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Sunday, October 14, 2012

MBTA Employees Can Expend Energy Harassing Targeted Individuals But Cant Fix Broken Glas In Seats

This employee came near me where i was sitting. He had been sitting down and was acrively stalking me becuz he came.over to where i was just as on his radio anothr employee said some thing about a backpacker.

It was obviois intimidation.

I rhen told his arrogant black ass about this broken glass all  over seat and floor from lamp bulb that fell and.shattered.

They can spend time harassing taegets but cant see something this obvious and dangerois in the station? No one saw this the entire morning ?

Whats morw dangerous is the public  say nothibg. This area is dangerously compliant with corrupt authority.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure they are going to have their gangstalkers stick up for the guy not doing his job. That's the whole idea behind this country now: if someone is not doing their job, but if they instead harass you, then stick up for the incompetent loser by bullying the victim instead.

I see this kind of thing all the time with my situation. Nobody wants to lift a finger to do any work. But that doesn't matter, because what really counts is how much a person goes along with harassing a victim. It's become the new bottom line. It's a very trashy place these days. The country IS a trash dump, and they are working hard to keep it that way. If they found out via intelligence gathering and profiling that the target hated cleanliness and love trash and glass shards all over the place, then guess what? That place would be clean as a whistle.

It's always what people do to those few targets that matter more than doing ones job. Just remember that. It's a pathetic New World.

When I pointed out via my replies that Black Ops and gangstalking were a form of cheating by companies to get ahead of their competition, their response was to send out gangstalkers yelling CHEATER!! really loud. See, I'm supposed to be the cheater now, because I'm not allowed to exist in their New World. Why would anyone want to exist in their world now anyways? Only crude trashy people with no morals or conscience are allowed to exist in their New World. It's a sleazy trash dump for sleazy cheatenous violent but weak people.

And lately they are working on the concept of me being a "weirdo" and "an idiot", and sometimes it's "whore". I guess the targets are all the things gangstalkers are. :-) But on a serious note, these sorts of ideations from perps and the system are quite common for targets to experience. Targets are made out to be very negative things that really are not true in an obvious way.

Face it, this world is not a lovely place anymore. We still ahve nature, which has its own mathematical and artistic beauty. I just try to dwell on that instead of what gangstalkers who are sticking up for one another think. We know they are nothing, and besides they live in an entirely different plane of reality altogether.

Anonymous said...

LOL, so they are paying the guy to harass targets and do nothing else? Not surprised. It's like that everywhere. And the past several years, I've noticed an effort to actually protect and stand up for people like this, as though they were the victims of a brutal crime. It's so ridiculous. During Bush, I've noticed they were doing this, but figured it was just black ops to get me flustered. But now, it's personal when they do it. It's like they really empathize with these people harassing targets who won't lift a finger to do their jobs. It really is personal. They hate the targets so very much and love people doing nothing but harassing them, that they will expend time and effort to stick up for these types. Don't understand it, except the New Society pampers these types of people, as though they were their own sons and daughters. It's like the perps and gangstalkers are all family, and the TI's are outsiders that they hate, and they are practicing a form of nepotism.

Anonymous said...

I've also seen police patrolling the area, slowing down as though carefully observing me, yet not going after people harassing me. I got the feeling I was being observed due to someone in the system being "concerned". Remember the people involved want us tortured, but they are still concerned for us on some level. I got that very strong impression. It could be that we are great assets to them as guinea pigs, and they want us closely watched.

Anonymous said...

I get "hands clasped behind the back" with a certain frequency. I'm thinking there is some suggestion of being handcuffed. Maybe they are suggesting that I am going to jail? LOL. I have never been convicted of any crime, and I do my best not to react to their BS. What could they be suggesting, and do you get this tactic at all? Wallet checking, I don't get this or I never noticed it. I do filter out a lot of what I see once I spot human gangstalkers. It takes practice, and I've trained myself to train my focus away from them.

I will expect a great amount of effort for them to try to defeat this, i.e., they will use tactics to try to get me to look anyways.