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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Fellow TI Sums Up GS as Fear And .Control

Met another supposed Target. Person is unaware its called GS and all that goes with it.

Things she said made this click. About her own story that is.

Seems that I was close to family and friends who were involved in organized crime and child trafficking. That Ive known but i had so much else going on with the human experimentation through my mother as well as the complex issue of programming survivorship that I cud never see the basics or put them together.

And remember I was born into a corrupt family to begin with.

And naturally was either attracted to or purposefully drawn to corrupt people.

She said the situation had to do with human trafficking. She was close to someone found to be involved. A nobody according to society's standards.

Someone who was caught saying that women should be abused and put in their place.

She didnt know the exact way the business is set up but that mafia is involved. That he may have acted as a go between or physically transporting girls from point A to B.

She claims to have experienced the  druggings, attempted murder with long term poisoning, what is defined as the following: organized stalking and harassment, psych warfare, and metaphysical disturbances (the 'black magic' or spells seemingly used on victim that many Targets make claim to). Shes also noted the harassment seems to network through different geographical locations with variances. Usually this acrivity depends on how corrupt the local police are, business contracts with certain entities etc.

She also claims gas lighting was a problem.

The rest of what she seems to know about the issue seemed to come from whats on the internet and in conspiracy forums or activist's work. She seemed familiar with the grand conspiracy theory up to Illuminati but was unfamiliar with the term gang stalking.

This might be  a good feedback for activists like myself to keep on sectioning off information so that people who need info about GS and the basic level of whats going dont get swept away into the grand conspiracy theories.

I know due to my own isolation from the GS community as well as constant harassment, this blog has lost focus over the past few years.

Its a mess and a disaster but I don't have time or resources to clean it up. I still havent made the Homeless TI blog nor the WordPress OnMC blog what they were originally envisioned to be.

Ive become so victinized under my own torment, failing health and GS campaign and brainwashing or even metaphysical/psych warfare victimization that I have not been a very focused activist.

Years ago i strayed becuz my artistic impulses wud interject into the blogs becuz that is what youthful drives I had to succeed to begin with.

But lately its become muddled under my difficulties, negative effects of constant negative experiences and largely just due to failing health and the effects of brain damage, along with what seems like more effective tech on a great percentage of the United States-unless u live in an underground bunker with no cell reception.

One thing she did mention defined the situation simply: "Its about fear and control".

We cant make claim that we have experienced direct knowledge of an Illuminati and these great conspiracies-we can testify that we've experienced GS and it being about fear and control.

Isolating a TI and ensuring they r around bad people or people not as committed to fighting the cause as we r, ensures we will become lost in our own situations.

Always keep in mind too that this person like qny other cud b a plant.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Strange Sounds In The Sky Debunked

TIs Never Get Closure Nor To Move On...But War Criminal Bush Looks Aging Well

I'm so glad that some people get to move on and have great lives-while the rest of us stay stuck forever in the war years.  Still hoping that some justice will come to release us from imprisonment in time. Some of us are still waiting to return to we can resume our lives as they were supposed to be.

Lesson learned: no matter how much u sympathize with royal family bloodline due to the obvious similarities and resemblances to yourself, to do so is simply foolhardy sympathy for the devil. And it will get you killed.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Anti Zionism Is Not Anti Semitism

Romney-Marching Forth Into Oblivion

Listen i agree with people not improving themselves as being wrong. Ive seen enough of it being from MA and being homeless.

However, if a person like myself and my mother tries to get justice for us and make the govt and other entities involved responsible for THEIR behavior but we get covertly harassed into not doing so and as part of the continued experimentation I become targeted constantly i pretty much have no choice but to live off the system.

The LDS church is one of the main sources for Survivors of RA. They are up to something out there in the southwestern desert along with the US military and all those bases.

Ive experienced more mind control and harassment that's brutal, viscous and breaks interational laws.

Obviously its time for Romney to get paid back for he and his family's (Laura) part in helping out whatever entities are beind MK Ultra.

The country is totally brainwashed now and living under mass mind control. People are tired of house slave Obama and the planned failure his entire presidency was meant to be, just so a Republican who appeared Liberal as MA gov can get elected.

Note how Obama has made a law that says no matter where enemies of the US go in the world now, they can be gotten to. Its probably preparing for some big takedown action or when Romney becomes president knowing people who felt they could live here as dissidents will flee.

Again a scary crazy Republican is being used to get Obama elected. If Obama gets in once again we will be greatful for the lesser of two evils.

For anyone fighting the NWO the fact this is playing out while all the while more police get drones in the skies over American cities shud b enough of a warning sign.

Its unbelievable but the unthinkable conspiracy scenerios might just play out eventually.

I am being guided under no circumstances stay in the US-no matter who gets in.

I.wanted to hit the southwest very quickly to dry out alot of mold damage thats been brought on this year by staying in Boston too long and now the moldy, humid south.

Yet I am being guided that there isnt time. And last Nov or so when in Abq NM I was squatting somewhere, baseball practice nearby. Looked at batting cage and had strange, disturbing premonition that one day I would end   up in such a cage-and it would end my life.

FEMA or concentration camp? True premonition or the GS shadow system 'hacking' into the good guidance system to produce bad or disinformation to mislead??

Due to the changes to the electromagnetic and psychic environment I started to have trouble with preminitions being accurate as of late Clinton. Perhaps even earlier. Bad advice was certainly a power of this system but after a certain age you break through that. Now its as if the guidance system is broken into, hacked in order to provide bad misleading info.

People who are claiming to be Christians like Ann Coultier and other religions like Romney or even Bush's Christian right are all really tools of the great deceivers. Forces that are anti human, anti life and part of the powerful Satanic network. If u r programmed, of course u will believe any bs thats put in there. And thats why anyone heavily religious who brings that into their politics is very dangerous.

I dont recall past presidents having to name national healthcare after themselves or the media doing so.

The country has become a cult and Ive met alot of stupid people who, due to the terror and intimidation under Bush can no longer handle entertaining the truth about whats wrong with these candidates or the country.

America up until now has sucked. Its about to become very deadly..its for real this time.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Charlotte NC Now on My No-Go List

Even the grocery bags fell apart immediately. 

Seemed like a city struggling with large poor population or economically,

So GS is more possible.

Winston-Salem seemed much nicer. Didnt spend alot of time at bus station though.

Felt very uncomfortable and monitored on bus from Charlotte to Winston Salem, by passengers on bus.  However this was not the case when leaving from Winston-Salem.

Second bus is newer, don't know if that is a factor or not. Seems like  it.

Charlotte was very negative and i felt....subdued.   The only cool part was downtown and that was an atypical gentrified downtown area with a displaced homeless populations.

I am wondering if 'The Homeless' are actually being used as corporate spies or something like that in these gentrified environments, which is why they cant manage homeless services and people better. (I loathe referring to this as 'the homeless problem'. The way the  base system is set up is where problems begin, as well as society is not being honest about why many people become part of the subculture of 'the homeless' to begin with.

Of course its a problem. It seems that the world of homelessness in America at least is hiding alot of society's corruption and human/civil rights abuses.

Charlotte was just seedy or corporate and the activity in the Greyhound station was out of control, without proper security.

I got the impression that 'decent' Whites simply refuse to frequent such a place down here. When getting off Megabus, the blacks were nice and polite enough but seemed a little freaked out by our presence.

  The rent-a-cops around the bus station were cool. The local police gave me no trouble directly.

A Nice Articulate Diss To All The Peons And Perps In The Greyhound Station

Its not the physical actions of the participants that worries me. Thats  not why I document such things.

Its the other effects that are of concern.

How are they able to use such psychic force?  Its been my experience that criminals and police MANY OF THEM, THIS CLASS OF HUMAN ANIMALS POSESSES STRONG PSYCHIC ABILITY ESPECIALLY THAT OF coercion and persuasion.

This is just to start with, add to that the prevelance of mind control and brain washing in prisons, gangs and the police force itself. THEY LIVE IN IT why wouldnt it b easy for them to use what theyve learned to suck others in?

That being said its what goes well above and beyond that in being able to effect Targets thats in question. Theres definately some sort of tech influence used. I really suspect its some kind of microwave system becuz often i experience my skin heating up especially my face.  Nothing any one or group of humans could do shud cause such torture as well as brainwash them so effectively.

