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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Monday, February 28, 2011

The Nature of Abusers in GS/In Place Reward System

That abuse wheel is very useful and accurate as well. Many people are on on this and they all most likely have some sort of leaning towards being abusive or controlling. When this is the case in organized group stalking and harassment of a Targeted Individual, you then have entire groups of people involved in these actions, all controlled by cult mind control tactics even if they are working for money to dispose of the Targeted person. I have experienced this myself by observing perp groups while being targeted by them.
One participant actually told his young companion that "She's just a target" so one can assume that this is a perp group as I had experienced it to be.

My mother is or was also very involved in this. Even if this is done by professionals for hire,many sick people like her will be attracted to this activity. Her family is very abusive and controlling as is the people she has aligned herself with over the years. Its driven her to be subhuman and over many years time I have watched her become more and more a person identifying with the aggressor, becoming like them, than being a victim. This is normal for someone who is controlled and subjected to constant abuse until they just turn and cant take anymore. They stop being human, they stop being the victim. And now the perpetrators have another set of hands to utilize.

She's the kind of person that would tail gate and would tell her it was dangerous and probably illegal. Shed disregard this and do it just to terrorize me. Then when it became illegal or was featured in the news as being on a watch list for cops, she looked perturbed at having her power taken away and said with half lidded snake eyes "Did you know that its illegal to do that now? Its considered aggressive" or some form of aggression on the road. I was like 'duh', well yeah', thats why she shouldnt have been doing it in the first place. She wouldnt tale gate unconsciously she was right up to the other car forcing them to move. It was a game to her, another form of aggression and abuse she could get away with.

Note one thing however. When she realized that she was going to be caught, she then stopped the behavior immediately. This is woman who was fascinated with reading about serial killers and I believe that during the time in the late 90's is when she started to show signs of cracking from years of harassment. She started to turn into that monster- fully and totally. As one perp in St Louis said to me "Women from Boston might be beautiful in thier bodies and thier minds but a person can take only so much", so these bastards know what they are doing to Targeted people over time.

She only ceased this behavior when she realized she could potentially be caught by authorities. My mother is very careful to not be caught doing illegal things. Luckily she is not connected nor bright enough to do large scale illegal things with this same stealth. She is targeted and refuses to see it in its entirety.
People involved in gs campaigns are somehow very into the idea of abuse. And due to it being of a legitimized covert nature (national security- even private companies being contracted out to do actual targeting of human beings on national security contracts) there usually arent any consequences with authority- only rewards.

An Example of Mental Illness vs Being A Targeted Individual

Its my birthday and like all other holidays in the USA the effects of tech used in my campaign cease completely providing total relief.

I felt my own personal power today and did not feel anxious, like I was going to die, fear ridden etc at all today. I felt centered and balanced. Also there was no interface. No Truman Show ideations, no famous people watching through a Truman Show or interfacing mentally/psychically. I was left alone and could think, feel (whats left of that), sense properly and just BE.

This is the difference between the mentally ill and Targeted Individuals.

This somewhat annoying Christian girl who is more nuts that Christian, tells me all the time that the Holy Spirit talks to her. That 'god' tells her to do this do that go here or leave from a situation. She also uses her god against people, saying her god told her to pray against someone for some slight.
She also said that her god gives her behavior modification. That he rewards her with a song in her head when she does things the way shes told.

I told her about these weapons and tech that the military has. That there are documented cases of psy ops in third world countries where they have the natives believing that god is talking to them etc.
I asked her if it ceases when she goes underground or when she changes locations or with changes in weather. She said it was always with her wherever she goes.

Either this woman is chipped or she is truly mentally ill, or one must consider that her god may exist. The difference is that those of us that are TI's know we are becuz what occurs with us, the effects always follow the behavior and patterns of technologies. I have listed these before but to summarize- the effects of psy ops technology or mind control tech change with location, weather and environment such as going underground or into a building that does not allow for cell phone reception. And all of these changes are exactly the same pattern over and over again. Also, in many cases the effects seem to be on a schedule- in my case it is from 6am to 12midnight approx nationwide. For instance in San Diego CA, the times are 5:30 am to 11:30 pm. In St Louis during Bush they times varied wildly but always the tech effects ended somewhere between 11pm or 1 am. Never any later or earlier.

This lines up exactly with Michael Aquino's MIND WAR research paper which proposes that mind control tech as psy ops be piggybacked onto cell phone and other means of systems of delivery to further the national interests of whatever country uses such means, mostly to gain compliance from citizens and enemies alike in their agendas.

Any place where there is no cell phone reception I do not experience the effects of this tech as I do daily especially in the metro area of a major city. However, NOT being subject to the effects of this tech may actually result in much more harmful interactions with harassment or abuse, which is usually always out of an area that has a military base. The southwest is notorious for this.
And due these experiences I have to assume that perhaps there is a two level system. It may be that what comes over the cell towers actually is meant to manage and protect citizens or Targeted Individuals while they are being tortured by more vicious means of attack from greater threats. It may be that this is the chosen path for behavior modification being most effective.

A parallel with the systematic torture in Gitmo. You are tortured by professionals and then they sit you down with a psychologist that helps you recover from the torture, which must induce Stockholm syndrome very quickly and strongly. Many times I have heard Targets say 'my perps' do this or that. Your perps? Stockholm syndrome has set in and you dont even recognize it.

The cell tower tech effects might be to manage the torture from other tech sources so that its the same effect. Becuz I have been brutally abused more so in places like the southwest, a military base in the northwest and part of Wyoming much more hardcore than ever in any major city except during Bush Boston was pretty bad and St Louis nearly killed me within city limits. Phoenix was also comparable to Boston at that time. However, while on a train going from ABQ, NM to Santa Fe NM I was hit with things that seemed much more heavy handed and severe compared to what was experienced in city limits. The cell phone did not work fully in that stretch of land. While having no cell reception in Wyoming coming out of Salt Lake City UTAH I had a horrible experience, with the power and magnitude length of the attack matching the others in military base areas without cell phone reception. This means that there are powerful factions within the US that have the use of tech that is war size against an enemy. The effects within city limits seem smaller somehow, dont have the capacity to cover the same amount of area and seem more attuned to managing the Target in day to day living. The waves seem 'faster' and 'shorter' opposed to the heavy hitting, large area coverage capability of what must be military mind control/psy ops tech.

What strikes me about this woman is a few things. Firstly, if she is getting behavior modification via what sounds like classical conditioning (rewards system) then how is it a spiritual being? It sounds more like being targeted. Also years ago when my campaign was very heavy handed during Bush in Boston, she was one of the people that seemed to know my situation in part and also was the one who warned me that an Asian lesbian who was in on it, who was frequenting the shelter scene, was trying to see if she could get me have sex with her as she wanted to have someone who hadnt been with a woman before.

Also, who the hell can forget the in person stalking and harassment for years on end. Who can forget how overt they were during Bush? Who can ever believe that was imagined?

Over time a TI like me will settle into thier situation. I was told years ago that "They are mad at you becuz you arent accepting your situation".
Nowadays my health is compromised as well as I have been beaten down and it seems that also there is more tech in use than during Bush which is almost impossible to fight especially here in Boston- any major city.
I am very suspect of this attitude as the military has a track record of having this attitude towards its prisoners or people they want to use further in their goals. Such an example is the Japanese comfort women, who were little Japanese women that were put into brothels for American soldiers. I dont recall if they were paid at all or not but the conditions they worked under were that of outright sex slaves not for pay sex workers with some say in what goes on performing thier function. The average amount of males that a Japanese comfort woman had intercourse with in one day was 60. True not all of them would be having intercourse some might want something easier especially if they took pity on the women seeing they were tired, underfed or in pain. However thats still a ridiculous number for any women to have to deal with sexually in one day, and I cant imagine they got days off unless their handlers feared them dying or having a medical emergency that would interrupt business. So what they did most likely is take the girl off just long enough so that she could function without severe consequences. Which is also interesting as this is what is done to many TI's. I recall during Bush I was tortured daily in some locations (Boston being one of them) and there were people watching. If I showed signs of being in pain or reacting too severely, they would drive by, observe more closely and afterwards the torture would cease or be taken down a notch. This occurred repeatedly. And I have experienced many times where if I seriously contemplate suicide, the effects will roll back a bit or cease and negotiations will begin so I do not suicide.

