a front page article about the military claiming that bloodless war with technology, robots and machines would be "safer".

War isnt supposed to be safe. Its supposed to be out of necessity and each time man suffers thus ensuring a time of peace.
A war using robots would be pointless. And it would also present a state of constant warfare due to man not having to suffer casualties.

The military industrial complexes best wet dream yet.

Also there is a little problem of the Terminator scenerio. Stupid sci fi movie? Yes certainly. However, from my experience the internal programming systems that so resemble computers within the 'Luciferian' programming systems are cold, calculating and have no human like emotion or feeling.
Within a person's programming there is an internal systems manager. It or "I" if you like used to kill off or destroy alter personalities that would malfunction, simply due to thier no longer being efficient and thus an actual threat or danger to the entire system.

Just as the larger 'system' tried to do to me as a programmed mc slave. I was programmed to experience suicide sequences and self destruct on cue and this would have been programmed in to occur at a certain age or upon brain damage, and the danger of memories or files becoming discovered by me or outsiders. Thus I had become inefficient and a danger to the system and all the actions of 'gang stalking' are simply a way to fix that or to neutralize me within the larger 'system'.

Do you honestly want a world of soldiers that think and function that way? Of machines that can kill and have no human emotions or other qualities we have? It matters not that AI may be able to develop a mirror of human emotions or record our emotional or mental activity 'signatures'- there is no one on this planet like us. If anything creating ways to avoid coming adverse environmental conditions through fusing man with tech might be advisable (aside from trying to see if you can fit a human consciousness into an inanimate object to preserve that person after death or to live on in a body that can withstand any environmental conditions. Which is not recommended and is a very stupid idea trust me.)

Its a stupid idea and it needs to be stopped.

Vril, Nazis, A New Religion to Replace Christiantiy,32d7022c&icp=1&.intl=us&sig=CEAcPoHBHK4dv9LZbz_d7g--

Who knew, that this dream never died?

(update: someone commented that original link has malware (above is cache) and I am not sure what that is but I know its like spyware,yes? I only have Windows 98 computer skills along with using common sense, raw intelligence and trial and error. So above is the cache. I dont know enough to know if that will also have malware. The material in the link is worth reading. WAIT!! I will just copy and paste it to blog..duh)

"Added Sep 9, 2010, Under: Famous Legends,Other,Stories

At first glance, the large circular room in the basement of Wewelsburg Castle appears to be harmless enough. Smooth, finely cut stones pave the floor. Glistening rock walls arch majestically towards a high vaulted ceiling.

In the centre of the room lies a sunken circular altar with polished steps leading towards a burnt and cracked stone. From here you can see thirteen lanterns flickering on the curved walls. But it’s only when you look directly upwards that the room’s significance becomes shockingly clear. At the centre of the dome lies a giant swastika.

This room was the central temple of the Satanic cult that created and directed Germany’s Nazi party. This so called Vril Society counted many of Hitler’s henchmen as members, including Himmler, Bormann, and Hess. Central to the whole cult was Hitler, who they believed to be a psychic medium in contact with powerful forces that would create an all-conquering Aryan nation. Some saw him as the Dark Messiah.

Historians have tended to downplay the occult foundations of Nazism for fear of trivialising its heinous war crimes, but a recent documentary on the Discovery Channel laid bare the untold story of the secretive religion at the heart of fascist Germany. And bizarrely, it is thought to have been based on a 19th Century science fiction novel that predicted flying saucers, an alien race at the centre of the earth, and a mysterious force known as Vril.

“Occult myths played a central role in Nazism,” says Professor Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke, head of the Centre for the Study of Esotericism at Exeter University. “When we look at these ideas today, we think of them as crazy, but they were central to the early Nazi Party and through them played a critical role in 20th century history.”

“The Vril society was dedicated to evil,” says historian Michael Fitzgerald. “Through their control of the Nazi party they committed the greatest acts of evil in the 20th Century.

“Vril occultists worked in complete secrecy doing anything that would promote Aryan power. This ranged from straightforward political assassinations, through to evoking the spirits of the dead, human sacrifice and summoning mysterious energies – or Vril – through sexual orgies.”

To understand why the Nazi party was so obsessed with the occult and Satanism, you have to travel back to Victorian times. In the late 19th Century, Germany in common with Britain, was obsessed with the occult. It was a time when no self-respecting hostess would dream of holding a dinner party without a séance to round off the evening.

There was also huge interest in eastern mysticism and ‘prophets’ of occult religions, such as Madame Blavatsky, were household names. Blavatsky believed that Europeans were descended from a race of angel-like creatures known as Aryans. They claimed that the Aryans had used mysterious psychic forces to build the pyramids, Atlantis and a network of cities beneath Antarctica. What’s more, their descendants were to be found in the Himalayas and their sign was the swastika – the ancient Hindu good luck symbol.

These myths and more were crystallised in the science-fiction novel The Coming Race. In this, Edward Bulwer-Lytton told of a strange people called the Vril-Ya that lived at the centre of the Earth. They wielded fantastic power using a mysterious force known as Vril, which they also used to propel flying saucers.

The Coming Race and its attendant barmy mysticism would have sunk into obscurity if it hadn’t been for the First World War. At the end of the war, Germany was plunged into violent anarchy and a host of extremist politicians and cult leaders stepped into the breach and battled for power. Chief of these was the occult Thule Society – and its inner sect, the Vril Society.

The Vril Society was noted for it’s use of orgies to summon up occult energies – and to father a ‘master race’ of children to repopulate a devastated Germany. It is said that women in such orgies would become possessed by spirits and begin speaking in tongues. And their prophesies were treated with deadly seriousness.

“But the darkest side of the Vril was their propensity for sacrificing young children,” says Michael Fitzgerald, author of Stormtroopers of Satan. “They would stab them in the chest and cut their throats.

“At the height of their power in 1920s Munich, hundreds of children disappeared. Many are presumed to have been killed by the cult to summon up Vril energy. This may seem like an outlandish claim but when you consider what these people went on to do in the Third Reich, it seems almost tame.”

Central to the Vril Society was the search for a German Messiah who would lead the Aryan’s to world domination and exterminate all other races – especially the Jews. And his rise was predicted by a spirit calling itself the “Beast of the Book of Revelation.”

In a séance attended by the cult followers Alfred Rosenberg and Dietrich Eckart, the Beast is said to have proclaimed that a man named “Hitler” would seize the “Spear of Destiny” and lead the Aryans to power.

And within a few weeks, a fiery young man of shabby appearance began attending Thule Society meetings. His name was Adolf Hitler.

The Society was quick to spot Hitler’s potential and to exploit his astonishing personal magnetism. He could transform crowds into hysterical worshippers and mesmerise even the strongest of men. Power seemed to course through him, with waves of emotion whipping up those around him into a frenzy. At times, he seemed possessed.

Hitler was fascinated by the occult. He was a devotee of astrology, numerology, psychic mediumship, hypnosis and water divining. In short, the young Adolf would try anything that might foretell the future or give him control over others.

It was in the Thule Society that Hitler met those who would help him take over Germany and wage the Second World War. Rudolf Hess, Heinrich Himmler, Martin Bormann, Dietrich Eckart, Alfred Rosenberg, and Hermann Goering were all said to be members. It was these, along with Hitler, who used the Thule Society – and it’s inner sect the Vril Society – to launch and promote the Nazi Party.

But even amongst this sinister group, there was an inner core who were even more evil, if that is conceivable.

“Bormann was an avowed Satanist, says Michael Fitzgerald. “Bormann, together with Rosenberg and Himmler, wanted to destroy Christianity and replace it with a truly occult religion of their own making. And along with the Thule Society, they created a political party that would try and do just that.”

When Hitler led the Nazi party to power in 1933, members of the sect occupied all key positions. Hess became Deputy Fuhrer, Rosenberg became Minister of the Third Reich, Bormann was Chief of the Nazi Party Chancellery, Himmler was head of the SS and Gestapo, and Goering, Commander of the Luftwaffe. Only the deceased Dietrich Eckart, whom Hitler dedicated Mein Kampf to, failed to join them.

As soon as they gained power the Nazis began preparing for world domination. Their first act was to re-arm – a clear breach of the Treaty of Versailles, which formally ended the First World War. Whilst the protests from Britain and France were loud and shrill, Hitler guessed correctly that the Allies would shy away from war.