Note also these effects dissipate after I expose the system's actions like I did.

I also told them off and stated that no one cares what they think, they're jerk.offs who can't be successful career criminals. That this is what a warrior looks like not some asshole who goes ass up for the system and goes along with its bullshit.

And that I dont need to be cute anymore-Ive got power now. Its a trade off.


I also added that at least at one time I WAS really beautiful as opposed to most perps especially the old biddies and jealous ugly girls. Their personal motives arent hard to figure out huh?

Needless to say the one peon left in the hallway waiting for his buddy in the bathroom got a verbal beat down and then lost all confidence and arrogance in his eyes.

Ha Ha Security Came In And Got Rid Of Them Right After I Posted That

Right after I posted this security came in and asked to see their tickets. None of them had tickets so they had to leave. (HA HA).

Another employee female came from the other side to do so.

Yet its all most likely part of the set has to now come in and appear to do their jobs. If there are cameras in these areas WHY WERE THEY NOT DOING SO HOURS AGO.

These scumbags were in and out of this building repeatedly for hours now, why all of a sudden now?

Pic Of Perps At Greyhound Discussing Me As TI Overtly

These guys have been in on the GS all night long. They worked seperately.

They are now sitting at the end of the hallway, overtly discussing "Look at her now..." "She used to be cute".

As I looked up they all glared at me on some power trip. I then snapped this pic and they all lost a bit of their arrogance.

Two of these guys were earlier telling war stories like jail types do and discussing their probabtion. Once again perps are found to be on probation or jail tyoes.

Perp possibly. Part of a small group.  They used alot of space mobbing and appearing to talk about the TI.

Two male blacks got on a bus right when we arrived that i saw doing very overt perp behavior like making jokes about the Target, talking about the person and laughing at me.

The janitor took an unusually long time to clean the bathroom which made  it a great excuse to stand in front of thw row of phones for a few hours which was of course where i was going to set up to rest on floor.

Its been an hour and a half and due to this space harassmwnt i have been bitching to my road dog which  makes great video of me being a bitch (who then deserves gang stalking) being nuerotic and probably mentally ill (shud b watched and eventually sent in to take meds becuz is a nuisance to society making anyone with me and around me miserable and dominated)

I eventually made racist comments which of course the all black mostly male perps reacted to by seeming to leesen their control that was making me reaxt to begin with which of couese then conditions me to use racial slurs and insults as i am conditioned to believe this will lessen the stress of the harassment.


The psych warfare system is smart enuf to manipulate the Target into choosing behaviors, reactions and expressions that will serve their agenda like make the TI choose racism as best self defense or do to things that will discredit them publicly.

Ive been experiencing down south here for this trip that black males  are present who are doijg what happened in San Diego-my feeling as ifbI am being sexually contacted by that person wothout direct communication or touching. A kind of psychic rape in a public space...ive documented this experiwxe years ago in  sd, CA.

Like other Greyhound perp groups there seemed to be a white older male present earlier as part of the group but i cant really say i am100% positive about this.

Individuals will walk by and say somethng as they go by us. A small, uninteligible word or two.

Black females have been trying to get me to go down into a downward spiral all day. I avoided it early on by moving our seats. But by this time tonight this female's stares and disapproving looks along with thw psychic vampire type males who were against the phones in my space, their mission seeming to b makijng me uncomfortable, has gotten to me.

Trying to use sexual arousal as a weapon and also trying to once again coerce me to 'get with' a black male.

One was on the bus-using this voodoo type hoodoo shit and he was also constantly taking up space by having to sit right behind us in the last seat,  talking loudly on the phone, playing rap music loud in earphones and eventually singing along with his music.

I felt some people on the bus knew what was going. I just tried to ignore it even though it wss obviously disturbing to me and other passengers.

The guy i am with is pretty useless and they know this. They also knkw he uswd to bw jn a long term relationship with a black woman.

When i finally got the camera out this one guy in orange who had been space mobbing, being critical of me with dirty looks left IMMEDIATELY.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Left MA Again. Today Was Brutal-Longwood Medical Area

On a bus outta MA. Just left state crossed border.

Felt better as of a while ago when got the hell  out of MA.

When am i going to stick to the idea I can't go back there??

I have to learn that some things cant be conquered or that i can't push something over or out of my way no matter how many times I return to try.

That place is simply an electromagnetic nightmare and that's it.

Today at Longwood medical area was horrible. That entire area around Northeastern University and Mass Art. Mass Art has kicked my ass before with tech and sneaky perps like that woman...why wud I think I can go back.there? Its sad but MA is now a total unsafe zone. New England is entirely screwed up. MA is just plain evil. In ways I cannot deal with like I can other locations. Some places u just shudnt go as a TI. Ive learned not to go to.Tucson AZ. Yet no matter how hard they try in Phoenix there's still something natural to the place that gives me strength..or endurance. Some places are just unable to be navigated through. Its dangerous left alone. The whole US is f*cked anyway as of now but some places have harmonizing qualities-redeeming ones that make them somewhat livable, but always temporarily. There is no place in the US thats truly safe anymore. Unless one has the money to live in a very healthy wifi and cell phone free zone, away from perps as well. Im looking at my phone. The poor thing. The system hit me with aggression so hard today tryng to get me to smash it. I had visions of me smashing it! Also to self injure and thats a good indicator its gs related.

Coincidental Photo Produces Results All To Typical Since 2004

Whats so totally bizarre about this is that I didnt even mean to take this. It was an accident while i was dealing with harassment at that mall in Cambridge other day.

I was fumbling to get the video cam not camera on smart phone.


—----------- The thing on the floor is part of the table stand. The object on the table is earphones with a reciept. I cant figure out what that other thing is that looks kinda obsene in foreground...i ordered a burrito at TB...but i don't think thats it. Dont own anything that color. Anyway..

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My liver pain got really bad and i started showing it in public here from pain. Suddenly i lay down and the madness, avgression and pain subsided

In the NWO all i cqn expect  is to b a homeless woman running from country to country. Not a talented artist or helping people like i was capable of.

The NWO isnt really real life. Its all manipulated by tech brainwashing and  torture. Covert activity.

This country destroys anyone whos a genius if u r female, know too much or come from poverty.

America sucks and always will. I completey agree with being Anti-American after what I've seen.  Its a huge grinding machine protecting alot  of fools and scum who ride within.  It shudnt even exist.  Its horrible.

America is one of the worst most abusve sick empires in history.

I cannot believe that my own country as well as my family and my hometown hate me so much.

Its absolutely unbelievable, considering I have more.than every right to be rageful about whats been done to me.

I  have to remember what a dangerous country the US has become. People probably dont believe me and believe cover stories and slander only.

Ive got to stop trying to coexist with a nation of people who refuse to see Bush and Co's war crimes for what they are.

I have to lezve the US and never return.  I have got to remeber that.

The citizens of ths US are now so dangerously stupid and isolated from what's really going on that they will believe whatever they are told as well as they only want to survive this bad economy and terrorism amd globalization so like the animals they are will hate or reject whoever they have to.

I have to get real about my decision to leave the US.  Its hard to admit that your homeland and hometown hates u and thinks u r making everything up. Ive been extrmemly peaceable, diplomatic and good hearted about whats been done to me so far. Ive had to becuz theres no recourse anyway.

The perps early on said "The way to survive this is to BE NICE". So typical of an abuse of power.

And the evil people totally agree with whats happening to me and the normal people just refuse to believe anything but cover stories and people like my family who've come out looking great becuz of white washing like destroyjng my life and exalting my cousin so the family looks innocent.

America needs to pay for what theyve done  to me and countless other people.

They think they can just abuse people and then ignore us and send us out to pasture. The authorities, specifically  males have been the most disgusting pieces of shit in this throughout. Totally loyal to the military, organized crime and abusing power. America sucks.

If telling my story is the only revenge i can get i will do so.

Locally however everyone shud pay much more dearly than elsewhere. How can u be friends with somone or be related to them and turn on them so viscously? I will get these people if its the last thing i do.

My liver hurts everyday EXCEPT SUNDAYS. It feels like something is pulling on it.  Its so uncomfortable. 

This is another reason i gotta flee MA and prob America and stay gone forever.  


