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Friday, October 19, 2012

Is Nanotech Already In Use On Targeted Individuals?

Recall Ive documented that one thing I experienced was feeling as if I was being torn apart into pieces. And three different sources also had this image during Bush. Two were in media (of which the system knows what a Target views regulary or they bait and lead a TI to view something.)

and one was from a personal aquantance  known to me- who was former military and an African American male.

The various tortures I exerienced could have been accomplished with such technologies.

In the past few weeks theres been a noticable pain in my right ear and the sensation of movement deep inside the ear canal. Ive lately been experiencing drowsiness, hallucinations and agitation. The hallucinations seem to consist of horrible scenes that begin then end and these only occur when my eyes are closed, when this drowsiness comes over me.

Also Ive experienced hearing random people or a persons voice speak in what sounds like a voice off a radio broadcast or as if giving a speech but what they are saying is mostly unintelligible. And THIS IS ONLY COMING FROM MY RIGHT EAR THE ONE THAT HURTS AND HAS A SENSATION OF SOMETHING MOVING DEEP IN THE CANAL.

This last effect I am getting only at the third floor of the Women's Center in Cambridge MA. As well as I can slightly sense (or 'hear') very high pitched noises in my ears or within my hearing range in this area also.

One remedy to this is to hang upside down off some furniture and blow the ear(s) out like one does to prevent ear popping during airline flight.

The urge to stick something in the ear is very much an animal instinct becuz of the sensrion of movement,pain and something deep in the ear. But i know it wouldnt do any good becuz its deep within the ear canal.

In August  i did have a tiny bug get jnto my ear but it made noise against the eardrum and a doctor removed it. This is a bit similar but its not at the eardrum. It feels like something located deeper or in the fluid in the ear deep behind the drum.

TIs could be being tormented through such means or to induce insanity.

(The hang upside down and blowing the ear seems to stop it).

How do we know that on a classified level that certain humans havent already been tagged with nanotech?  It certainly would be an important part of a system of mind control of the population as well as targeted individual persons.

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