I also experienced an older couple that were perps during the Bush era, in Kenmore Sq looking at me and saying "I dont think she can take it today". So this kind of use and abuse of people especially women is common and many TI's have experienced a parellel experience with many victims of various military factions world wide in the way they handle prisoners, torture or exploiting people as a resource.

My main point about the Japanese comfort women is that the statement made by the military was that slowly the women came to humbly accept thier "work" and thier situation. This is exactly what occurs over time in the case of a Targeted Individual. I could be around perps right now and not even know it anymore due to my senses as well as my nerves being so fried. I used to be able to tell who the hidden or subtle perps were. One occasion in Buffalo NY outside a laundromat a black girl and her older sister sat in a car once and the little one asked the older one if I could really see them. "Can she really see?" Her sister nodded but with a hesitation and controlled fear.

This means that I have come to a point where I am beaten down and am accepting my situation. Not Willfully but out of years and years of torture, rape and brainwashing- harassment and stalking. Controlling abuse.

If you look at all the signs of domestic abuse in relationships it matches up perfectly with everything that is done to a TI in a psy ops/brainwashing or 'gang stalking' campaign.

The only thing that is altered is that perps usually dont want to leave evidence so they cannot harm you physically, and in some TI's cases, harming them physically would only make thier Will stronger, so this is avoided at all costs. This is especially the case in mind controlled slaves who are able to compartmentalize and the system is using Gang Stalking as an abusive deprogramming system to deprogram them by force.They are trying to fully destroy it and socialize me as a normal, average person in society.

Also they want me as sexually incapacitated as possible due to sex and laughter being two key ways of strengthening the immune system.
They are basically making me into a eunuch and my natural aggression is the target of thier destruction. Not only do they not allow me any outlets for my aggression, they also ensure that it is used against me to destroy me slowly inside as anger and feeling all the effects of years of abuse and being helpless to do anything about it. This is used for control of the Targeted person. Your aggression is manipulated against you as well as kept from you using it to strengthen yourself physically or otherwise.

They want a cow not a bull and I was a bull.

They are also trying to fully socialize mind control survivors and make it so they cannot use anything in thier internal programming to have an edge over others in the rest of society. The programmed person feels its thiers and the system feels that they were programmed for use in special forces for specific tasks and that belongs to THEM not the individual and has no place in average society. It also has to do with many Survivors wanting to go up against the system as activists or in other ways fixing what is wrong with our corrupt system in the USA. They dont want people with special abilities to become strong and go up against thier means of social control. And due to mind control Survivors being governed by inside brainwashing opposed to society outside themselves, they will be impervious to outside social control and also be able to easily see the control tactics once they deprogram from internal controls.

Also, what they are pulling right now with enslaving mankind with these technologies and by other 'gang stalking' means but using it in a system of mass mind control, is being covered up as building a New World Order that promises peace on earth and all of these pipe dreams. Every deprogrammed Survivor of mind control who is now targeted knows that if mind control must be used- then its about CONTROL not peace which is why many of us are targeted right now.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Elite's Jealousy

Gang stalking for those of us programmed is about interrigation and that is becuz its part of forced deprogramming and then behavior modification. Isolated, interrogated and then reformed- then placed back into society. Basically its like a huge hand of a giant comes down and picks a person out of a crowd and then isolates them, sqeezes whats in them out of them and then places in them what they want the person to be made up of, then places them back into the game or the world. Nothing but an altered chess piece is all.

That is what being the target of a behavior modification program is like. And the elite and thier children are more than happy to help out due to mind control SLAVERY being about people they can be better than who are under thier control basically. Which is why all rich assholes who like to f*ck with me are disregarded and ignored immediately. Who CARES what they think? From Emerson to Harvard to So Cal those little bastards have been nothing but trouble and obstacle. Them and thier house slaves. I have little patience for either.

If you even snicker at someone who is the victim of intergenerational human experimentation tracing back to MK Ultra and the military then I do NOT need to live in the USA. They snicker becuz the people involved in making money this way in the US know that no scientist has ever had consequences for such actions or crimes against humanity. Obviously, this is not the country to live in. Safe as it may be compared to the rest of the world, its a prison. And I have been kept down here and persecuted all my life as has my family before me. Enough is enough.

If you leave the US no one notices anyway due to the place being so big, and over the top and rich and spoiled. So why is it such an issue I dont leave?

Someone on the Internet described moving out of the US, specifically to Europe as losing ten pounds and getting a new girlfriend. I think that is something the overlords here dont want its citizens to know about. I do not have alot of life span left and would like to finally get something out of life. Not remain in a country that has never respected me, abused me since I can remember and insists on keeping me down as some kind of bizarre ritual for the greater good.

They keep down the massa's slaves for him, his enemies, and market that as the New Equality. If you are arrogant and pissed off at all about injustice then you think you are special and need to be knocked off your high horse.
Just recall Laura (Romney's brat family member going to a college in St Louis who I had the displeasure of meeting) saying that Eric Clapton was "such a talented arrogant artist". Becuz SHE is not as talented and never will be. This is all about jealousy from a large group of people who will destroy what you have if they cannot buy it for themselves. Its that simple.

They honestly feel that thier wealth should afford them the ability to be supreme in every way and if something cant be bought then they can at least buy its being erased out of this world.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dont Negotiate With Terrorists

Sometimes I get this ideation that someone out there with influence is keeping me alive by paying people off.

First of all I was supposed to be dead from three layers of programming anyway so dont waste yer time. I am going to write that book and who knows what will happen after that. According to one layer, the last and main layer of suicide programming, I have until 41 when I'll either be committed or die. That leaves one year from the end of this month to finish what I have to do. And I find it interesting, and depressing that 2012 corresponds with my being 41 years old, strangely both having been predicted as 'the end'- 41 years for me individually and 2012 as 'the end' for the whole world. Never noticed that until thinking about this today.
THAT right there is going to be the ultimate hurdle in suicide programming. Believing there is any chance past 41, that the gods wont mead out some accident or other beyond my control.
This system is just sadistic and cruel enough to deprogram someone and get them going just enough so that they want to live and now fear death opposed to being immune to fear of death- just to then have the person killed. THEY would do that shit too.

Also, dont negotiate with terrorists. Dont waste your money. I doubt if there will be any kind of happiness for me with the way things have gone as well as the brain damage which I am know will only get worse as years go on. I am NOT going to sit around and slowly degenerate so that the perps can gaze upon thier handy work years from now. I ve seen those old bag ladies and I am NOT going there. If anyone is paying off these f*ckers dont bother. Take the money and blow away one of thier own or one of them for me if you want to pay homage. I guess the book is that important. It really is, but after that I want out.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Take Action Tommorow- Patriot Act Up for Re Introduction

They tried to pass it through again quickly and it was prevented.

"Take action
Fix the PATRIOT Act
On February 8, the House of Representatives rejected a fast-track reauthorization of the PATRIOT Act. Members of Congress from both parties bucked the establishment to assert Congress's responsibility to check and balance the executive branch. Two weeks before the vote, BORDC organized a grassroots lobby day, organizing supporters from across the country to visit Capitol Hill and share with members of Congress original research and compelling evidence of transpartisan grassroots PATRIOT Act opposition. Volunteers from BORDC and allied groups delivered this message to more than 170 congressional offices.

BORDC supports re-introduction and passage of the JUSTICE Act, which would fix many of the PATRIOT Act's abuses of civil liberties and restore constitutional rights. President Obama himself echoed our concerns only three years ago."

Find out who your reps and congressmen/women are and write or call them. This time its very serious. And its very worth it in this particular instance to do this. Obviously, people are hip now due to them rejecting the fast track attempt at getting it passed again.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Hearing Voices, Mind Reading, Secret Weapons, Media Crimes Information & Articles by Paul Baird

Hearing Voices, Mind Reading, Secret Weapons, Media Crimes
Information & Articles by Paul Baird

"Note:- The military have scanners which can detect the monitoring/interference but, for "political and legal reasons", they will not help. However, complaints can be lodged with Federal Police and the Head of State (or Leader) of your country of residence."

