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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Prospect st, central square Cambridge MA

Why is this street one of the worst gang stalking hotspots in Cambridge MA?

Lots of hanging heads and bullshit :feel-bad-for-the-target ' tactics. One asshole running his fingers thru his hair conspicuously-on cue.

Note that the fingers-thru-hair doesn't mean anything to the TI other than indicating perps are around.

Yet the other tactics are usually personal to the TI. This may be to anchor the person intermittently between personalized harassment.

I am supposed to believe these people are locals who know the cover story most likely who feel badly.

This keeps the compartmentalized Survivor focussing on or to stay in that mindset or reality.

Helps to detain my expose another day i assume.

Over time the stress desyroys the Targeted Survivor's mind.

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Anonymous said...

How about hands-folded, "praying" gestures? They just started that about a month ago. It comes almost always from perps in cars. And the fingers through the hair, I see variations on this theme, like scratching the back of the head, the nose, etc.

A lot of what they say and do is very fake and robotic to me. I get people who seem very fake and scripted who once in a while will be all nice to me, like they are trying to smooth things over with me. I guess it's to get me comfortable and "planted". It seems so, because I get a lot of harassment and psy-ops, and the whole orchestra playing (so to speak). Usually when these people come up to me making nice, it's always immediately after I get very upset and disturbed due to the many facets of the psych warfare. I suppose they want to smooth things over and make sure I stay planted while they continue to go to work ripping and tearing. There is nothing pleasant about being targeted, which makes me believe those "making nice" perps are up to something. So I have to stay vigilant and not let their "protection", "making nice", and "perks" distract me. I see the System as a jealous hateful vindictive entity, with the same kind of people working for It. That's why I have to slap myself and realize that I have to stay vigilant. I like to slip into those modes where I remember my early childhood, back in the early years, when my life and society were far more pleasant than they are now. I guess you have to have a "you're not in Kansas anymore, Toto" mentality about being targeted.