In 1938, Hitler annexed Austria. Again, he was appeased. And by the following year, most of Europe lay under his rule and Britain was in his sights.

Central to the Nazi ideology was the establishment of a thousand year Reich. This was to be done by perverting history and creating a new religion based on Aryan mythology – the same mythology propagated by the Victorian occult ‘prophets’ and the science fiction novel The Coming Race.

To do this, Himmler set up an occult research bureau under the wings of the SS, known as the Ahnenerbe. This was instructed to prove German racial superiority by linking them to the mythical race of ancient Aryans. It also hoped to uncover lost magical artefacts such as the Holy Grail and the Spear of Destiny. This, you will recall, was the spear used to kill Jesus as he hung on the cross.

“It’s also possible they were looking for the Ark of the Covenant in Ethiopia,” says Michael Fitzgerald. “They were obviously hoping to use its reputed magical powers for their own ends.”

The Ahnenerbe mounted a series of huge expeditions to search for ancient Aryan cities in the Himalayas, the Middle East and Bolivia. The organisation looted artefacts from ancient sites around the world. It’s no surprise then, that the Ahnenerbe was the inspiration for the Nazi archaeologists in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

The Ahnenerbe devoted considerable efforts to exploring paranormal phenomena, such as ESP, psychokinesis, water divining, astrology and black magic. In fact, the organisation spent around £10 billion in today’s money on research. That’s about the same as the Allies spent on the atomic bomb programme.

Very little of the Ahnenerbe’s work was of practical wartime use, although the German Navy is said to have used diviners to seek out Allied warships and convoys in the North Atlantic.

“They were initially quite successful,” says Michael Fitzgerald. “But they became so overworked, especially towards the end of the war, that they began to fail.”

Forecasting the future was a central preoccupation of the Nazis. The Ahnenerbe employed astrologers, rune diviners and a host of psychics to try and fathom the future. One astrologer, Karl Krafft, quickly rose to prominence after correctly predicting the 1939 Munich assassination attempt against Hitler.

Hitler believed that the astrological forecast and his survival was proof that the occult Gods supported his “Final Solution”. It left him in a state of mystical exaltation.

Eyes blazing with excitement he shouted: “Now I am content! It is Providence’s intention to allow me to reach my goal.”

Through the Ahnenerbe the Nazi’s began to creating an occult civilisation to supplant our Christian one.

“They began by indoctrinating the Hitler Youth with Satanic ideologies,” says Michael Fitzgerald. “Children and the future leaders of the SS were taught that compassion was weakness. They were encouraged to celebrate pagan festivals and to carry out occult ceremonies.

“Himmler named himself the Black Jesuit – and he meant it. He laid plans to establish pagan temples across Germany after the war. These would replace churches. And on every altar there would be a copy of Hitler’s Mein Kampf.”

A new religious city centred around Wewelsburg Castle was planned. It was to be an occult Vatican dedicated to all things evil. Colleges would educate Germany’s future leaders in the occult, such as psychic mediumship, hypnosis and divination. Museums and galleries would house such artefacts as the Holy Grail, the Spear of Destiny and the Ark of the Covenant. And there would be research labs dedicated to finding new energies – such as Vril – to power spaceships to the stars.

To the modern eye, the Nazi preoccupation with the occult seems completely deranged. Were they simply insane or was something more sinister at work? It is tempting to write them off as insane, but some believe Hitler was truly possessed by evil forces.

Hermann Rauschning, a friend of Hitler and compiler of his speeches, said: “One cannot help thinking of Hitler as of a medium, the medium is possessed. Without any doubt, Hitler was possessed of forces which were beyond him and of which the individual called Hitler was only the temporary instrument.”

Source: "

Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Web Page On Aquino, Satanism, Nazis, The Military, Psy Ops...and the culmination of this information

I get it now. I dont want to, but unfortunately..I do.

Whats so great about my experiences is that I have been going through this totally blind to the following information. My experiences map out what is stated in the link much better than any mere claim or vague accusations.

Its due to being compartmentalized and programmed. Going about it from that perspective. I was walking through much of these experiences blind and totally innocent of information.

This didnt help the MK Ultra testimonies did it? Years later the False Memory Syndrome people just chocked it up to therapists implanting memories in people alleging to be survivors. But the therapist in the video of the Pres Advisory Committee states clearly that she "I dont read in the field". So they were compartmentalizing information to not have cross contamination.

What is interesting is the False Mem people simply referenced people claiming to be survivors of Ritual Abuse, NOT MK Ultra survivors, as those people have official documentation to be telling the truth due to being validated at least with settlements.

All along its been a simple game of info management.

And I have to say that I am a bit...pissed off now. On a very base level. How the f*ck was I to know that Aquino had lots of power in St Louis?
Yer gonna send blacks to f*ck with me and try to kill me? A bit desperate on the nature of the 'help' arent we? Well, the new high priestess of Church of Set is a black female. Aha, ha.

In fact the amount of blacks involved was astounding. And it ultimately pisses me off truly. How the f*ck can you support neo nazis in places like (obvious to me now) Norway and the black metal scene (obviously) while having so many African Americans used in the little psych warfare games? Is that becuz my psych profile suited blacks to be used as a powerful breaker of me psychologically or to capitalize on my obvious race issues from being involved in the bussing fiasco in Boston in the 70's? Its obnoxious as f*ck really.

I often wonder if some truly Nazi factions somewhere or some Nordic factions were just so disgusted with blacks being part of this to a high degree that they put a wrench in the mix so that I would survive. Probably due to some sort of respect for any DNA I may have. I know I am Dutch and German but there is no direct link to being Nordic. I suppose looking at my mothers family its a bit obvious. Red hair, extremely tall, some of the facial features. Cork Ireland is supposed to be a large Viking area..who the hell knows. But someone, somewhere had some sort of...motive to respect whatever DNA is present in me. In fact it often seems like part of this program may have been to bring that DNA out, or activate something that was dormant. Sadly to the exclusion of other DNA I possess. To hook me deeply back into whatever ancestry I pay possess from these areas and it makes sense if the Nazis were obsessed with this area as the perfect race.

I also recall over the years having a connection to any jewelry I have seen that possessed a black sun. This could be something very ancient that the Nazis hooked into but it could be something programmed into families.

There is something going on with the Nazi issue that harks far beyond human experimentation. In some ways it seems like their goals are coming to pass even after their supposed demise. What I cant figure out is if this is the case then why is society being allowed to go the way of becoming brainwashed by black culture and PC wimpery/illogical thinking? I have learned the hard way that the most devious tactics of the designers is often to create the exact opposite situation of what you would think they would want often to get the people to react or create a backlash that in the long term creates the very conditions they were looking for to begin with.

I have known for a while that there is something going on much bigger than just the small pieces that the media refuses to fuse together. MK Ultra, programming, ritual abuse, satanic factions, military etc.
The situation with the Nazi plan even from way back over time seems overwhelming to me.
I can surely make sense of what I do know and I can surely link the info together in a logical manner but to dare to write the last word on this would be an arrogance that even I am not capable of.

( I also in the past have read up on the writer of that piece. I know that the author is not the most credible activist in this sphere. Nor is the title of the piece worth a damn either. Its ridiculous actually. However, the material as its stated along with the way things are linked together is sensible. And it does reflect years of research by other activists. The whole blessed by Satan and Illuminati Vatican thing I could do without. What I am in need of is something that links Satanism around the world in the past decade or so with the military and Nazi subject matter like MK Ultra. This is not only due to all of this coming to pass in the way the world is going but it falls in line with many Target's experiences odd and unbelievable as they may seem.)

Strange Effects Over This Holiday and Some Relief

Strangely yesterday the holiday itself was not as much relief as today was. But there was a noticeable difference.

One can plainly tell that this tech is being used nationwide especially in major cities and its very obvious via organized multi stalking that there are certain individuals that are 'targeted' out of the population. However I just wonder at times if there isnt a such thing as electromagnetic pollution that a certain percentage of people are very sensitive to. Perhaps some of the effects are not on purpose. But then if they know about the side effects then it is on purpose.

