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Thursday, October 11, 2012

The System Decided To Allow The Bust Of Two Taiwanese nationals conspiring to export sensitive u.S. military technology to China,%20Hui%20Sheng%20&%20Chang,%20Huan%20Ling%20Amended%20Complaint%20News%20Release.html

 Shen and Chang returned to the United States in February 2012 to finalize negotiations for a series of larger drug transactions and to look at and photograph certain military technology that the FBI UCs said they had acquired. Shen and Chang met with FBI UCs in New York to see a small drone, used by the U.S. military, as well as manuals associated with other drones. <i>Shen and Chang had purchased cameras for the explicit purpose of taking photographs of the defense technology. The pair planned to avoid law enforcement detection by taking photographs, deleting those photographs, and bringing the memory cards back to China, where a contact had the ability to recover deleted items. The defendants took the photos, but FBI agents were there to arrest them before the photos could be deleted.

See now THATS the beauty of using innocent children (mind controlled slaves or programmed people, this is what 'Survivors' refers to in my work)with compartmentalized minds who are hypnotized as well as very verbal, bright and having DNA of artists. Photographic memories are useful when you dont want to get caught with photographs or you cant trust adults to back stab you by perhaps double crossing you and selling to someone else instead or also.

Pity they treat us like dolls who are just to be destroyed when we get to be 29 years old or so..or get one wrinkle and at 33 start looking 25.

Nice huh? That some foriegn assholes are going to be buying drones. Isnt it enough that these bastards got all the jobs over there now so that poor EuroAmericans cant get work (so are forced to either upshift and become YUPpies or slum it and go into ghetto culture).   Its not enough they have shitty human rights policies and practices, or that they have all these companies over there now. They also have to start buying drones.

The joke is that anyone who really wanted to get around the big guys would already have mind controlled spies to be..well as big as the big guys are now.

I wouldnt be surprised if getting someone like me a Survivor to blab about programming is some third world pathetic attempt at trying to engineer some sort of mind controlled slave. Well its worthless becuz if you havent noticed, the big guys have such people under control via the tech and spy networks already, at least to identify who we are etc.

All this bs left over from the Cold War and 20th century needs to go. The pollution, use of fossil fuel, fighting over religious bs, racial crap, DISRESPECT of races based on some bizarre idea that people will get along once 'race' no longer exists so we should interbreed furiously. WHICH IS STUPID BECUZ NO ONE  REALIZING THAT HUMANS ARE RACIAL CREATURES BY NATURE. ONCE AGAIN PEOPLE DONT WANT TO FACE THE FACT HUMANS ARE ANIMALS. ONCE WE ARE ALL MIXED, THERE WILL BE RACISM BETWEEN THE BLONDE DARK EYED KINKY HAIRED ASIAN MIXES AND THE GREEN EYED DARKER NOT KINKY HAIRED BRUNETTE WHATEVER WHATEVER. ALL YOU WILL BE DOING IS CREATING NEW MIXES OF RACES FOR PEOPLE TO BE RACIST OVER.

WAKE THE FUCK UP HUMANS ARE RACIALISTS. SOME ARE AND SOME ARENT AND SOME ARE TO A POINT, SOME ONLY TO CERTAIN RACES. Sheesh. WHEN is mankind going to face his OWN SHIT before trying to engineer the rest of us into some perfect world.  IF YOU ARE TRYING TO CREATE A PERFECT RACE YOU ARE LIKE HITLER, dumb ass.

But people dont see it that way. They are so brainwashed by the NWO that they do not realize its wrong to hate anyone-even the haters or races who have had RECENT historical dominance- enough to want to wipe anyone out at all. IS WRONG.

BTW, during the reign of some of my DNA, ancient Rome, having blue eyes and blonde hair was considered a cowardly nature. Romans were the enslaving conquerors.  And blonde barbarians came in and took over. Fine.

Now they are considered the bad overlords. And the darker peoples are suckered into believing it by the same elite who have been running the world for millenia by playing Divide and Conquer with the public.  Jesus came out of going up against Rome. Now he's oppressive.

There is no steadfast rule of who is bad or good as far as race goes. And trying to claim there is no such thing as race is ridiculous as well. And trying to market blacks as the next overlord race is going to get nothing more than resistance from those of us who have been resisting oppression from various sources since the beginnings of our peoples traveling through the world and the ice age.

Its a joke- trying to take pics of military tech and actually get away with it. I am sure it happens, becuz they allow it too or becuz they want to TEST VARIOUS SYSTEMS of either catching people, tracking people or even UNETHICAL HUMAN EXPERIMENTATION that seems to be allowing crimes to occur to see how humans react in certain situations. Even allowing certain factions to become powerful through crime.