If u read my old posts I used to be able to sense when these groups wud come and go. Now I simply fall into being victmized without realizing conditions have changed.

Which means I dont know when I am being attacked.

Which means I need to get the hell off the battlefield until my senses can be repaired.

Im giving up on trying to sort anything here or make sense of PDFs. Its funny after being hit like that for last few hours my face feels burned, hot. Like after a sunburn only milder.

I will have to finish this elsewhere.

There Seems To Be A Breed Of Hive Children Capable Of Psychic Harassment In The US But Especiallu In Boston Area

At Massart trying to organize records and files.

Been beaten down here with tech and what seems like alot of psi spies or warriors.

It seems as if this area has an increased amount of psi warriors managing Targets. Ive noticed it this past year ive been here.  An increase in what seems to be the presence of in person stalking perps who now effect me the way the tech used to but its worse becuz its human beings doing it and not tech or just harassment from people.

And they mob you. This girl behind me got up and left just as the librarian came over to help me with scanner.

When she got up i realized she had just been sitting behind me not using the computer. I now feel relief from these effects.

It seems there are alot of psi children that have been produced either through breeding or tech training or both who are present in this country that are managing the country and many seem young like in their 20s. They have the same vibes I got when in that mormon small town of Grantsville. They are hateful or dismissive and seem to harbor hatred for me or they dont seem human if u will. They seem to possess emotions collectively and they seem hateful of anyone not like them.

I say that this is yet another secret project, unlike MK kids or programmed people theyve created entire hives of humanoids who seem to be able to perform gang stalking like activity only psychically.

They are extremely viscous and dismissive of human life outside of their own narrow minded perception of what people are supposed to look like or how they shud fit in.

They reject anything that isnt modern, going to excel or has a future they find useful to the success of the collective or the nation.

Btw. Everyone who helped destroy me especially that lying bitch mother of mine can go fuck themselves.

She never had the balls to go after her father the real predator so she destroys her kid instead on behalf of abusive male authority.

Fuck the military industrial complex owned Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Its a shithole of elitist scum, their house slaves and ignorant grunt worker union jerks and Yuppies.

Get Out Of The US while u can

Obama is the destroyer. Hes the one who's dangerous. At least people will be on guard with Romney.

Leave the country and hide or get new citizenship.

Only a black male mixed with white and trained/programmed as Obama is wud b capable of such predatory aggression.

Obama is the real danger. Hes a killer. Hes dangerous but so is Romney. Get out of the US while u can.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Possible Insurance Fraud By Perp Doctors

I dont recall seeing a Dr Rind in May but I might have.

Dr Chang is that awful primary care I  had over at St Elizabeth's hospital in Brighton. She kept  doing CAT scans of my stomach for nausea instead of testing for disease and this resulted in my having a Staph infection for a year which finally advanced to the point of my having a related skin condition that only could be caused by long term Staph. I was treated and took oil of oregano for years twice weekly to keep any Staph under control. That stuff is amazing. Helps with other stuff that perps pull on TIs I won't get into  here.

I know I caught a quick glimpse of Dr Emmerich charging my insurance years ago with HER HUSBAND'S NAME or a male with her same last name I never saw as a patient either.

This cud just be an old referal on my record. I dont recognize the facility though. Now I have time I will check this out.


Ive even had MRIs where clearly one or two of the pics wasnt my facial profile. Courtesy of St Elizabeth's also before I left Brighton.  Its either to freak the TI out or to hide whats really found in medical tests.

Some theories about JFK have the shadow system replacing autopsy scans of his brain with fakes.  The one thing Ive noticed is that this shadow system pulls the same tricks over and over on all their victims. Just like the perps we deal with in person, they have a formula or guidebook they seem to follow.

List Of ON THE RISE Supporters-Mitt Romney's Company Listed

There's many bad companies in this list but also some good ones. Ive had good experiences with Cambridge Naturals.

Yet as Ive documented, not so great is Whole Foods who are on my list of companies where gang stalking was or still is a major problem.

BAIN CAPITAL was Romney's financial company he was head of until recent years focusing on the presidency.

Looks like OTR works for its supporters and it seems Harvard-MIT interests aka 'the elite' as opposed to homeless women. This place was always full of shelter rats and housed women and generally discouraged free association as well as had a staff that definitely worked for the agenda of the elite as opposed to the homeless and causes of the poor.

A Shame Society

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Stock Market Crash Predicted For 2013

I'm being 'guided' to either stay in this area and get housed or get out of the USA completely.

This may be why.

The Fact Checker In The Washington Post Is Worth Keeping As A Resource

Being able to get real info and a logical answer or analysis of such things is comforting to TIs.  The 'gang stalking' system works by disinformation and crazy making until the Target just breaks down mentally, physicially, emotionally and spiritually.

And whats worse so many people in the USA seem to know whats going on and being done to say me for instance but dont do anything about it to help or make sense to the person.

This Fact Checker brings sanity and reason back in an era and in a country that now PREFERS chaos, deception, lying and realty as sideshow instead of simply living life peacefully, being solid maintaining sanity and minding your own business.

The Democrats and Liberal elite are at this point probably worse than Romney.

Its the NWO thats the problem and America has become a very sick, insane nation where things like gang stalking are now accepted and normal.

No natter who gets into office its the people of America that are the problem as well as the intelligence services and military industrial-academic complex that basically runs the country.

This is why the election is like a cheap choose-your-own-adventure book. No matter what variant of time line we pick they both lead eventually to the same endings.

NWO Mind Control Slavery

Which means that anyone capable of knowing what they are up to intuitively and countering their actions must be of the same or related bloodline(s). Lol.

Friday, October 19, 2012

TI From Japan Has Traveled Europe, Still Harassed

Wow! Four blogs. Impressive. Alas many will not read the creative works of Targeted Individuals or even know we even existed. Still to keep going is wbat is best.

It seems the more genuine the TI the more they are crushed, silenced and kept from the TI community by operatives and constant gang stalking.

It Could Also Be What The Medical Field Doesnt Want You To Know About Health In The West: The Role Of Infections In Mental Illness Symptoms

Imagine how much this and related industries makes off of keeping human bodies sick by not truly healing people with parasitic or bacterial infections? Add to that the electromagnetic pollution that's out there thats proven to make certain humans show signs of 'mental illness'. There probably wouldnt be as much medical industry even needed if the true causes of illness were elminated.

Is Nanotech Already In Use On Targeted Individuals?

Recall Ive documented that one thing I experienced was feeling as if I was being torn apart into pieces. And three different sources also had this image during Bush. Two were in media (of which the system knows what a Target views regulary or they bait and lead a TI to view something.)

and one was from a personal aquantance  known to me- who was former military and an African American male.

The various tortures I exerienced could have been accomplished with such technologies.

In the past few weeks theres been a noticable pain in my right ear and the sensation of movement deep inside the ear canal. Ive lately been experiencing drowsiness, hallucinations and agitation. The hallucinations seem to consist of horrible scenes that begin then end and these only occur when my eyes are closed, when this drowsiness comes over me.

Also Ive experienced hearing random people or a persons voice speak in what sounds like a voice off a radio broadcast or as if giving a speech but what they are saying is mostly unintelligible. And THIS IS ONLY COMING FROM MY RIGHT EAR THE ONE THAT HURTS AND HAS A SENSATION OF SOMETHING MOVING DEEP IN THE CANAL.

This last effect I am getting only at the third floor of the Women's Center in Cambridge MA. As well as I can slightly sense (or 'hear') very high pitched noises in my ears or within my hearing range in this area also.

One remedy to this is to hang upside down off some furniture and blow the ear(s) out like one does to prevent ear popping during airline flight.

The urge to stick something in the ear is very much an animal instinct becuz of the sensrion of movement,pain and something deep in the ear. But i know it wouldnt do any good becuz its deep within the ear canal.

In August  i did have a tiny bug get jnto my ear but it made noise against the eardrum and a doctor removed it. This is a bit similar but its not at the eardrum. It feels like something located deeper or in the fluid in the ear deep behind the drum.

TIs could be being tormented through such means or to induce insanity.

(The hang upside down and blowing the ear seems to stop it).

How do we know that on a classified level that certain humans havent already been tagged with nanotech?  It certainly would be an important part of a system of mind control of the population as well as targeted individual persons.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Safety Patrol Guardian Angels In This Day And Age?