I read this article about it killing trees. If wi fi is killing trees then whats it doing to the rest of the environment.
It seems that the environmental pollution issues from the old days are now not as important as they once were. The attitude seems to be that its an old issue, that it doesnt matter anymore. Humans are so strange the way that thier perceptions can be twisted so as to reflect a notion of reality that does not make sense. The oil spills, wifi and making things 'green' is partly a bullshit PR move and really its not enough.

I'll have to read more about it. Perhaps the public can be swayed by marketing it as a pollution issue that affects everyone, then that will get its existence established firmly, then we can possibly make the point that if it is now accepted to exist then our claims are feasible.

Being poor stick sucks and its hard to fight an ocean of disapproving faces daily. But I know that one day people will understand what I am doing.

One of the most annoying perp tactics is when they either ride by or walk by and act like yer being stupid about all this or yer not doing something in life yer supposed to. Either these people don't know anything but the cover story or its just attempted part of behavior modification.
I had this one group, looked like a family a year or so ago, the kid who was prob like 20 or so if that said I was "foolish". This has GOT to be perp based. Nobody sane who knows what is really going on is that stupid. Who of us would NOT fight something this horrible.

Foolish..thats all relative kid. And by the way if yer under 39 I dont want to f*cking here what you think is foolish. That has been one of the biggest demographics I have had to deal with in this that I have had a problem with in this campaign: young males, with bitter jaded woman hating older men in a running second, jealous females coming in third. I get perped least by young women, probably becuz psychologically I dont find them threatening so they are useless to the campaign. I think young males telling me what to do or acting like they have any dominion whatsoever is a psych ploy. Not only does it introduce into my experience harassment by young males which I never had to deal with in my youth, thus I escaped its effects, it also returns me to a state of being a younger woman that is now being dominated by males my own age. One of the main points of this campaign has always been to force me to experience things that a powerless, weaker younger average female would have experienced in our culture so that I will be broken of my strong feminist ways or ability to blow off male authority due to lack of experience with it being oppressive or non negotiable.

The whole things has been largely about that. Many women make very reactionary feminists who deep down fear male authority so they are never truly a threat to tthe system. They know damn well that I am not one of those women as being raised by women or protected by what males were present in my bio family. Women were the core however, the cornerstone of my strength. Also removing me from powerful women in my life was a brilliant move at re education to destroy my female strength. They dont mind women who go up against the system as long as you know deep down that you'll never beat it. That deep down you are scarred, traumatized and afraid of male authority, which explains why I was attacked so hard by this system. They REALLY want to make sure I am under control on some level.

Of course they can introduce new experience or regress someone to make the new experiences seem like or anchor themselves in deeper like earlier experiences would have.
Yet they cannot truly change the core of a person. Getting me under control by men was a key to breaking down any power I had acquired over the years. Making me a reactionary feminist or reactionary revolutionary is the desired outcome. As long as the system at large is truly in control then any one going up against it is never really a threat.

Basically what they did is have a simulated rape by trusted male authority figures or male centric male professions after removing me from my female power structure. Taking away any beauty I had in my 30's was also necessary to ensure I never grew in power.

This is not feminist rant this is an accurate rundown of prescribed psychological warfare. The fact that I did not male bash or when men said to me "maybe you hate men" and I would reply "Oh no darling, you dont deserve that much power". That is a great threat to males. They expect us to be intimidated so I assume that this whole thing was partly about showing me just how nasty they can be. But then if one considers that its all programming and that males who have high level programming are actually in the habit of snapping and going postal more than women, when one sees that all female mind control slaves seem to have an innate masculinity and the males a femininity, that is perhaps hidden but female counterparts can see it, its obvious that the programmers wound people so they will be controllable. Again women seem more durable. And when one considers just how much effort, man power and money it has taken to get just one female of my ilk under control one has to consider the measurements on that. ONE programmed female took that much manpower? I think by this stage many of us have figured out what they are afraid of. By the time we understand who and what we really are, the system has basically destroyed any connection to what that was to begin with.

Its all very sad and a great waste of energy and potential. But its the way they want thier world to be. They have to cut things (and people) down to fit. Thats how primitive and childish this is. And stupid.

And its obvious that most of the people involved are really stupid, if not intellectually or academically then definitely emotionally. They are so controlled, so much like cult mind control. And one can spot who the leader is in groups like the one I dealt with down in Florida. And that person is usually the one who is coherent enough to look as if he is suffering from his actions against you, due to of course he having some kind of higher intelligence to begin with.
And its so great to watch those kinds of perps suffer as they 'do thier jobs' or however they want to rationalize it. F*cks. Those are the good memories I will not soon forget.

If only I had more than a few minutes to focus and memorize thier faces each encounter, I could have made sure that over time, they suffered alot more than that let me tell you.

So today has been a good day of relief. It also seems tha t a primitive part of me not only likes wide open spaces moreso than cities but also remembers a time in human history when there were not so many people on the planet or at least in one's immediate space. It seems to lessen my stress when a city like this one is somewhat deserted on a holiday. One can feel there are just way to many people on this planet- its abnormal really in the long history of man.
Perhaps its just that there were less cell phones today or less computers on. But there was a marked lack of being as effected today though there were some instances of interface it seemed.

Its amazing how managed some of these cities are and the marked changes that occur when you leave such a city- and how its exactly pretty much the same experience when one returns to that city. Its so obviously technology perhaps with the help of chemicals.

Strange experience on Wed night. Only one sleeping bag. Froze a bit woke up with a few toes gone numb so I awoke to go get circulation going again.

Its strange the perception that I had of the environment in the early morning like 4 or 5 or so. Before 6 am it seemed like the environment wasnt ...there((?) as much as it was later. I couldnt breathe well..I cannot describe it any better than that. I was like I was experiencing the daily environment during active tech hours as a false environment. Kind of like if we moved to live on the moon or mars, the sensation we would have if we lived in a controlled dome or some other form of false environment. This could also just be my perception due to being so disconnected due to my health and the effect that the high mold and humidity has on me here. I have literally been 'cooked' with these weapons in some instances so my emotional centers are somewhat 'burned' - the use of weapons like that in unison with torture as in the psych warfare part of it and the betrayals of intimates that isolated me in this to begin with. My emotional perceptions are often very strange now. Thi sis due to lack of human touch, sexual activity, love and the combo of being attacked by weapons as well as like I mentioned the psychological warfare. Its all added up to becoming something less than human.

If you watch a certain vid of Micheal Aquino his end statement is "what man can be". I think we all wonder about that statement. Exactly what is meant by that? What kind of transformation is being intimated or thought of at that moment. Its certainly not making men into gods...not Targets thats for sure. If anything it removes us from that possibility.

Since there seems to be an obsession with creating a Hell on earth I wonder if some faction is trying to create something similar to what one would expect its natural inhabitants to resemble?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Oh and by the way- feel free to keep making all of this look like its just insanity or that I am mentally ill or schizo.

Its the best possible cover I could ask for.

Have a nice day.

Perps: please choke on any food at the table, especially turkey bones, thats if you even have families to go visit. Feel free to drink and drive as well. Since yer scum the cops will most likely let you go. And if you run over anyone or kill a kid make sure its one of yer own so we can be extra festive this season at counting down two or three less of your numbers!!

Targets: I love you all and we are the only true family each other has, at least those of us with nothing left but each other. Dont commit suicide as its what the world wants as my mother used to tell me. However I am a firm believer in cutting out before the enemy can win and that is always yer perogative but its got to be pretty dire. Really you should hang on and keep doing activism.

Reasons to not suicide are many:
-hope of justice from legit system in future (stranger things have happened)
-telling your story (often works to postpone suicide in the moment and later suicide ideations subside) at least put blood on the hands of the guilty before you go. Its better than any shoot up of a McDonalds ever could be. Going postal only serves the enemy. You now exist to help your fellow Targets as well as warn the potential TI's in the general public. You do NOT exist to assist your enemy in anyway of form.
-did I mention revenge?
-Its Thanksgiving/Xmas. This may be a perfect opportunity to train yourself to ignore yer family or thier perp bullshit or any non support of you. For many of us its a day to relish NOT seeing our famlies. The thought of them suffering even for a second in thinking of us or mentioning our names is enough to make the whole day worth living for. But dont think about them too much, its more attention than they deserve.
-There is a chance that you may be able to have a normal life someday. And their are days when not targeted you get to experience what a smart talented person you can be underneath being kept down. These moments annoy your enemy severely. Live for them.

