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Monday, November 5, 2012

Public Schools Begin Creating Worker Drones or NWO Enslavement In Earnest By No Longer Teaching Cursive Handwriting

This is one of those issues where it pays to be in Massachusetts. I can totally see them not allowing our citizens to become this dumbed down.

Many schools are cutting music and art programs.

So now Bush's school policies make sense. Couldnt figure out why he'd care about something like that-No Worker Drone Left Behind. Makes sense. They all get educations but there's no mandate for the quality of it.

Its getting really bad in the US. I now understand why they predetermined who would be problematic to the NWO and crushed us before the world changed.

Many of us are still stuck in 2003, waiting to be set free. I hear these things from non targets and its like seeing a whole new world before my eyes: adults in pick up trucks doing paper routes becuz kids don't anymore, education changes like this.  Its horrifying.

Gang stalking keeps people like me away from society so we have no idea whats going on. Every waking moment is spent on activism, active self defense or going over memories of being harassed for years on end.

Its obvious that TIs are prisoners in their own countries but appear free citizens.  The entire nation is not only wired for mass mind control via tech but through things like chemtrails....and of course psychological warfare.

The elite either want us to be able to avoid the same fate as the masses or they want us tormented with the knowledge of whats going on as we are helpless to stop it.


Anonymous said...

Also, we as TI's have to tolerate being chastised for things we know we are not. Like the comments you are getting for paying for something you did, whatever that was. A lot of what I get is nonsense stuff gleaned from surveillance mixed in with stuff that the system knows that I know is highly untrue about me, and sends out their drones to do harassment and stalking. Note that the system uses people who otherwise would be worthless, i.e., people who have no desire to become cultured or learn culture or who also do not want to better themselves.

And this works as torture, because the system knows these people have power over us, because They allow them to do it. They allow these bums to have power over us, to feel good about themselves in front of our faces to further enrage and torture us. And the damage gets reinforced by replaying what other bad experiences we have had, and then having actors downplay them with their street theater skits. And part of this is having said actors represent people who have done damaging things to us, and now have them portrayed in a "heroic" role as though they fought the same good fight we are fighting but have won. This is part of psy-ops.

They do this to me extensively, and it just re-enforces those memories of abuse. So this would be replaying the memories of being stalked for years to further break the target down.

But they don't always do this; only at select times. And sometimes they also show me that these people weren't anything to worry about. I'm sure by doing this, sometimes amplifying abusers and their deeds, and sometimes vilifying them, is to test the "elasticity" of my psyche as a target... to have the target stressed and relieved repeatedly like a piece of steel to determine the point of failure. Then repeat this indefinitely over a long period, and what results is a combination of torture and testing of the will/psyche of the target.

One good thing: at least someone somewhere knows we are strong desirable people with excellent qualifies. I know that for a fact. I'm sure they are controlling the extent to which perps are working us over with their relentless BS, and stepping in and compensating somehow when necessary.

I'm the type of person who in any normal realm would have no problem getting accepted by society. They would see what a great person I am with my depth. But now, the system has fostered an environment where we are put on display as a sacrifice, so that everyone else can hate us. This would not happen in any other normal realm. We'd be thriving and would be working dream jobs, and everyone would see what great people we are. Instead, we are in "this" realm, where we are held captive and we have everything that is ours by birthright stripped away. it's a strong parallel to Christ just before getting crucified, because he was a blasphemer who claims he was God, etc. What happened to Christ is a good example of what goes on in this realm to targets. It's like he was well respected and had followers, till Iscariot came along and sold him out. He was living life very well and was healing the sick and righting wrongs. But all of a sudden, he's a wicked evil blasphemer who deserves to be put to death.

Anonymous said...

Cursive handwriting? Art?? Music?? And here I thought mobbing and bullying were more important? Dammit, you're so old-fashioned. Get with the program. Bullying, mobbing, stalking, psy-ops, being connected... that's WAY way way more important than art.

Remember a time when clothes were made in the USA and didn't come completely apart after 3 washes?

Anonymous said...

Stupid on so many levels. How is one supposed to sign any legal documents without any cursive handwriting knowledge? Surely, it couldn't be that much of a bother to implement it. Most teachers are capable of teaching it. They must be up to something here. Maybe they care creating a new generation of people incapable of signing legal documents or writing checks. This is the first step to doing everything possible via computer. Note that it's been proposed by many targets that the person's monitor can be controlled and monitored. I think the person's EMF signature can be coupled with that of the computer screen to get a better read on the person's mood and other bio stuff, perhaps even EKG signals. I ca see how they'd want this. And handwriting is an individualistic trait that differentiates people. And the NWO people HATE individualism. They want everyone coupled together.

Think of two inductors which are mutually coupled via close proximity. And now consider that each person is giving off his own EMF signature, and the LCD screen has it's own EMF signature as well. So the human/computer monitor become mutually coupled EMF wise. And computers are interconnected, so that means each person's EMFs can be coupled over the internet worldwide. Maybe it's not that simple, but it's a theory of why they are pushing becoming computer zombies instead of artists capable of manual art. The art of manual writing is becoming lost. Besides, they can do handwriting via computer tablet. So there is no excuse for them to obliterate cursive handwriting, unless they are up to something. Hint: getting rid of things that set people apart stylistically. When typing at a computer keyboard, you can't tell the person apart from the next, especially since everyone thinks in a hive-like fashion anyhow.