Its post 9-11. Not NYC in the 80s.  Who can trust this now seriously? Especially with the eye and pyramid on sign.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I Did Not Need This As I Finished Posting Finally...

Yeah, its a pretty neat website. I never said the true US Government wasnt awesome, its the corrupt and sleazy parts thats been taken over that are so disappointing. Believe me, its sad to see the US gov get swallowed up by foriegn assholes, corporate, special interests and organized crime...etc.

Google And Other Companies Choose Israel..Instead Of Cheaper Options

Gee...maybe I should go to Harvard on a school loan then disappear. Lol.

Israel and Judaism as Related To GangStalking, RA and 9-11 pt2

The Jews are an ancient people. To believe they arent capable of real magickal practice is naive...and foolish. 

Ive always known this-but they arent the only people who practice such things. What worries me is it appears other extremely powerful factions and individuals are helping them in their goals.

Thats a pretty big ritual-destroying those towers. And all the death in the wars like Iraq.  I could still feel the effects even on the highway outside NYC during the Bush era. The energy was still there.

The problem here is that modern people are being kept from the reality of science and magick. That they work together. They always have. This is why its so important to keep down and destroy many tribes or peoples strong in magickal ability like the Irish, the Nordics..many EuroPeoples. The Africans still practice their pagan power but much of Africa is Muslim or Christian, as are many people of African descent in western societies.

This is also why the Jews are the most powerful of the three Abrahamic religions. They are still connected to their ancient homeland and pagan rooted religion. They havent taken on a foriegn belief system as mostly every other people have.

Imagine how much power you could have if you knew as a secret society who was truly magickally capable, truly powerful and who was just being decieved through religion. Who are the players and who are the fools.

Israel and Judaism as Related To GangStalking, RA and 9-11

Oh, this should be popular.

I usually dont post anti semetic content as its a fruitless exercise. Every person and peoples have a front a con and a routine. A scam. Corruption. A hustle.  Its not shocking to me that Jews as a people for political gain, profit and survival be any more or less full of sh*t and predatory than any other country, ethnic group,religion etc.

If they had a hand in 9-11, they certainly had help. The military industrial complex, intelligence agencies, securities industries and organized crime are no angels. All those factions and more stood to make money off of 9-11. Money and power.

9-11 also began an era where unethical human experimentation had a great cover to continue under-many Targeted Survivors of MK Ultra projects and/or RA/programming can attest to that.

As one TI from NY said to me during the Bioethics Committee: "During Bush these people were OUT OF CONTROL". All under the guise of wartime activities.

The presence of magick specifically 'black magick' as claimed by many Survivors of RA and programming in their experiences is also a hallmark of the Bush era. Many activists on the Survivor level of Gang Stalking who are Targeted Individuals write extensively about secret societies, Satanic cults, Ritual Abuse from various sects and basically that none what goes on-not programming nor gang stalking nor even worldly affairs could be manifested into reality or this physical plane without 'magick'. Ritual, symbol, energy, math and geometry. Determination and belief, from singluar and collective human Wills.

So I found this image very interesting: I usually dont go for conspiracy theorists publishing things where they fiddle with numbers and supposedly find these prophetic truths based on weird math exercises like 666 + whatever = 2012 equals the AntiChrist blah blah blah whatever. I have a very bad education in math but am logical enough to know that its meaningless. Its not truly symbolic of anything or the author cant readily reference and connect the numerical significance to any belief system or text. People keep saying 666 is The Beast but what does that really mean? In what context and referenced where? What beast? The Bible is a lot of misinterpreted, rewritten material with many missing pieces to it. In fact the original Jewish beginnings of it have parts purposely not revealed to the masses. It also doesnt 'feel' anchored to any form of true magickal system or seem genuine. I also found this piece that contains some very interesting information about basically what seems like Jewish magickal practice and reference. It pertains to the Holocaust as a part of establishing Israel. I am also not one for Holocaust denial. I am smarter than to argue over something like that. Firstly its not my business its the Jews'. Secondly, I wasnt there. Third, it appears to be an entire other huge research project and I do NOT have time for it. I wud rather simply state that it matters not how many people died. Whether one or six million its too many. Second point being that its not the numbers its the subject itself-other peoples like Native Americans and countless others have been genocided brutally and unfairly but these instances are either not presented as such, readily referenced or arent as popular an event as one people's genocide. Same with the subject of slavery. However what was compelling about this link was that if this magickal mapping out of motive is true that would add more cred to the conspiracy theory that high ranking Jewish families like the Rothschilds funded Hitler or some activity connected to putting such horrors in motion. Like I said, six million or one doesnt matter. Its the deed itself. And it doesnt matter if it was German extremists as Nazis or high up, wealthy secret society Jews doing this to their own people-for the good old 'greater good'. Their god does seem bloodthirsty historically. Christianity is a blood sacrifice religion too. Especially the Catholic mass. The blood and body of Christ..ew. That body just hanging off those nails. And everyone is so oblivious to the symbolism. But where Catholicism seems to stem from Roman bloodymindedness mixed with artistic beauty and the barbarian culture's pagan practices in part, there is an element of ignorance to it. Its alot of symbols, artworks and storytelling that seems as fanciful as fairies and sagas-both of which are more believable than what Catholicism asks one to believe. Judaism seems much more accurate, taking from the Middle East's talent for math and geometry. More like magickal practice directly, not Christianity's pagan barabarism nor the purposeful masking of it in practice. With that I will link to this piece: What I find most revealing in connection with gang stalking is the idea of their being a "cleansing of the soul" by "strokes of burning". This is EXACTLY what Targeted Individuals experience who get the worst of the gang stalking programs. I think Survivors of RA, SRA perhaps, can lay claim to these horrible experiences harming the spirit. The methods used, whether they be microwave weapons or some form of manifestation from Psi warriors (Cheney's SpoonBenders) the sensation is one of burning. Ive documented this before when being attacked by groups of perps. One specific incidence was in Boston around Berkeley College of music. I specifically recall blogging that there was a burning sensation from this particular perp group being present. Ive experienced this also before and documented it. Strokes of burning is exactly what TIs experience from either gang stalking groups or being hit by the weapons themselves. Many activists make it clear that 'black magick' is used either in unison with the science and tech now available to the military or used to help perform actual ritual abuse acts on Targeted Persons. Even large scale rituals. Seems the elite are playing the role of their God by utilizing available tech hopefully to fool the people. A group of college students years ago did an experiment by building to specification the Arc of the Covenant in the bible that the Jewish/Christian god supposedly used to talk and communicate with biblical figures. Turned out to be nothing more than a radio transmitter. I will leave it at that. Many of us who've been targeted for a long time can attest to the effects of this program being that we have experienced psychosurgery but also a spiritual process like that. Whereas electroshock erases bad memories, this process seems to erase bad experiences, hatreds, anger, spiritual wounds etc, making the person as spiritually docile, agreeable-and neutralized as the recipient of a lobotomy. From these findings its obvious that these technologies available on both official and classified levels are being used, often in line with magickal rituals, to not only behavior modify citizens for thought re-education but to spiritually modify human beings, most likely to benefit some desired outcome or to neutralize anyone seen as a threat to the NWO who possesses spiritual prowess as well as a legit injustice done to them by the system. Its also to prevent victims of RA who were used and stolen from, from wanting revenge or even from RA victims from recalling memories-this way the emotional and spiritual memory no longer exists, thus telling or getting even isnt desired any longer by the victim.

JFK Speech About Secret Socieities In Government

JFK spoke about the dangers of secret societies in government.

"    It requires a change in outlook, a change in tactics, a change in missions--by the government, by the people, by every businessman or labor leader, and by every newspaper. For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence--on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.

     Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed. It conducts the Cold War, in short, with a war-time discipline no democracy would ever hope or wish to match"

Sunday, October 14, 2012

MBTA Employees Can Expend Energy Harassing Targeted Individuals But Cant Fix Broken Glas In Seats

This employee came near me where i was sitting. He had been sitting down and was acrively stalking me becuz he came.over to where i was just as on his radio anothr employee said some thing about a backpacker.

It was obviois intimidation.

I rhen told his arrogant black ass about this broken glass all  over seat and floor from lamp bulb that fell and.shattered.