Allegations About CIA Torture Raises Medical Ethics and Questions

BINGO...I am so targeted most of the time I cant concentrate or focus or even remember one day to the next. So days off like this (as holidays I am get relief from being targeted) I take advantage of the opportunity to recall what I know to be true: the human experimentation never stopped. It goes on still today. And anyone who blows the whistle is an enemy to be neutralized.

The only problem with all of this is that the public has to at some point make that leap mentally in understanding that these issues are not only connected to MK Ultra but that what one reads about in the physical realm is being done to people in a world in which you cant see it readily. Physically but its done with technologies. Mental , emotional and spiritual but its done through covert activities via hardcore psychological warfare.

People want to believe that things like this go on in camps or prisons- not out in public spaces. They dont want to look at the homeless and think that many of these people ARE victims of abuse. They want such victims fenced in so it does not touch them. Though they may want them rescued or helped- they dont want to think it could be happening right now in THIER space especially to innocent people.

The public also does not usually want to deal with realities of war or conflict such as extremely dirty, brutal fighting or destruction as well as the killing of innocents. That is not what is glorified in romanticing the soldier or war.
Which to me is very interesting considering the phrase from the 60's "Would you let your daughter marry a Rolling Stone?" came from such sentiments as "Would you let your daughter marry a soldier?". My grandfather told me that they were often refered to as 'dirty, dirty dogs'.
Even the song my foster father used to sing from the Army was:
"Your in the Army now
You're not behind the plow
You're a son of a bitch
You'll never get rich
You're in the Army now"

The rep of a soldier was not so savory in past eras, which is more realistic than paintng every single American and allied servicemen on earth as a hero. Servicemen are just MEN. They steal cheat lie, and fail like any other men. In war they become altered so they may kill and of course end up raping as part of an age old behavior in war. Some are, were or will be criminals. Some are child molesters.

The realities of war, like of death or other natural human events are now so hidden from us that we are easily brainwashed into perceptions that are untrue.

The problem is very simple: man is too grown up and evolved for war. Also, mankind now has been altered by the internet and modern science, medicine etc. EVERYONE wants to be rich famous and king. The public had to be handled and gotten under control somehow.
But what has been done is that people have been trained to be ultimately greedy while being more in tune with need of others or what is going on in remote parts of the world. Its caused a sort of phenomena where people seem to be grouping into tribes or groups for a sense of protection from an awareness of a huge global world perhaps too fast.

In order to do this people must ignore reality and take on a cult mentality that allows for romanticising of characters such as servicemen, firemen, police men, African Americans, The Homeless etc etc .

These generalizations seem to make modern people feel they have control over a world that is just too big.

Its normal for the first few generations of people to live aware of the rest of the whole earth and its populations to be freaked out during the adjustment. This may also be the reason for the new disregard for individualism. People are taking on so much of the larger picture they are forgeting that the larger picture is simply made up of individuals.

Grouping people, making broad judgements and keeping things under control is making it easier for them to take in the whole world. Since when have humans had such information at thier fingertips? Not in my mother's day thats for sure. Gen X was the first generation to encounter this.
The way humans behave is changing due to the way thier world has changed around them.

But one must use common sense.
One of the reasons I was never totally f*cked up over the twin towers was that even before the 9-11 alternative theories it was just common sense that after such a major undertaking whoever did it was not going to do such a thing anytime soon afterwards, also its logical that the US was now going to go into action to make it so that they would not have that opportunity again.
Also the targets were very prominent govt buildings or Jew based, money places. Places that the Muslims would target against thier enemies.

Boston is so much more full of medical and intellectual powers that its kind of like the attitude towards Switzerland in war: no one is going to be stupid enough to attack the bank. (Swiss accounts etc). People from all kinds of countries have their kids going to school here and such. Also its so mixed that a foriegn enemy could not say 'THIS is a Jew area or banking center'. Its just not that kind of city. It might actually be much more dangerous to attack Boston than NYC. Thats if you accept the official story.
And if the alternative version is the correct story, then Boston would not have been a target either as it does not make as much of a statement and would make less sense trying to frame your enemy by bombing such a city.

So when many people got caught up in hysteria or started feeding into drama saying things like "Well, I just started to wonder when Al Queda was going to walk down MY street" not only was it just that HYSTERIA, but also one could tell that much of the public knew that other things were going on (like targeting people and witch hunts) that this terror alert era was covering for. Things that many people in our society are excited by, want to be part of, and relish the thought of such an opportunity to arise.

They KNOW that such a situation is going to spawn such paranoia, chaos and confusion that lots of 'fun' is going to be had with drama and doing things (like mobbing and harassment) that one will NEVER have to pay consequences for. There are people who watch for such opportunities in history and believe it or not, they seem perfectly normal and decent before such a feeding frenzy comes into being.
Who knows why such events trigger such behaviors in a portion of the population but not other people. Perhaps this is the very power or beast within the people we label 'sheep'. They hide thier claws and fangs until the leader puts it out there that its ok for the herd to turn nasty.

My mother actually did what many perps had done afterwards. She asked me some very strange questions. Perps were asking me what I thought of George Bush. That occured a few times over a long time span of years. My mother in much the same manner over the phone, asked me what I thought of the war. She then asked me arent I worried about the war and its outcome.
I simply replied that she didnt have to worry about any wars and that everything was going to turn out alright. I actually responded like the caretaker I had been for years. I now realize that part of setting up a TI is to ask them things probably on a tapped line.
The most common questions were:
-What do you think of George Bush?
-Do you believe in God?
-What do you think of the war?

Each time one got the feeling that one's life depended on the answer. My intuitions just told me that this was part of the harassment and it also told me that the people involved in asking these quesitons were spineless, two bit assholes who were lowly worms working for someone else and that I should sit there and actually take them seriously in order to get through this- but of course I should record mentally what the backround looked like, what they were wearing, what they looked like and also analyze them and thier tactics for future use against this enemy.

All of this is complete bullshit. I was never dangerous and anyone knows from years of info on programming that a programmed person is not a time bomb unless you push them or screw up thier heads too much. It was extremely damaging to have these factions do what they were doing under the guise of doing it to prevent me from being dangerous when in fact they were pushing me to snap or suicide.

One group on a bus, the woman told me that it was an experiment to see if someone who talks to themselves will commit suicide if they are not allowed to do so or how long it would take.

That of course is part of psychological torture in itself. Its all a bullshit cover to destroy someone out of jealousy and so that anything I claim about being victimized past or present or in my old life by my mother, Jake or Julie will be totally discredited.

The only thing that this has done to destroy my mind, my talents, my looks, my health. There was no value to reform at all. In fact the only time I feel good again and balanced is when I get at least a few hours alone to dance around a bit listening to music, folding clothes or organizing something and perhaps chatting to myself about concerns or at least how to organize properly or whatever. Planning and mulling over whatever I am working on.
All of what has occurred is a result of being targeted OVERTLY since 1996. If you didn't like the way I ended up by 2002 or so then maybe you should have taken into consideration I was being f*cked with since 1996 overtly if not much more covertly for my whole life.

It took Jake to make me realize that its not normal for bus drivers to abuse and antagonize you every day you go out. Its not normal to be followed by cars all yer life. Or constantly meet 'weird' people mostly men who waste yer time or engage you in questionable conversations about sex or other things. These things have been consistently going on for my whole life you have to realize. I have met people who came up to me in 2007 or so when I was targeted who knew me from Acton MA when I was 19 years old. Thier ONLY statement was "Oh, you were beautiful then". These are the people from the pedo networks and the networks who stalk, and manage mind control victims since childhood. They know who your family is. They know who you are. They talk about sex constantly, then you wonder why you could never get out of adult entertainment or even why you got into it to begin with.
These men show up moreso when you are trying to keep a normal job I notice. And they antagonize, stalk and mess with you til you are so unable to control your temper or behavior that you just snap and go into the business or go back into it.

Whats interesting is that they can pawn themselves off as CIA or FBI as a false flag operation. Whats more questionable is how the fuck do they have so much damn money, resources and access? This is why no one believes victims who are targeted. I know that the programmer I met, Eddie Cox was from Louisiana. He claimed that the Cajun crime networks were very in on 'not following the rules' and that was pertaining to sexed up pics of little girls in his cell phone-his "little princesses" as he described them.
I have only seen one movie showing the American public there is even a such thing as Cajun organized crime. Since the general public know nothing about this really, then you cant expect them to understand it exists. But it does..

