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Friday, October 19, 2012

It Could Also Be What The Medical Field Doesnt Want You To Know About Health In The West: The Role Of Infections In Mental Illness Symptoms

Imagine how much this and related industries makes off of keeping human bodies sick by not truly healing people with parasitic or bacterial infections? Add to that the electromagnetic pollution that's out there thats proven to make certain humans show signs of 'mental illness'. There probably wouldnt be as much medical industry even needed if the true causes of illness were elminated.

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Mike said...

Or if the bacteria is lab made to discredit, ruin, and embarrass. Or maybe they can manipulate ones dna to change the natural state of a particular person with certain traits through drugs. It is known that hallucinigens cause certain individuals to go into panic, or exacerbate a predisposed psychosis, and I believe they use these drugs as weapons against people. Also these drugs can alter dna, probably by breaking up the strand so a person becomes a less perfect individual. I believe they make bacteria that can ruin a specific gene that attracts mates.