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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Diplomats Caught In Pedophile Scandal

Ha!You should see what they can do with people conditioned NOT to remember here in America.


Anonymous said...

I think the ignorant public doesn't realize that they are not helping to bring a pedophile to justice (when they go along with the harassment). Rather, they are helping to keep some of the biggest child abusers on the planet out of trouble. Same with drug-traffickers and killers, rapists, bank robbers, etc. Sure feels good to say that!

The people involved in scripting harassment for a target know that those types of people they are colluding with, if it ever leaked out that they are assisting in rich clients of child sex operations, they knew the vigilant public would kill them. So they keep the public in the dark, and work extensively on making the target who has the dirt on them look like some sort of aggressive out of control psycho who needs to be watched. That way, the vigilante neighborhood watchers aren't out trying to kill the child sex criminals, but instead the victim of a smear campaign.

And cousins are the very worst, as well as other relatives. They seem to hate me more than general perps. Why is that? One distant relative of mine told me that she knows I have dirt on important people. And she is one of those working for the system, so of course, she is doing her part to keep me beaten.

See? Some of these people do know. Or are they only getting selected truthful parts that the main perps let them in on? That's what they mean by "dirty" as a slander/harassment tactic: I realize now they are telling me I have dirt on important parts of the campaign. And it's also a trick by them to associate negativity with having info on high-level molesters, killers, etc. By this, I mean they are installing guilt-trip programming, so I feel all dirty and unclean for having the dirt on those bad people.

I just don't know exactly who they are, because they are well-cloaked and well-protected.

And now they are suggesting that they want to negotiate with me. Here it is again, negotiating with THEM or settling with them. Very dangerous decision to try to settle with them. After all I've been through, the huge battle that should have been a nice easy enjoyable life, surely I am not going to negotiate? Everyone has a right to an enjoyable life. If they've done something bad, then the criminal justice system will take care of it. Instead, good, precious people are getting made out to be bad people and are getting aggravated and having their lives ruined.

Mike said...

'I need people around me who are as serious as i am about fighting the NWO. If u r a dedicated rebel let me know. Travelers especially.
I am sick of the complacent people i meet here in the US traveling especially in MA.' Dedicated rebel I am, travelling has been a bit difficult though, I barely go outside at all anymore aside from necessities (work and food). I've been walking alone for awhile now, and it is not easy.