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Monday, November 5, 2012

Ayn Rand-Another Smoke And Mirrors Act

Ayn isnt scary, she was probably just a plain ol' provocateur!

Well...welfare. lets start with giving constant aid to Israel! (Batta boom!).

Seriously folks if anyone was ever dumb enough to take this operative seriously they deserve to be duped. Look at her lips spasm and her eyes flit about:trained, programmed or just a plain old damaged brain. Imperfection. Ignore it. It isnt worthy of love.

Actually I understand what she is doing. Its this Russian sort of depth of thinking. Taking things very seriously. Self defense and protection. Get off your asses, welfare people and love yourselves enough to get your shit together!
We arent moving into collectivism due to our altruistic morality-it's is a planned part of world wide enslavement of humanity. Its been obvious for some time now that the Liberal elitists and the left are working on the NWO just as hard as the other parties and ideologies, using whatever will dupe the public.

This woman seems bitter and hurt. Its true about welfare mentalities. Policies. Its true about destruction all around.

But Ayn has forgotten something-love is not something for her or any other person to decide who is deserving and who is not.

And I certainly agree with us moving into a collectivism but the GOP in having become insane NeoCons and religious extremists has been in large part just as responsible for this as the PC cultist Liberals.

I agree. Judeo-Christianity should go. And take everything else from the Middle East with Rand-another sick Jew. The problem with taking Rand seriously is that any and every Jew like her has an insecurity that is so glaring, any tough act given can't be taken seriously. The Jew is always the actor. Perpetually.

I am not going to get into disclaimers or start clarifying my views. Everyone knows by now that I can tolerate truly peaceful people, and those who want to practice their own belief system WITHOUT INTERFERING WITH THE LIVES OF OTHERS.

Some people cant seem to do that. And certain peoples seem to produce more sick, warped trouble makers who kick up dust but provide no solutions more than others.And any solutions they do provide (forced 'Diversity', Equality, interbreeding races until there is no more races as defined today-basically creating a master race for world peace, etc) are as bad as their bogey man Hitler's final solution.

She's right about one thing. Humans are selfish animals for the most part. Yet there are also humans who can rise above this and be human. Ive seen it many times over the years.

I dont trust this woman. She looks like she's sick from birth as well as she's been tormented, tortured and enslaved into being so against humanity.

Never listen to the fallen Jew. Remember that they are the chosen people and no matter what they do or say they cannot escape being the subjects of their Abrahamic god. Instead of being free they always seem to fall into this degenerate state of anti-humanness. Let their god deal with them becuz that is where such attitudes, ideas and bitter hard words come from. They are, by birth, always going to belong to their Middle Eastern god.

Now take a look at the video.
Red flags: 2:11. There's nothing more comical than a woman this homely from a country that makes people feel that lowly from a religion that sadly often produces such neurosis and insecurity, trying to look imperious and snooty. Welfare 'conceptions'? Sure. Lets start with cutting off aid to foreign countries. Go for it.

2:22. She looks just like Bea Arthur!!!

2:30. I especially love the trembling lip along with the darting, crazy eyes.

2:40. Yer gonna hafta reverse this and catch it again. She's totally trained, acting prompted-whatever you want to call it. And in this moment of her answering NOT on cue but just catching the tail end of it, she reveals how full of shit she really is. "Ah, yes". Wasnt very sincere was it? Especially the look she gives the camera before answering.

1:39-1:40. The insanity in that look.
I will tell you something. Its been around for thousands of years. Its an ancient tribe. That face is almost the stereotypical racist content of anti-Jew propaganda Nazi posters from WWII era.

American Republicans are just Americans. Our country's culture is influenced by many cultures from foreign lands and ancient times we have lost understanding of from being American, from losing touch with our ancient ancestors and their cultures.

That face belongs to a people that are not mine. A god that is not mine. So let such things suffer under their own weight and rules of their ancient ties and beliefs. I wont share in the sickness-the neurosis.

Also remember that she was a product of a different time. Just what the interviewer is saying would annoy even offend any modern person with its Christian content.

This country has two parties who have degenerated into insanity, who are both looking for whoever or whatever they can get their hands on that they feel represents their point of view or beliefs.

Lastly, as always, I can deal with people who are overtly Satanic, evil and selfish-I fuckin loathe people who hide behind fronts like this. If she's a Satanist then stop screwing around with some political ideology. Its a bit hard to take from someone who donated to Israel...and my assessment is that she was working for them or some ally playing the role she did here, just as she did.

Atlas Shrugged? Even the title is whiney.

Another mystery unraveled. Avoid the smoke and mirror acts out of Hollywood. Always see through the perpetual actors.

Becuz they've been around for millenia and are a part of our earth. But that doesn't mean you are obligated to fall under their influence, spells or cloaking.

Now THAT is self love. To be free of the tyranny of deceivers-of all kinds.

Here is another video of that interview that isnt so subjective. This might explain why Ron Paul thinks her work sold so well becuz it was "all true".
She's wishing for the moon. There is no way that people in power are going to not use whatever and whoever they can to gain advantage. Interesting how different she looks in each copy of the same interview.

Americans dont know they dont have a choice. They seem to like it that way. She's looking for the promise land of which does not exist.  And love...that might be the only sign any such place exists.

When are people going to get it? The gold that was to be made of lead was never real. Its a process of spiritual growth or discovery. Love might be the only valuable thing on this planet. Not the romanticized kind but the kind that keeps you alive, allows humans to help each other and heals. Worldly affairs always have been and always will be corrupt.

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Mike said...

Ayn Rand. She says she doesnt believe in the concept of God if the God is put above the self. That is clearly satanic, as satans believe that in their own way they are god. Love, I personally am very selective who I shall profess my love to. On love. Loving enemies is just something I have much difficulty doing, if anyone is working against me, I am hesitant to help, or love them. Leaving vengeance to God is much more powerful, I myself could never have had as much impact as that storm.