And since my grandfather was such a sexual predator to his children and he is from that area and used to party with Cajuns in his youth, one wonders if that is the original connection right there, or at least that this faction knows of him and the women in the family and thus believe they can treat the women accordingly.

Plenty of civilians have acted out in this and I know they are acting criminally. What gets confusing is the costly stuff, that makes one think its an official organization like CIA etc. It gets very confusing when you dont have enough information. Eddie Cox trying to access my programming on a bus is one thing. An entire perp group having the capacity to occupy an entire Greyhound bus, then gas me through the vent, mess with me then gas me again into being awake then mind f*ck me some more- THAT is a bit expensive isnt it? How the hell does THAT work anyway?
Then there is the virtual rape while riding on a bus in the southwest with Satanic content. First of all no one is going to believe that (not that I give a shit everyone can tell) less so if I say it seemed military in nature and along with that many more instances of experimentation by large groups.
Seeing an entire bus of people here in the Boston area fall asleep at the same time from the air vents was also alarming and I also would have succumbed to sleep if I had not been terrorized in much the same manner in my travels.

Also I experienced that someone out there has the capacity (again very expensive) to read your deepest true intentions at border checks in places like NV and NM- sensitive military areas. And to 'virtual water board' a person via helicopter, where the 'confession' seems to be read by some sort of tech or tech assisted human interface..either that or just a good old fashioned psychic.
Lots of this kind of sh*t was going on during Bush and for all of the times it seemed like interrogation much of it was outright torture, experimentation as well as Satanic sadistic 'fun'. Thier idea of 'fun'.
Exactly like the description of MK Ultra experiences.

And this also seems to be about EXPERIMENTING with how to break someone not breaking them out of necessity to gain confession.
Which of course is once again according to one of my most important rules of thumb: What ever is going on in the OVERT activities of any faction connected or with probable connection to covert activities is parallel to what a victim or target is experiencing within the realm of COVERT activities.

Usually I am so under control especially in this location that I cannot even think to publish like i am right now and lately have been becoming victim to many diversions like Jews involvement and African American involvement. I may just have to admit once again that I cannot control myself in this location nor can I seem to beat the system here. It beats me every time and I have to realize its becuz this place is full of bad memories and unfinished business- this gives the system a huge advantage over me, one that I dont want to admit to usually.

Staying here I fall into traps all the time. I dont even want to think what I have written in the last few months especially since it got cold. It seems that this area is gang stalked more during Summer and when school starts there is less need for human forces due to the tech taking over almost completely. I only get gang stalked if I leave an area were tech is firmly in control or has heavy control.
This is the same in SD Cali where I was gang stalked when I left the downtown area and went into a less saturated Chila Vista or Old Town.

I think I just want to have closure on what happened here so many years ago but I cant get that until I tell my story.

The irony of that is that when I do tell my story I am essentially being 'broken' by this system to talk or tell information from being tortured. It will prove that this system of isolating and torturing someone then making them feel suicidal (like they are going to die) DOES work to gain confession from persons with high level mind control programming.

Its also a game of control for the overlords involved. Its always been about that. I was told that by Lou Gheppeti, that its that way due to having a woman held captive and there is nothing she can do about it. Its a get off for many of the people involved and no one has to stop them as its under the guise of experimentation or national security or whatever.

This is why its so important to address this issue overtly. People are being abused as part of games, most likely for money or even filming or live feed from cameras for those with the access and funds to be involved as well as human experimentation.
That is the way MK Ultra was described as well-that many of the experiments were horrific and didnt seem to have any value except sadism and torture.

Much of this activity is done for occult purposes or rituals which no one is going to believe. I know this least of all is going to be validated, yet these are the absolute most damaging actions of all against a Target. Its the emotional and spiritual damage that is so unbelievably harmful.

Also much of 'breaking down' the victim is done to make them primed for behavior modification-thus the constant ideation to go to UMass stop making what happened the focus of my life, just get a job and forget, conform and get a job finally and that will make it better: these are ALL very damaging and dangerous suggestions. They are nothing more than tactics to ensure the victim does not reveal what happened to them.

Cheney Opposses Inquiry into CIA Torture

Well DUH. If these bastards destroyed the MK Ultra files and harassed my own mother (and thus one can assume other MK Ultra/radiation experimentees) into not attending the Pres Advisory Committee as well as being part of the class action lawsuit then why wouldnt they destroy tapes and other evidence.

This agency and its dark shadow counterparts does what it pleases. Lawlessness is the only way for this kind of faction to get the results it wants. Destroying evidence seems to be thier way of covering up for larger more secretive programs connected to torture and creating either a super soldier or a super slave who knows which. Many MK Ultra survivors have no way of proving that what is going on now (gangstalking etc) is connected to what went on then due to destruction of evidence that would establish that especially in future (present).

And so it goes on undetected with its victims unable to establish any kind claims to be believed or even investigated. Get big pharma and psychiatry to assist in cover stories.

This bullshit is going to go on and on and on until someone gets a set of balls and demands it stops NOW.

The American public, benefiting so from these actions through a good quality of life and making money can hardly be trusted to be the ones to depend on.

Red Sox Helps CIA With Torture Flights

(You have to excuse their form its terrible. The appropriate way to reference the elder Bush is 'George HW Bush', his son being identified by simply 'W' as middle initial. Also I believe the proper term is 'former' president, not "ex". I know that when referencing military service to say one is an 'ex' US Marine means that one was dishonorably discharged. One should say 'former'. But aside from what the authors could have learned in simple journalism classes you have to remember that alternative news sources are often the only ones that will carry these stories. Akin to bloggers giving the world a view of what was going on in Iran when legit news sources couldn't get in to report.)

Note that the only one agreeing with the corruption is the last commenter. Everyone else is focusing on that terrorists deserve it, which is what the corrupt factions want people to do becuz it covers up all thier other activities. With that answer its done. End of story they deserved one wants to realize that these activities are sketchy and make many people curious due to the fact that if you are a powerful agency doing basically whatever you please under the guise of patriotism and ant-terror, then what else could you be up to? The last commenter is on the right track. Who knows how many of the first commenters are just operatives anyway. Who cares.

Well, from my experience in this system I am in full understanding of why I never got money from Red Sox fans and others connected to sports like this when pan handling during games and would even receive extreme harassment during games some of which I have documented and its outrageous, once again during the Bush years. It explains the total lack of sympathy, the systematic ignoring and the silent hostility.

Millions of dollars in exchange for the life of one expendable meaningless whore Nobody will do that. One who is perceived as a threat due to covert factions knowing damn well that she is far beyond JUST a nothing. More blood for money.

And so much more to now validate my war with the system and certain individuals at fault.

Its not always about money and money does not control all problems or damage. The metaphysical cost or toll should be wonderfully high. And the economy is just the beginning.

Pop Goes the Weasel.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Tomorrow/comments

I will get to comments tonight. 50 I have to check.

Tomorrow you will be around family. They may or may not be supportive. They may even not know what is going on with you, but one positive thing is if you are reading this YOU know. Its more than many TI's get in a lifetime (usually cut short by that dirty word 'suicide' or that good old 'bad luck' bs we all experience).

If they do know they may not understand. Worst case scenario: they are willfully compliant with the system or targeted themselves and cant see beyond that..and act accordingly.

Dont forget who you are. Dont forget the situation you are in- its happening and its real.

It may be best to get through the day with a good front. Often the least said the better unless you have full support (and not lip service but then secret back room talk of your 'condition' and how crazy you really are). Being peaceful considering how much has been done to you as a target is more than the world deserves at this point.

And its more than your average human being would be capable of.

Many families involved in mind control projects/programs have been chosen due to thier being dysfunctional to begin with. So you have to be realistic about how healthy many of these family connections really are. Setting boundaries can be done quietly and simply walking away instead of taking abuse or manipulation.
However I have experienced that mind control families are extremely hard to get out from under. And there tends to be a mobbing behavior on the scape goat or the one who is a valued mule or acts out, asks too many questions or has the smarts to figure out what is really going on.

