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Friday, October 5, 2012

Seems Organized Crime Is A Large Part Of The GS System And Surveillance

There have been many indications that oranized crime is part  of not only gang stalking but operations in various locations.

Seems that a junkie out here named Colleen is the alleged daughter of one of the real life Goodfellas the movie was based on.

I know that when i started to be friendly to her after that total idiot Fitzy got put away for something I could feel at that initial contact someone watching the Square was very much in approval of my actions.

This girl gets to do pretty much whatever she wants. And  no one has chased out these junkies who have ruined Harvard Square for the rest of us.

Which I think is very odd..

50 also knew too much about my situation because he's an idiot Didn't seem to know about Mk ultra or ritual abuse.

(he's just a fucking idiot that's why)

people that are tools of the system think they know everything about what's going on in fact if they were that smart wouldn't fall for being in trouble to begin with and then having to work for the system.

another real asshole out here whose name was Tripp, If I actually said to me once " Why hasn't that artery in your head exploded yet?"

the only other people that knew this people that worked in Saint Elizabeth Hospital in Brighton because I recall distinctly when I went there when I lived in Brighton the tormented me about it when they harassed me 1 time I telling me your car accident I had when I was 20 that I had sustained a head injury which made it so that there is the chance of an aneurysm in my brain.

the problem with this is that the doctors with to find something like that I need to tell the patient or fix it what appointment the person about it.

the reason that I'm not dead yet by the way I'm smarter than all of you and I used the blood thinners that I was taking to make sure that I didn't have any kind of blood clotting that would result in that inner of death. I also used early to strengthen grease and veins in my head which can be done I also believe that the lifestyle of living outside makes the body stronger.

all these weaknesses in my body could have also been from the severe mold exposure I experienced in Brighton. what they were hoping was that would do me individually with health problems.

trip always claims to have connections to powerful people in Las Vegas. he always had new shoes in new clothes we claim that they were given to him or he found them.

he would have strange come stand is around his being in Cambridge like holding court at a table in Wendy's in Central Square  (finish later)

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