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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Stock Market Crash Predicted For 2013

I'm being 'guided' to either stay in this area and get housed or get out of the USA completely.

This may be why.


Mike said...

I absolutely can't believe I forgot to ever tell you about an audio technique they used to do on me quite often, but not so much anymore. So often they would whistle in my presence, not a tune, but a quick cuckoo, or yoohoo. A more present technique they are using is a visual since I thought to wear headphones, that being putting there index fingers to their head, I would guess ro remind a suicide ideation.

Mike said...

I write the techniques to you to expose them, and if there is a faction that is investigating groupstalking they can look for certain signals they normally would not notice. I believe it also disrupts them to have to get new techniques to avoid being outed once exposed. One thing for sure, they definitely took notice when I started wearing headphones, someone even suggested I learn sign language if I move to another nation, I assume that would be to subject me to stalking had I not known the language of the land so well.