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Nothing like co-opting the likes of Malcolm X crossed with a bit of preacher, who eerily resembles Anton LaVey to further the deception of Artificial Intelligence. Humans can't even preserve the natural environment provided for us that keeps our bodies nourished and healthy, why could be possibly be trusted to create life? It's becoming apparent that the future is going to branch off into two factions of people in the west or even globally-those who will buy into this enslavement and those who wish to live alternatively to that world being created.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Coffee And Schizophrenia-Madness In A Bad Economy and High Stress Environment?


Mike said...

Rache , I am so scared. Workplace mobbing problems gave gotten so out of hand, that I fell into the trap. I am so sad now, because I think I may lose my job, and then my house. I may have to get 'help', in order to keep my job. Co workers are trying to make me seem unstabble, and dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Isn't gangstalking itself social engineering? I believe that is a more appropriate title for this. It empowers those with confidence who really don't deserve it (a lot of the participants). You've seen the snobby nobodies they like to foist on TI's, but that is one tactical maneuver in their bag of tricks.

Also, the one tactic they use on me is having people who are walking their dogs, as they approach me, they start looking over their shoulder behind them repeatedly as though they are paranoid. One tactic to convey that someone is afraid of being followed. Strictly, this is one tactic they like to use on TIs. Is this supposed to convey a sense of being watched? Yeah, I'm pretty sick of all their bag of tricks. It seems like I encounter people who are intentionally snobby, like thumbing their nose at the TI. They usually have dark glasses on. And TI's have mentioned that their perps/stalkers like to wear dark glasses. I'm not sure why, but it may have something to do with the psychic aspect of gangstalking. I just don't know.

I've been targeted for a long time, and still don't know why they do the things they do. From my vantage point, it's just a way for a connected group to feel special while ostracizing the TI. But the latter is part of the social engineering the agenda is up to. And the participants get to feel all comfy and cozy and pampered. They also get all the job opportunities the TI gets screwed out of. So just because of the agenda, less qualified people are working in important sectors, but only because the system deems them a threat? It's sickening. If any of my stalkers got this treatment I'm getting, there'd be a Hiroshima-sized outrage by them. You'd never hear the end of it.