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Nothing like co-opting the likes of Malcolm X crossed with a bit of preacher, who eerily resembles Anton LaVey to further the deception of Artificial Intelligence. Humans can't even preserve the natural environment provided for us that keeps our bodies nourished and healthy, why could be possibly be trusted to create life? It's becoming apparent that the future is going to branch off into two factions of people in the west or even globally-those who will buy into this enslavement and those who wish to live alternatively to that world being created.

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Been hit hard lately, causing aggession

Been posting stuff lately thats been awful. Notice the past two days...Saturday as usual was real horrible. As it always is. And Sunday i was very angry and could at least express it.

Something about being in the city is making me nuts.

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Anonymous said...

There's always some means to cause aggression. I too have been hit hard, causing aggression, and unfortunately, the desire to self-injure. With me, they've been doing it via media psy-ops. But since the system is like the All-seeing eye, they can tell which means works best. If I don't get out days at a time, they will use well-timed media psy-ops. But the key is that it is precisely and crisply executed, causing the desired effect.

There was the aggression, and the need for me to get out to relieve the aggression. Unfortunately, there was some yelling involved on my part in order to get relief. I'm sure they pushed for self-injury, as well as for discreditation.