They can spend time harassing taegets but cant see something this obvious and dangerois in the station? No one saw this the entire morning ?

Whats morw dangerous is the public  say nothibg. This area is dangerously compliant with corrupt authority.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The System Decided To Allow The Bust Of Two Taiwanese nationals conspiring to export sensitive u.S. military technology to China,%20Hui%20Sheng%20&%20Chang,%20Huan%20Ling%20Amended%20Complaint%20News%20Release.html

 Shen and Chang returned to the United States in February 2012 to finalize negotiations for a series of larger drug transactions and to look at and photograph certain military technology that the FBI UCs said they had acquired. Shen and Chang met with FBI UCs in New York to see a small drone, used by the U.S. military, as well as manuals associated with other drones. <i>Shen and Chang had purchased cameras for the explicit purpose of taking photographs of the defense technology. The pair planned to avoid law enforcement detection by taking photographs, deleting those photographs, and bringing the memory cards back to China, where a contact had the ability to recover deleted items. The defendants took the photos, but FBI agents were there to arrest them before the photos could be deleted.

See now THATS the beauty of using innocent children (mind controlled slaves or programmed people, this is what 'Survivors' refers to in my work)with compartmentalized minds who are hypnotized as well as very verbal, bright and having DNA of artists. Photographic memories are useful when you dont want to get caught with photographs or you cant trust adults to back stab you by perhaps double crossing you and selling to someone else instead or also.

Pity they treat us like dolls who are just to be destroyed when we get to be 29 years old or so..or get one wrinkle and at 33 start looking 25.

Nice huh? That some foriegn assholes are going to be buying drones. Isnt it enough that these bastards got all the jobs over there now so that poor EuroAmericans cant get work (so are forced to either upshift and become YUPpies or slum it and go into ghetto culture).   Its not enough they have shitty human rights policies and practices, or that they have all these companies over there now. They also have to start buying drones.

The joke is that anyone who really wanted to get around the big guys would already have mind controlled spies to be..well as big as the big guys are now.

I wouldnt be surprised if getting someone like me a Survivor to blab about programming is some third world pathetic attempt at trying to engineer some sort of mind controlled slave. Well its worthless becuz if you havent noticed, the big guys have such people under control via the tech and spy networks already, at least to identify who we are etc.

All this bs left over from the Cold War and 20th century needs to go. The pollution, use of fossil fuel, fighting over religious bs, racial crap, DISRESPECT of races based on some bizarre idea that people will get along once 'race' no longer exists so we should interbreed furiously. WHICH IS STUPID BECUZ NO ONE  REALIZING THAT HUMANS ARE RACIAL CREATURES BY NATURE. ONCE AGAIN PEOPLE DONT WANT TO FACE THE FACT HUMANS ARE ANIMALS. ONCE WE ARE ALL MIXED, THERE WILL BE RACISM BETWEEN THE BLONDE DARK EYED KINKY HAIRED ASIAN MIXES AND THE GREEN EYED DARKER NOT KINKY HAIRED BRUNETTE WHATEVER WHATEVER. ALL YOU WILL BE DOING IS CREATING NEW MIXES OF RACES FOR PEOPLE TO BE RACIST OVER.

WAKE THE FUCK UP HUMANS ARE RACIALISTS. SOME ARE AND SOME ARENT AND SOME ARE TO A POINT, SOME ONLY TO CERTAIN RACES. Sheesh. WHEN is mankind going to face his OWN SHIT before trying to engineer the rest of us into some perfect world.  IF YOU ARE TRYING TO CREATE A PERFECT RACE YOU ARE LIKE HITLER, dumb ass.

But people dont see it that way. They are so brainwashed by the NWO that they do not realize its wrong to hate anyone-even the haters or races who have had RECENT historical dominance- enough to want to wipe anyone out at all. IS WRONG.

BTW, during the reign of some of my DNA, ancient Rome, having blue eyes and blonde hair was considered a cowardly nature. Romans were the enslaving conquerors.  And blonde barbarians came in and took over. Fine.

Now they are considered the bad overlords. And the darker peoples are suckered into believing it by the same elite who have been running the world for millenia by playing Divide and Conquer with the public.  Jesus came out of going up against Rome. Now he's oppressive.

There is no steadfast rule of who is bad or good as far as race goes. And trying to claim there is no such thing as race is ridiculous as well. And trying to market blacks as the next overlord race is going to get nothing more than resistance from those of us who have been resisting oppression from various sources since the beginnings of our peoples traveling through the world and the ice age.

Its a joke- trying to take pics of military tech and actually get away with it. I am sure it happens, becuz they allow it too or becuz they want to TEST VARIOUS SYSTEMS of either catching people, tracking people or even UNETHICAL HUMAN EXPERIMENTATION that seems to be allowing crimes to occur to see how humans react in certain situations. Even allowing certain factions to become powerful through crime.

I know one thing from my years as a TI- nothing happens, not one tiny little thing on this earth now, without THEM knowing about it.  If you get away with murder then it must either be good for business, not of concern to them becuz they figure thats what human ANIMALS do to each other anyway, or they are observing for some reason.

I personally recall one flash of memory where I was shown some sort of jet plane in a hangar as a toddler. Cant say its accurate or if its a 'screen memory' to throw me off. Dont care either. Becuz whatever kind of tech it was is long since been surpassed by now.

Lol, THEY can even hack into digital cameras as you are using them and erase stuff on your sd card or make sure the shot never makes it to the card..or to appear as so.  Its hysterical to think that someone even tried this. If this is going on at all and people are getting away with things like this its either not of any consequence to the big picture or thier main affairs or its on purpose so different countries and people will get military tech or sensitive tech.  What, to create more chaos or to arm everyone?

I am so beyond caring anymore. WHO CARES.

So we are going to have a world of slanty blue eyed, kinky haired, medium complexioned clones who all are armed with drones????  Good luck with your STUPID plan for 'Peace Through Tyranny' (another dumb OBEY shirt by that total tool of the oppressor- Shephard Fairey. That guy is so obviously some sort of agent or the like. And no one, in all my writings has yet to get it when I say he's got connections. Doesnt he look like a rock star who has too many children to begin with and probably more he doesnt know about ?? FROM BOSTON???  Give it UP. How many members of that DNA pool work for the bad guys? Sheesh. Everyone from that family tree is involved in political intrigue somehow or pushing the agenda. Its disgusting really.   The guy was talented- but not that talented. His art serves the agenda.  He's scum.)

Peace Through Tyranny.. is there somewhere I can hide from the stupid people?  Like one of those Secret Cities in Russia? Can we rent those now as private citizens? Becuz I dont thing Europe is going to work. Theres probably YUPpie idiots over there too, probably less annoying culturally is all.

Antarctica?  It sounds nice. NO PEOPLE.  Perhaps move just people I like there, who arent IDIOTS!!!

Next time you do any crime and get away with it remember this: you either are so unimportant that its inconsequential (ha-ha), you are helping the agenda in some way so you are allowed to exist or you havent become a problem yet or of use to them as a Useful Idiot but your time will come.

Becuz somebody is always watching-all these security and surveillance systems- every Target knows that whatever it is that observes us, protects us and torments us has hacked into those cameras. EVERYWHERE WE GO.

Good luck with the espionage- its so 20th century.

Youve got high level military men on thier death beds giving affidavits testifying they saw Isreali and our own military present for drug deals and smuggling operations yet still on the 'best' news shows that we are supposed to take seriously, they still stick to the story that Mexico is a big drug smuggler and the military is battling them and its suuucch a big problem we cant win.  BULLSHIT.
All lies- and everyone is full of sh*t.

Psi Spies Not Psy Warriors

From now on I am referring to these people we have to deal with in public spaces as Psi Spies. Warrior is far too generous a term for gang stalking perps.

A "cooperative person" at the target site, eh? Like possibly hacking into someone, specifically a Survivor with Theta abilties, and using that  to get somone to jump  from a building?

When will people get a clue that militaries are not all about protection and fighting good causes? These people are ruthless, violent, raping killers.

Oh the CIA doesn't do assassinations anymore and has cleaned up its act from being 'the old agency'. OBVIOUSLY THIS IS ONLY BECUZ THEY CAN NOW ASSASINATE PEOPLE THROUGH 21ST CENTURY METHODS AND TECHNOLOGIES.

