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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

If anyone out there who used to know me thinks I got owned through these years by the actions of my family, friends and community, just remember-

You never really knew me to begin with.


Mike said...

Most people out there are sheople anyway, what they think, is only what they are taught. Opinions of their own, naught. Everyone in this systen is owned, the only winners are in their imagination.

Anonymous said...

Came across this while watching other videos. Check it out: Meat Loaf going apeshit on Gary Busey. LOL

Busey seems like he's real good at pushing buttons.

Anonymous said...

Two and a Half Men strikes me as a little idiotic. The funniest part about the show is the really lame and mildly moronic story lines.

Really, who writes a story line about a manly man who out of the blue becomes gay and leaves his wife? I can see where there is one of the system's many psy-ops directed at very specific targets.

And Family Guy is another one. Laughable because it's so horrible. It's very Simpson's like. In fact, when I give it some thought, it seems like a direct rip-off of the Simpsons. A lot of material on such a show contains intel gained on specific targets. I've been noticing that for the past 5 years I've watched it occasionally.

The biggest mystery is Dexter's Lab. It's from years before those shows I've mentioned, yet I feel like I've been strongly psy-opped by the show. For example, the episode where Dexter is being watched via surveillance in a Chuck E Cheese type place, and gets caught cheating on their games. They marvel at his technology "which surpasses our own", and the head of the surveillance crew asks him to join them "on the dark side".

And the one episode where he gets a dog, and it was from years ago. I can tell it's one of their surveillance games. Though I've only gotten this dog now, it gives me a strong vibe, like they somehow "knew" about this years ago. And his relationship with the dog strongly parallels the one I have with the dog I just got recently. Very chilling.

Now time travel is one thing, but they have some sort of psychic reading ability to see years in advance of what a target will encounter. Targets will verify this, but then an explanation that it's just simple mind games by the system. Yet the system does it consistently.

It's also chilling that they've been doing psy-ops on me and other targets from this many years back and putting them in TV shows. It's like they've always done this, but the "flavor" and other aspects of the psy-ops like the quality and fineness seems to change over the years. But shows with psy-ops seem to always have been there from way back.

Another psy-op from Dexter: the one where he has this dream where his idiotic system is smoking him on an exam, answering some insanely deep questions with ease, meanwhile all he has to do is answer 1+1, and he can't do it. Strangely, I was having dreams like this at the time it aired. of course, the system probably was messing with my dreams to make these kinds of humiliations happen in the first place. I know my dreams and the dreams of other targets are being recorded and even tampered with. Yeah, I used to get dreams like I couldn't answer simple questions on exams, and those with lesser intelligence are doing them with no problem. This seems to play along with the plan for some targets, to make them feel like they are getting beaten badly by inferior or average intelligence people.

And I wonder if other targets have experiences like I've described? I know they tailor stuff like this to the individual, as in not every target will get stuff like this. One research piece in the local newspaper was echoing this, and attempting to explain it by saying that according to research, only certain brain areas on "on" when dreaming, and the brain has to make do with a patchwork of what is actually functioning. Maybe this in itself is psy-ops to explain away the dreams?

Anonymous said...

And all of this is disturbing, because it causes the target to reflect the years of their lives, and re-evaluate all the things that happened in the context of being a target. Like, I remember this show, and now that I think about it, I believe I was being psy-opped from many years back. And of course, the many years of being target will induce paranoia to make them reach conclusions about such things that aren't accurate. But then, there is such a mixture of scripted vs. coincidence, it further helps confuse the target as to what was being tampered with vs. what was natural happenstance. It just adds complexity to the targets' life.

Throw in the fact that people seem to be manipulated in ways we can't explain.

And the psy-ops seem to always have been there. But the quality and flavor seem to change. Like, for example, during Bush and even recently, the people writing in the psy-ops seem to be less professional and mature about them and are aiming for more amusement than business. Things like that.

But then, I don't know for sure if years ago I was being psy-opped in certain shows, because I wasn't looking for them. And also, it could be the paranoia of looking for things in the past. It's because targets go into this mode where they intently look for hidden meanings, and also they will go into a mode where they are constantly analyzing everything.