Some of the companies involved in high tech 'human research' include :- Raytheon, General Dynamics, Systems and Electronics Inc., Technology Patents LLC, Dome and Magalin Inc and MRU (Mankind Research United). These, along with military/agency facilities like the CIA's Langley Research Centre and the NSA's Fort Meade Centre are involved in Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM), Electronic Brain Linking (EBL) and other hideously inhuman projects designed to study methods of controlling/using human beings without their approval."
"Victims should be aware that the definition of paranoid schizophrenia as "amended", includes victims references to voices and the belief that someone's reading/controlling their mind. Although, technology allows illegal experiments to involve the remote causation of all these "symptoms". The psych bibles do not contain that "classified" information. This is so that psychiatrists can be used to discredit victims by joining them with those who have a genuine condition. Long term unemployment, isolation and other social problems also fit the psych profile of schizophrenics but, again, most victims of technology crimes finish up in the same position and so can easily be confused with those having the disorder."

I think I posted this reference before but I am looking at it again and aside from the annoying pic and caption on the top of the homepage, most of it sounds sensible. And the author provides documentation at least for patents of tech.
I dont know how good advice it is to tell Targets to contact the state or similar action and I am so heavily targeted that I simply have not been able to defend myself properly. If you can get it together to do try it.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Some of the Best Evidence That I and Other TI's Are Involved In Human Experimentation Involving Brainwashing

Brave, Stupid and Curious: Dangerous Psychology Experiments From the Past:
"..investigators in 1972 wanted to know how people on the street responded to being stared at. Perhaps “glared at” is a better way to describe the methods used in this particular study. In one version of the experiment, the research assistant pulled up in his motor scooter next to a car waiting at a red light and stared expressionlessly at the driver until the light turned green. In another version, the research assistant stood on the street corner, turned to face an approaching pedestrian, and again stared expressionlessly at this person’s face for an uncomfortable length of time.
As predicted, being stared at prompted people to ‘flee’ measurably faster than not being stared at. In the case of the motor scooter, car drivers who were in the staring condition stepped on the gas pedal harder when the light turned green than those in the control condition, as measured by the length of time it took them to cross the intersection. Likewise, pedestrians who were stared at also picked up their step.
...there are plenty of people out there who do not take kindly to a stranger’s agonistic stares and the research assistants in these studies could have found themselves in a serious confrontation.
The fact that most people simply looked away and fiddled with their radios may have something to with the study being done in Kansas rather than, say, downtown L.A., but still it could have easily escalated to conflict."

Top 10 Unethical Psychological Experiments:
#4-Learned Helplessness 1965
Dogs from group three were also paired up and leashed together, one receiving shocks, but the shocks didn’t end when the lever was pressed. Shocks came randomly and seemed inevitable, which caused “learned helplessness,” the dogs assuming that nothing could be done about the shocks. The dogs in group three ended up displaying symptoms of clinical depression. Later, group three dogs were placed in a box with by themselves. They were again shocked, but they could easily end the shocks by jumping out of the box. These dogs simply “gave up,” again displaying learned helplessness."
"However, not all of the dogs in Seligman's experiments became helpless. Of the roughly 150 dogs in experiments in the latter half of the 1960s, about one-third did not become helpless, but instead managed to find a way out of the unpleasant situation despite their past experience with it. The corresponding characteristic in humans has been found to correlate highly with optimism: an explanatory style that views the situation as other than personal, pervasive, or permanent. This distinction between people who adapt and those who break down under long-term psychological pressure was also studied in the 1950s in the context of brainwashing."
"No monkey has died during isolation. When initially removed from total social isolation, however, they usually go into a state of emotional shock, characterized by ... autistic self-clutching and rocking. One of six monkeys isolated for 3 months refused to eat after release and died 5 days later. The autopsy report attributed death to emotional anorexia. ... The effects of 6 months of total social isolation were so devastating and debilitating that we had assumed initially that 12 months of isolation would not produce any additional decrement. This assumption proved to be false; 12 months of isolation almost obliterated the animals socially"

"Schanberg and Field found that even short-term interruption of mother-pup interaction in rats markedly affected several biochemical processes in the developing pup: a reduction in ornithine decarboxylase (ODC) activity, a sensitive index of cell growth and differentiation; a reduction in growth hormone release (in all body organs, including the heart and liver and throughout the brain, including the cerebrum, cerebellum and brain stem); an increase in corticosterone secretion; and suppressed tissue ODC responsivity to administered growth hormone. Additionally, it has been found that these animals who were touch deprived had weakened immune systems. Investigators have measured a direct, positive relationship between the amount of contact and grooming an infant monkey receives during its first six months of life and its ability to produce antibody titer (IgG and 1gM) in response to an antibody challenge (tetanus) at a little over one year of age. Trying to identify a mechanism for the "immunology of touch," some investigators point to modulations of arousal and associated CNS-hormonal activity. Touch deprivation may cause stress-induced activation of the pituitary-adrenal system, which, in turn, leads to increased plasma cortisol and adrenocorticotropic hormone. Likewise, researchers suggest, regular and "natural" stimulation of the skin may moderate these pituitary-adrenal responses in a positive and healthful way."

I said years ago that whoever is doing this, knows EXACTLY what they are doing and they know how to cause biochemical changes in the body to affect the TI. And I was right.
The above is exactly what I have been put through in part by the gang stalking campaign. Especially the part about learned helplessness. I have an optimism that makes me ignore the circumstances- this is why perps kept saying to me "You'll be alright" and acting like nothing is wrong.

What blows my mind is that so many people are in on this. That Mitt Romney's family members were in on this. I knew that Bush approving of him could not be a good thing. For Laura, a Romney family member who was associated to my ex Jake, for her to say to me snidly "And you always WILL have to deal with the harassment" is a testament to where that family is coming from. Sounds like its still about supporting Nazi sympathies all the way.

At least I can rest better and probably go through life easier, by realizing that it can be explained logically and that I was right about it being human experimentation or at least a gross abuse of psychology as in psychological warfare. I was right. I now know...that I was right.

(Seligman, Maier, Harry Israel (Harlow), Schanberg?? What the hell? Did some Nazi rub off or what?)

Once Again Science Proves My Theories/ We Are Guinea Pigs 24/7

Did I or did I not write in one of those horrid posts a few days ago, the one I wrote about Carmen the black girl I fight with often, that I tend to chose the people in my life as friends or foe depending on DNA and that I can sense this? I did indeed.

And I also wrote that about my black friend who just had a baby in So Cal. That I felt a kinship with her due to her mannerisms being exactly like my own mother's so this indicated to me that we must be related somewhere DNA wise. Her voice was also a bit like my mother's. And my reactions to her having to be homeless while pregnant were all about this primitive urge to protect her and even kill animals for her if she was hungry! In modern day SD here I am having an urge to kill an animal for my pregnant black friend who reminds me of my mother! Also my reaction to her after giving birth was to leave her out of my life. This has alot to do with RA and my own inablility to have children but it was much more pronounced due to her reminding me of my own mother and giving birth. Something was too close and I needed to get away from her. I still only speak to her occasionally.
In other words it made my reactions from RA and programming more intense. I have friends that have given birth and I have not abandoned them. This might also be due to my mother abandoning me during BUSH at the height of the harassment. It could also be some strange affinity with my tapping into a male familial conshusness in our DNA family line and when she gave birth, since it wasnt mine in some male part of my familial mind and her husband didnt seem like kin I just left her to her 'new' kin. It was all very primitive.

I have known for some years that DNA plays a large role in who we choose as friends enemies etc.
Now science is once again telling us that we know what we already KNOW we know. Confused? The deception of modern science is that for some reason we dont realize that scientists are telling us intellectually what we already seem to know on other levels. They are spelling it out for us. The problem with this is that we do not need it spelled out for us as, obviously Nature's system in place works fine (as usual). So what is thier motivation?
It would make sense that if you were planning one of two things you would be taking this action:
You are either going to take in all this information so you can replicate it and re create humanity in another location
you are going to start messing with that already perfect system in place and start to play god, which is what they seem to do anyway as a pattern of behavior.

