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Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Nice Articulate Diss To All The Peons And Perps In The Greyhound Station

Its not the physical actions of the participants that worries me. Thats  not why I document such things.

Its the other effects that are of concern.

How are they able to use such psychic force?  Its been my experience that criminals and police MANY OF THEM, THIS CLASS OF HUMAN ANIMALS POSESSES STRONG PSYCHIC ABILITY ESPECIALLY THAT OF coercion and persuasion.

This is just to start with, add to that the prevelance of mind control and brain washing in prisons, gangs and the police force itself. THEY LIVE IN IT why wouldnt it b easy for them to use what theyve learned to suck others in?

That being said its what goes well above and beyond that in being able to effect Targets thats in question. Theres definately some sort of tech influence used. I really suspect its some kind of microwave system becuz often i experience my skin heating up especially my face.  Nothing any one or group of humans could do shud cause such torture as well as brainwash them so effectively.

Note also these effects dissipate after I expose the system's actions like I did.

I also told them off and stated that no one cares what they think, they're jerk.offs who can't be successful career criminals. That this is what a warrior looks like not some asshole who goes ass up for the system and goes along with its bullshit.

And that I dont need to be cute anymore-Ive got power now. Its a trade off.


I also added that at least at one time I WAS really beautiful as opposed to most perps especially the old biddies and jealous ugly girls. Their personal motives arent hard to figure out huh?

Needless to say the one peon left in the hallway waiting for his buddy in the bathroom got a verbal beat down and then lost all confidence and arrogance in his eyes.


  1. I am really feeling their power, and hate upon me. I feel scolded for doing something wrong, and I didn't even do anything. Like I'm being shamed to change my political opinions or something, like I must be an amerikan and love my government or else. No, I will not support u.s troops killing people in a foreign country, no I will not support a big police state id patriot homeland security system.

  2. Also, how would they know you "used to be cute", when they never knew you, never hung out with you, and you wouldn't even dream of getting with these arrogant male types? I wonder how they "knew" this? Did they see pictures of you, or maybe a video from years ago? It's interesting how many people "know" things like this.

    Answer: Stalkers do this kind of thing.

    Funny how I had this one big boned female in my class who was about the same size as me. I should have known when she had this lack of personality coming across when interacting with me. Kind of like this "Oh you bore me"//"I expect more". You know how superficial they can be? Anyhow, she's on Twitter mouthing off stuff like "You are so very NOT cute", "you're ugly and you disgust me", "your name sickens me". It's one of those deals where she was nice to my face in class, super nice, but then when she's away from me and behind her computer, like the rest, she's all mega powerful.

    And she was nothing special. Very average. And she used to be a huge basketball standout in high school, but if she was so great, how come she isn't on scholarship playing basketball for the Duke Women's team? Instead, she goes to the community college, doesn't play on any of the sports teams, and makes very mediocre grades.

    She was a lot like my second cousin: exact kind of behaviors. Used to be athletic, but now going to a hole in the wall college making mediocre grades. Nice to my face, to the point of actually seeming to "want" me. But behind the twitter, look out! That's why I hate Twitter so much. It just the abusers enough distance to talk abusive shit. But one of her sisters was "talking about me" at a family Christmas gathering. She was talking about this person who visited her at work and was 40 or in their 40's, and kept saying how "creepy" this person was. Like the person was supposed to be a pedo who wanted her. LOL!!! What a huge farce. A huge farce. And they were mad this past year because I skipped on on Christmas dinner. Interesting how they have convos about how undesirable we are, yet they have this desire to be around us. And I think they make the connection to us being undesirable in some ways in the "present", in order to connect that idea with being a target. It's to further degrade us for being a target, to connect being targeted to being undesirable.

    And get this: "I AM NOT JEALOUS OF YOU YOUR LIFE OR YOUR PATHETIC ATTEMPT AT HAVING A PERSONALITY" was her reply. And of course, mocking the fact that my personality has degraded due to being very suspicious of people due to being targeted. They know being a target destroys your personality. So they have to make the target feel like they are some jerk who doesn't have a personality as an intrinsic trait, when in fact the system worked hard to erase it from them.

    The system is just using their "We've won" bullshit again. They think they've erased my personality just because they've worked hard tactically on it. But I've still kept it. Yet they constantly say I don't have one. Meanwhile, most perps I've come across WISH they had something resembling looks, attractiveness, or a personality.

  3. Telling off perps expends the targets' energy. And it also gives them more validation and cred, as well as attention. These types of conversations appear to come from some sort of perp manual. You know, talk about how this person used to be attractive, whatever. One time I got some real ugly loser dudes who brought in a yearbook. The idea was to suggest that they were talking about me. And they mentioned this dude who was ugly, and who "always was ugly". In fact, I am not ugly, but that's a matter of opinion, and not important. The important fact is that these types of conversations/theaters appear to be stock from some sort of perp manual. I know now that it's listed somewhere, and they are following it by the book. I mean, those dudes were some ugly loser dudes, and were very stupid to boot. There's no way they could've dreamed this stuff up themselves.

    Probably the manual has a chapter


    Chapter 5: Making the target paranoid via conversation.

    Create a conversation which conveys to the target that they are creepy. Or have a conversation within earshot suggestive of the fact that the target is a pedophile who wants you. All fictional of course, but is crafted in order to do psych warfare on the victim.

    It's pretty stock. So you know what to expect. The idea is to have these in an area where the victim is closed in and can't escape easily.

    A variation is what you mentioned, where they have a tactical conversation suggesting a lack of intelligence on the victim's part. That's the companion to the undesirable bit. They seem to work these two concepts in pairs.