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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Gang Stalking Serves To Keep TIs And American Citizens From Leaving The United States

I now fully realize that one of the main purposes of gang stalking campaigns is to KEEP CITIZENS WHO ARE TARGETED FROM LEAVING THE UNITED STATES. This system probably overlaps with mass mind control to serve the same purpose with non targeted citizens.

Causing fear, shame, guilt, sensivity to peer pressure, humiliation and even forced femininity and weakness in older women (who are naturally coming into a phase of strength and masculinity due to less estrogen and more testosterone) as well as inability to focus and think clearly, recall or retain thoughts. Worst of all is the Truman Show Effect TIs exprience and the effect where traumatic memories are forcibly run over and over again and used to cause the afore mentioned negative emotions in Targeted Persons (guilt, shame, humiliation, fear, respomding to peer pressure) as well as causing Targets to be 'kept down' or give up on activism or getting justice for themelves.

This all ensures that Targets like myself are kept in virtual Hells and targeted Survivors are kept from healing indefinitely. This creates an inhuman, unearthly creature if you will that inhabits the human shell instead of a normal human soul or spirit.

Gang stalking, post 9-11 specifically, has created a way for the system to have Targets living in an internal Guantanamo Bay type torture camp-while looking like fairly normal people just walking around.

But we arent perceived as normal. We r crazy or homeless or of bad character. Its easier for people to think its something else than to admit theres actual evil in the world. Denial is easier.

We also live in a group hug therapy culture thats been taken over by fascism and tyranny. So the public have this creepy attitude about breaking people down until they join the cult type mentality, even though consciously they dont know thats what they are doing. It seems they want to break many of us down so we seem human to them, like normal people.

Firstly the reality is we AREN'T their definition of normal people and secondly, their society isnt normal or healthy to begin with.

America is sick and the powers that be are determined to ensure its citizens and culture never evolve and grow up, which would be NORMAL compared to the prison created with these technologies, chemicals and psy ops-all controls on the public.

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Anonymous said...

The psy-ops I encounter are so predictable, I often know what's coming before I even go to a site on the internet. It's the same tired old psy-ops rehashed over and over again. Is this deliberate to drive the TI to insanity? Usually, it's anything dealing with giving me this debilitating feeling, or it's something sexist as usual. And usually it's fairly constant, and has changed little over the years. This could go on for years. Do they have any imagination, or are they only good at sucking the souls from TI's? Gee, I wonder what they'll be doing tomorrow? What, something debilitating or sexist? Does this have something to do with the personality of the people involved with setting up the psy-ops?

And a lot of times, the psy-ops are like, so CORNY as hell. Just plain CORNY.