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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

There Seems To Be A Breed Of Hive Children Capable Of Psychic Harassment In The US But Especiallu In Boston Area

At Massart trying to organize records and files.

Been beaten down here with tech and what seems like alot of psi spies or warriors.

It seems as if this area has an increased amount of psi warriors managing Targets. Ive noticed it this past year ive been here.  An increase in what seems to be the presence of in person stalking perps who now effect me the way the tech used to but its worse becuz its human beings doing it and not tech or just harassment from people.

And they mob you. This girl behind me got up and left just as the librarian came over to help me with scanner.

When she got up i realized she had just been sitting behind me not using the computer. I now feel relief from these effects.

It seems there are alot of psi children that have been produced either through breeding or tech training or both who are present in this country that are managing the country and many seem young like in their 20s. They have the same vibes I got when in that mormon small town of Grantsville. They are hateful or dismissive and seem to harbor hatred for me or they dont seem human if u will. They seem to possess emotions collectively and they seem hateful of anyone not like them.

I say that this is yet another secret project, unlike MK kids or programmed people theyve created entire hives of humanoids who seem to be able to perform gang stalking like activity only psychically.

They are extremely viscous and dismissive of human life outside of their own narrow minded perception of what people are supposed to look like or how they shud fit in.

They reject anything that isnt modern, going to excel or has a future they find useful to the success of the collective or the nation.

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