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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Feminism Has Become A Vehicle For The True Oppressors

Feminists AWOL on Islam:

Rape culture feminist hypocrisy:

Uh...I don't think there'll be any takers, Honey.

(Update 2018: this photo has been revealed to be 'fake news' content as it's been doctored. Here are fact check links.

I still think it has value as a spoof to reflect the head in the clouds self destructive attitudes coming from open borders and undocumented mass immigration. Just be fortunate we live in the USA and have freedom of speech, right to bear arms and good security.
When Americans hear of immigration in EU they don't understand these countries don't have these protections we have. Which they should become aware of because it's a sobering reminder of WHY ALL OF OUR ANCESTORS LEFT EUROPE. Civility over rights and freedoms and still a religious government making decisions for the people. )

But if there were, this is what it might look like:

Isn't it ironic that due to WWII Europe has sought to be peaceful, unarmed and anti-racist yet this is the very circumstance that has allowed the new Invaders to destroy and harm it's citizens?
The Nazis themselves couldn't have done a better job.

Fear not world. While the whining, time wasting reactionary little girls are out there merely trying to piss off Daddy 

There are true to life brave females who believe and understand genuine FEMALE POWER and are fighting for freedom and Truth for humanity. 

Without male bashing. 

Imagine that! Actually getting some real work done in this lifetime on the actual front lines of the struggle for life or death on this planet. Not bitching and posing on some outdated soap box serving as diversion and the entire time ENJOYING THE PROTECTION PROVIDED BY MALES AND PREDOMINANTLY MALE LAW ENFORCEMENT.

As a homeless American female Traveler I've been to areas in the USA that lack police presence and you would not want to be there. 
As unpleasant as corrupt, crooked and violent law enforcement can be YOU DO NOT WANT TO EXPERIENCE SOCIETY WITHOUT THEM AROUND.

Most people have no idea how our world truly works and opportunists are taking advantage of that. Fully at this time.
Europeans in most countries have NO RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS and NO FREEDOM OF SPEECH. 
Americans are now struggling to keep such rights. The next time you question why these rights are important look at life outside the USA. 

And this is coming from someone who was treated very badly and unjustly by the system in an attempted frame up for domestic terrorsim that's lasted over two years. 

I have the same sentiment I always have had:
Only males can protect us from other males. Only THEY know the depravity of the male mind. It's capacity for violence. 

Male violence may be the source of many ills on this planet-agreed. The very nature of men may be to blame.

But that has always been and picking and choosing which males to support over others is illogical and senseless. 

Men aren't to blame for their Nature.

If choosing to support any male aggression over protecting other females is 'feminism' then a reactionary movement needs to be created to protect women from feminists.

Wake up.
Grow up and stop wasting the world's time when there are so many causes and issues now that need tending in ways only women are capable of.

Feminism is not relavant in the 21st century. 
It's been hijacked and utilized for a destructive agenda. 

Women who understand their own power utilize males in their battles they do not exclude them.
We accept male protection.
Males may at times give wisdom we do not have as we ARE women. 

Stop being self destructive. 

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Diversity Is Unconstitutional And Diversionary

Forcing conditions to change rapidly and unnaturally is nothing short of social engineering not progress for the greater good.

Why would the powers that be change their historical stance since history's inception and decide to be dedicated to humanity's greater good instead of their own agenda-business as usual?

It's as unrealistic and too good to be true as it sounds.

While modern civilized nations are dramatically concerned about these issues there remains a world out there that STILL suffers from global INEQUALITY created by our westernized lifestyles being wasteful, self indulgent, polluting, short sighted and very much disrespectful of REAL human and cultural human diversity.

Forget about animal and plant or eco diversity.

Also consider that the unfair and aggressive push for Diversity covers up and band aids much of the Colonialism and Imperialism that made Third World nations what they are today as well as slavery of West and Central African peoples.
In fact it seems Native indigenous people world wide are getting the least acknowledgement from this trend on their own soil and that includes the United States.

In fact, per design, the most relavant and recent social and institutional concerns about PC actually make world wide concerns that effect humanity HARDER TO WORK ON because these policies only serve the corporate structure that causes these conditions or perpetuates them.