Why doesnt any one do a DNA testing of scientists and see why they are they way they are? Why they reject common people with intuition and common sense and bundle together among thier own brainy, nerdy kind to the exclusion of others. I bet you in their genes there is also a marker that shows a group of people that think they know best for everyone they percieve as beneath them and will stop at nothing, including considering the feelings of others in changing the entire world for 'the better'. Becuz I have seen this behavior and this attitude among the Harvard kids who run the shelter in Harvard Sq. As well meaning as they are and as nice and they are to us, once you get close enough, you get the sense that you are a child in thier eyes, a class of people that dont know how to run thier own lives. They are smarter and understand the world moreso than we do. And I bet you this is a DNA component as they also look like each other alot of the time as well.

Found this article googling 'science is a business'. Did that by viewing vids from MIT homepage that show different alumni. Nice and they seem and as smart as they are, I know that they clan together. I have peeked in on meetings of post grad or older working MIT types in the building and they are intimidating as hell to just look at. I imagine myself in the room and how outnumbered I would be, how totally intimidated. These are not people who are going to consider my class's opinions as valid. Yet through my constant research and blogging I have shown that I am smart, and that I seem to know things about life, my environment and myself through a combo of intelligence and intuition. This is where science fails. It has not really learned to work with Nature, and 'Nature' is intuition. You can analyze intuition now if you want and map out genes for it or psychic phenomena all you want. NATURE still exists like god or some other higher, unexplainable entity, that guides humans through their daily lives.
Do we really need scientists to explain away with methods and numbers what we seem to already know?

Let me tell you something. Theories and collections of DNA evidence and labs are not going to help you get laid, choose a mate, differentiate between friend or foe. Without the ACTIVE use of these mechanisms provided us by Nature, we cannot survive.
What scientists are doing is gaining a power play over human society with the power of technology by analyzing the hell out of every little detail of being human, then feeding it back to us and saying 'look we found out why you are the way you are', whats intimated is 'therefore WE are not the gods and since we rule by superior knowledge, we are going to change things in the way humans live, work etc accordingly, becuz obviously we know what makes things tick' and only they can make sense of it I suppose they subconsciously believe as well.

This is just as annoying as math heads having to check Pollock's work with math theories in order to validate him as an artist. That is one of the worst cases of utter bullshit I have ever come across and from that story I could tell it was only going to get worse with them analyzing everything up and down, to the last minute detail.

What would make MORE sense is if you did a DNA study on a peasant like me to find out why I dont need numbers to see his work is valid. I could always tell by looking at it. WHY? Becuz my grandmother had the hand of a draftsman and my grandfather was a painter. I have 'an eye' as they call it. I understand the Mona Lisa and I see the tricks, I read the language of painters without education. Education would've only honed my raw talent into great skill. I had the hand of a brain surgeon in my 20's.

Yet all this and still someone of my class and station gets no respect and actually is outright dismissed.

I had the drive to stay up for days with no sleep to finish a work until it was done. To a psychiatrist that would indicate I have mania not talent even though I was motivated to stay up not just staying awake for no reason. Psychiatry and science dont consider passions. This Anglo-Judaic-Christian society is more uncomfortable with passions and like concepts more than ever. We live in a time of easy access to porn, drugs, violence but there is something very sterile about it. Its been rendered very boring in alot of ways even cheapened.
Why dont they have a DNA test for passion? They seem to steer clear of DNA test for things that are socially unacceptable or that they fear, unless its put into the realm of 'fixing' something abnormal.

I would love to see the DNA testing that is probably classified on psychic abilities. And you know there is some testing on that and its hidden due to psychiatry existing to tell us such things dont exist to begin with, which of course is in direct conflict with other information sources that validate its existence, namely the police being documented to use psychics to solve crimes and psychics being used in warfare. Even older psychic experimentation proved these abilities exist.

The problem here is that scientists are trying to get us to believe that their mirroring back our own bodies and minds to us in numbers, theories, labs and tests is a sort of ultimate Truth about life. It makes them seem powerful, actually grants them power over society.

Yet by omitting other truths from their ultimate equation they cannot possibly be reflecting an ultimate truth or reality at all.
They disregard people based on class and education just like the rest of us slobs show discrimination towards other humans, they are attempting to dominate like apes over other apes by having superior knowledge. By excluding other 'tribes' understanding of things and by only presenting thier version of reality they are only doing what apes do, what is so typically human. Gaining power over other factions of human beings.

Lets take a genetic test for all successful scientists out there that burn thier competition especially in business. What we will find are not saints or priests or gods in the know, above us in everything but wholly human people looking for things that are attractive to most humans especially in a western Capitalist society. My scope may be severely limited by lack of education, life experience, socialization and brain damage from gs/mycotoxicosis but I always understand the basics.
Is there a gene for snobbery? Test and find out. I suspect many scientists have it. What about selfishness. The documentation on human experimentation that is unethical even cruel shows a propensity towards being mercenary, greedy, selfish, self serving, self aggrandizing, pig headed, snobby, elitist and into the further more horrid experimentation sadistic, mad or with the characteristics of a serial killer.
Illegal human experimentation keeps happening and every time society catches it and corrects that, scientists themselves just seem to go right back and apply themselves towards how to get away with it and not be caught this time, which I think now they have succeeded at.

And once again any outcry will be ignored due to they fitting the pattern above of selfishness, elitism and believing they know best for every other class.

Many of us have experienced abuse by the medical field and academia which of course is suspect due to those factions being documented to be interwoven with science in the subject of past cases of unethical human experimentation. Our experiences as TI's as well as the past recorded behavior patterns of this population would indicate a very good chance that our 'theories' are also correct: that there is an active program of human experimentation within society right now. And it is unethical, abusive and disturbing to its experimentees namely other human beings.

Just last night as I lay on a mat at the shelters, it seemed that one of the posts I wrote gained the reward of my NOT being given the idea that being ripped away from my old friend J. was a good idea as this is always pushed by outside suggestion. And I got the impression that someone, somewhere was taking note as to how strange it was that her and I were similar, that we resembled each other in certain ways. That they were taking this in and analyzing it, that due to my being around her for so long I picked up her knowledge of life and some of her mannerisms, I also sensed that whoever was doing this analyzing was also considering that we had some similar genes or DNA and this also might be the reason for our long time bonding. Us both being addicts was a key in the person's theory.
And what do I read in this article? That people with addict genes tend to bond closely with one another.

Do you know what its like to be held captive for years on end in this system, to be analyzed and when that is not occurring as the victim can somehow sense what the analyzer is thinking or doing, to be interfaced with and behavior modified constantly by abusing heavy handed psychology like behaviorism, classical conditioning etc? Its like I'm not even human. I am this lab animal to them. Totally dehumanized. And of course considering this is part of silencing victim witnesses that will do nicely for thier main goal.

I was warned years ago by an informant on the street who dropped info in my lap, as they often do out of nowhere: "There is more experimentation going on in MA than in Maryland".

From what I have experienced there is a faction of people who know what is going on and then there is the experimentees which makes up alot of society. What creeps me out is the handlers. It see now that gang stalkers are essentially society's handlers via covert ops. Becuz the people who know what is being done to society, to the people, have the personalities of extremely guilt ridden persons or they tend to be the biggest, self righteous a-holes in existence of the human race that are satisfied to serve factions even moreso.

THIS is what Targeted Individuals get to see close up and first hand. And no one believes us. I think that becuz we get wind of what is going on, they just come after us and show us how far its gone, how much power they have over humanity at this point that they do NOT want people to know about. They figure once we see how extreme it is, our outlook will change, we will become overwhelmed and just shut up about the whole thing. Also that no one will believe our now complete view of the subject whereas people may have considered simply the tip of the iceburg before.

Everyone knows something is off about our world right now but no one wants to challenge it as well as people are stressed out, tired and intimidated. Which is exactly what they want.
Hell I cant even get work done due to being exhausted Mon-Sat and traditionally Targets end up this way from the use of tech making them exhausted. I was also kept here against my Will.

