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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Romney-Marching Forth Into Oblivion

Listen i agree with people not improving themselves as being wrong. Ive seen enough of it being from MA and being homeless.

However, if a person like myself and my mother tries to get justice for us and make the govt and other entities involved responsible for THEIR behavior but we get covertly harassed into not doing so and as part of the continued experimentation I become targeted constantly i pretty much have no choice but to live off the system.

The LDS church is one of the main sources for Survivors of RA. They are up to something out there in the southwestern desert along with the US military and all those bases.

Ive experienced more mind control and harassment that's brutal, viscous and breaks interational laws.

Obviously its time for Romney to get paid back for he and his family's (Laura) part in helping out whatever entities are beind MK Ultra.

The country is totally brainwashed now and living under mass mind control. People are tired of house slave Obama and the planned failure his entire presidency was meant to be, just so a Republican who appeared Liberal as MA gov can get elected.

Note how Obama has made a law that says no matter where enemies of the US go in the world now, they can be gotten to. Its probably preparing for some big takedown action or when Romney becomes president knowing people who felt they could live here as dissidents will flee.

Again a scary crazy Republican is being used to get Obama elected. If Obama gets in once again we will be greatful for the lesser of two evils.

For anyone fighting the NWO the fact this is playing out while all the while more police get drones in the skies over American cities shud b enough of a warning sign.

Its unbelievable but the unthinkable conspiracy scenerios might just play out eventually.

I am being guided under no circumstances stay in the US-no matter who gets in.

I.wanted to hit the southwest very quickly to dry out alot of mold damage thats been brought on this year by staying in Boston too long and now the moldy, humid south.

Yet I am being guided that there isnt time. And last Nov or so when in Abq NM I was squatting somewhere, baseball practice nearby. Looked at batting cage and had strange, disturbing premonition that one day I would end   up in such a cage-and it would end my life.

FEMA or concentration camp? True premonition or the GS shadow system 'hacking' into the good guidance system to produce bad or disinformation to mislead??

Due to the changes to the electromagnetic and psychic environment I started to have trouble with preminitions being accurate as of late Clinton. Perhaps even earlier. Bad advice was certainly a power of this system but after a certain age you break through that. Now its as if the guidance system is broken into, hacked in order to provide bad misleading info.

People who are claiming to be Christians like Ann Coultier and other religions like Romney or even Bush's Christian right are all really tools of the great deceivers. Forces that are anti human, anti life and part of the powerful Satanic network. If u r programmed, of course u will believe any bs thats put in there. And thats why anyone heavily religious who brings that into their politics is very dangerous.

I dont recall past presidents having to name national healthcare after themselves or the media doing so.

The country has become a cult and Ive met alot of stupid people who, due to the terror and intimidation under Bush can no longer handle entertaining the truth about whats wrong with these candidates or the country.

America up until now has sucked. Its about to become very deadly..its for real this time.


Anonymous said...

Plus Romney wants to do like Reagan, and scale back the government. Romney was also saying about contracting out more government functions to "private contractors". And of course you know what that implies? "Private contractors", like from the private sector? Yeah, put more power into the hands of corrupt private contractors, so he can't get caught pulling off extra surveillance and torture.

Mike said...

A woman just jumped in front of a train again today in staten island. I can feel a cloud over this area, there's a sadness, a hopelessness heavy in the air. So far in a little over one week 2 male head on car crashes, and 2 females jumping in front of trains. The thing that makes me really sad is that I believe this is only the beginning of the worst depression this country has ever seen. I been getting strong feelings of apocalyptic beginnings, a whole new way of life for the world, trash can fires, vicious mobs of people wild in the streets in static grey visions of abandoned neigborhoods, and a broken connection to humanity . I used to never care about the approach of these days, but the reality of how scary this is gonna be is getting me nervous.