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Friday, November 16, 2012

Well, This Explains Alot-Bush In Satanic Cult?? (Not Anything Sophisticated Either)

Could b bullcrap. It wud b tacky for someone of such  a lineage to be part of something so...lowbrow.

Gee, what else was he up to? Cutting off people's hands and stuffing candles in the fingers, lighting the way during a house robbery? (Old joke referring to 'low magick' practised by peasants and lower classes in old days).

Talk about a rich kid slumming it.

Probably another lovely torment to make someone more controllable  years down the road....which may or may not have happened.

See he may be being honest. If he is compartmentalized/programmed etc, if an alter experienced this event and not he, its easy to perceive it may or may not have happened.

With all that money and power and access why would he stoop to their level?

Dont even try to figure these things out. The truth is more complicated and disturbing than its worth.

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