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Monday, October 29, 2012

TIs Never Get Closure Nor To Move On...But War Criminal Bush Looks Aging Well

I'm so glad that some people get to move on and have great lives-while the rest of us stay stuck forever in the war years.  Still hoping that some justice will come to release us from imprisonment in time. Some of us are still waiting to return to we can resume our lives as they were supposed to be.

Lesson learned: no matter how much u sympathize with royal family bloodline due to the obvious similarities and resemblances to yourself, to do so is simply foolhardy sympathy for the devil. And it will get you killed.

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Anonymous said...

I was watching that show Two and a Half Men one time. In this one episode, Sheen's character has to use the restroom really bad, and the men's room is occupied. When the person using it comes out, Eddie van Halen steps out with his guitar around his neck. He plays this little piece, and says something like "I call this Root Beer Float" (or whatever). Sheen is like, "you take your guitar in there with you?!" And the audience is cheering.

Guess Eddie must be due for some more "popularity" in the near future, so he has to play around? Anyone, Eddie van Halen is definitely great, however, most of the stuff he plays sounds like something a great guitarist would play at a sound check. IOW, practice stuff. And I wonder how he gets to stay alive why Hendrix gets to be stuffed? Oh yeah, we'll let you live, Eddie, if you agree to appear on Two Stupid Men.