Bush Finally Convicted Of War Crimes-US Doesn't Know Or Care

Once again our insular reality makes it convenient for us to avoid the realities of the world outside the United States.

Food Court At Longwood Medical Center Is Perp Hot Spot

Has been, is and always will be a gang stalking hot spot. Especially the idiots at Red Barn coffee who i ignored which is really all they deserve.

Got distracted left my phone there....thats how bad the in person harassment is. No one stole my phone surprisingly.

And they had people there who were using all kinds of tactics that seemd more professional than  just a bumch of kids or amateurs.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How to get revenge abroad

Instead of terrorism which is what they expect, leave the US, diss it eternally wherever u go and ACTIVELY WORK AGAINST AMERICAN POLICIES AND INTERESTS POLITICALLY, ECONOMICALLY AND IN ANY OTHER WAY POSSIBLE.


Time For A Visit Then Goodbye

I want to see the country quickly one last time.

Then i am leaving. Something is going to happen here thats going to make it even harder for Targets especially houseless ones.

Which shows me the absolute pointlessness of staying in the United States at all.

It will always be a sewer to me now. I understand everywhere there are.cops and criminals i will probably be targeted but this is a sewer that has personally done me wrong and is responsible for unbelievable crimes against humanity and against me personally as an American citizen.

Being an American is meaningless now. That may improve as I go west usually does yet if its not the scum from Southie its the scum from Mexico who are in with cops/feds/military.

This country will always represent tyranny, abuse, torture, violence, sickness, sadism, arrogance, selfishness and some of the stupidest, rude uncaring citizens to inhabit a supposed human rights loving democracy in history. Ancient Rome wasnt even this fucked up.

America will always be nothing but a prison for me. They try very hard to destroy Targets so they wont bother to try to leave and see if anything else is out there.

Sitting in a Starbucks while my friend talks to friends of ours on other side.

A couple one kinda foriegn just drew attenion to me. I got this vibe in here that people only think i am an ex dancer and not the full story.

Its hard to tell.if they are agents or just  stupid yuppies who believe cover stories.

People get paid to do this to Targets. Its unbelievable but in America there have been alot of people who have been in on my campaign for that.  Yet ive also seen people actually tell a recruiter they weren't interested walking by or they didnt want any part of it.

What the fuck is wrong with people? Seriously.

Just saw a creepy guy practically make love to this black dude out here who hangs around. When he shook his hand he leaned into was creepy. It was a hand grab from the side looked like when a man gathers a woman up to dance with her.

First i thought he looked like a criminal type like organized crime, mob whatever-a low level guy but there was something different about him compared to a criminal. Something even more hidden, shadowy and sleazy.  Like comparing an alcoholic to a drug addict in 12 step programs. The drunks always have a bit more ease-due to social acceptability.

I knew i didnt like the guy-that he wasnt my kind of people.

Later a girl said that was an undercover cop who came over here.

It never occured to me until now, that many people in the police depts and law enforcement are probably into the pedo rings even locally, that risked being exposed if the escort services were busted during that federal investigation-forget about their payoff money.

They get pumped full of Homeland Security money here in the north east yet its always been corrupt through organized crime and them getting payoffs.

Its no wonder the crooked cops are fully immersed in the abuses of military and classified technologies. 

A uniformed cop who seemed nice, a few days ago said that the city wants us locals watched out for due to this being the most influencial city in presidential elections and homeless dying on the street doesnt look good.  I liked his immediate honesty in mapping out real motives instead of lying or some rookie bullshit like quoting out of a book or making laws up. He was white haired, heavy set and older.

He said that a drug detective retired and didnt leave his sources so the heroin started flooding the area again.

He said that this man actually did his job so for the rest of his life his security system at his home sees whos coming from very far. He put it like the guy is going to pay for doing his job properly.

So i  guess police are in a never ending war with criminals.  It seems like the world has succumbed to alot of people not willing to pay that price for doing things properly.  Which is why crime has become normalized in society. Just like torture is normalized as part of psych warfare on the public.

Perhaps people see me as a person who went up against some system like that and this life i have now is the natural result of that action.

But its not like that for me. People dont include things like internal programming or disassociation. All the systematic brain damage, the human experimentation and RA. 

I wasnt a law enforcement professional who understood the way things work. If anything many programmed or mind control Survivers dont really understand the way the real world works. Often they are kept from this reality by the people around them on purpose.

Basically coming after a mind controlled slave like a normal person is like coming after a child.  A child whos capable of soldier-like brutality, assassin skills and perhaps that's which is part of their nature from being involved in SRA...but all those things are not present unless triggered.

Its difficult to know if cops like him or the arrogant little scum from Southie Ive encountered who make fun of me by calling me smiley for instance, due to my face having been contorted  many times by long term effects of  this campaign-know the entirety of the situation. Its like making fun of someone whos been tormented  at Gitmo.

And if these people are knowingly  part of the MK Ultra level of this-they'd be doing exactly what they are supposed to do by continuing to torture the Target.

Its documented that police departments were knowingly part of these classified projects, which means their organized crime cronies are involved too most likely.

Which is why its being kept from the public and witnesses testimonies are stricken from the record and people like my mother were intimidated into not sueing or giving testimony at the Presidents Advisory Committee in 95.

Becuz basically they want to use what has come of these classified projects to control society.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dont Interfere With My Travels This Year

Any efforts to stall me keep me in Boston or take my travel companion from me will result in me fucking shit up badly.

I'll come after people involved in my gs campaign directly yet effectively to avoid detection or legally if possible...i dont care who they are.

Remember i haven't even tried to retaliate yet. U idiots think when i am running errands i am still working or stalking someone.

If i wanted to clean house, u wudnt even have the chance.

And as far as my being a poser or a fake punker or whatever-its not the 80s and this isnt England. Go Fuck yourselves.

Im not TRYING to be anything other than myself. And do what pleases me along with what i feel is right.

Perps say i am old fashoined becuz i won't sell out.  If i were truly old skool-the people who screwed me wud be dead from car bombs by now...or other assorted accidents.

The world has become a mobbing scene of nobodies who think they are badasses, satanists or gangsters.  So why are u such jerkoffs?

They want everyone to be part of a gang or group so they can be controlled more easily.

I will do my own things according to my own Will in my own time. And if u let that nutcase Romney into the whitehouse (electoral college!) then i am leaving. I shud leave anyway. Just becuz of the shitty way America has treated me. And refuses to do right. Who wants to stay in a corrupt AND now totally boring culture anyway?

If no one cares about me good. Then leaving is no big deal then. So why is the system tryng so hard to force me to stay?

Monday, October 8, 2012

Ive Found Finally At Least One Reason For Raytheon To Be Part of This

I could never find anything, other then them getting favored in contracts, as to what might be thier part in corruption or a cover up. I know, just by what I experienced in Waltham where my family lives that Raytheon has way too much power out there.

One Sunday I met a homebum while sleeping in the post office there who claimed to have been normal once and his father had connections to Raytheon and some college here, and of course he also experienced bad luck and life long difficulties etc. But after years of this, who knows if it was an agent or a real person with a real story?

 I found something that looks pretty sensible:;read=46426


One of the questions asked in the aftermath of 9/11 was whether technology that could have taken over control of the aircraft from the ground (or by implication an AWACS type aircraft) could have been used to prevent the attacks once the hijackings were known about.
The angry response was that "such technology does not exist". Yet only months earlier, Raytheon's "Global Hawk" technology had demonstrated its effectiveness by flying a totally unmanned aircraft from the US to Australia. " 

 Seems fairly reasonable. I posted once that the 'perps' years ago tried to freak me out with a car with no driver at least once. I also posted that DARPA has made public that they have created such a vehicle that can have no driver and someone in the passenger side. These people from the military contractors are totally out of control. They will do anything to freak out those who see whats really going on and keep citizens controlled and ignorant.

About The Military's Mind Control Programs/DARPA

Its depressing isn't it. To see its all true.  Yet you're totally isolated with this information becuz humans on average are indeed dumb animals.

Its a very hard place to be. 

Its gotten much much worse out here. They must've pumped up their power or grip somehow. Places i used to find simply relief are now the ONLY places i can thin straight or not be brainwashed.