Which is why so many of us are sick of the smoke screens.

The only people truly suffering from these policies are the middle class and regular folk. Not the people who caused the original problems to begin with.

Americans have no idea what's going on in Europe with mass immigration. Countries far too small to accommodate large influxes of foriegn refugees unlike the USA where citizens don't enjoy the freedom and rights we do from our Constitution.

These people who have been living in these countries for millennia are being physically displaced and culturally genocided. Females are suffering from systematic rapes used as intimidation by angry male immigrants as well as religious terrorism from Muslim extremists.

These people unlike us have NO RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS and NO FREEDOM OF SPEECH. In certain countries one can be JAILED for racism against human rights laws for speaking out, protesting or posting crime stats on the internet.

Why would feminists support a change in any country that creates systematic rape of women?  Beware of outdated ideologies-often they are no longer even relavant but are kept around and used by those who have infiltrated such movements for their own agendas. Especially when something becomes part of the established order one must wonder how it can still represent dissent.
Why feminism would include any males at all has always mystified me which it should not because it's designed to fail. Probably by the established order itself.

The point of this era seems to be to CREATE TOTALLY FALSE ENVIRONMENTS. Both social and physical.

The running long term theory is that either on Mars or on a very polluted, radiated earth-humans must be manipulated to function away from Nature as we were designed and to function in environments created by man.

Transhumanists believe man can improve through being fused with technology yet all the risks of technology are not being revealed to the public.

That's one of the main goals of many activists at this time.

As I've mentioned it's a bit too human to be concerned about your little bubble being a perfect utopia for all when you tolerate and even support and partake in world wide pollution, never ending war for profit and worst lately-the effects of nuclear waste and leakage.

This is why many people are disgusted at so called 'social justice' as it's evolved now.
It's so aggressively implemented, so unfair and only benefits certain demographics and does not even deal with the current global issues that are of genuine concern that it's GOT TO BE DANGEROUS and basically a deception.

Many of the young now aren't  old enough to know what or who they are dealing with or what real corruption even looks like nor how it functions-that was all cleaned up (for show, externally) before they came of age.
And they are so self righteous that they are horribly disrespectful to older people thinking their 'new world' they are building is more wise than life experience.

No one is wise in their 20s I don't care who you are.  And older people in on this scam who are benefitting are just rubbing their hands together at how much money or other gain they are acquiring from naive idealism.

There is no such thing as Equality. Someone HAS to suffer and lose. Because the real issues aren't being dealt with that do harm or cause problems to begin with, the entire 'social justice' movement is nothing but a scam.

And it's going to change the world but only in the same old way that's through out recorded history-benefitting the same power structure maintaining it's power and

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Fake Masonry Pyramid Scheme Scams aka 'Clandestine Masonry'

A huge problem in NY. These people pay thousands of dollars and get nothing from their dues.

It seems they actually harass genuine legit Masons.

Interesting story about MJ's doctor displaying false credentials with rumour of deep infiltration into music business. 

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Diversity As Destructive Special Interest Agenda Once Again Exposed

Once again one must ask, if the total make over of human society aka the 'New World Order' theory, is such a good idea then why must it be done by force, by deception and using brutal tactics?

It's just a shell game used by the powers that be, like always in their Machiavellian manipulations-to simply move around who becomes victimized and discriminated against and who doesn't.
They always reengineer society based on their own agendas, without ever compromising their own position of power.

Thus, you are now morbidly obsessed and concerned with genderless restrooms, the endless plight of African American victimization by authorities, and concepts like PC, Diversity and Equality instead of asking more sensible questions like why are there any ghettos still at all in the US or if massive counter terrorsim surveillance exists why can't the authorities stop illegal drugs from flooding into any city or town in this country. Perhaps taking account of nuclear waste or arms or the militarization of domestic civilian society by the Complex mostly consisting of the private sector with virtually no oversight or accountability.

How about the planned obscelescence of personal technologies causing major issues of environmental pollution?

These are issues that effect ALL of humanity-not one group or another. These should be the issues reasonable people focus on in the western world at.this time in history.