I know damn well that due to my past mold exposure I NEED to be in the south west for health reasons at least part of the year. Especially now due to the induced allergic reaction condition I now cannot take any medicines or herbs meant to control the fungus or damage from that from that moldy apartment. I am a constant yeast infection with bad breath and there is not a thing I can do about it becuz I cant take any medicines. Overwhelmed, traumatized and tired, and under mind control during the week, I simply plod on this blog only knowing how to keep going in a storm without being able to see what is in front of me or if there is a way out of its path.
Of course Sunday I can plainly see the way out of its path. Get a damn ticket out of here for cheap for 2 months and return when its ok to sleep outside again. Its that damn simple- yeah ON SUNDAYS when the remote influence is low. But sure enough comes Monday and the next day and I get caught in this bizarre trap, this mental thinking process that does not allow for direct thought or logical problem solving. I become fearful of making decisions for myself, I lose whatever sensibility exists RIGHT NOW, TODAY that makes problems solving seem easy and I start to second guess myself as well as be advised by outside forces that I should stay here, try to get housed, why not wait out the winter I have been here half way already, that I should work on getting a lawyer not leave etc etc. However, doing those things the advisers if you will, seem to not consider the realities of my situation as far as survival goes. I try to break through the system by worrying about those practical issues only to then seemingly fuck up THIER control system and plunge myself into a now off track system that causes torture of mind, spirit and emotion. Its like they put you in a roller coaster and as long as you dont move, you are seated and secure you will survive the ride though emotionally and otherwise you may not be enjoying yourself. When you put your own Will forward, its like standing up in the seat or rocking the ride out of control and like in cartoons, the ride with passengers becomes wild and dangerous, barely missing turns and hardly keeping on the track.

IF I PUT FORTH MY OWN WILL, I SUFFER. This is the basic lesson of this action.
( I have also suffered lately only during the hours of tech used, with being hit with something, it actually causes pain in specific parts of my body and it is something very common to Boston/Cambridge area. I also have found my body jerking especially when relaxed or sleepy. This also happens here more frequently. Could be brain damage from mold exposure and it could be tech being used.)

And STILL they can go to hell. I will most likely find a way out from under this or beat their system somehow. Lately, I get little done, I get fat and age and get sicker the longer I stay here. But if I leave I am hitting destination blind not knowing what is there (which I can handle) and take my life in my hands traveling with no money sometimes hitching rides etc. And I dont feel that the luck is with me this year like last year for traveling. I sense if I go out again, things will not go as smoothly as prior. But staying here is pure torture, literally. I cant get anything done, I am constantly eating (and i note that I do NOT have this urge on Sundays) so I have gotten a bit fat and its unhealthy, I am constantly still gang stalked even though its not done overtly anymore and that causes stress and doubt, I cant focus on getting a lawyer doctors etc in the brain dead state that is maintained by this system. And dont say leave the city becuz everyone knows there are no resources outside of the cities and I would be out of place outside the city, unless I was traveling or in a rural area with friends.

I cannot believe that there are so many people in this country who know this is going on and just accept this is the new way of doing things. That I shud just get out of the city limits and thats the way to do things. WTF? And nobody even tells the public overtly its all done by informants and sneakily and that is for someone like me who has some kind of connections that care about my welfare. Imagine if I didnt have help? Psych meds and low income housing, totally brain dead not knowing this is NOT reality.

And how is that acceptable from any source of power within our country or any other?
Cant revolt due to constant all around surveillance and being under mind control, ultimately with too much to lose? Society allowed this to happen by not taking action or taking enough severe action over time. The country is big enough that the covert factions that have a web or blanket network over the entire nation can manage things and anyone wanting to revolt can be handled, manipulated singled out etc and neutralized.
But from what our scientist friends tell us constantly, that every minute detail of our actions, behaviors and lives consists of nothing but cause and reaction from some levers within us being triggered to be pulled or not- then I have to assume that they know what the rebel DNA is, and most likely have quite a good idea as to what cultures, what countries, and what PEOPLE are going to be a problem or not.

This is also another reason to collect info and kicks ass gaining the advantage over society by superior knowledge of its citizens. CONTROL of that society. And not just through manipulation like them constantly ripping us apart, analyzing the parts and then putting us together again like Dr. Frankenstein, telling us THEY know what makes us tick so they might as well by the creators of life- but through knowing things about the public that would be of interest to other bodies who cannot parade as so benign. History can tell you what factions that would be..or use your common sense.

Becuz according to scientists, we are pretty f*ckin smart really. It just takes them putting a mirror up to us to prove it as such I guess.

Its becuz you are too busy being caught up in other reflections, other mirrors like cameras and tv screens or interactive mirrors like computer monitors. You....might want to look at that, instead of continuing to look at them blindly.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Emotional Signatures Used in Mind Control

I want to add something concerning the latter part of that post.

In the Lutheran Church, location of the Harvard Sq Homeless shelter, run by Harvard Students, I have experienced some remote influence effects. During the height of the harassment it was much worse. Now I dont experience this as much in the women's dorm. However, I put into that last post that I experienced feelings of being watched when in the women's shower. I only use one of the two showers regularly so I dont know if this would occur in the other shower stall.

I also experience having a certain emotional signature induced, the same one, repeatedly in said shower stall. This is outside of the ideation of being watched as mentioned in last post.

A few months ago while still sleeping outside, namely in front of the Harvard CoOp book store, I posted that I was experiencing re-living a specific moment in time, not literally but having a strong sensation of experiencing the FEELINGS I had during that moment. It was a very anchored moment in my conshusness anyway. My first trip into the northwest made me realize that this, not the south west was the most primitive part of the US. After driving miles and miles through places like the Dakotas, seeing nothing but hills and no human or animal life, hills of such vast size, one starts to regress into another age on this planet. When things were bigger in general. One starts to imagine dinasors roaming the land, not modern man who seems ant-like in comparison.

Upon my leaving Utah on my recent return trip which once again took me through the large and grand northwest area, we went 80 I believe or whatever highway one would leave out of Salt Lake City UTAH to go through Wyoming. There was no cell reception for my cheap mobile phone company, in this area one has to have Verizon. I read that they have thier own carriers locally for this area. No internet, no cell phone. About half way through there is nothing but land mass but its different than the peaceful Dakotas. Part way through, about before dark so afternoon to evening, I experienced the sensation of something within the land or under ground that was very large, and possessed great power. Native Americans used to stay away from certain areas as hunting grounds due to them having bad energies. Since these areas are not inhabited by man, its safe to say that it may be that these primitive energies are still afoot, still a part of the land. For a person with not Native DNA ties, being on American soil without either Native Americans to be diplomats of sorts with the land, or areas built up by European and other immigrants thus creating a false environment on the land, without either of these present, the raw land mass of this country can get very strange and unfamiliar to non Natives. Either that or there is something there- an underground base or something else present. It was like remote influence in cities but it seemed much bigger in scale. And it lasted for a very large length of land bigger than a city like Boston or NYC.

Whatever it was it was new to my experience and made a very strong emotional and sensational memory. It was almost like the feelings one gets when looking at moon landing photographs or footage. Perhaps the best way to describe it was like visiting another planet. I have been through all the weirdest areas with the strangest 'vibes' like Southern California, parts of the southwest and even the midwest. But nothing compares to this. It was like feeling one was no longer on earth but another planet. Youd have to go there to see how the land is laid out. If you are from the east you never in your life have experienced the sensations of being around huge masses of land and natural structures that cannot be conquered by man.

I also did not grow up in that area so do not have what I call a Native American 'guest pass'. This is just my own perception but I have always felt protected by the Native forces in MA. There is something giving and cooperative about the Native energies in the northeast. Its sad that so much of the land is inhabited by non Natives but plenty of people here have native in them and you can see it plainly. Its very mixed into the white DNA so it only comes out as Native features or voice tones within someone who appears Caucasian. However, there is a distinct energy that comes out of anyone with Native DNA even if you cant see it. When they become angry, the energy of thier temper is very distinct and will always reflect some Native American influence. Again I grew up in a foster home for 5 years with a family that was obviously part Native so I assume that familiarized me with this energy.
Perhaps me growing up with Native influences and being shown the land by people part Native who engaged in hunting etc gave me that guest pass for life. Or perhaps its some connection between Asian DNA brought into Eastern Europe by invasions from the east, and that one Ice Age Asian native that crossed over Alaska to create the Native American tribes. No idea, but its something. Some connection, some mutual appreciation. I will always feel protected by the land here in New England.

