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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

The Next President Will Continue The Globalist Agenda and Continue The Insanity As Long As We Are Held Captive In A Post 9-11 Deception

I'm in a quiet bathroom in the tub. Finishing that last post I heard that Trumps been impeached.

In this quiet room I can now hear the cheers and celebrations as they must sound around the US especially in an obnoxious Liberal Elitist strong hold like Boston area has become.

I dread going into the city soon as I will havw to tolerate the ongoing grind of self satisfied people who feel validated and bonded by their 'victory' in accomplishing the goals of their political party and ideologies just like Boston sports fans after their team has won.

This area of the country like many others but more so then many other parts of the country engages in a kind of blind loyalty to their team I will celebrate getting their way as they always do without really knowing anything about the issues or anything about the president that they hate so much just like they didn't really know much of anything about the president before that nor will they really know a lot about the president that's coming in. Because what's more important is Towing the line put forth by their team. Many of these people are just common people and shockingly in this area of the country many of them have higher education like a lot of Education until they choose to run with propaganda instead of the real issues it's going to be quite painful.

I would prefer living in a place where people pointed out all of the mistakes and misgivings and problems with Obama but you can hear a pin drop in this city when it came to that but there's those of us that had to live through it and I'm sure that the children killed in drone strikes when automated Warfare should be illegal in our world I've had to live through haar's as well well nobody pays attention because we can't go up against our team can we. Nor will they pay attention to the horrible things that we're going on at the end of the Obama Administration that second term which Trump which I'd like to thank him and all of the people with him for has fixed including the mess over at the FBI.

I think Russia is a huge problem and I think that Russia coming down communism falling and everything from Russia being for sale whether it be KGB agent Consulting skills or nuclear subs which organized criminals are buying I think it's very dangerous the government should have been pulled down like that without safeguards and a lot of what you're seeing I think he is bleed over from that I think both parties are involved with Ukraine and Russia and that's what needs to be looked at. What needs to be looked at is this new monetary system that India China and Russia are trying to form together and destroy the West that's what he needs to be looked at by the public not who's sitting in the throne. Again the powers-that-be keep the public in a 20th century reality while they live in a twenty-first-century reality who's president I don't even think it matters and if it does matter to you then you need to make sure that the next person you put in office deals with global issues and you need to know what the global issues are stop living locally because it's not like that anymore especially with business trade in politics.

You have to hand it to Trump and Company at least see cleaned up the FBI and he's right upon seeing the new Authority in the FBI he said with an attitude like that you're never going to clean up and change the FBI.

Someone fixes one abuse of power from the last Administration yet Trump pushing 5G Towers may just help another kind of abuse of power so it doesn't matter who's in office you have to pay attention to the issues and what makes me so mad about people in this area of the country in which I'm going to have to tolerate in the next few days listening to this crap coming out of their mouth they act as if their party is totally blameless and they don't do anything wrong I mean the stakes are getting really high in these Global games megacities building booms technology that some of us don't want and nobody's resisting it except a few cities here and there yeah you could move to San Francisco for health reasons to get away from 5G cuz they're blocking it but then you've got the effects of Fukushima Canta to contend with. Yeah you could try to escape America and go back to Europe like many of us have thought about but Mass immigration that's undocumented and no freedom of speech and no right to bear arms there's no place to go home to it's pointless you've got a better deal here as long as you defend the Constitution but now they're finding ways around that.

Let's look at what Trump has done that's positive and you have absolutely no idea I'm not saying the collusion with Russia didn't occur I'm not saying that a lot of people including myself being framed up at the end of the Obama Administration before Trump got in and all of the weird interference from Facebook and Russia and that company in London Cambridge Analytics that the whole thing who knows who is really behind all the frame-ups including Mayan during that time. Was it Trump and company coming in or was it the Obama Administration and Company was Hillary they didn't want to go out somebody got really crazy and they went too far and it seems as if it's been dealt with and it definitely had something to do with Russia and the FBI but the danger here is the public not seeing these over steps of authority if you thought the bush era was bad the last 4 years of Obama was horrible. And if we don't look at these issues these open doors now that the people in power have access to to go through an abused power in ways that people do not see and the potential abuse of power of these Technologies and the exclusion that's going to work her if these megacities come and the building boom keeps pushing people out well people are brainwashed by corporate diversity politics which isn't the real world outside of a corporation or an institution like a college which increasingly is becoming people's only understanding of an environment. We have to start understanding how globalism is real and how it has restructured Society outside of the scope of what we see including it and how we think about our world on a daily basis and looking at the things that have changed 10 years ago I highly doubt if I would have been framed the way that I was or anyone that was framed at that time. It was an activist and it was right after we kileak some Bradley Manning. With that kind of access to that kind of Firepower or ability to act illegally or two abused power that to that extent to that severity you have to ask yourself about the 5G Towers or selling Boston Dynamics robots to anybody in the private sector over the public sector and how the 5G towers are going to connect devices probably eventually robotic devices and how does a I fit into this the public are focused on the wrong things there are those of us that have seen how bad this is gotten with the advancement of technology and the growing of globalism and all of these side shows are just smoke screens. Hate is blind in the public along with a lot of other factors has been going on since in the in the post 9/11 World that's what the public needs to pay attention to not who's in the throne that doesn't even matter anymore pay attention to the issues that are being dealt with by the guy in the throne and the people around him.