I know one thing from my years as a TI- nothing happens, not one tiny little thing on this earth now, without THEM knowing about it.  If you get away with murder then it must either be good for business, not of concern to them becuz they figure thats what human ANIMALS do to each other anyway, or they are observing for some reason.

I personally recall one flash of memory where I was shown some sort of jet plane in a hangar as a toddler. Cant say its accurate or if its a 'screen memory' to throw me off. Dont care either. Becuz whatever kind of tech it was is long since been surpassed by now.

Lol, THEY can even hack into digital cameras as you are using them and erase stuff on your sd card or make sure the shot never makes it to the card..or to appear as so.  Its hysterical to think that someone even tried this. If this is going on at all and people are getting away with things like this its either not of any consequence to the big picture or thier main affairs or its on purpose so different countries and people will get military tech or sensitive tech.  What, to create more chaos or to arm everyone?

I am so beyond caring anymore. WHO CARES.

So we are going to have a world of slanty blue eyed, kinky haired, medium complexioned clones who all are armed with drones????  Good luck with your STUPID plan for 'Peace Through Tyranny' (another dumb OBEY shirt by that total tool of the oppressor- Shephard Fairey. That guy is so obviously some sort of agent or the like. And no one, in all my writings has yet to get it when I say he's got connections. Doesnt he look like a rock star who has too many children to begin with and probably more he doesnt know about ?? FROM BOSTON???  Give it UP. How many members of that DNA pool work for the bad guys? Sheesh. Everyone from that family tree is involved in political intrigue somehow or pushing the agenda. Its disgusting really.   The guy was talented- but not that talented. His art serves the agenda.  He's scum.)

Peace Through Tyranny.. is there somewhere I can hide from the stupid people?  Like one of those Secret Cities in Russia? Can we rent those now as private citizens? Becuz I dont thing Europe is going to work. Theres probably YUPpie idiots over there too, probably less annoying culturally is all.

Antarctica?  It sounds nice. NO PEOPLE.  Perhaps move just people I like there, who arent IDIOTS!!!

Next time you do any crime and get away with it remember this: you either are so unimportant that its inconsequential (ha-ha), you are helping the agenda in some way so you are allowed to exist or you havent become a problem yet or of use to them as a Useful Idiot but your time will come.

Becuz somebody is always watching-all these security and surveillance systems- every Target knows that whatever it is that observes us, protects us and torments us has hacked into those cameras. EVERYWHERE WE GO.

Good luck with the espionage- its so 20th century.

Youve got high level military men on thier death beds giving affidavits testifying they saw Isreali and our own military present for drug deals and smuggling operations yet still on the 'best' news shows that we are supposed to take seriously, they still stick to the story that Mexico is a big drug smuggler and the military is battling them and its suuucch a big problem we cant win.  BULLSHIT.
All lies- and everyone is full of sh*t.


Mike said...

I randomly read through this, about the 29 year age start of this. Seems to be about right, although the chemical warfare may have started earlier. You know what, I cant pin point the years this started, though aside from random snubbing, people wanting to fight me (clear jealousy back then) I was the guy every girl wanted so I guess that is expected. If I turned down a girl they would show their claws. The guys same ole illimination of the competition. Cant be sure this was g.s though. But I will say I havent ever had a real trustworthy friend ever, maybe one or two.

Anonymous said...

From my experience, it's like they don't want to see the truth. They want to shut it all out. That could be why they stick up for other ignoramus types who exhibit talent and intelligence, etc. They'd rather encourage the harasser/mobbing/perp types and nurture/enable them. It's like when you have a lawn, and you sticlk up for the Dandelions and weeds that take over. If weeds started taking over the lawn, you make sure THEY grow and the grass dies. It's so amazingly stupid, but it's true.

I don't really know if it's male-centric. I guess it tends to be, yes. I don't see them discouraging female perps at all; in fact, they WANT more stupid women. Again, the stupid women are like the weeds. And the blades of grass, for some strange reason, wants to make sure the weeds spread and grow instead of the nice lush and green blades of grass.

Yeah, that's right. Stick up for the ignorance. Just throw shit everywhere on the ground. If you're a TI, they make sure they see that they are marginalizing you and sticking up for people who have insulted you out of jealousy. It's crazy to run a campaign based on this. Don't they want good people running society? Why drive them out, and make sure second-best dumbos siding with corruption run things?

A good example is Corbett here in PA. He has this thing now where the Oh the state is losing so much money, and his solution is to put the hammer down on sellers on online sites not charging PA use tax if the buyer lives in PA. Ridiculous. Another republican asshole type who wants to tax the shit out of the Little Guy, but take it easy on big corporations. And the dick waited until he took office to go after that predator to make himself look good.