Middle Of Night Quiet No Electromagnetic Pollution

When areas like this become too much its helpful to wake up in the middle of the night where its quiet and without alot of electromagnetic pollution, so during day theres some comparison.  And a moment of relief.

Ive stayed within the city limits too long in mrtro boston.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Everything in this area outside Harvard Sq Sucks

Central Sq and everything around it sucks. Its horrible the people are horrible and its homeless are terrible.

Only upon returning to Harvard Sq do I feel safe or happy.

I dearly wish i did not have to leave  Harvard for anything ever. Errands laundry food all brings troubles to me outside Harvard.  Central sq, Porter Sq, North Cambridge. Boston is tolerable in small doses. At least I  feel somewhat empowered there. Outside Harvard is so shitty for people like me.

I hate the rest of Cambridge i mean sincerely. Its so full of the biggest assholes. Even the nice part behind Central near MICROCENTER. Total gang stalking hotspot. All the worst yuppie assholes.

Only Harvard has redeemed itself in this over time.

For some reason, Tory Row keeps us safe here also. Dunno what thats about.  I feel it though...dont even know if its protection from the living or the dead. Doesnt matter i guess.

The US Lies, The People Lie...And Ive Had Enough

Some Liberal bitch in The Lost Sock just told me to stop picking on a nasty smelly bugg infested homebum.

I laid into her stupid scrawny ass that people like  her side with scum like him becuz hes easy to control. And that she doesnt know what its like to have to sleep next to someone like him in a shelter.

She shut the fuck up when i raised my voice that her and everyone like her prefers people like him and messes with people like me becuz we have opinions or are actually trying to change things. That life cant always be the easy way out. And that i have on this backpack becuz i didn't take the easy way out. Life cant always be easy.

I slammed the door as i left. But the look on her face....moments later i realized something.

She knew she was wrong. She knew the whole situation was wrong.

Yet like EVERY SINGLE PERSON INVOLVED IN MY GANG STALKING CAMPAIGN AND AROUND THE UNITED STATES the only thing she cared about was that i leave. She knew my powerlessness in society would save her the trouble of having to admit she was wrong.  That she could go back to living in denial conveniently right after I left.



Its time to stop romanticising the United States as my homeland. Its time to stop being brainwashed into believing there will ever be change or justice for any of us.

That America is somehow worth staying in and its worth it to live in denial to try to stay here.

Then I would be as bad as her.

There will never be justice as long as I stay here being targeted into complacency daily by people who stand for corruption, injustice, lies, deception, money worship and oil. The US will always hate me..and people like me becuz they know we are right.

Its time to go visit the Natives, say goodbye and go back to the Homelands.

Heres The Guy Who Wants To Get The Weeds Out Of His Lawn Yet His Weeds Are BeginningTo Strangle All That Grows In Europe

Look at this f*ck...just destroy the frickin churches or whatever and then go the hell home and take all your fucked up religions with you. PLEASE...eww. THIS is our future??

Fuck that shit.

He looks like hes either high on Afghan poppies or seen too many Female Genital Mutilations and its grossed him out. Just burn and shut up about it please.

Sheesh...whine whine whine whine... The US destroys innocent people up your way all the time with that housen*gger Obama using drones and letting the military boys play and continue to make money.

Why shouldnt this guy get rid of some churches. Doesn't seem like Christians really believe their own rules anyways...all bullshit. Americans like stuff, money, dominating, Disney stuff, fake holidays and their military-they usually treat genuine Christians like shit or mental patients. Forget the Right wing...culties dont count.

Remove away dude.

Some Middle Eastern Guy Wants To Destroy Christian Churches-Cool. But He Needs To Take His Ass And His Cousins Out Of Europe And Her Affairs

Sure dude. No problem.  Just as long as you sexist, uptight, boy fucking corrupt pigs stay the hell over in your area of  the world in your SICK society and GET YOUR FUCKED UP, RADICAL, VIOLENT, WHACKASS MALE RAPING SCUM OUT OF EUROPE AND THE REST OF THE WORLD. We aint gonna start FGM just becuz your boys are angry pigs and viscous savages generally. Maybe u shud go back to Zoroastrianism. And female generals. Wassa matta for u, uh? Your women too much to handle? Well a nice opressive Abrahamic religion cured that didnt it. Just as made up,  fake and nonsensical as any of the two other eyesores-Judaism and Christianity.

And tell Israel to also get the fuck out of Europe, and stop endless manipulations of EuroFolk world wide with arts, media and their lyin ass politics. If u love Israel so much go there and stay there. Go live with your insane cousins who look exactly like you without the European DNA YOU JEWS CONSTANTLY DENY, ABUSE AND ARE UNGRATEFUL FOR. As if your Middle Eastern wackasses would be capable of feats in various professions IF YOU ONLY STILL POSESSED MIDDLE EASTERN DNA. Just look at those idiots, you'd look and act like those rich bearded animals if you didnt get (stupid) converts from Europe and beyond.  Actually in real life, which we sensible people call reality MANY JEWS DON'T EVEN HAVE MIDDLE EASTERN DNA, yet want to genocide their cousins for a homeland based on being 'Jewish'. Are you sure it isnt the blonde and blue eyed in you that doesnt have the instinct to genocide your Middle Eastern cousins? Seems many of you that I have seen look more closely aligned with Nazis generically than the  Middle Eastern Semetic peoples you claim you all hail from.

And after you get Chrstians out of Arabia when you take the Islamic wak jobs and oppressors out  of   Europe make sure  you also destroy the churches over there, specifically the Catholic Church which was simply Rome reinventing itself to again rule the fuckin world. I much prefer Romulus and Remus and the She Wolf to that Kraut Pope in power now.

Return Europe to our pagan religions, go the fuck back to the Middle East AND STAY THERE.

Fight it out amongst yourselves IN Your own homeland becuz European peoples have been OPPRESSED BY ABRAHAMIC RELIGIONS LONG ENOUGH. 

And return all of the US back to Native paganism, becuz that is a genocide that needs justice not the Jews constantly using WWII to divert attention fromm their own war crimes.

Heres a solution: the Middle  East and all it's religious garbage and crazy, argumentative, greedy, savage peoples can go fuck themselves.

Fuck Jesus, the Messiah and Allah. All storybook characters made up by mere mortal men for political manipulation of the masses. Perhaps they all lived at one time-but none should have the influence in death they have now. And the Messiah might as well be dead becuz he keeps not showing up.

Get the fuck away from Europeans and EuroAmericans. At least there are some Natives left here that arent stupid enough to fall for Christianity.

Yeah get rid of the Christian churches on the Arabic peninsula. but then please do away with yourselves as well and go back to your own territory and stay out of countries that aren't yours. Go the fuck back to the Middle East take the Jews with you and go kill each other.

Let us go back to being the achieving, smart, good looking artistic, evolved European peoples.

  However in advance thanks for getting rid of the Christian influence thats been oppressing us for a 1500 years or so.

Worse than that might be the now Jewish influence like I mentioned to the media and the arts and rhetoric it cetera slowly turning every EuroFolk into total unconscious slaves.

The Christian influence is out right brainwashing and seems like the damage to European peoples is permanent  now thanks to the beat down from the Roman Catholic Church during the Inquisition.

And now we have to deal with radical Muslims fucking up everything in Europe.

Great idea HazzlieBabbaMohammad whoever you are. Must suck to fear clitorises.

In Europe, many countries, women held power naturally and men respected this.

Yeah, take your clit chopping, misogynist, greedy DNA with you. And stay on your side of the fence permanently.

Dont come back now, ya here??

By the way FUCK OIL.

Fuck the Middle Eastern dependant western system.

Enough of the sheep and lemmings leading us all into oblivion.

Remember their Jesus said 'give back to Ceasar what is Caesar's"? Return to the Middle East what is their's.

And return to us what is ours.

Destroy all Abrahamic religions. And return the radical, nonsensical, sexist, greedy, opressive, limiting races behind them to their homelands.


I dont want world peace...there never was such a thing. I only want freedom to express my DNA as it was meant to be expressed. Not under the tyranny of oil, or foreign powers either through becoming Europe's mask thrust upon by Rome, parasitic shadow culture that sneaks into providing our arts, media, banking and education or overtly through oil, money or terrorism or systematic rape.

You want Christianity out of your backyard. We understand...becuz there are.those of us that want you, your cousins and your religions out of ours.

