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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Everything in this area outside Harvard Sq Sucks

Central Sq and everything around it sucks. Its horrible the people are horrible and its homeless are terrible.

Only upon returning to Harvard Sq do I feel safe or happy.

I dearly wish i did not have to leave  Harvard for anything ever. Errands laundry food all brings troubles to me outside Harvard.  Central sq, Porter Sq, North Cambridge. Boston is tolerable in small doses. At least I  feel somewhat empowered there. Outside Harvard is so shitty for people like me.

I hate the rest of Cambridge i mean sincerely. Its so full of the biggest assholes. Even the nice part behind Central near MICROCENTER. Total gang stalking hotspot. All the worst yuppie assholes.

Only Harvard has redeemed itself in this over time.

For some reason, Tory Row keeps us safe here also. Dunno what thats about.  I feel it though...dont even know if its protection from the living or the dead. Doesnt matter i guess.

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