Or maybe because the context of the psy-ops was different in the past, making me think they were more professionally done.

But it seems like such a system had to have been in place for years prior to the present? And again, being a target, I've learned so much about psy-ops and subliminals, that I will unconsciously scrutinize and analyze things that I've watched and seen in the past and come to the conclusion "Hey, that was directed at me because I was doing..."

Mike said...

A great awareness what you are doing. Bringing people the knowledge of what really goes on, and making it harder for them to point their finger blaming the bad skitzos for everything. Letting light on the idea that maybe the paranoids are on to something, maybe they should be taken seriously. You done alot for targets, don't forget that. They would love us to be gone, out of sight, out of mind; so stay strong, live on.

Anonymous said...

The thing is, this is highly illegal, unethical, and cruel. But the important thing is this: it is supported 100% by the local mob within the community. I'm sure nobody in the system is anything to crow about physically or talent-wise. Otherwise, they wouldn't be so full of jealousy that they'd need to jump targets with all sorts of mean and nasty vicious cruel harassment. AND THEN LAUGH ABOUT IT, YET. They go and laugh about it, then. And if I did anything like this to any non-perp, say, they'd be all over my ass calling me idiot and everything else.

However, it's important to realize that the mob lives under their own set of rules. They have a different standard of morality than the person they are picking on does. And also, they have their own standard, which differs greatly from the one they expect targets to live by. I'm not sure if they're so weak they have to do this sort of thing as a mob, or if they really are that vicious, or under some sort of spell that makes them think targets deserve this treatment? And they are so brazen, which tells me that cops must be protecting them. Why else would ugly fat weak mob weaklings be so bold with what they are doing? Something must be up. They must know it is safe to do things like this. Or maybe they confuse being fat and ugly with being tall and mighty like Hercules.

Anonymous said...

And I just thought about it a little. I figure, most of what they do lies with the ability to run and hide after abusing the target. Now, I was attacked with the perp sitting in the dark with her driveway lights out. And this makes it harder to get them on film. I never thought of this. And I didn't think of having my cell phone on video to catch all of this.

So after the little harassment episode, on my way back, she had apparently gone back inside. And she had the outdoor lights turned back on, which means she turned out her outdoor security lights just so she could sit outside and lie in wait with a sneak attack.

Yeah, they are vicious animals, but they have the ability to elude filming by the target. I'll just have to be ready with my cell phone video camera. I would prefer to deck the perp doing the harassment instead. But the problem lies in the source. You always have to slay the beast at the heart, and the heart in this case is the local mob. There is so much sameness and congruence to the tactics they use. They have different individuals doing the same exact tactics, and that is part of sensitizing the target to expect the same harassment everywhere. It also installs a sense of helplessness, because the target is being notified by the system that they will always be attacked in the same manner, but by different random unexpected people. And worse, the cops won't do a thing about it, as they appear to be protecting the perps. So much bravery on their part. The system needs to go, and I personally feel my sense of forgiveness and loving starting to go. I really believe that any perp deserves the death penalty for going along with any harassment. Isn't there a death penalty for treason? And this IS treason. They actually have harassment designed to humiliate me for forgiving the perps. I have this "love your enemy despite the fact that he is your enemy" thing about me, and the perps/system knows it. So what am I supposed to do, become a deranged psychotic hater just because the system is aiming for this as their goal?

Have already become bitter enough from years of psychotic perps giving me trouble. I don't want to go that route. Why, just because they are hateful? If I become bitter and angry and focused on revenge, just remember two things: one, that is their goal for us in the first place, and would necessitate changing who we are. The system desires that we change, so I am against this. Second, the people doing this seem to have more of a mob, under the spell of something evil mentality than that of true hate. So why should I hate? They do sneak attacks, and go hide in the community as though they were decent citizens. Yeah, they do a lot of hiding in plain sight. Like the one perp I was complaining about. I never get harassed by her during normal encounters, which means one of two things: maybe she was getting set up as an attacker, and or getting paid per attack. two, she was a typical compartmentalized hateful creature, much like your typical child molester with skeletons in his or her closet, hiding their true nature by "fitting in" as a decent, normal citizen. But these people are anything but normal.