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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Left MA Again. Today Was Brutal-Longwood Medical Area

On a bus outta MA. Just left state crossed border.

Felt better as of a while ago when got the hell  out of MA.

When am i going to stick to the idea I can't go back there??

I have to learn that some things cant be conquered or that i can't push something over or out of my way no matter how many times I return to try.

That place is simply an electromagnetic nightmare and that's it.

Today at Longwood medical area was horrible. That entire area around Northeastern University and Mass Art. Mass Art has kicked my ass before with tech and sneaky perps like that woman...why wud I think I can go back.there? Its sad but MA is now a total unsafe zone. New England is entirely screwed up. MA is just plain evil. In ways I cannot deal with like I can other locations. Some places u just shudnt go as a TI. Ive learned not to go to.Tucson AZ. Yet no matter how hard they try in Phoenix there's still something natural to the place that gives me strength..or endurance. Some places are just unable to be navigated through. Its dangerous left alone. The whole US is f*cked anyway as of now but some places have harmonizing qualities-redeeming ones that make them somewhat livable, but always temporarily. There is no place in the US thats truly safe anymore. Unless one has the money to live in a very healthy wifi and cell phone free zone, away from perps as well. Im looking at my phone. The poor thing. The system hit me with aggression so hard today tryng to get me to smash it. I had visions of me smashing it! Also to self injure and thats a good indicator its gs related.


Mike said...

A while back I wrote you to check out the Ace Frehley video Into the Night for homeless support. If you did check that out, what did you get from the video? The part when the homeless guy looks in the car window and sees his reflection as a respectable guy in a suit, and then later in the video the band look in the window and their reflection was them on stage. Signifying the homeless guy really is the reflection. If you were in the video you would see an artist, strong woman helping people. I also like the part at the end when Ace reaches out to the girl on the sidewalk, that part makes me cry.

Anonymous said...

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