As if any Italians who are true, savvy and honest with themselves when facing their history actually believe in Christianity-for those that do-you are no longer truly Italian. But a bitch of the Jews and the Roman ruling families who found a clever way to ensure there reigned an emporer who could never be dethroned. I know it and everyone with Roman blood in our veins knows it.

Fuck the Middle East.

Why Is It So Unbelievable That MK Ultra Could Continue?

Especially when people from major universities are involved in my GS campaign.  An intricate part of MK Ultra it was documented.

And just becuz one cover up was exposed doesnt mean these bastards wouldn't actually use the exposure to perpetuate another cover up.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Truman Show Syndrome-With Dead Celebrities?

One indication that TIs get that this system is a scam and a deception is that when a TI experiences Truman Show effect (In  refuse to call it syndrome becuz i know its an EFFECT of the tech/psychic warriors or whatever. Its a falsehood and deception.)  instead of recieving supposed psychic impressions from living celebrities we get them from people who've been dead for years. Mental illness? Well not when under these circumstances: I share  a pic of a store in Berkeley CA from my friends photos on my social network. I then get a supposed psychic impression from a celebrity who was and is heavily associated with 60s freakiness in CA. THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME THIS HAS OCCURED. Where this specific musical celebrity has appeared to make psychic contact after posting on my social network about San Francisco or Berkeley CA. As if he has seen the post and is 'thinking' about me or my posting. Yet THIS MUSICIAN HAS BEEN DEAD FOR YEARS. What, did he fake his own death or something? If so who cares anyway? Who knows what the elite are really up to. If they r living underground or if they on the space stations aldready or on Mars in YUPpie condo colonies...i dont care really. It could be possible that he was well loved by rebels if u will and escaped persecution by going underground. Its possible. But it seems like more of a deception by the sytem in this location (Cambridge MA) where this type of harassment if u will is always part of the program. WHEN I LEAVE THIS LOCATION I HAVE DOCUMENTED I DO NOT GET THESE EFFECTS. My imagination cud go a bit further-some fate more horrible than marginalization du to going underground-cloning???So some memories from that poor thing wud b familiar to them. Yek..chilling. The only other dead person ive gotten supposed impressions from are two famous people who years ago seemed to contact me upon death as if seeking direction-Dio and Dennis Hopper. Those were horrible and I never wanted to experience that again. Why wud anyone come into psychic contact with me at the moment of their death?? I dont get it. Its all mindgames to guilt the Target and drive us to insanity or to act out. It seems Cali has a nasty little system that can influence over thousands of miles. i know i get effected from their system just calling people in San Diego on the phone. The blacks r nicer there but they r wayy into handling TIs there. More bullsht..more attempted brainwasig. Note that my Blgger app malfunctioned while trying to post this and my cell. Its takeb me a half hour or more...ridiculous. (time to stop emitting signals so they dont get traced or just more mind games?)

Friday, October 5, 2012

Seems Organized Crime Is A Large Part Of The GS System And Surveillance

There have been many indications that oranized crime is part  of not only gang stalking but operations in various locations.

Seems that a junkie out here named Colleen is the alleged daughter of one of the real life Goodfellas the movie was based on.

I know that when i started to be friendly to her after that total idiot Fitzy got put away for something I could feel at that initial contact someone watching the Square was very much in approval of my actions.

This girl gets to do pretty much whatever she wants. And  no one has chased out these junkies who have ruined Harvard Square for the rest of us.

Which I think is very odd..

50 also knew too much about my situation because he's an idiot Didn't seem to know about Mk ultra or ritual abuse.

(he's just a fucking idiot that's why)

people that are tools of the system think they know everything about what's going on in fact if they were that smart wouldn't fall for being in trouble to begin with and then having to work for the system.

another real asshole out here whose name was Tripp, If I actually said to me once " Why hasn't that artery in your head exploded yet?"

the only other people that knew this people that worked in Saint Elizabeth Hospital in Brighton because I recall distinctly when I went there when I lived in Brighton the tormented me about it when they harassed me 1 time I telling me your car accident I had when I was 20 that I had sustained a head injury which made it so that there is the chance of an aneurysm in my brain.

the problem with this is that the doctors with to find something like that I need to tell the patient or fix it what appointment the person about it.

the reason that I'm not dead yet by the way I'm smarter than all of you and I used the blood thinners that I was taking to make sure that I didn't have any kind of blood clotting that would result in that inner of death. I also used early to strengthen grease and veins in my head which can be done I also believe that the lifestyle of living outside makes the body stronger.

all these weaknesses in my body could have also been from the severe mold exposure I experienced in Brighton. what they were hoping was that would do me individually with health problems.

trip always claims to have connections to powerful people in Las Vegas. he always had new shoes in new clothes we claim that they were given to him or he found them.

he would have strange come stand is around his being in Cambridge like holding court at a table in Wendy's in Central Square  (finish later)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Prospect st, central square Cambridge MA

Why is this street one of the worst gang stalking hotspots in Cambridge MA?

Lots of hanging heads and bullshit :feel-bad-for-the-target ' tactics. One asshole running his fingers thru his hair conspicuously-on cue.

Note that the fingers-thru-hair doesn't mean anything to the TI other than indicating perps are around.

Yet the other tactics are usually personal to the TI. This may be to anchor the person intermittently between personalized harassment.

I am supposed to believe these people are locals who know the cover story most likely who feel badly.

This keeps the compartmentalized Survivor focussing on or to stay in that mindset or reality.

Helps to detain my expose another day i assume.

Over time the stress desyroys the Targeted Survivor's mind.

Diplomats Caught In Pedophile Scandal

Ha!You should see what they can do with people conditioned NOT to remember here in America.

Looking back i dont understand why it was necessary to destroy my looks and my life. To give me brain damage and degrade my health.

To make it so even medical professionals refuse to give me necessary health care.

Why was this necessary?

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ymca perps

The ymca in Cambridge are perps. Black and red wearing Obama agenda scum. Especially the fat  blonde self righteous piece of shit that works there. He knows about gang stalking. Hes a cunt. Probabku a Christian.

Been hit hard lately, causing aggession

Been posting stuff lately thats been awful. Notice the past two days...Saturday as usual was real horrible. As it always is. And Sunday i was very angry and could at least express it.

Something about being in the city is making me nuts.

Monday, October 1, 2012

We aren't criminals and we don't steal. We might b a little hippyish for them. I notice that this area in Medford Somerville people give us dirty looks alot. Nice middle class petty values, regular guy bs I am sure.

Jerry will get his down the road somewhere...i guarantee it.

UHaul in Medford Discriminates Against Houseless People-Jerry The General Manager Is A Jerk And A Bigoted Prick (Or A Tool Of The System)

<p>The general manager Jerry Ouilette at uhaul in medford has taken away my friend's all hours priveldges today claiming that he isn't comfortable with us here all hours of the night. </p> <br/> <p>THIS WAS NEVER A PROBLEM BEFORE I STARTED COMING HERE.</p> <br/> <p>This fat asshole is totally going along with the gang stalking campaign. </p> <br/> <p>Only when i came into the unit was there a problem. This is retaliating for my activism or some asshole move by cops to get this chubby bastard to do this.</p> <br/> <p>One of the sleazy workers told us who looks like a little rat anyway. <br> <br/> He said the fat ass general manager said he doesnt want people living out of thw building. We said we dont and he said it was not us but everyone.</p> <br/> <p>SO HES DISCRIMINATING AGAINST HOUSELESS PEOPLE.</p> <br/> <p>THEY ALSO KEPT TELLING HIM DIFFERENT THINGS about when to check in and out to confuse him.</p> <br/> <p>My friend is understandably very upset.</p> <br/>

There was never a problem with this man's unit until recently. He claims he cancled access out today BUT IT DID NOT WORK A FEW DAYS AGO WHICH MEANS SOMEONE OR SOMETHING CANCELED IT OUT BEFORE HE CLAIMS HE DID IT TODAY. We need 24 hour access becuz we come home from trips or errands late. This is total discrimination bullshit and it looks like its based on MY presence not being houseless. Thats the excuse. Becuz my friend never had a problem before. We haven't even been in the unit late at night. But we might need to. This prick is gonna get a lawyer slapped on him...and if that doesnt work. Lol..