just because you think that the left or Democrats are good and the other side is evil it doesn't work that way both of them have self-interest and special interest and both of them do really bad things and both of them are capable of accomplishing helpful things to people and really good things.
I shouldn't expect the public to change, and people are only going to be concerned with their Breads and circuses and this is typical behavior for the public the danger here is that as the internet makes the world seem smaller which I don't even understand that concept at all but I guess they do with our minds work the world is more connected let's say you think you know everything but you probably know less or you don't know as much as you think and as the world becomes connected and people live in this virtual world in the internet our cities are becoming more spread out and people are being pushed out and excluded are people becoming completely lost in their own cities and towns well this smokescreen of inclusion that isn't part of human nature and doesn't really exist outside of Institutions and corporate jobs covers for the in justices that are happening.
What I've seen over the last 15 16 years from the ground level has become really scary it's extremely frightening and it has nothing to do with who's in office I mean it does but ironically some of the most scary things I've seen four years ago seemed to be put to rest by the man that's being impeached you have to realize there is no good and evil side There's globalist issues that are facing all of humanity that need to be dealt with and you need to pay attention instead of thinking in this old Twentieth Century way where it's like oh between the parties or my team wins or there's some very pressing issues right now and no one is paying attention because they think they know what's going on because of the internet and as you pay more attention to this fake virtual world you're actually not paying attention to what's going on in your local communities.

You have an entire generation of kids that don't nothing but technology and endless war as normal they're completely brainwashed a lot of them are either growing up out of it has broken the control of the system and know what's going on or some of them are smart enough not to fall for it to begin with but there's a lot of really scary people who think that their social justice Warriors and they're just common people who wouldn't be doing this kind of shit if it was given to them by access to the internet so which is why they're so bad at it and was twice such a disaster because not everybody can be an activist or a warrior and you getting all these people that have absolutely no self-esteem and they're nobodies and they have the power of the mob and pure power and they just are not handling it correctly I have to constantly be schooled bossed around and basically feel like I have someone having a thority over me that is young enough to be my kid in this area of the country almost constantly and it is really really obnoxious.

I don't know if they're brainwashed or they just don't know that they're wrong or don't want to admit they're wrong I have no idea how these kids think I don't have kids but the whole thing is really scary to watch and if anybody is really really really good at recruiting Youth and getting them to work for their policies it's the people in power that are corrupt and the kids don't realize they're working for the corrupt power structure do you have an entire generation of young people that cannot be trusted to be involved in a fight for Global Justice or the fight to make sure Humanity generally survives and is an enslaved those are pretty scary odds.

And unfortunately living in the Northeast being around major colleges around the country I have seen that these little RB our creations of the left and what's called The Deep state I think we can all deal in this country those of us over 40 with the oppression that comes from Neo cons and Republicans to the right it's been a complete mine blower to have the left start turning on us and turn into whatever the hell it is they are now but you have to pull back and remember that it's all part of this globalist problem it's a global problem so each side probably wants some of the same things and they have these bulshit fights in front of people and they have this bipartisan hatred on the public is Falls for it if he comes Breads and circuses it becomes entertainment something to do something to be part of and it's really a pain in the ass I mean a serious endurance to anybody right now in a major city trying to do real activism it is shocking how bad traditionally Democratic cities have become.

