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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Fellow TI Sums Up GS as Fear And .Control

Met another supposed Target. Person is unaware its called GS and all that goes with it.

Things she said made this click. About her own story that is.

Seems that I was close to family and friends who were involved in organized crime and child trafficking. That Ive known but i had so much else going on with the human experimentation through my mother as well as the complex issue of programming survivorship that I cud never see the basics or put them together.

And remember I was born into a corrupt family to begin with.

And naturally was either attracted to or purposefully drawn to corrupt people.

She said the situation had to do with human trafficking. She was close to someone found to be involved. A nobody according to society's standards.

Someone who was caught saying that women should be abused and put in their place.

She didnt know the exact way the business is set up but that mafia is involved. That he may have acted as a go between or physically transporting girls from point A to B.

She claims to have experienced the  druggings, attempted murder with long term poisoning, what is defined as the following: organized stalking and harassment, psych warfare, and metaphysical disturbances (the 'black magic' or spells seemingly used on victim that many Targets make claim to). Shes also noted the harassment seems to network through different geographical locations with variances. Usually this acrivity depends on how corrupt the local police are, business contracts with certain entities etc.

She also claims gas lighting was a problem.

The rest of what she seems to know about the issue seemed to come from whats on the internet and in conspiracy forums or activist's work. She seemed familiar with the grand conspiracy theory up to Illuminati but was unfamiliar with the term gang stalking.

This might be  a good feedback for activists like myself to keep on sectioning off information so that people who need info about GS and the basic level of whats going dont get swept away into the grand conspiracy theories.

I know due to my own isolation from the GS community as well as constant harassment, this blog has lost focus over the past few years.

Its a mess and a disaster but I don't have time or resources to clean it up. I still havent made the Homeless TI blog nor the WordPress OnMC blog what they were originally envisioned to be.

Ive become so victinized under my own torment, failing health and GS campaign and brainwashing or even metaphysical/psych warfare victimization that I have not been a very focused activist.

Years ago i strayed becuz my artistic impulses wud interject into the blogs becuz that is what youthful drives I had to succeed to begin with.

But lately its become muddled under my difficulties, negative effects of constant negative experiences and largely just due to failing health and the effects of brain damage, along with what seems like more effective tech on a great percentage of the United States-unless u live in an underground bunker with no cell reception.

One thing she did mention defined the situation simply: "Its about fear and control".

We cant make claim that we have experienced direct knowledge of an Illuminati and these great conspiracies-we can testify that we've experienced GS and it being about fear and control.

Isolating a TI and ensuring they r around bad people or people not as committed to fighting the cause as we r, ensures we will become lost in our own situations.

Always keep in mind too that this person like qny other cud b a plant.


  1. An article on Wikipedia attempts to dismiss gangstalking as a belief system of people suffering from a persecutory delusion:


    Multiple news reports have described how groups of Internet users have cooperated to exchange detailed conspiracy theories involving coordinated activities by large numbers of people called gang stalking, and the use of "psychotronic weapons" and other alleged mind control techniques. Descriptions include red and white cars following victims, vandalism of their homes, snickering by those around them. These are generally reported by external observers as being examples of belief systems, as opposed to reports of objective phenomena. Experts say Web sites that amplify reports of mind control and group stalking represent a dark side of social networking. They may reinforce the troubled thinking of the mentally ill and impede treatment.

    Interesting, because they touch on some of the more verifiable actions that victims, and they get to suffer this every day. And the "external observers" haven't been sensitized or conditioned over a period of years. How many years do targets experience this, and these kinds of activities are just child's play compared to how deep they can go. I get all of these, and even more. It's like saying a symphony contains a few notes being played. I get so much of these, and there's a whole lot more, like dream invasions and imposed visions and aural experiences as well.

    "Experts say Web sites that amplify reports of mind control and group stalking represent a dark side of social networking. They may reinforce the troubled thinking of the mentally ill and impede treatment." I had to laugh at this one. I think this whole paragraph reflects the sheer selfishness of those involved. It's also so extremely noteworthy the extent to which those participants will actually stick up for those doing the harassment, time and again.

    I mean what are the chances that a TI is "retarded" or "a sheep"? Those are the new ones I've gotten today. And the "retarded" comment comes from the system trying to negate the truth about me. So how ridiculous is that comment? This goes to show how desperate the system is to get results. They know my IQ is well over 100. Well over that. And now they are trying to have perps say I am a sheep and retarded?

    Is this desperation on their part to get results? All I see is a trash society, and a bunch of the population trying hard to keep it that way. They've really outdone themselves.

    Are they really out of tricks? Or are they just so arrogant, they really do think TI's are sheep and retarded? And getting laughed at by people like private maintenance contractors? Really, the system must have this huge jealousy problem. And I should have no problems going against this system. There is nothing the system can give me that I would want anyways. I don't sell out, I keep it real, and I don't like achieving anything if it can't be done without cheating or without honor. I think the system is just losing its classy ways and wits big time by resulting to such farcical insinuations.

    Do they even know what kind of people they send after TIs? Does nobody care that some people are trying to fight for the cause of good?

  2. Are you totally ignoring the effects the storm had on the east coast? That's ok , I dont hold that against you. Just like they ignore us, or treat us like crap daily; and what now they want help from us, I got other things to do, selfish things for myself, and my family. Volunteer? Donate? No, i think I'll just spend my free time in self absorbtion.

  3. Storms r normal occurences in Nature. Humans take the earth's machinations far too personally while ignoring OUR destruction of the environment and other aninals/species. Northeasterners can survive anything -we just usually whine and dramatize alot. I have the best luck as a Traveler if nothing else in life. I always get guided away before bad weather. I am more concerned about the use of technologies chemicals and psy ops on the masses and Taegeted Individuals than I am Nature doing what its been doing since time began...