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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I cannot believe that my own country as well as my family and my hometown hate me so much.

Its absolutely unbelievable, considering I have more.than every right to be rageful about whats been done to me.

I  have to remember what a dangerous country the US has become. People probably dont believe me and believe cover stories and slander only.

Ive got to stop trying to coexist with a nation of people who refuse to see Bush and Co's war crimes for what they are.

I have to lezve the US and never return.  I have got to remeber that.

The citizens of ths US are now so dangerously stupid and isolated from what's really going on that they will believe whatever they are told as well as they only want to survive this bad economy and terrorism amd globalization so like the animals they are will hate or reject whoever they have to.

I have to get real about my decision to leave the US.  Its hard to admit that your homeland and hometown hates u and thinks u r making everything up. Ive been extrmemly peaceable, diplomatic and good hearted about whats been done to me so far. Ive had to becuz theres no recourse anyway.

The perps early on said "The way to survive this is to BE NICE". So typical of an abuse of power.

And the evil people totally agree with whats happening to me and the normal people just refuse to believe anything but cover stories and people like my family who've come out looking great becuz of white washing like destroyjng my life and exalting my cousin so the family looks innocent.

America needs to pay for what theyve done  to me and countless other people.

They think they can just abuse people and then ignore us and send us out to pasture. The authorities, specifically  males have been the most disgusting pieces of shit in this throughout. Totally loyal to the military, organized crime and abusing power. America sucks.

If telling my story is the only revenge i can get i will do so.

Locally however everyone shud pay much more dearly than elsewhere. How can u be friends with somone or be related to them and turn on them so viscously? I will get these people if its the last thing i do.

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Anonymous said...

Good idea to not be nice. They've told me that, too, that I'm supposed to not "make noise" and to "be nice". Also, I'm supposed to be open-minded when it comes to gangstalkers harassing/torturing me. The latter is part of the PC part of today's society: be nice, be open-minded, and also respect them, their power, and the fact that they are going to great lengths to keep us down.

One thing that hasn't occurred to me: some informants that come in and do their "say hi" routine to me who are obvious agents, I believe they are the ones doing screaming from open windows in passing cars. Then you can't get to them later, so you can't see that they are the ones that come in and get info from you. So it looks like there are more people than there are harassing us.

We targets can take them, don't worry. Just don't get too worked up or respond to their mobbing. Respect the great hidden unseen hiding kings and queens? Not a chance. We won't accept our situations or any of that.