There is no way that yer family is going to change. Some of them are basically dead already or they are going to stay the way they are until thier bodies fail.

I used to find being emotionally independent was impossible. It would work for a short while and then alot of the past unresolved issues would act like a key they could turn to gain control. Often its akin to a mob scene or certain people play key roles and the rest of the family feed into it. ANYONE sensible or intelligent that DOES NOT GIVE IN TO FAMILY DYNAMICS of power and control is going to be made miserable in such a situation.

Such families are ONLY usually concerned with control and thats all. There IS not peace. Recall Cathy Obrien's statement :"There is no peace under mind control"..that doesn't just mean mass mind control or individual programming- that means a mind controlled group such as a family. Its sort of like being in a cult and no one has ever really told you how to get out. Years of therapy and unless you are wealthy you'll get stonewalled and probably prescribed meds instead of a good analyst. And if you are targeted specifically many people in social services, mental health and medical in general seem to know a mind control Survivor's status or at least the signs. For some reason many of these people choose to ignore all the signs of being a mind control survivor and they just hand you bs for most of the sessions you see them.

All those years they go to school and they cant use thier education to instruct you how to get the hell out of your family environment. Its astonishing really.

Thats becuz if any of them ever started to mess with the reality that you are brainwashed or in a very controlling family they would probably become targeted due to giving mind control any sort of legitimicy whatsoever. Either that or if they mess around too much on that level, you'll one day start recalling oddities that will lead to curiosity and a hypnotist. Most of them dont have the balls for it nor the stomach for such revelations. Alot of them are cowards and many of them shouldnt even be in social services or therapy.

The bottom line is that the more that psychology is legitimized to be the source of many people's so called 'disorders' the less psychiatry can suck off big pharma as well as control the masses as they are doing now.

If yer family is especially toxic then just try to look at sitting at that table like sitting among the enemy becuz that is the reality.

Good Luck.

NY Times: Files Linking CIA to Nazi's Wanted By Congress (2005)
(what is so secret about this? Its been documented for years..)

And there was something in the past week or so. The Boston Globe on the same day as the NY Times front page read that there was now very official evidence that showed that many Nazi war criminals were brought into the US and given assistance and cover.

What is most annoying is that no one believes Project Paperclip even though its documented as much as they would a non CIA related article about simply un named factions in American giving Nazis refuge on the face of two such newspapers.

This country and most of the western world is heavily managed and manipulated simply by info management and perception management.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Film Archive blog: The CIA, the mafia and George (H.W.) Bush

Found this by chance. Its hard to do much solid work while targeted. I am obviously taking advantage of it being Sunday, as unbelievable as it sounds. But that is what the therapist said concerning her clients at the Pres Advisory Committee On Human Radiation Experiments. Its right in the video..the harassment and her saying that she was taking a risk in being at the Committee hearings.
Its the same things now that go on. Only now they have alot of tech to do what would have been much manpower driven before.

This is a blog to a YouTube sight The Film Archive. Things that the system and its people probably wish would just blow away like dust into the past so that no one remembers or notices anymore what IS going on and what HAS led us to this predicament as it is now.

Ya know I really dont have a problem with all the organized crime moves- I mean we all know its unfair etc but that is business and that is the way the world has always been. Its why George Bush is so powerful (duh).

My ONLY problem really is with the mind control tech part of what is going on and has been for years but now you've got a whole nation under its influence and its not just tech. Its psy warfare all around and brainwashing via tactics and methods ALONG with tech.

All the other stuff would be totally tolerable becuz that is what humans do and that is what powerful people are into- this sort of corruption. Its not surprising at all..but the enslavement of man is wee bit over the line really. Its simply irregular and totally unfair. Humanity has no natural defenses against such a system.

We could all live with the usual corruption and wars I think. No one should have to live with a suppressed consciousness in a totally controlled and contrived environment. It simply goes beyond what is fair play on this planet and the parties involved all know it. Evening up the score with awareness is the only option.

And today also I can percieve reality clearly. Once tomorrow comes at 6 am it will all be a mess of anxiety, doubt, self loathing, warped self perception, forgetfulness and fear as well as constant interaction with what seems to be an interface with tech, causing constant mental disturbances.

Its so obviously tech. That and possibly the use of some sort of chemical influences. The motive is certainly there.

The reason that I post this is not to showcase such content as obviously people are readily aware of this information and if not then they are either not interested or havent been exposed to it as yet. I post this to show the kind of people we are dealing with and that there is obvious motive present for the implementation of mass mind control as well as the targeting of specific individuals.

Some TI's are not disinfo agents so much as they are trying to express a point of view or do activism while being targeted by psy ops as well as the use of what most of us agree is technical in its nature. Its very difficult to stay mentally clear while this is occurring. Also, changing locations is only a temporary solution. So people questioning say, why do I stay in MA if its so targeted here. Well, where else do you suggest? According to my documentation and experience over the years its nationwide and other TI's claim its international. So where do you suggest? It doesnt matter much where one goes.

Look at the power levels of the people involved. Do YOU honestly think that changing states is going to help or countries? That was obvious from the start even before I understood what it was about.

They are more annoyed by someone staying and fighting.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

bizarre commenter

" I-mean-your-tech-is-still-torture,and-look-online-people-are-still-being-tortured.... again-I-smell-that-you-may-be-a-fed-disinformant... anyway-take-care-either-way,and-have-a-good-day. dash-guy
By Anonymous on GS system makes self defense and self advocacy nea... on 11/19/10"

Err, Okaaayyy.
First of all I cant take this as seriously as I would due to the - between-every-word-whats-up-with-that?

Also, you are incorrect. I never said it stopped as of Obama I said it lessened considerably and this is most likely due to he (or Bush- its contested by both sides who signed it) of them signed an executive order stating that torture could no longer be used as harshly as it had before Obama came into office. Most of what occurs overtly with such things is what also occurs in covert activities as well.

Smelling disinformants is a very interesting skill or talent. Perhaps you could take a K-9 position with the cops.

Friday night and how the MK Ultra human experimentation rooted in Nazi atrocities is now used to manage and 'handle' human beings en masse

