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Friday, October 26, 2012

An Insight Into Pedo Industry



  1. Looks like they are going to get people going along with their agenda and point of view by FORCE. They are going to force us to go along. See things OUR WAY or SUFFER the consequences. Of course, they don't bother the other ones, probably mostly because they are not a threat. And the offshoot of this is that regulars like those dudes can get away with insulting you with stuff, because the system is certainly not going to stand in their way. I feel that your camera was a threat of exposure to the system, so of course, they got down there right away to take care of the 3 dudes.

    So why should I see things THEIR way? Their way is just plain wrong. It's like a wrong answer. They know what our fears are, and instead of protecting us, they harass us with our fears even more to push us even further to conforming to what they want. And I don't want that.

    Again, they are amazing, incredible what they can pull off. I am certainly impressed. Two things: they are wrong, and they are not my god. But they pull the fear thing of letting us know they will continue to torment us with people/tactics we loathe very much. And who are these people anyways, and if they hide while doing all of this to us, then why should we cater to them? Why not tell them to go fly a kite, even though they are doing extensive damage to us?

    I don't know who they are, but I am not impressed with their displays of power. Maybe targets get the treatment hardest, because they aren't afraid of the unknown like others are. Now perps are sending me messages that I am their "Friend". Yeah, right.

  2. So I see now. The perps being hidden watching us from a safe distance behind covert programs makes them something akin to an invisible God who is in control of our lives and watches us at all times. Was this the intent of monotheistic evolution of Judaism? To train the people to pray to the invisible God who is really a cabal of controllers watching and controlling the people? Maybe monotheism was a clever mind control tactic. But who would be the rulers?

    And Jesus being a son of a Roman soldier is about right, as the name comes from a Latin language.

    I know the perps want to be seen by TI's as The One and Only God, I can feel it. Except, they get extra perks, like being entertained with sick pleasures watching us struggle against unseen forces that are they and their System.

    They seriously think they are God, and they get to bully us from a vantage point unseen to us. But I see them as cowardly in the extreme to the same degree that they are sick and power hungry.

  3. There's a certain logical contradiction here: in some paragraphs he says that the nastiest child porn is made by relatives of the child, in another he says that the porn he made was alright because he had the consent of the (mostly Russian) parents.

  4. Looks like it's mainly about stifling threats to a very powerful industry. I believe the pedo element is extremely powerful and dominant, and I don't trust anyone from the system anywhere who claims they look out for and protect kids.

    But what if there is a contingent of hackers who work for various companies doing black ops duties? Maybe such factions would have an interest in protecting kids. One interesting death is that of Gary Kildall, who died under mysterious circumstances in 1994.


    Again, it's one of those deals where a person's death has many interesting yet unproven conflicting yet similar theories. He fell and hit his head, he got his head kicked in by biker gang members. The theories are many.

    Interesting that he played a role in getting an operating system to the IBM PC. And interesting that he was a major competitor to Bill Gates, straight from Gates himself. Interesting the timing of his death, dying just as Windows 95 was about to be launched, and MS was kicking in their campaigns to buy up or destroy other companies. Gates always struck me as being a very selfish, slave-driving power-hungry megalomaniac. Maybe Kildall's lack of allies and money is what did him in. Of course, I don't trust Gates, but it's debatable as to whether or not he'd want to try something like this. I'm sure a contingent of hackers didn't like him and could have arranged this if they had connections.