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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Some Middle Eastern Guy Wants To Destroy Christian Churches-Cool. But He Needs To Take His Ass And His Cousins Out Of Europe And Her Affairs

Sure dude. No problem.  Just as long as you sexist, uptight, boy fucking corrupt pigs stay the hell over in your area of  the world in your SICK society and GET YOUR FUCKED UP, RADICAL, VIOLENT, WHACKASS MALE RAPING SCUM OUT OF EUROPE AND THE REST OF THE WORLD. We aint gonna start FGM just becuz your boys are angry pigs and viscous savages generally. Maybe u shud go back to Zoroastrianism. And female generals. Wassa matta for u, uh? Your women too much to handle? Well a nice opressive Abrahamic religion cured that didnt it. Just as made up,  fake and nonsensical as any of the two other eyesores-Judaism and Christianity.

And tell Israel to also get the fuck out of Europe, and stop endless manipulations of EuroFolk world wide with arts, media and their lyin ass politics. If u love Israel so much go there and stay there. Go live with your insane cousins who look exactly like you without the European DNA YOU JEWS CONSTANTLY DENY, ABUSE AND ARE UNGRATEFUL FOR. As if your Middle Eastern wackasses would be capable of feats in various professions IF YOU ONLY STILL POSESSED MIDDLE EASTERN DNA. Just look at those idiots, you'd look and act like those rich bearded animals if you didnt get (stupid) converts from Europe and beyond.  Actually in real life, which we sensible people call reality MANY JEWS DON'T EVEN HAVE MIDDLE EASTERN DNA, yet want to genocide their cousins for a homeland based on being 'Jewish'. Are you sure it isnt the blonde and blue eyed in you that doesnt have the instinct to genocide your Middle Eastern cousins? Seems many of you that I have seen look more closely aligned with Nazis generically than the  Middle Eastern Semetic peoples you claim you all hail from.

And after you get Chrstians out of Arabia when you take the Islamic wak jobs and oppressors out  of   Europe make sure  you also destroy the churches over there, specifically the Catholic Church which was simply Rome reinventing itself to again rule the fuckin world. I much prefer Romulus and Remus and the She Wolf to that Kraut Pope in power now.

Return Europe to our pagan religions, go the fuck back to the Middle East AND STAY THERE.

Fight it out amongst yourselves IN Your own homeland becuz European peoples have been OPPRESSED BY ABRAHAMIC RELIGIONS LONG ENOUGH. 

And return all of the US back to Native paganism, becuz that is a genocide that needs justice not the Jews constantly using WWII to divert attention fromm their own war crimes.

Heres a solution: the Middle  East and all it's religious garbage and crazy, argumentative, greedy, savage peoples can go fuck themselves.

Fuck Jesus, the Messiah and Allah. All storybook characters made up by mere mortal men for political manipulation of the masses. Perhaps they all lived at one time-but none should have the influence in death they have now. And the Messiah might as well be dead becuz he keeps not showing up.

Get the fuck away from Europeans and EuroAmericans. At least there are some Natives left here that arent stupid enough to fall for Christianity.

Yeah get rid of the Christian churches on the Arabic peninsula. but then please do away with yourselves as well and go back to your own territory and stay out of countries that aren't yours. Go the fuck back to the Middle East take the Jews with you and go kill each other.

Let us go back to being the achieving, smart, good looking artistic, evolved European peoples.

  However in advance thanks for getting rid of the Christian influence thats been oppressing us for a 1500 years or so.

Worse than that might be the now Jewish influence like I mentioned to the media and the arts and rhetoric it cetera slowly turning every EuroFolk into total unconscious slaves.

The Christian influence is out right brainwashing and seems like the damage to European peoples is permanent  now thanks to the beat down from the Roman Catholic Church during the Inquisition.

And now we have to deal with radical Muslims fucking up everything in Europe.

Great idea HazzlieBabbaMohammad whoever you are. Must suck to fear clitorises.

In Europe, many countries, women held power naturally and men respected this.

Yeah, take your clit chopping, misogynist, greedy DNA with you. And stay on your side of the fence permanently.

Dont come back now, ya here??

By the way FUCK OIL.

Fuck the Middle Eastern dependant western system.

Enough of the sheep and lemmings leading us all into oblivion.

Remember their Jesus said 'give back to Ceasar what is Caesar's"? Return to the Middle East what is their's.

And return to us what is ours.

Destroy all Abrahamic religions. And return the radical, nonsensical, sexist, greedy, opressive, limiting races behind them to their homelands.


I dont want world peace...there never was such a thing. I only want freedom to express my DNA as it was meant to be expressed. Not under the tyranny of oil, or foreign powers either through becoming Europe's mask thrust upon by Rome, parasitic shadow culture that sneaks into providing our arts, media, banking and education or overtly through oil, money or terrorism or systematic rape.

You want Christianity out of your backyard. We understand...becuz there are.those of us that want you, your cousins and your religions out of ours.

As if any Italians who are true, savvy and honest with themselves when facing their history actually believe in Christianity-for those that do-you are no longer truly Italian. But a bitch of the Jews and the Roman ruling families who found a clever way to ensure there reigned an emporer who could never be dethroned. I know it and everyone with Roman blood in our veins knows it.

Fuck the Middle East.

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  1. Fuck the middle east? No other area in the world has women more beautiful, kind, and loving than Lebanon, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, and the rest. And the strongest of all, and even if the jew does conquer them, (that would not be until they are all dead though because they fight til death for who they are unlike amerikan pussies) they have lasted, and fought the longest. And I would rather love a middle eastern woman than any amerikan cunt whore anyday. If an amerikan bitch was getting punched, raped, killed I would f'in look the other way and say good for the selfish piece of shit.