As we speak I am having trouble telling you about the night I had. It seems that when I put on my computer and sit to write it all down, document the experience, suddenly not only is my condition improved just enough to perhaps take away from my desperation to tell on this system’s torture but I become forgetful and begin to have memories jumbled of the past 24 hours events. As if I might as well just get up, forget about it and get on with my day.
I will push through however.
Last night was awful. Just as often happens on Saturday nights I was in the mental and emotional state where I am pushed to such a limit that I wanted to have surgery to scar my face. Again it was so people would “Leave me alone”. My logic was that it would at least take away from the sexual predators and the jealous female factions. That people who don’t understand the full scope of the situation, who think its just the cover story then wouldn’t expect so much from me. That it would make it fully clear that what happened to me and is still happening is extreme and not under my control.
Last night I also became familiar with the point of view of the Muslims and other populations that are against the US. I never had time before to consider the fact that not only are many of those factions most likely victims of covert ops to engineer things the way they are now (citizens of Iran have noted covert activity to shape events in their region and have specifically mentioned “CIA” though its unknown if that is just their guess or they have the ability to conclusively prove that. But its somebody’s black ops anyway). But I never considered that these technologies were being used on them they way they are on US citizens. It saddens me and alarms me to think that not only are they acting out under such duress as all TI’s know how inhumane and severe these programs are, but that conversely, we as American citizens are being treated as foreign enemies not only of America but its allies obviously in the case of Muslim factions: Israel. (Which might explain why so many Jews and so much Israeli involvement seemed to be present at least in the beginning during Bush.)
I took on the view that America is indeed a most evil place and it does indeed deserve to be destroyed.
Also I formed a theory that this 666 The Beast ‘End of Days’ line of thinking has to do with the gang stalking system of brainwashing itself. That the mark of this “beast” which is so referenced is merely going along with and supporting the deception involved in creating and perpetuating a false reality. The one that has been created and is upheld- supported by the system of brainwashing and deception known to Targets as ‘gang stalking’. TI’s tend to understate the magnitude of the situation. “Gang Stalking is basically a three point system to create complete control over an individual or a population (so it seems). The use of human forces in psy ops, black ops, false flag operations: all covert activity involving live human beings who engage with an individual or an entire population is the first part of a ‘gang stalking’ program.
The second part is the use of chemical warfare or mind control. Chem trails are quite possible but I have not researched the subject enough. But its feasible due to the nature and motivations of such a system of social control and manipulation. Individual Targets experience the use of chemicals for destruction of their health and mental state such as purposeful gas leaks or other destruction of health or physical tissue damage. Mycotoxins (mold exposure) are documented to have been used to destroy the health and intelligence of dissidents in the USSR (cold war Russia) and the US military has a chemical warfare weapon named Yellow Rain that is synthesized from mycotoxins. TI’s also experience very sophisticated ‘mind control’ drugs slipped into medicines such as capsules prescribed for other purposes. Experimentation and creation of such drugs with such capacities are also documented within the realm of the CIA/Military human experimentation from the past that included such horrors as MK Ultra and the radiation experiments.
Some TI’s have experienced a Matrix-like experience in public spaces such as an entire bus full of citizens becoming sleepy all at the same time and awaking at the same time due to what seemed to be something coming out of the vents of the vehicle into the air in the enclosed space. This is what makes chem trails so feasible. Not the ‘how’ or ‘where’ but the WHY. This system has the motive to commit such an act so suspicions should be investigated seriously.
The third point is mind control of individuals and most likely entire populations using what seems to be advancements in technologies as well as human forces either manning the tech or human beings able to influence other human beings using superior powers of a psychic nature.
Also there is much either documented to already exist along these lines that is used in psy ops over seas by military factions for ‘peaceful conflict resolution’ or the govt has been questioned concerning the existence of human psychic forces and they never deny such a program or forces but do not admit openly to such a thing either. Again there is not only motive but capability as well as there has been experimentation done by the Navy and other factions where funding was documented to be for such purposes.
The technologies seem to be microwave or electromagnetic. Both of these are totally feasible as well as some are part of the documented use in overseas psy operations.
What is most alarming is that microwave technologies run on the same bandwidth or section that cell phones run in. Such technologies due to the nature of microwaves cannot run underground which is why cell phones use towers and why one gets no ‘reception’ when out of range of a tower. Targeted Individuals have consistently experienced relief in their symptoms when getting into any area where cell phone reception is out of range such as underground or in buildings that are steel and concrete and are designed to protect their equipment from outside forces such as hospitals and in some states, govt buildings.
There is a variance to this. In some instances of desolate land where no cell phone reception is possible it seems that the entire area is managed by tech that is far more damaging and heavy handed than possible ‘mind control’ through cell towers using microwave to piggy back or utilize that bandwidth. Such places Target’s have experienced are military base areas like New Mexico between ABQ and Santa Fe much of the southwest desert in fact. Also Wyoming is an absolute nightmare for some reason. One TI had no cell reception for almost the entire state’s length but found that the ‘remote influence’ took on a nightmarish quality.
It is even thought that perhaps any mind control through cell phone/microwave type delivery is perhaps to regulate either individual targets or entire targeted populations that are being targeted by other forces or more severe influence- either by warring or opposing factions (such as a foreign nation for instance) or as part of a dual point program of torture and cult mind control brainwashing. An example of such a program would be the tortures going on in Guantanamo Bay and other facilities where a person is first tortured and then a psychologist is brought in to council them and instruct them in how to ‘handle’ the torture properly. This is nothing short of brainwashing and human experimentation. Its ‘good cop/bad cop’ at its very worst and with this country’s history of never holding human experimentation atrocities accountable by the laws in place its doubtful if such actions are solely to gain information. If so then they are MK Ultra related experiences, designed to gain information out of PROGRAMMED persons who are compartmentalized and trained from infancy not to reveal information under normal torture circumstances.
Much of this activity may be deemed necessary to gain information but we know all too well that under the guise of such activity traditionally the powers that be have been seeking to form methods and a system to effectively and efficiently ENSLAVE humanity indirectly and covertly without their knowledge.
That is the severity of ‘gang stalking’. Many Targets are simply too overwhelmed to be able to express the full magnitude of such a program. Also the reaction is either one of disbelief or more common it seems of not caring due to other citizens believing it does not affect them as they seem happy and content with their lives. Humans also tend to have an internal attitude of ‘better him than me’. The gang stalking system is notorious for using and utilizing the worst in mankind’s base nature to achieve their goals. Ape like behavior within all of us that cannot be easily handled or even consciously understood especially by modern people’s in a Judeo-Christian society (that consistently acts out in what they would deem a ‘Satanic’ manner if they were honest about the nature and set up of their civilization).
As the people fool themselves daily so the designers, social engineers and psychologists use the fools quite efficiently and wisely for their purposes.
Last night I experienced a realization that taking on the Mark of The Beast was simply going along with the enslavement of mankind and standing by these covert ops. That or engaging in them actively. And that those of us who do not take on this agenda are going to die or be tortured etc which is basically what is happening to whistle blowers on these activities. This would explain why even those TI’s with satanic programming or RA experience being targeted by satanic factions. Its time to either come out as an awakened sleeper or to become Willfully active in Satanic programming or be destroyed- or be forced into Christianity to survive.
Of course this is all brainwashing and a falsely created situation and circumstances. I note that a Rosicrucian or other Hermetic approach or practice by Targeted persons seems to be the greatest threat of all as such systems require a balanced approach to life, not mindless enslavement and the human WILL is focused on heavily. Beauty, peace and balance seem to be totally undesirable to this system. They want a holy war and that is also a guise for getting people under control. They want lambs and goats- not human beings as the gods they could be in this day and age.

Technology is being used to ENSLAVE mankind and dumb down his existence intellectually, spiritually and aesthetically as well as tolerate the ongoing physical ill health brought on by various pollution from industry. Most likely humans will be given bodies to live in or robotic body parts to deal with a failing environment. Now that will create yet another industry and profit which is all this system seems to think about. This place could be a potential paradise if man were to fuse nature with technology. The motive of humans seems to be to dominate and get wealthy- ape like, mammalian predator behavior. Have the most food, the most children, the most land and eat, drink, war and be merry. Just like the animals, but the animals cant create like we can. We are abusing our god-likeness or god spark in order to simply fulfill our animal desires without moving on or evolving as beings at this stage. Any evolution that man is experiencing now is being manipulated by certain powerful factions for THEIR agendas not the good will of man or care for the planet and its inhabitants. Man has this misconception in this still fairly new era of technology that technology equals some sort of divinity or god-likeness or superiority. That technology is god like and inherently ‘good’. That people who can acquire and afford lots of technology are ‘good’ or intelligent.
As a now transient traveler I have often found that in areas such as Boston with the some of the highest incomes and intelligence levels of the all around population, all a ‘homeless looking’ woman like myself has to do is pull out a beat up laptop and the perception of me changes as well as any urges to try to shame/humiliate me with an inferred sense of superiority of onlookers. Again humans are more trainable like animals than they are gods in their own right. This is THEIR choice but its also not entirely their fault either. The Satanic view is that such people are simply weak or not elite enough to be blessed with power of Will or spirit or intellect. The Christian view is that they are not doing God’s Will or that they are focusing on the wrong things. The Hermetic or Rosicrucian- balanced and dualistic type of view is that they cant exactly fight what they don’t know exists. They need more information- if you give it to them some will become enlightened and act on their Will and intellect. Humans need a chance before judgment on them. They are not ALL easily trained animals- though some do prefer to be enslaved as its their nature, its more comfortable and ‘easy’ for them.
This view seems to be THE greatest threat against this system right now. I believe it is due to ENLIGHTENMENT being the greatest threat. This may be why many TI’s as well as the public are being brainwashed into accepting a Christian point of view or a Satanic one. Both are strict and really don’t allow for much ‘enlightenment’. The Satanic view is hateful of humans (Lucifer’s angry side or core difference with human nature) and simply deems all others unworthy. Their view is that Christians are in existence to clean up the mess and casualties of their greed driven, self centered, elitist system that excludes those not like them. Christians are so various in their beliefs that its hard to even get a hold on what they believe. Most of it seems like just another submission to a deity and to a strict code of actions in life that excludes enlightenment and the use of the Will. Also very disturbing is the blood-cult like Christian Right who believe in a chilling philosophy that Christ’s blood was spilled to cleanse their sins akin to a human sacrifice as well as a childish, cult like belief in accepting Christ as one’s ‘savior’ will absolve all sin. One will then be ‘saved’. And their actions tend to be quite militant in nature as well as abusive of other human beings and their personal freedoms as well as their civil and human rights under the law of the United States of America.
BOTH Satanic and Christian belief systems are pushed by the brainwashing system in place and are preferable for Targeted Individuals to internalize opposed to ANYTHING having to do with TRUE ENLIGHTENMENT on this planet at this time in history. That is what ENSLAVEMENT is all about. CONTROL and suppression of the human WILL.
Anyone given such a choice who is balanced and sane might likely go crazy or into permanent insanity due to the conflicts they present. A sensible self respecting person would chose Satanism but may not like the lack of Light or the self centered nature of their type of other things that are quite violent and disrespect human life.
But Christianity only presents more conflicts. Again one has to give into the idea of a superior being one cannot see or readily feel as part of the universe as well as this deity has been gender identified as male which is ridiculous in both Satanic and Christian belief systems. Interesting isnt it that both are monotheistic and male dominated. Muslim, Judaism, Christianity and Satanism are all systems with MALE deities as the only ‘king’ involved. I notice that the more female respecting Catholicism with Mother Mary holding the power of ancient pagan goddesses if not queens or chieftainesses is systematically being destroyed world wide along with the more covert and unnoticed destruction of non abusive Masonic or Rosicrucian content such as artworks, architectures, as well as many structures around the planet meant to be an energy grid by the ancients.

