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Monday, November 26, 2012

A Soros Made NWO

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Anonymous said...

About the tech toys they have to play with. One time I had a dream, and I'm still not certain if it was more technomancing, or a genuine supernatural experience. It felt like a dream interrogation. It was one of those deals where I felt pinned down and helpless, and the ghost of a certain famous person in history was channeling me these notions that he was unhappy with certain aspects of what I was doing. LOL, can you believe that? Thanks to your blog, I know that they like to play these games via tech influence. If it was very dream-interrogation in "feel", then it had to have been tech influence.

And it follows that it's reasonable they can do this with long-deceased famous people as well as ones still living. Like, the ghost of said person is channeling things to you. Could be real too, though. Is it believable that a historical person long deceased could really contact you in the present? It's suspect, because the emotions emanating from the spirit of supposed dead person were very scathing and negative.

And I can see how the observers, the ones with the ability and access to observe, were getting a huge entertainment thrill out of this. And that's one thing you've confirmed, too: they like to do things like this to targets for entertainment.