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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Experiencing Relief In Remote Area Of Texas-Perps Advised This Location Years Ago/Seems Cell Towers Are Not The Main Delivery System

I just had two days of peace and quiet in an out of the way place in TX.

When a TI says peace and quiet we dont mean that the physical location was quiet. There are multiple dogs barking in the neighbors yard most of the time in the location I spoke about actually. There's a large screen tv blasting in the next room even.

Whst makes this location peaceful is the total lack of mental and emotional torment-no interfacing, no flashes of vision, no illusions of being conracted psychically by various people famous, authorities or otherwise, no Truman Show Effect (where the Target is made to believe that they are being watched as the central character of a reality show-one thats only avialable to a select group thats uses security cameras/surveillance systems.

Theres been no aggression caused by feeling watched or by whatever means they use possibly tech, chemicals or psi spies-as-gang stalkers.

No forced speech or behaviors. No burns, stabs or hits causing physical pain. No sensation of pulling on my liver since  I left the east coast area.

Major cities have become a major problem. They are usually polluted chemically and electromagnetically as well as stressful to.begin with. Then add to this that Targets experience technologies and organized stalking/harassment or psy ops specifically tailored to them with the sole purpose of controlling and destroying the Targets.

What you have is loads of induced evidence that discredit the TI. To ensure they are silenced for yet another day. Books dont get written, lawyers never called. The Target is kept from closure year after year.

I was told years ago when walking through Somerville MA by two college age kids on rollerblades "Its going to KEEP happening unless you move to some Texas dustbowl town".  I will never forget that. It was so overt.

Yet here I am...in a house in TX outside a major city that is located in an area thats pretty much trailers and mobile homes on brushland. Dirt roads. No businesses, no schools, no stores.

Its here Ive experienced relief. Quiet. Not external quiet but internal quiet.  I feel normal. Like it used to he before this all started in 1997. Like it was for a while in 2002 before this all started to become 24/7 and severe.

I had just had a hard time in a nearby big city. There was something in the environment that made my companion and I have to urinate frequently, especially around the college area. If left alone I was stalked by people in vehicles, once again most of whom were men in pickup trucks, as usual. I frequently felt watched or as if the harassment was psychic in nature and all around me. From people in vehicles and surveillance cameras. And this place is actually better than some other cities! There was also interface with a source who seemed to be advising me. The typical push for me to become religious or to stop activism to enter a helping profession and live for that exclusively was also present. Cambridge, MA does the same thing. I feel as if my soul is being cleansed to purity and I am supposed to forget vendettas and revenge or even justice and go on to being a champion for the homeless.

Theres nothing wrong with a TI becoming a strong activist in other areas. Its when this is used as a way to meep the Targeted person from closure and true healing that its a problem. Becuz whats happening psychologically is the TI is held in or forced to believe they are guilty or deserved the torture so they become activists like this in a process resembling Catholic pennance which is much different than someone being a healed peaceful soul who genuinely wants to share that with society by helping others. This probably provides control over the Target and gang stalking Survivors is all abiut reinventing new INTERNAL controls, which is why EXTERNAL control such as gang stalking is beefed up so much until the person is behavior modified to provide said internal control.  Its why the Target is beaten down so hard even though its obvious they didnt deserve it. Guilt, shame, rape, torture etc etc are means of brainwashing someone into being controlled.

I now believe that the soldiers coming home from overseas who are suiciding may be doing so due to PTSD and memories being induced and repeated mentally by the same system that does this to civilian Targeted Individuals.  This daily torment of memories and emotions or sentiment being run over in the mind repeatedly leads to suicide. Once again its most common in areas with electromagnetic pollution, gang stalking and what seems like the use of chemical influence, like most major US cities nowadays.

The peace and quiet I am experiencing is present in an area where I get a 3g signal on my smartphone as well as telephone signal.

Theres got to be some other means that the GS is using to create the conditions I described in areas with heavy gang stalking activity.  Ive noticed areas with Wi-Fi are definitely part of this and thats gotten much worse since more and more people have aquired Wi-Fi in public spaces.

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  1. A couple of Texas TIs report very strong electromagnetic harassment, but believe it's targeted at them directly and not particularly general.

    One even found the instruction leaflet for the sort of NATO-standard shielded power connector that might be used to hook up a big military transmitter, blowing around the pasture where she keeps her cows.

    Harassment definitely happens in Texas, but it's aimed carefully at people the Texan perps want to harm for their own reasons (property dveelopment mainly). They may not automatically target people on behalf of other perps in other states.