Sounds like all around enslavement to me. Why arent TI’s being urged to become Hindu’s or practice Buddism or Tibetan meditation? Its VERY telling that Targeted Individuals are consistently pushed or tortured/brainwashed into believing or internalizing specific belief systems as such. Especially when that TI is FEMALE…so damn obvious what they are trying to do.
The one thing this system desires is that the Target have no freedom especially of Will.

As well as wanting to scar my face to ease harassment and becoming hateful as a holyman of America and its ‘evil’ population I was very shame based and weak of character and personality last night. This is the same state of mind as well as thought subject matter that has been occurring in the Harvard Sq area on Saturday’s for the past several weeks. Specifically Saturdays. I note also that on such days the general population in the area seems much more aggressive and party oriented on such evenings that I experience these states of mind and emotion. Last night the population was unusually aggressive concerning ‘partying’ and the harassment that the homeless received in squatting/sleeping areas was prominent whereas this is usually not the case and its mostly a peaceful atmosphere.

I now believe that mass mind control as well as specific targeting of populations for specific reasons has been going on for a long time. Buy when its time to buy for Xmas, ease the pressure and make a merry or jovial mood for holidays (when many TI’s feel the most relief outside of any circumstances that would block technologies such as lack of towers or buildings) and get people going when its time to party (and spend money of course). Its strange that TI’s are very sensitive to the changes that seem to affect large groups of people locally in their area, due to those changes affecting them as well.
Its quite obvious that this area especially Boston not so much Cambridge, has been targeted with remote influence technology to create an environment so pressured and so mentally/emotionally painful that one would need to be wealthy or at least very gainfully employed to achieve a state of what humans perceive as ‘happiness’. This would explain why going outside city parameters on the red line say, to JFK Umass seems to drop this effect. If one goes out to the ‘ghetto’ such as Ashmont train stop much remote influence that causes anxiety and other horrors in the human consciousness of individuals within Boston city limits is no longer present.
Boston is absolutely horrible as far as remote influence goes. Cambridge varies by location and Harvard Sq seems safest for many TI’s. However Central Sq is a place of heavy human forces, in person harassment and stalking as well as what seems like an effect that agitates some TI’s causing aggression and behavior that appears crazy or acting out. Once one is out of this area these affects subside. Its likely one must look at the presence of MIT with its various govt grants and military contracts as well as a live nuclear reactor , to understand why such a saturation of anti terror might be in place. And anti terror ANYTHING is used against TI’s readily it seems even when they do not pose a threat .
One can actually feel the change in remote influence upon entering the border between Cambridge and Boston. Right at the entrance to MIT, the building with the large pillars at its entrance that houses the long hallway just past this is where the change can be felt. Right in between this building and the beginning of the bridge over the Charles River into Boston. Upon entering Boston one can feel a change in mental and emotional states.
Cambridge seems to provide a happy sanctuary affect but the downside of this is much interference with getting anything done and some mind fog or jamming. Emotionally Harvard Sq is a sanctuary mentally it’s a bit dulling and suppresses the Will a bit. Entering Boston one has full Will and a much more clear and true state of emotions. However, this turns nasty if one stays too long especially in Kenmore Sq near Fenway Park. The effect becomes that one’s emotions are inflamed and manipulated to create torture, pain and sorrow that might even induce suicide. I notice that any pain and suffering from past experiences are amplified and continued as if the pain were being used against me as a weapon. The Kenmore Sq area has in past years been the setting of severe torture and abuse by not only the human forces stalking and harassment end of this but very severe pain and suffering due to remote influence technologies. I do NOT experience this in Cambridge. Boston seems to be much more violent and hateful of me as a Target whereas Cambridge seems to want to suppress and brainwash moreso to get me to conform or other effects.
I have entered the Newbury St/ Boylston St area with nice hotels and eating establishments going towards downtown right next to Copley Sq. Not only was police harassment then a part of the gang stalking down there (the police have not been active MUCH the last time I returned nor this trip in an overt manner) but generally the impression I got was that I was NOT welcome there and was going to be driven out and kept out of that area. This may also have to do with the other situations outside of being an intergenerational experimentee and Survivor of programming, more connected to my old associates and their criminal enterprises where a lot of wealthy men are at risk of being implicated.
However the one time I did enter that area and fought through the front lines of the harassment I noted that some one in this area took note of my condition as it has obviously degenerated after years of abuse- and I gained relief in my overall campaign of gang stalking in the entire metro area. It seems the the police are well as civilian (appearing as) looking stalking harassers seek to keep a TI out of certain areas solely to suppress the situation. As if when one does get seen and observed some other faction sees how bad its gotten and eases the program.
This may also be why in Kenmore in the past during the more severe harassment and torture under Bush, my exhibiting signs of BEING tortured by either body language or facial expression twisted and in pain, paralyzed and such, was being monitored and then after such an instance the torture would lessen considerably. One monitor seemed to be an ambulance (frequent around the Kenmore area in my campaign for years now for some reason) and a foreign black older female in a civilian vehicle.
So one of their main concerns is not really the TI nor do I believe the TI’s well being, its not getting caught or detected. Which is typical of this system as exposure is all they seem to fear. LEGITIMATE exposure by official means.
That was my experience last night. I am also being shown visions which are suggestions to travel again and move on without any regard for my present medical conditions which are potentially life threatening and very serious. I cant take antibiotics or even over the counter medications due to the induced allergic reactions from going into anaphylaxis from being given Bactrim one year ago next month. I have insurance in this state. I need to see doctors. I also still have a tooth that when it acts up the pain and heat in my upper jaw goes up my face which is dangerous as it may be a cavitation which can lead to heart damage or brain damage.
SO I am readily being kept from getting medical attention. I have been here for months and am still unable to make appointments which is not only due to the present gang stalking campaign that is active now but the psychological damage from prior conditioning in years past. I was so terrorized by medical personnel and institutions that I now find it difficult if not impossible to seek out doctors due to fear of being abused and terrorized again or worse- passive gang stalking which is simply negligence or not doing your job to the best of your ability. Blowing the patient off basically and that is LESS able to be proven that outright harassment or mistreatment. Its also a much more dangerous blow to morale as its done rather peacefully so sneaks under the radar of the persons’ defenses and leaves them feeling helpless to get anything done.
I would also like to get a lawyer to see if anything can be done not only concerning the Bactrim incident which obviously has done permanent damage but also for anything connected to this campaign that can be addressed. There are plenty of instances of misconduct, law breaking etc that can be addressed without even connecting it to an overall and ongoing campaign of harassment.
I notice I cant get that done either conveniently. Its just like when I tried to get my case together to sue OLNICK. I had to leave this area and go to VT to escape what seems to be the ability of this system to severely and selectively suppress the human Will to turn thought into action as well as control memory loss or memory recall.