After human history has demonstrated time and again the power structures use of DIVIDE AND CONQUER why isn't anyone realizing it's once again being utilized?
It's as if people only want to focus on change that will make a dying, self destructive species more 'fair' and 'equal'-as long as it doesn't cause genuine change (that interferes with western culture).

The very people who deal in 'diversity' could care less about real world culture or preserving ethnic indigenous people or cultures.
Corporate Diversity isn't real Diversity. 

As long as humans ANIMALS exist and we aren't self actualized and fully responsible for our actions or creations or to each other or the environment around us YOU CAN BE SURE THAT EVERY PROMISED UTOPIA OR PERFECT SOCIETY OF WORLD PEACE IS NOTHING BUT A DECEPTION.

A lie. A pipe dream.  Ultimately a diversion. 

Now it's poor whites who are the new n*ggers in American society.
 Left and right have agreed this era is about shitting on and destroying the middle to lower classes but only for certain racial demographics.

Yet black ghettos still exist in the 21st century and should not. Possibly by design to be exploited for political diversions from larger issues, as usual.

There are ways to counter this and protect ones self.

The most probable theory as to why both sides have decided to villify this demographic is that people of European descent are traditionally the people who fight and revolt effectively against the power structures in place. Just as plants and animals that evolve around each other have ties to one another so we have evolved for centuries alongside the other classes in Europe and surrounding areas.  It would make sense that we would know their tactics and how oppressive conditions can get.

It also seems that cowardice is in play as well as greed as usual. Pick on poor whites for their priveledge by birth from DNA or perceived 'race' because these people are too afraid to challenge the upper classes.

Political Correctness and Diversity does not work unless you have money or are at least living within the system such as school, work or at least an established community.
It's a joke in the subcultures and the homeless community. It's for mainstream people because it's totally unrealistic and impractical.

The reason the homeless are so shunned now and no one wants to improve conditions or evolve the culture is that we've seen truly what's wrong with society (on top of various predators wanting to exploit us on different levels).
The anti homeless sentiment as well as active campaign against anything not part of a controlled, structured society should indicate how much bullshit these social engineering concepts are.

You have to understand something about people who remember the world before the Multicult Nazi take over of the western world- many of us lived in world culture in major cities in the 80s and 90s. We had a hope for a positive diverse world connected by the internet and travel. But whatever parties have hijacked these concepts have turned them very negative. It's forced and it's fake. It's about corporate America not people. There was never supposed to include hate as part of the bargaining power.
Hate shows a society of people who are in denial about not being able to hold those in power accountable for horrible conditions like terrorsim, pollution, inflation, etc. Diversity implimented by hatred is not what it seems. It's never what was intended.

We also remember a world before corporate culture defined people's reality daily. Globalism as it's being done now isn't necessarily a good thing and what or who's considered nationalist or locals are only reacting in natural self defense.

Not only were these changes brought in way to fast, note ALONG WITH the normalization of frequent foriegn and domestic terrorism-they disrespect some group and individuals right to exist etc IN FAVOR OF OTHERS or in some geographic areas or businesses focus on ONE group to the exclusion of others.

Having one group from one country or culture employed at every Brand X Donut shop in a city  have led to complaints that they only hire people from their own countries and other ethnic backrounds are now getting cut hours. That's not Diversity.

The all too common ploy in the Northeast of defining 'Diversity' as meaning African American is also not Diversity.

It's a game of moving things around to suite an agenda where real change to society at large doesnt have to occur. It's touted as 'progress'.

For instance, many older people have a distaste for predominantly poor white women obsessively having children with African American men at a shockingly high rate lately or 'race mixing' in this way generally.
This is considered racism. People who think this way are old fashioned and ignorant.

However if you had other information you would understand such views a bit better.

Decades ago interracial couples, even ones that had means were regularly discriminated against. They would be told there were no tables at restaurants or denied access or services. I've lived through that era with mixed race friends and I've seen it first hand. People REALLY had to WANT to be together to tolerate this. It's always been accepted in Liberal culture that some people simply prefer to date or marry outside their race but such actions were always considered natural and normal for those who partake in it.
This is based on the idea of freedom where no one should tell people who they can and cannot associate with. Free association.

