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Friday, October 19, 2012

TI From Japan Has Traveled Europe, Still Harassed

Wow! Four blogs. Impressive. Alas many will not read the creative works of Targeted Individuals or even know we even existed. Still to keep going is wbat is best.

It seems the more genuine the TI the more they are crushed, silenced and kept from the TI community by operatives and constant gang stalking.

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  1. Wow, Germany has perps? No way! They still don't seem as bad as ours here in the states, though. I think that Europe has been involved in gangstalking for some time. It makes sense, because the networks that traffic kiddie porn and other illegal stuff are over there and other countries. So of course they need networks and operatives to keep their fascist system of covert control going.

    I don't think Europe is "Europe" anymore. I've read Europe is losing money over there. Their educational system and job training is still heads and shoulders above ours, though. Give it time, and assymptotically, the quality of the education will degrade to the NWO standard, just like our did.

    Everyone puts earning money over being responsible, which is one reason this problem exists in the first place. Europe as our ancestors knew it still exists, but is degrading over time. You can still be European over in America, as long as you respect the Natives and the European traditions. It's more like something you carry inside of you than physically being in say Europe. The culture is important to keep alive. I think we still have that, but it's hidden among all the noise and trash they throw all over the place. It's like being in a theatre, and having people busting in talking like ignorant animals. The show still goes on, but it's more difficult for the performers and the audience alike.

    If globalization is so great, then how come nations are doing not so well financially? The only ones doing well are the leeches involved in gangstalking. I think there needs to be a dedicated effort to wiping this out worldwide, not just over here. What makes it difficult is the official denial, and the fact that insiders who have the power to do something about it are the ones protecting the networks. Sex and abuse sell, and there will always be a demand for this sort of thing.