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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

RI Sucks For Anyone Intelligent Outside Of Providence Proper

Gee, Rhode Island used to be kinda cool twenty years ago. Looks like lots of idiots have moved in. was just another fun New England state to grow up in. Always acknowledged as not as hip or fun as Boston or NYC.

They always were a bit backwards and ignorant though. Hicks I suppose. RI was Massachusetts's prison colony centuries ago so they have always been looked down on traditionally.

Cranston is away from the capital and universities anyway.

I never realized how hateful and violent these little Christian kiddies could. control in this country is really paying off it seems.

Bush has now his little Hitler youth. Generation Nowhere seems to range from these militant total idiots (who are nothing more than a common mob) to shitheads who think they are badass Satanists..or gangstas...or YUPpies. Whatever.

There are alot of kids from this generationn who are smart enough to not fall for any brainwash generally-then again there always is in every generation.

Its sad to see that the dream we, Gen X thought we were  going to finalize from where our parents started using the new world of tech has been so shut down, destroyed and abandoned.

I  suppose the powers that run the world would never allow an enlightenment of man-an evolution. They'll destroy that and replace it with enslavement disguised as some world peace solution.

And their ignorant mobs of mindless animals will serve their designed  agendas. 

This is what u get raising brats with Abrahamic religious nonsense AND gangsta rap...what Christian jumps people?

Rhode Island is like MA in that respect. The average middle to lower class whites are usually mindless ruffians who like to get into fights.

Final analysis?  Ive lived in RI as a youth-I was too intelligent, talented and good looking to have this place and its peasants waste my time in my youth...and so is she. Anything outside the east side of Providence (NOT East Providence) or the college area like RISD or Brown such as Thayer St and such should be off limits to anyone who isnt an idiot. (And I DONT include URI in that list.)

Transfer to a school system where the other kids are up to your level honey.

And watch out becuz Providence also suffers from having organized crime in the Italian section like any other financially prosperous/stable northeastern state. Their construction companies are one such example. You never know how much dirty blood money goes into getting those bridges built, do you?

Yeah...stick with around Providence proper. Get the f*ck out of Craaaaayynstun.

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