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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sitting in a Starbucks while my friend talks to friends of ours on other side.

A couple one kinda foriegn just drew attenion to me. I got this vibe in here that people only think i am an ex dancer and not the full story.

Its hard to tell.if they are agents or just  stupid yuppies who believe cover stories.

People get paid to do this to Targets. Its unbelievable but in America there have been alot of people who have been in on my campaign for that.  Yet ive also seen people actually tell a recruiter they weren't interested walking by or they didnt want any part of it.

What the fuck is wrong with people? Seriously.

Just saw a creepy guy practically make love to this black dude out here who hangs around. When he shook his hand he leaned into was creepy. It was a hand grab from the side looked like when a man gathers a woman up to dance with her.

First i thought he looked like a criminal type like organized crime, mob whatever-a low level guy but there was something different about him compared to a criminal. Something even more hidden, shadowy and sleazy.  Like comparing an alcoholic to a drug addict in 12 step programs. The drunks always have a bit more ease-due to social acceptability.

I knew i didnt like the guy-that he wasnt my kind of people.

Later a girl said that was an undercover cop who came over here.

It never occured to me until now, that many people in the police depts and law enforcement are probably into the pedo rings even locally, that risked being exposed if the escort services were busted during that federal investigation-forget about their payoff money.

They get pumped full of Homeland Security money here in the north east yet its always been corrupt through organized crime and them getting payoffs.

Its no wonder the crooked cops are fully immersed in the abuses of military and classified technologies. 

A uniformed cop who seemed nice, a few days ago said that the city wants us locals watched out for due to this being the most influencial city in presidential elections and homeless dying on the street doesnt look good.  I liked his immediate honesty in mapping out real motives instead of lying or some rookie bullshit like quoting out of a book or making laws up. He was white haired, heavy set and older.

He said that a drug detective retired and didnt leave his sources so the heroin started flooding the area again.

He said that this man actually did his job so for the rest of his life his security system at his home sees whos coming from very far. He put it like the guy is going to pay for doing his job properly.

So i  guess police are in a never ending war with criminals.  It seems like the world has succumbed to alot of people not willing to pay that price for doing things properly.  Which is why crime has become normalized in society. Just like torture is normalized as part of psych warfare on the public.

Perhaps people see me as a person who went up against some system like that and this life i have now is the natural result of that action.

But its not like that for me. People dont include things like internal programming or disassociation. All the systematic brain damage, the human experimentation and RA. 

I wasnt a law enforcement professional who understood the way things work. If anything many programmed or mind control Survivers dont really understand the way the real world works. Often they are kept from this reality by the people around them on purpose.

Basically coming after a mind controlled slave like a normal person is like coming after a child.  A child whos capable of soldier-like brutality, assassin skills and perhaps that's which is part of their nature from being involved in SRA...but all those things are not present unless triggered.

Its difficult to know if cops like him or the arrogant little scum from Southie Ive encountered who make fun of me by calling me smiley for instance, due to my face having been contorted  many times by long term effects of  this campaign-know the entirety of the situation. Its like making fun of someone whos been tormented  at Gitmo.

And if these people are knowingly  part of the MK Ultra level of this-they'd be doing exactly what they are supposed to do by continuing to torture the Target.

Its documented that police departments were knowingly part of these classified projects, which means their organized crime cronies are involved too most likely.

Which is why its being kept from the public and witnesses testimonies are stricken from the record and people like my mother were intimidated into not sueing or giving testimony at the Presidents Advisory Committee in 95.

Becuz basically they want to use what has come of these classified projects to control society.

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