Back then, the status quo or mainstream was telling people to NOT have interracial relationships. Encouraging against it.

Nowadays the system is ENCOURAGING such behaviors and TELLING people, dare I say INSTRUCTING people to partake in such activity. It's advertised, it's pushed and it's marketed to people like a product.

Thus, many people especially older ones aren't suspect of this trend because of racism but because they've seen the powers that define social norms trying to control human behavior thus DENY PEOPLE THEIR FREE WILL through free association in the opposite direction years ago SO ONE MUST QUESTION WHY THE POWERS THAT BE DESIRE IT NOW BECAUSE ANYTHING THE POWERS THAT BE TELL YOU TO DO EN MASSE SHOULD BE QUESTIONED if it seems controlling; if it seems to deny people the right to decide for themselves (and to be left the fuck alone to come up with their own preferences to begin with).

This also may be due to the change in African American culture whereas feminism decades ago supported the struggling black male through civil rights, modern black males are returning feminist favor with mysogenous, sexist culture via rap and hip hop gang culture.

I've seen rap and hip hop from it's birth. And anyone having blind trust in gang culture should  seriously read up on COINTELPRO, corporate prison system and how crack came about in black ghettos. What was once conspiracy theory is now documented accepted history on the issue.

BTW if you think you understand African American culture then you would quickly realize that 'black' people have traditionally been so mercurial and innovative in their creativity specifically with music, that they would NEVER get stuck this long on something like rap music. In the natural evolution of black music, rap would have been a past thing by now-replaced by the next amazing innovation of human creativity.

Rap and hip hop are most likely corpses reanimated time and time again and kept alive by people in boardrooms. Most likely with side investments or indirectly linked to privatized prisons, drugs etc. Its also probably seen as another way out or an opportunity for African Americans as artists to generate wealth and gain upward mobility in society.

I understand that. And that's the American Dream in some form but don't ever think that people that reject certain cultures or PC or multiculturalism are simply racist or even mentally I'll which seems like a norm Obama was trying to establish, frighteningly.

It may be because people simply seek to protect themselves and what culture they come from.
It may also be that some of us understand certain cultures more than you think-and we know when someone or something is completely full of shit or just seeking opportunity like anyone else and we aren't going to be sold off and duped so easily.  In some cases it may also be that due to an understanding of events that have led to a certain modern cultural trend, some people may even feel that this has been ultimately an injustice to a specific group. The black community fought to gain freedom from slavery's beginnings. COINTELPRO crushed that and ensured that all that remained was a compromised community who were basically re enslaved to fill up prisons, sell drugs for shadowy criminal powers and create decades of music culture that ensures this process continues as well as enslaves other groups as well by the same methods, utilizing base and hypnotic beats and sounds specifically designed to degrade and influence humans.

Rap has replaced other cultures world wide even entire genres of music are now ignored.
And the truth about musical influences is never dealt with anyway just like race and ethnicity.

Scandinavia has been a favorite hate target of the disinfo shills from the Lib elite multicult. They are blamed for slavery and gladly destroyed due to being so 'white'. However genetically most if not all Scandinavians are mixed with the INDIGENOUS SAAMI PEOPLE making them an indigenous culture.
Yet this is never dealt with.

Multiculturalism loves to create ignorance about ethnic backrounds which if you study how cultures come to be and the movements of humans throughout the world over time is absolutely fascinating. Yet it seems the multicult doesnt want anything fascinating or a positive world culture that truly respects global diversity. It seems to want control. And to spread hatred by simply rearranging who is victimized this time around.

My most recent revelation is that if anything being pushed right now or defended is worth anything then why did I have to be framed up by parties unknown in an obvious desperate attempt to silence me? Most of the content hysterically focused on the fabrication that I am anti cop and racist. The entire time I had to suffer being harassed by an anonymous reader who seemed to have foreknowledge of the crimes I was accused of-yet no one cared about my being victimized but insisted on victimizing me further-simply because what I have to say is somehow a threat to a powerful agenda.

Anyplace hate has to be used as a weapon to secure a belief system one should be suspect. How can it be good then? Especially if it is not allowed to be questioned.