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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Israel and Judaism as Related To GangStalking, RA and 9-11 pt2

The Jews are an ancient people. To believe they arent capable of real magickal practice is naive...and foolish. 

Ive always known this-but they arent the only people who practice such things. What worries me is it appears other extremely powerful factions and individuals are helping them in their goals.

Thats a pretty big ritual-destroying those towers. And all the death in the wars like Iraq.  I could still feel the effects even on the highway outside NYC during the Bush era. The energy was still there.

The problem here is that modern people are being kept from the reality of science and magick. That they work together. They always have. This is why its so important to keep down and destroy many tribes or peoples strong in magickal ability like the Irish, the Nordics..many EuroPeoples. The Africans still practice their pagan power but much of Africa is Muslim or Christian, as are many people of African descent in western societies.

This is also why the Jews are the most powerful of the three Abrahamic religions. They are still connected to their ancient homeland and pagan rooted religion. They havent taken on a foriegn belief system as mostly every other people have.

Imagine how much power you could have if you knew as a secret society who was truly magickally capable, truly powerful and who was just being decieved through religion. Who are the players and who are the fools.


Anonymous said...

You know, there is something very wrong here. They couldn't catch bin Laden for over a decade. All this stuff about well he's hiding in a cave, or he has to be dead. But why is there such a manhunt and so much hoopla over one person (TI)? And why is there so much coverage with psywarfare? The local newspapers, ads companies, news web sites direct so much of their efforts at targeting one or a few TI's. Why is that? And this has been going on since 2000 in my case. Very strong effort since 2000. The local police were teaming up with regular streetclothed gangstalkers back in May of 2000, when it was so hot.

OK, so that was May/2000. So what was going on? Well, the 9/11 hijackers were getting visas and taking flight lessons so they could suicide bomb landmarks. And yet, there was this big vicious slander campaign going on here, and certain locals knew things they shouldn't have around that time frame.

So I can't believe that nobody knew potential terrorists were greasing the wheels of a terrorist plot to bomb the US. On 9/11, one of my coworkers said to me, this isn't terrorism; this is WAR (against the US). That guy mentioned Israel and bin Laden as the main culprits.

Are there parts of the US govt. that knew nothing about what was about to happen? Because there was a vicious manhunt against me and other TI's, and there were extensive intelligence used to find out things about what I was doing in my daily life. But no hijackers from the middle East? And to this day, the perps and the system have shown that the safety to the US from outside threats takes a back seat to psych. warfare against one or a few targets.

Now how fair is that? They've downplay all the bad things that happen in terms of national security, and instead work them into my campaign. I'm sure they've done the same to you. They don't give a shit about this country or its people. It used to be a nice place to live, before the assholes got a hold of all their tech toys to play with. Stalkers. Why don't they go after real threats instead of playing TIs like they're fools?

There is something that really pisses me off with their obsession with minimizing TI's at the expense of national security. I hope something happens to these people who have access to these "toys". They need to learn a lesson. Why not go after real terrorists? If they can do all of that, why not do psych. warfare to bona fide threats to our nation? Why do it to innocent people their Coalition has a jealousy problem with?

I can't understand why such a large mass of people, govt. agencies, and syndicates, have such a huge obsession over stalking and surveillance and torture of one person. I don't. It makes no sense? I rarely see other people getting targeted, bullied, and harassed by the System the way I do. So why use so many people, resources, etc.? Why? Even they have other more important things to take care of.

If I do get my activism kicked into high gear, I'm going to get my "Get a Life", or "Find the Perps a Toy to play with" campaign kicked in. These people are so cowardly and sheepish, too, that they send after TI's. But then they are just lower level tools.

Anonymous said...

Oh well, I'm out. I don't know. The lesson here is: don't you dare be smart or killer in terms of quality (intelligence, talent, physique), because their massive contingent of jealous haters (some of whom have access to "weapons") will come after you with a huge huge mob and spending tons of money in resources doing it.

There is no cure for this, is there? I wish it was as simple as finding the perps and others involved girlfriends. Maybe if we toss them a poison hamburger like the perps did to my German Shepard back in 1982? Isn't that what perps do, though... poison the pets of targets? Could be isolated. Maybe the dude that did this was mind controlled. He did beat a 3 year old girl to death (the daughter of his live-in girlfriend). I'm sure the system is going to sticking up for this guy (who I've heard got killed in prison because they hate child molesters/killers) to the fullest extent possible. Watch, they will spend massive amounts of black monies in psy-ops to make it look like this dude was some kind of angel just to torment me.

And those are the types of people the system employs: child killers, burglars, killer of personal pets. He was all of that, rolled into one. Actually, if such a person could be of use in helping reducing the target, they will use him. They don't care about ethics or morals; only getting THEIR way. And we are supposed to agree with that?

The people involved in mind control are so vicious and ruthless and so lacking in basic ethics, decency, it's not funny. They have the makeup of a Charles Manson. All senseless murders and killings (erm "reform" sorry my mistake).

Anonymous said...

And I wonder who these Elite are that hate us so much? The impression I get from them through their directed psyops is that I am supposed to be some sort of redneck or something. Why would they do that? That means these Elite must be super duper to the 100th power highly educated and ultra-refined individuals who write symphonies and read Shakespeare on the toilet instead of a girly mag. Is it any wonder why Mozart suddenly died at age 36, and nobody to this day knows exactly why? I figure it's because he was a peon compared to them, maybe they felt he was a "redneck" too, because they are so privileged, and the truth was right in front of them. Mozart was the Elite, not the "Elite" who were jealous and who felt that they were better. Mozart could write a big opera in a matter of days. Surely, the Elite would have none of that?

And now I understand the symbolism of Amadeus. The heavily ficitionalized Salieri represent the ancient Elite, who saw that this man had more gift than they did (the "voice of God" as Salieri put it). Salieri is just an embodiment of a jealous contingent who feel that they should be the ones who are great, not some peon from Saltzburg.

And now I realize that the real life Antonio Salieri may not have been the way portrayed in the movie, and in fact, may have been set up to look like he was leading some effort to have him rubbed out. I feel that the real life Salieri was not jealous, but was frustrated at the ability of Mozart to churn out massive quantities of well-written works in short order.

Elite: "Hey there's the Billy Jim Bob from Saltzburg named Amadeus who can shit out a better symphony than any of us could labor for years over! I know, let's use our resources and devious connections to hire some people who are expert at getting rid of inconvenient people!! Gosh, we is so ELITE!! We are Elite, not that hillbilly from Saltzburg".

And of course, there are some theories on the internet that his wife felt some high ranking free masons were behind it. Whatever. Doesn't matter. These Elite belong to Lodges, so that's where the Masons come in.

Check out how Mozart may have looked around the time he died:

That is, if this portrait is genuine, which is dubious. And now compare to the way he looks in other portraits: no longer is he thin and devilishly handsome, but has gotten fat and worn out. But I like this portrait, because it shows he was a real human being with limitations who was living in an imperfect world. I don't know what these people think who do these things to people like Mozart. Jealous haters, cabals of "Elite" who feel they should be awesome instead of people like this.