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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Truman Show Syndrome-With Dead Celebrities?

One indication that TIs get that this system is a scam and a deception is that when a TI experiences Truman Show effect (In  refuse to call it syndrome becuz i know its an EFFECT of the tech/psychic warriors or whatever. Its a falsehood and deception.)  instead of recieving supposed psychic impressions from living celebrities we get them from people who've been dead for years. Mental illness? Well not when under these circumstances: I share  a pic of a store in Berkeley CA from my friends photos on my social network. I then get a supposed psychic impression from a celebrity who was and is heavily associated with 60s freakiness in CA. THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME THIS HAS OCCURED. Where this specific musical celebrity has appeared to make psychic contact after posting on my social network about San Francisco or Berkeley CA. As if he has seen the post and is 'thinking' about me or my posting. Yet THIS MUSICIAN HAS BEEN DEAD FOR YEARS. What, did he fake his own death or something? If so who cares anyway? Who knows what the elite are really up to. If they r living underground or if they on the space stations aldready or on Mars in YUPpie condo colonies...i dont care really. It could be possible that he was well loved by rebels if u will and escaped persecution by going underground. Its possible. But it seems like more of a deception by the sytem in this location (Cambridge MA) where this type of harassment if u will is always part of the program. WHEN I LEAVE THIS LOCATION I HAVE DOCUMENTED I DO NOT GET THESE EFFECTS. My imagination cud go a bit further-some fate more horrible than marginalization du to going underground-cloning???So some memories from that poor thing wud b familiar to them. Yek..chilling. The only other dead person ive gotten supposed impressions from are two famous people who years ago seemed to contact me upon death as if seeking direction-Dio and Dennis Hopper. Those were horrible and I never wanted to experience that again. Why wud anyone come into psychic contact with me at the moment of their death?? I dont get it. Its all mindgames to guilt the Target and drive us to insanity or to act out. It seems Cali has a nasty little system that can influence over thousands of miles. i know i get effected from their system just calling people in San Diego on the phone. The blacks r nicer there but they r wayy into handling TIs there. More bullsht..more attempted brainwasig. Note that my Blgger app malfunctioned while trying to post this and my cell. Its takeb me a half hour or more...ridiculous. (time to stop emitting signals so they dont get traced or just more mind games?)

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