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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Israel and Judaism as Related To GangStalking, RA and 9-11

Oh, this should be popular.

I usually dont post anti semetic content as its a fruitless exercise. Every person and peoples have a front a con and a routine. A scam. Corruption. A hustle.  Its not shocking to me that Jews as a people for political gain, profit and survival be any more or less full of sh*t and predatory than any other country, ethnic group,religion etc.

If they had a hand in 9-11, they certainly had help. The military industrial complex, intelligence agencies, securities industries and organized crime are no angels. All those factions and more stood to make money off of 9-11. Money and power.

9-11 also began an era where unethical human experimentation had a great cover to continue under-many Targeted Survivors of MK Ultra projects and/or RA/programming can attest to that.

As one TI from NY said to me during the Bioethics Committee: "During Bush these people were OUT OF CONTROL". All under the guise of wartime activities.

The presence of magick specifically 'black magick' as claimed by many Survivors of RA and programming in their experiences is also a hallmark of the Bush era. Many activists on the Survivor level of Gang Stalking who are Targeted Individuals write extensively about secret societies, Satanic cults, Ritual Abuse from various sects and basically that none what goes on-not programming nor gang stalking nor even worldly affairs could be manifested into reality or this physical plane without 'magick'. Ritual, symbol, energy, math and geometry. Determination and belief, from singluar and collective human Wills.

So I found this image very interesting: I usually dont go for conspiracy theorists publishing things where they fiddle with numbers and supposedly find these prophetic truths based on weird math exercises like 666 + whatever = 2012 equals the AntiChrist blah blah blah whatever. I have a very bad education in math but am logical enough to know that its meaningless. Its not truly symbolic of anything or the author cant readily reference and connect the numerical significance to any belief system or text. People keep saying 666 is The Beast but what does that really mean? In what context and referenced where? What beast? The Bible is a lot of misinterpreted, rewritten material with many missing pieces to it. In fact the original Jewish beginnings of it have parts purposely not revealed to the masses. It also doesnt 'feel' anchored to any form of true magickal system or seem genuine. I also found this piece that contains some very interesting information about basically what seems like Jewish magickal practice and reference. It pertains to the Holocaust as a part of establishing Israel. I am also not one for Holocaust denial. I am smarter than to argue over something like that. Firstly its not my business its the Jews'. Secondly, I wasnt there. Third, it appears to be an entire other huge research project and I do NOT have time for it. I wud rather simply state that it matters not how many people died. Whether one or six million its too many. Second point being that its not the numbers its the subject itself-other peoples like Native Americans and countless others have been genocided brutally and unfairly but these instances are either not presented as such, readily referenced or arent as popular an event as one people's genocide. Same with the subject of slavery. However what was compelling about this link was that if this magickal mapping out of motive is true that would add more cred to the conspiracy theory that high ranking Jewish families like the Rothschilds funded Hitler or some activity connected to putting such horrors in motion. Like I said, six million or one doesnt matter. Its the deed itself. And it doesnt matter if it was German extremists as Nazis or high up, wealthy secret society Jews doing this to their own people-for the good old 'greater good'. Their god does seem bloodthirsty historically. Christianity is a blood sacrifice religion too. Especially the Catholic mass. The blood and body of Christ..ew. That body just hanging off those nails. And everyone is so oblivious to the symbolism. But where Catholicism seems to stem from Roman bloodymindedness mixed with artistic beauty and the barbarian culture's pagan practices in part, there is an element of ignorance to it. Its alot of symbols, artworks and storytelling that seems as fanciful as fairies and sagas-both of which are more believable than what Catholicism asks one to believe. Judaism seems much more accurate, taking from the Middle East's talent for math and geometry. More like magickal practice directly, not Christianity's pagan barabarism nor the purposeful masking of it in practice. With that I will link to this piece: http://zioncrimefactory.com/the-six-million-myth/ What I find most revealing in connection with gang stalking is the idea of their being a "cleansing of the soul" by "strokes of burning". This is EXACTLY what Targeted Individuals experience who get the worst of the gang stalking programs. I think Survivors of RA, SRA perhaps, can lay claim to these horrible experiences harming the spirit. The methods used, whether they be microwave weapons or some form of manifestation from Psi warriors (Cheney's SpoonBenders) the sensation is one of burning. Ive documented this before when being attacked by groups of perps. One specific incidence was in Boston around Berkeley College of music. I specifically recall blogging that there was a burning sensation from this particular perp group being present. Ive experienced this also before and documented it. Strokes of burning is exactly what TIs experience from either gang stalking groups or being hit by the weapons themselves. Many activists make it clear that 'black magick' is used either in unison with the science and tech now available to the military or used to help perform actual ritual abuse acts on Targeted Persons. Even large scale rituals. Seems the elite are playing the role of their God by utilizing available tech hopefully to fool the people. A group of college students years ago did an experiment by building to specification the Arc of the Covenant in the bible that the Jewish/Christian god supposedly used to talk and communicate with biblical figures. Turned out to be nothing more than a radio transmitter. I will leave it at that. Many of us who've been targeted for a long time can attest to the effects of this program being that we have experienced psychosurgery but also a spiritual process like that. Whereas electroshock erases bad memories, this process seems to erase bad experiences, hatreds, anger, spiritual wounds etc, making the person as spiritually docile, agreeable-and neutralized as the recipient of a lobotomy. From these findings its obvious that these technologies available on both official and classified levels are being used, often in line with magickal rituals, to not only behavior modify citizens for thought re-education but to spiritually modify human beings, most likely to benefit some desired outcome or to neutralize anyone seen as a threat to the NWO who possesses spiritual prowess as well as a legit injustice done to them by the system. Its also to prevent victims of RA who were used and stolen from, from wanting revenge or even from RA victims from recalling memories-this way the emotional and spiritual memory no longer exists, thus telling or getting even isnt desired any longer by the victim.


  1. The superstition that gets me is the number 13 deal. What it is up with that? There is nothing intrinsically wrong with that number 13. In fact, many claim it is a lucky number for them. But popular myths are so dominant, and it's a shame that stuff like that gets pounded down our throats to force us to be afraid of it. It's almost like a deliberate conditioning tactic to get us sensitized and conditioned to certain numbers being "evil". I suspect there is a benefit to some parties somewhere. Like, retailers who are in on this could utilize those numbers in their prices and ads in order to control consumer spending.

    I say 13 is a nice interesting prime number. But I'm supposed to accept that bad things will happen to me if I start liking it as a number?

    There is too much programmed fear of numbers. Where does it all come from?


    And why should we care about what secret societies think about certain numbers?


    LOL at Hotels will not have a floor 13 and skip from floor 12 to floor 14 due to the universal superstition of bad luck.

    I refuse to let secret societies or anyone else define what is bad or good for me. Same with silly legends about Norse goddesses and witches, etc., and black cats and walking under ladders. It's just another thing to let the deceivers get us worked up over.

  2. You spread lies about israel, as money other do. You know very well that israel is a great country where all citizens are treated equally. The arabs of israel have complete freedom something that they can not find in any other arab country in the world. Israel has nothing to do with gang stalking and electronic harassment. This is done by the fbi and the cia. I am myself targeted individual that left california because the electronic harassment. The perpetrators followed me to israel. Israel try to protect me from their criminal activity while usa is doing nothing to protect it citizens.
    What you write in your articles are lies and you are very well aware of that. There isnt any electronic weapons in israel and people dont gang stalk each other. It is a country that saves muslim people that run away from sudan and that are thrown from eagipt. This nation is example of great plce with great humen rights. Stop spreading lies about israel. I am inviting everyone to visit this country of peace and freedom.