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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Food Court At Longwood Medical Center Is Perp Hot Spot

Has been, is and always will be a gang stalking hot spot. Especially the idiots at Red Barn coffee who i ignored which is really all they deserve.

Got distracted left my phone there....thats how bad the in person harassment is. No one stole my phone surprisingly.

And they had people there who were using all kinds of tactics that seemd more professional than  just a bumch of kids or amateurs.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I got skits that seemed very professionally done. Like this one convenience store. I walk past there every goddamned night with no problems. Last night, however, they put on a whopper of a skit, a girl who works there and her friend. And it seemed professional done, at least it seemed scripted by someone. And it's interesting that they always leave me alone there, until last night.

And one hallmark of professionally-done skits is that they seem very much like a personal attack on you. But I've determined that sometimes it isn't really a personal attack; that's just the thoroughness of the psychological aspect. I've been getting the impression through my research that psychologists and behavioral scientists are involved. The surveillance data is collected and given to them, and they parse it all, and come up with certain scenarios, go through likes and dislikes of the TI, and figure out where they can manufacture likes and dislikes through repeated conditioning. In your case, they must have figured that you have a background of hanging out with blacks, growing up. You knew good from bad blacks. And now they are using this against you, trying to work on your dislike of certain unfavored blacks, your knowledge of what makes a bad from a good person. and they are using what seems to be black male assholes trying to get inside your pants.

What are the chances they really are going to try getting you to fuck with them? The system would never allow you to contact them anyways. They seem to be working some sort of hatred/like of certain subgroups of blacks on you. And that's where your campaign is personalized: the psychologists and behavioral scientists are the "pros" that you are referring to, and they dream all of this stuff up. And it could also be an efficient use of a convenient demographic in the cities you visit to accomplish this.

Anonymous said...

[continued/had to break post/too long/don't know if I overlapped]

They have pros on their stuff that figure all of this shit out. It could only be done by real psychologists, and maybe they have additional credits in psychological warfare.

And that's probably why the psychaitrist was giving you the phony diagnoses. All that had to do is collobrate with the "pros" (the perps, who are really staff psychologists working for the system). It's designed to look like people are doing it for revenge, but that's just an illusion because of the hard work they put into figuring out a target's psyche.

It seems unrealistic that this many people could really hate one person so much. It's just not feasible. Especially since different people express hate in different ways. Yet, they are all doing it the same way, as though they were following a script that followed from a very professionally worked psychological profile. It's designed to look like jealous assholes who are one-track minded who can't seem to curb their obsessiveness over a target's set of traits. It's done with a collaboration of mental healthy professionals.

After what happened last night, it hit a low point. I was really going crazy, but then those girls doing the skit, who seemed to hate me and wanted to mob me raised some questions: 1) why have they never "attacked" me with a skit before? I had been walking past there for months with not a peep. 2) The one girl involved waved and said "hi", and seemed to be like a co-worker more than a hater, like she was doing a job.

In a small town, you'd notice that it seems like someone different is taking turns with others doing the mobbing. In fact they seem to be scared of something, like what happens if they get picked to put on a skit and they refuse? That's why it's important not to react. I reacted by putting my middle finger up to the sky to show the asshole pros that I knew they did it, they scripted all of it, it's THEIR work and not the vicious attack of jealous bitches. I kept it there for some time. Just sick of some of this bullsh

Anonymous said...

An offshoot of this professionally-designed campaign, meant to make us think everyone hates and despises us: I've found it's also designed to make us think certain people love us, or that we are "popular" (in an underground sort of way), like a lot of people desire us. I think that too is the calculated result of psy-ops. Probably nobody really hates nor loves us as much as we think they do. In reality, I think nobody really gives shit, just plays their role assigned to them, and goes about their daily lives as ignorant animals/slaves of the system. I find this from personal experience over the years. For example, I think a lot of people "know" about me and really like me a lot, but then if I meet them in person, all the seem to care about is playing their psy-op role and then getting the F out. I had an experience today "running into" a fellow and chatting for a while. It seems like the system made sure our paths would cross by design, and then that he would do his conversation with me. I'm not sure he really cared about anything other than doing his assigned role, which was that he looked like a former prof of mine from a long time ago. The "Hey I remember you" line he used is an example, because that is exactly what the prof said when I went to visit my university back in 2006. And he shared some physical traits with him. And why would a complete stranger share with me that his family member died of cancer? He seems friendly, but that's sharing a little too much info. I know the system wanted him to mention losing someone to cancer.

Either that, or everyone is getting crazy, including myself. I try to stay sane. But I find myself wanting to submit and "obey" the system. It's just not worth getting mad at these people doing psy-ops, because firstly, "gangstalking" is officially denied, hence they aren't "officially" harassing me in an legally recognized sense. Secondly, I can only get myself in trouble with the law if I get mad at them. And of course, the cops seem more interested in watching me closely, CLOSELY instead of going after the animals on the streets. It's a game the victim can never win, unless something is done at an official level to eradicate it. And I know they aren't going to do that, because TI's are too much of an asset to the system. Too much money and profit in the form of black ops is at stake for certain companies. Companies invest in the system, and they get paid back in some manner.

The "pros" are making sure I am always feeling cheated and picked on, so that I am filled with negative emotions, even as they see I see that I have no way out.

Anonymous said...

I just saw this, the kid who brutally attacked the teacher in the alley:

He played football for some time and also received instruction in wrestling and boxing. She said he's "very intelligent but not street-wise" and that he easily follows others because he "wants to be part of a posse or crew."

Read more:

Yeah, that also could be the piece of the puzzle. You may be right that some of these people get involve because they want some street cred, like they want to be badasses. Some of them, anyways. The world is full of badass, rebellious conformist sheeples desiring nothing more than to fit in.