But perhaps not growing up in the northwest I dont have that guest pass. I was never exposed to these specific local energies of land and its native peoples so when encountering it for the first time, it was rather a psychic shock. Americans are so jaded. They have no idea how many personal frontiers lie beyond thier little worlds where they live. You're slaving in some job or thinking I am nuts or whatever and being harnessed always by your ignorance of what lies beyond and Im like visiting other countries and even other planets!! Try it some time if like me you have a break with your life and they try to make you think there is no way out of the prison they build for you.
Its such a joke that man thinks he can ever imprison other men totally and completely. And mass mind control is another one of those pathetic attempts which will fail in time hopefully.

I picked up this very strong and distinct emotional signature while in that location at that moment. The term I just used is what its called in relation to the technologies used in mind control. There exists technologies that can record a human beings emotional signatures and there are claims they can be 'played back' to the person thus artificially making them experience that feeling and moment mentally once again. This has been most written about in connection with the US Navy as having this capability.
(i will post link tomorrow)

Strangely, when sleeping in the CoOp I had this occur many times. And the emotional signature that was being used was that specific one I experienced while going through that part of Wyoming. It would only occur in the CoOp and no where else in Harvard Sq area or in MA for that matter.
However, when I began staying at the Lutheran Church the Harvard Shelter run by students, in the same shower stall I experienced feeling watched (only during the usual hours of tech being in use 6 am -12 am mon-sat) I also experienced just as strongly as at the CoOP the reliving or replaying of that emotional signature. It struck me as odd that it was freqently in this location. A shower? WHY? I considered briefly if it had something to do with being underground as the shelter is in a church basement. I also considered that the womens bathroom is not only underground but has no windows, one door and is enclosed with only the men's room beside it. I believe its only earth that is beside the back wall, where this shower stall is. I also considered this was probably on purpose as it was occurring in the same location as the feelings of being watched through the upper corner of the wall.

It sounds like insanity but again its so specific to LOCATION as well as it follows all the patterns of TECHNOLOGIES being used not mental illness from within an individual. This follows suit with all my other experiences in being Targeted across the USA. Location and behaviors that indicate its technology. What is odd this time is that its in a basement where usually the effects of what is experienced outside are lessened. What seems to be the case in the HSHS is that there are different effects within that basement than outside. It could be that there is some seperate set up within that area. It could also be that due to it being partially underground, the entire tech set up is interrupted and some things leak through that are specific instead of a human being or Target specifically experiencing an entire tech management system. It could also be due to that specific location in the church basement being in proximity to some part of tech locally and it has that effect on that corner of that room. Like it creates a strange effect due to being underground but close to a tower or something like that. Its just in the 'wrong' spot and strange results occur.

This is doubtful however becuz that emotional signature seems to be meant to get some sort of result from me. Its certainly disorienting. It also brings me very much out of the reality I am presently occupying in that moment and holds me prisoner to that other moment. And its not my mind wandering through memories. Its very much from the outside and its brought on suddenly, almost like its being hit with something.

Its purpose I think was to make me feel out of control which is a main goal of this system, by capturing my mind with something that was so compelling, so much greater than myself- mighty. With that kind of reaction, the system could be that 'godlike' to me by presenting that memory in all its greatness. It also had something creepy to do with inferring that there are either underground bases there or ..ahem, alien activity. Until I see monsters which is what aliens look like, straight on in THIS conshusness in the flesh right in front of me I am not accepting any intimations of any alien activity. Present evidence all you want. All of my gang stalkers and all of my tormenters have been quite human.

Those are the strange experiences in Harvard I have had. During the summer I had this feeling of being watched like on camera in the Sq and I learned that there are constant surveillence cameras pointed at the Sq so its quite possible someone is indeed watching. In fact I often wonder if this Truman Show thing isnt just a TI being an interesting personality that ends up being a small celebrity on what is not the world reality show. Its quite possible that surveillence cameras have created an in place reality show setting and if yer rich enough or connected you can observe as you please any location.
And it would make sense that its done more overtly to people that others perceive as mentally ill, so that its considered not that big of a crime. Kind of like filming crazy homeless people for amusement and putting it on You Tube. People figure the person isnt sane enough to know the difference.
With me, I was going through not only deprogramming but being driven insane by mold exposure and people messing with me, psychological warfare.

So the situation poses itself. What happens if a person considered mentally ill and helpless and best of all for the exploiters, oblivious, in time becomes versed in what is going on with the exploitation of them, and becomes aware. Then decides to expose it as well as demand society take responsibility. That is what has occurred with me. The homeless guy acting crazy you filmed all of a sudden comes to you, seemingly having somehow gotten his shit together, and demands you explain why you took embarrassing footage of him in such a vulnerable moment.

I dont think that most of society that was shown The Rachael Show realized exactly what was behind this. And now its been presented to them they either have the decency to stop watching or they are not totally freaked out by the victim knowing what they did and being able to defend herself. Society is pissed off as the crazy person in the video isnt supposed to 'get better' and come at them as an intellectual equal demanding explaination for thier behavior and damages.
This system DOES hurt people. It hurts very sensitive people, who can tell they are being monitored. Who know that power is being abused. That the Patriot Act has enabled the kids of the elite and thier servants to create the worlds biggest reality show.

Video Eye Tracking/Computer Human Interface

Imagine if we were being monitored THROUGH the computer screens of our pc's or even laptops. If part of monitoring a human experimentee, is not only monitoring perhaps thier body's functions (which as been shown to be a reality proposed by medical science, of course to help humanity. Never admitting that such things can be used to imprison people or for unethical human experimentation).

What if when we use the computer, those people who are experimentees anyway so know from experience they are monitored, and in some geographical areas there was a capacity to also monitor the Target's eye movements and put that into the data collection/observation of the 'subject'/Target in the overall monitoring of the person?

Of course in many cases this would simply be part of behavior modification. A aggressive and constant call and return system is certainly part of many TI's experiences and this is used to make the person feel so watched, so imprisoned that they eventually, hopefully will fall into line with the constant return information or hypnotic suggestions constantly being communicated to them via v2k or other means. If they feel watched enough, this in itself being harassment, they will eventually feel that nothing they do is NOT monitored so having no privacy, cant escape from this system so might as well just go along with it.

After experiencing so much many TI's know that anything is possible at this point due to a secret system in place using the excuse of anti-terror. As someone who has a direct connection to MK Ultra through my mother, its obvious that the experimentation never ended. This is I think what my generation was trying to warn the world about, the increasing influence and power of large corporations. Youve now got alot of politicians and others in govt admitting that its now a "lawless society".

Its quite easy to imagine that part of the torture or behavior modification of TI's could include such ideations. Whether they are real or being induced is questionable.

Ive been in the shower room of The Lutheran, the Harvard Sq Homeless Shelter and I always feel watched while showering. True tech is so advanced that hidden cameras are possible. But its always from a certain direction- a corner to the right, within the ceiling of the adjoining shower stall. There are two problems with this. One is that it doesnt seem like its a camera at all- it feels or is percieved more like its either a falsehood like an ideation that is induced in the Targeted person or the monitoring of that person is done in some other way like through other technology. Something that can see through walls or perhaps ultrasound to form a picture instead of direct video surveillance. The concept in the last Batman movie, of taking multiple cell phones in an area and linking them together to use them collectively as a sort of sonar like whales use to map out what is around them, in this day and age is not such a far fetched idea. Something like that, I am not educated enough to say whether that specific concept is a physical reality or not, if it would work.

The main problem with this is that I do not get such an idea on in that same location on Sundays, where in the Boston/Cambridge area, there seems to be a day of relief from most tech torture and interface as is experienced between approx 12 midnight and 6 am Mon-Sat, with exception of holidays.
What, the cameras would be off on Sundays? So its most likely some sort of see through the wall tech or just another falsehood induced by tech. Ensuring the TI PERCIEVES they have no private moments is all that counts. Not if its really true or not. And lack of privacy is a major part of cult brainwashing.

So is there a capacity to watch people through computer screens, to monitor your eye movements? All that matters is that Targets be convinced of such as part of a constant call and return system via interface.

