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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Psi Spies Not Psy Warriors

From now on I am referring to these people we have to deal with in public spaces as Psi Spies. Warrior is far too generous a term for gang stalking perps.

A "cooperative person" at the target site, eh? Like possibly hacking into someone, specifically a Survivor with Theta abilties, and using that  to get somone to jump  from a building?

When will people get a clue that militaries are not all about protection and fighting good causes? These people are ruthless, violent, raping killers.

Oh the CIA doesn't do assassinations anymore and has cleaned up its act from being 'the old agency'. OBVIOUSLY THIS IS ONLY BECUZ THEY CAN NOW ASSASINATE PEOPLE THROUGH 21ST CENTURY METHODS AND TECHNOLOGIES.


Anonymous said...

The CIA just wants us to be miserable people beaten down enough to obey the system. I'm finding directly that the system's purpose in beating me down is firstly, to make me see I can't beat them. The result over time is that fighting back is futile, because they stick up for whomever is harassing me, and I find myself just becoming less rebellious. Well, at least I'm not going to be seeing things their way. No way. Just that I accept that random people get picked for psy-op roles, or else they get some some of punishment of they refuse. The result of the latter is that the public sees they can't win, and that there is no point in resisting. So the result is more people going along.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't help but noticing that the course catalog for the college where I teach here has psy-ops. I noticed the girl's picture on the front cover looks like the still image of you on one of your youtube videos.