Friday, February 18, 2011

LEVERAGE: Another Manipulative TV Show About Manipulation

Another disgusting tv show mirroring the horrors of psy ops, covert ops and gang stalking. Leverage it seems is the name of it. I think it was marketed as a covert group of people that work against powers that be when people are helpless and cant go to thier govt etc.

As usual its never told to the public that every thing that is marketed as positive and good can also be used for negative purposes as well. Much of the manipulation they use like using actors and having these people getting instructions by earphone on how to get what they want out of the targets etc, much of it matches up with what is done to TI's who are being abused, experimented on, victim witnesses silenced or whistle blowers discredited. The bait and wait and things being done to get the target to respond based on psych profiles or info gathering. Over years these are great stressors on the TI. People constantly being dihonest with you and obviously manipulating you, especially after such hurtful betrayals and after torture with 'non lethal' weapons. How sick is that? No these are things done by covert factions if not private companies nowadays that can have contracts outsourced to them by anyone including govt probably.

Of course this show makes it all appear harmless, well even fun kids! But of course real psy ops are not fun they are damaging destructive and eventually deadly. Another piece of evidence of the dark circus funhouse that has become the West and how the public like thier new Satanic Disneyworld just fine. I cant wait to leave them to rot in it.

Can you imagine people so naive that they would not understand how serious and damaging this could be if abused? When you are targeted and youve got arrogant kids, mere kids often enough, coming up to you and treating you like yer stupid with these baiting games, just to gain info out of you or it seems score some sort of points by actually getting you the TI to interact with them when you the TI is trying to process years of damage and truama physical and otherwise. It is what has destroyed my mind over time surely. And I will never forgive them for what they did and I want the whole world to see America makes fun TV shows out of what is actually the ways and means of deadly psy ops.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

This proves that electromagnetic disturbances can influence human emotions. Now they just have to cop to the technologies they created FOR THAT PURPOSE not only being in existence but being abused.

I felt low earlier but for me that feels good. Its a relief. For past few years I have been burning the internal fires hot and its aging me and making me tired and sick. This was a welcome relief. Also I found that I had very little remote influence this evening or disturbance.

No falling into memories constantly. very little disturbances. Its like the 90's again!!

False Memory Foundation /Martin Orne

MK Ultra Psychiatrist:

False Memory Syndrome Foundation & SRA

I was in denial for so long in order to survive I think. I also had no footing for years and was being chased around the country. I think my health becoming a serious issue brings me to stop the bravado at this point. I am also not being tortured so much with running over memories as much or feeling like the pain of memories is going to destroy me from within. In the past it was hard to get anything done in MA due to the interference being so great.

I also had a big issue trusting any other activists. The response to me in the beginning was so nasty, so unsupportive and so full of tricksters that I did not want to trust anyone for a long time. I still dont know who to trust but at least the info from Marsboy is somewhat useful. Where else am I going to find it? Im to exhausted to do actual research.

YouTube: MindWar paper by Aquino/ MK Ultra foods

I dont know why it has taken me so long to consider these videos to be useful. I think I disliked the amateur look of the graphics etc. Alot of the photos arent appropriate. They dont convince the viewer as well as they could.

I also was getting alot more in person harassment and stalking. Now that I get so much more frequent remote influence that Ive got to look at the info thats out there.

Just try to listen to what hes saying instead of looking at the pictures that are often to sensational.

This next video seriously pisses me off as I shud have looked at it sooner. I was just to preoccupied. They really had me good for years. I just wish Marsboy would provide pics of documents and back them up with historical references like officially validating the information or documents.

We should not be doing what lawyers and judges should have done in a court room instead of a measly Presidential Advisory Committee.
Looking at this video I am correct then in my experience of having memory just stop dead or go offline mentally. What amazes me is that there are photos and video of the use of children and the advisory committee was so...arrogant about saying it needed to prove the claims. It was such bs. If it takes that much to prove the claims then lets hit a courtroom. Why did people fall for the advisory committee? Instead of a courtroom. Class action lawsuit forget it. What about criminal charges. Just that one photo is enough to make anyone consider what alleged victims are saying to be true. And where did they get all these kids from and where were their parents. Its like so much of it is unanswered.

Its becuz America does not want to know.

They also make it seem like its done and over with or that it was a small group of people concentrated in one area of research. Look at how many perps there are nationwide? WTF is that? The country is totally run by covert factions living within communities as seemingly normal people, who are probably there for anti terror etc but are acting on destroying and controlling anyone who goes against authority even if they are totally justified.

Found this new blog. Its a bit too colorful sometimes but it actually comes out with new sources of information that I havent seen before. Its a bit racy:

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Last Night's Program of 'Suggestion'

OK so i approved those comments and then I removed them. It worked today. But yesterday it was tweeked. And it does appear that you have to approve the comment to then have the option to remove it or block the user. But even after approval yesterday it wasnt an option.

There have been multiple instances over the years with my Youtube account but never as much as with the this blog. Actually it happens rather infrequently nowadays.
I get less gang stalking as well.

Obviously as one can tell by my posts here since staying in the Boston/Cambridge MA area I seem to be so heavily targeted by other means that interference through hacking or in person engagement with me as a target is not necessary.

Last night I felt I felt so tortured I was ready to leave not only town but the country fight then and there. The content of course consisted of me having to leave all this behind, forget what happened, change the person I was finally as I've been moving or been being modified into that direction through these years and of course get a job in the interest of conforming etc etc etc.

It was almost impossible to fight. And yet again, low level, mild but ever present sexual stimulation was present. What would this system do without shame, humiliation, intimidation and rape? They wouldnt have a snowballs chance in hell thats for sure.

Each one of the components of this system is a necessity to get an end result.

The thing about having even the mildest forms of sexual stimulation present is that it is a huge distraction. It makes it difficult to resist suggestion(s). One must really keep focused, logical and reasonable in these moments.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

YouTube Comment Moderator Being Messed With

Im wondering if that was a hacker. I was at MIT late last night and changed my password there. If that email was hacked then someone could get into my YouTube.

The most recent comments dont have the box pop up that IS comment moderator. It doesnt allow me to remove the comment or block the user. Only older comments or my own recent comment has this option. See vid below.

It could also be the computer I am on. This is not the first time I have been hacked while on YouTube. Its happened frequently.

The comment section has been hacked before in this way where I am blocked from posting a return comment and other kinds of interference.
Usually when I change computers this is no longer an issue. This problem today occured on all three browers I used on same computer.

What is strange is that I approved one of those first of the two so I could remove it and block the user. I KNOW I approved one already. I go back after reporting it as a bug to YouTube and of course now its still unapproved. It seems that the positive comments that I approved can be removed. Strangely that is how I got sucked into approving the first of the two negative comments, becuz it looked like I had to approve comments this time before they could be removed, which is how I got tricked into approving the first of the two negative comments from the same reader to begin with. I KNOW I approved one of them and noted the system not working becuz then it could not be removed.

The trick of this is to make the Target appear insane, loss of memory, mistaken etc. Not only was I tricked into getting freaked out about not having control over commenting, I was then tricked into having it appear that I am mistaken due to that comment now being still up for approval when I published it. It also made me pissed off enough to feel out of control enough to message the YouTuber becuz I couldnt block him. Another mind game.

Gang stalking is about control and power. They want you to become afraid to take risks due to no longer being correct about outcomes. Its like a top gymnast knowing they an ace a move in whatever sport they excell at and someone moving the goal post to not only gaslight them but to destroy thier confidence.

Remember when I was surrounded by that circle of people at the hostel in Boston years ago upon my returning from my road trip where I was terrorized and even drugged. The main perp said to the others "OK how smart is this one supposed to be?" and the mold exposure, purposely allowed to become a problem in that apartment, knowing I woudlnt leave as I would be totally confused and traumatized by being gang stalked and not knowing what was happening. These are tactics used in Russia for years to get rid of dissidents. Russia has been for sale for some time now and its documented as well as I have posted it from a WIRED article that Russia has sold off much of its secrets due to the govt breaking down to the US and specifically the military. This tactic for dumbing down dissidents being used in the US now does NOT surprise me.

My last two posts certainly were not appreciated either. This is like gs under Bush in the years when it was all about severely messing with me to break me down. Now I have gained momentum again so going back to making me feel out of control again only makes sense.

And by the way when I experienced these interuptions in service from YouTube and specifically when I contacted the YouTuber who left those manipulative comments, I felt a distinct sensation of sexual arousal, especially connected to the idea of my being out of control.

What is even stranger is that when I took a copy of that page and the comments by cut and paste here is what it looks like when pasted on this blog:

"Gang stalking is about fear leaving you with no options and will only work this way because you must be left to make decisions on your own without any help..only then will you be capable of eventually standing on your own two feet.

you are a fake young lady and to be honest it sickens me but you wont post this will you cause it shows you up for what you are

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rGang stalking is about fear leaving you with no options and will only work this way because you must be left to make decisions on your own without any help..only then will you be capable of eventually standing on your own two feet.

you are a fake young lady and to be honest it sickens me.

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seemoreclearley 4 days ago

I clearly show in the video that it does NOT give me the options to share, remove,flag, block user or unblock user. But when it is copy/pasted at least the first one seems to have those as options, but not the second one. And I know I highlighted the second comment's right hand section just like the first one. I noted that when it was highlighted for copying, it had a strange color that was different from the first one, a block of color on the right side where this option button to remove etc shows up.

How can something be there when its highlighted for copy/pasting as it clearly shows it exists in text, but not show up as an option when the mouse hovers over it but it does so for MY comment I added at the top as shown in vid?

These are common hacking tricks and its been going on for years. The point is to make the TI doubt themselves as well as waste their time on blog posts like this illustrating something that is so small an occurence that no one is going to do anything about it yet for a TI its part of a multi faceted campaign that spans over years and is much more intricate than it appears on the surface.

Monday, February 14, 2011

More Fun Stuff From Europe During vid included!

Is there anytime soon that you f*ckers want to grow up? This is one piece of manipulative bullsh*t.

Nuclear Blast (again).

(Gimme Burgers has a few good songs if only the synthesizers wud get lost. There is one guy in the band that is scary as hell. Actually they might be the most frightening black metal band due to seeming to know a hell of alot about the metaphysical realities of things.)

No matter what anyone says anywhere in this world during BUSH or now even, its not about good or evil dumbasses. Its about Man's right to chose. When you have the advantage of mind control technologies along with society's normal means of social control and an agenda as has been pushed through for decades now but most obviously during BUSH, MAN CANNOT POSSIBLY BE ABLE TO CHOOSE ACCORDING TO HIS OWN WILL.

Let people know what is out there that has the power to influence thier decision making and THEN the game will be fair again as it was. Well its never FAIR but making it so Man has no ability to think for himself at such intimate levels is just way to one sided.

Bush won the second election by the use of mind control technologies. End of story. There are more witnesses than just myself. Many people felt that they didnt vote on that day becuz they were FORCED and COMPELLED to vote Republican. And now they're flaunting Romney (Gov of MA during BUSH) as if its just going to happen anyway. He's going to get into office. He seems to have the approval of old man Bush which of course makes him dangerous as a candidate for anything. Another administration of this crap.

Mind control tech is what altered time and reality to get us into these messes we are in right now plain and simple. You can bury the truth, you can ignore it and you can try to destroy the messengers but it doesnt change the truth. Keep going for it.
And Hermes will keep delivering.

Do I really look that fat? (4:27) Eww.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Gang Stalking and Remote Influence Technology at MICRO CENTER NYC and Cambridge MA

Micro Center is a very intersting place. As a normal citizen I highly suggest it for all your computer and tech needs as they have the best deals on flash drives, SD cards and computer accessories. Their prices on external HD's are great and the staff actually know what they are doing. They carry mp3's that actually have specs you need not just IPod (anything but IPod) for cheap.There is one in Cambridge MA near Trader Joes on Memorial Drive.

Now the bad news. As a TI the place is difficult. I have been gang stalked in there in person just once or twice. There was a Cambridge cop in there when it happened out of uniform but of course with his little windbreaker with the insignia on it so go figure. The tactic pulled in there was one that is popular around Boston, Cambridge for me as TI which is for people in front of me to hit thier back pockets as if they are checking their wallets are still there. Not unusual in a city full of pick pockets. However as a Target its of course used to antagonize and as part of psychological warfare. Men, who are the ones that most keep their valuables in their back pockets, will look at me before turning and checking and there is obvious indication that they are checking BECUZ of ME being behind them. That wouldnt be so out of place considering I dress funky right? Just uptight YUPpies right? Well then I have lots of people WITHOUT back pockets on thier pants doing the same exact thing and making sure that they make eye contact first. This is mostly done to me after eye contact is made. I have been harassed long enough to know when I am being baited or anchored.

A red head in front of me in Micro Center in line made sure she looked at me and then turned around and did that same move but she had no back pocket just leggings. This was when the cop was in the aisle acting weird and of course noticing me. Or at least someone wearing a windbreaker with that insignia on it, true we dont know it WAS a cop.

The second thing I get at Micro Center, that is hard to prove and specific to me as a TI that gets alot of tech in past few years, more than previously, EVERY TIME I go into Micro Center Cambridge I get specific ideations that are always the same and they cease when I leave the building.

The ideations repeatedly consist of a Truman Show like set up where I am supposedly being watched through the survaillence (anti theft) cameras. That a very prominent member of the community here in Boston who I wont mention not only has stock in Micro Center but is watching me through the cameras every time I come in there. I also get semi positive feedback on my situation that I should get a lawyer and I should not let them get me down. Some of the interface I get like I mentioned contains positive and supportive 'thoughts' but the Truman Show idea is very disturbing and feels like its in line with brainwashing. Also, when I leave this store I wait for the bus down the street near the BU bridge and I get harasssed by people in cars every single time when trying to get back to Central Sq Cambridge.

Howsabout THAT for harassment at Micro Center.

Most likely you have to look at who has stock (thier messing with me might actually have some merit to it) and who really owns the company. I think most people working in tech have to support this system of oppression.

I know that one of the very overt perps in group on Greyhound on my first cross country trip in like 2007 was obsessed with World of Warcraft and told me his father worked for Cisco Systems which is who has their name on like ALL of the wifi in the colleges around here. I can imagine what their military contracts look like!

This is the norm nowadays that certain stores can be counted on for the SAME pattern and content of ideations upon entering and they will cease upon my exiting which makes them decpetive bastards, not me being crazy.

News Report Gang Stalking: FOX News KCBA Cali, USA

Another news report that actually validates gang stalking.

I now understand why they have stopped the harassment as much as they were doing during Bush. Becuz people are aware moreso. I also think that they could get away with much more during the confusion of the war.

Its still not being linked to organized crime or to human experimentation, mind control projects etc but at least its validated as existing.

Arent they clever. NOW I sound truly nuts becuz I am talking about being hit with mostly remote influence which is no longer really gang stalking in the accepted definition. Where were these reports when they were super overt during Bush. I mean it was really bad. And my campaign was like EVERY city I went to all over the USA.

My case would be easy to prove as far as gang stalking but how can I link it to my mother's radiation experimention/ MK Ultra. Ever since they harassed her she dropped the subject and probably would just deny it now. If anyone's story sounds like conspiracy its mine. There was a huge conspiracy in Boston with the people involved here why is no one doing anything? Why is everyone just ignoring this? Becuz its connected to powerful people, or agencies? Becuz its connected to continued human experimentation or the military?

Its great that cops in this vid stick with victims but its hard for me to deal with when my gang stalking was mostly cops in the beginning. And if anyone DARED to say it was becuz I was not living right you can kiss my ass becuz what they were doing is trying to make it so I never got in trouble becuz if I did I'd be forced to give up the REAL criminals who pay thier asses off. And the cops in Cambridge and Brookline also leaned on me extra hard until I signed out of court on the mold case against OLNICK. And thats just the cover story!

No one wants to touch me case becuz there are prominent men as my old associates clients. And no one wants to go near MK Ultra. If the US Govt will only give the recorded victims an advisory committee and not a military tribunal for war crimes or at least a real court room deal and a covert faction harassed my mother and obviously other legit victims from going to give their testimony/class action lawsuit then it seems everyone is afraid of those bastards.