It wasn't racism that got Trump elected it was the insanity of two presidents prior and people becoming sick of a growing surveillance State Police State corporate liberal elitist posing as doing good but just working for a globalist agenda not allowed to ask questions deceptions and the fact it had to do with a constant presence of the same political group Hillary Bill Clinton Hillary Clinton Obama Bush it was always the same people a lot of people got sick of career politicians.
That anyone who was a decent activist it's worth their weight on this subject matters can produce an interview or a speech from every single one of the people in that group just mentioned that has given a speech or an interview mentioning the New World Order the World Order of Things Trump is in interrupting the world order from Bush to Clinton to Obama to whoever that's part of what got him elected.
The people that voted for Trump I'm sure that they know he's just as big of a piece of shit is any of them he's a wheeler-dealer he's a businessman he went bankrupt went to Russia and sold houses and condos to those people to get back on his feet who knows who the hell owns is ass but there's a point where you have to send in a Maverick because it just gets too ridiculous when the same people are in power for too long and they start doing really crazy shit. And the frame apps of all those dissidents and activist including myself after Bradley Manning and after WikiLeaks it's hard to even tell if it's one camp or the other or if it's outside influence moving both of them but all of us know one thing it's a way of denying us our freedom of speech in a country that guarantees it by the Constitution because someone somewhere does not want us any of us that are doing a line of actors of activism that actually has an effect on their agenda doesn't want us speaking out and what we're saying You must have some weight to it and has an effect and it's about global issues like the military industrial complex takeover of our culture and endless war under false pretenses how wrong it is to have automated Warfare AI robots 5G LED lights I can keep going. All of the issues that affect Humanity globally and it seems like anybody that has anything to say about those issues that actually is confident and articulate and is making good points that's who got framed and of course Alex Jones after his wife did seem to be protection for him divorce sound because nobody should take Alex Jones 100% seriously but the fact that now conspiracy theories are going to become lone Shooters and that's the sphere I conspiracy theory in Excel and now you're not allowed to speak and you have to be afraid and if you put forth a conspiracy theory the FBI FBI again is saying that it's dangerous and all this other nonsense how many times do we have to have free speech blocked by the sneaky deceptive ways to realize that there must be something to what people are saying that they don't want you to hear. So the next person that you voted into office be very careful because as far as a lot of us can see cool lives through the absolute horrors of the past 5 years beginning in 2015 or 16 not 2017/2016 and it really started to become creepy kind of around like 2013 actually those of us that have seen how bad this is it can only get worse if the public don't wake up to the fact that it's not about bipartisan hate or being a little brat doesn't even know how the world Works yet thinking that you don't have to listen to people that are 20 years older than you and you know everything because you have the peer power of the mob.

I think Trump's only mistake was that he didn't realize that he can't wheel and deal the way that he does over Italy and his boardroom and the the Oval Office or white house cuz every other president probably does the same shit I can imagine Bush doing the same thing but doing it much more delicately. The Sun the father of course much much more delicately like the criminal genius that he was like a surgeon you know I mean they say Trump is a street fighter well I think Bush did the same things but HW Bush just did it very delicately and we didn't have the internet. So you can impeach whatever you want you can elect whoever you want the same problems are going to be there and I'm sick and tired of the public becoming actually the biggest endurance two real activists trying to get anything done on a global scale for all of humanity not just some petty agenda on either side watching Fox News pitted against CNN this entire time has just shown me how marketable this is two rings at a three ring circus watch whichever ring you want that's all the CNN and fox was this whole time. Was actually really scary is what's going on behind the curtain make sure you decide correctly next time because this can only get worse

Monday, December 16, 2019

5g Towers and Other Horrors Are Being Implemented While We Are Diverted With Impeachment

While everyone was kept occupied w/faux impeachment trials the patriot act was passed with flying colors and record breaking trillions to the pentagon:

5G And Drones- A Bleak Future:

Physicians for Safe Technology
5th Generation (5G) Telecommunications Uses Gigahertz (GHz) Millimeter Sized Wavelengths

There could soon be ugly and 'dangerous' cell towers everywhere

5G Technology is Coming – Linked to Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and Death

Map shows the cities where deadly 5G cell towers are being rolled out… do you live in one of these?

5G: The Most Dangerous Technological Development of the Millennium

5G Radiation Dangers – 11 Reasons To Be Concerned

5G Radiation Dangers – Get The Facts!

Alfred Hitchcock or 5G? Birds are Dying Near Newly Installed Towers?

Hundreds of bees drop dead around ‘5G towers’ in California

5G Networks Use Same Frequency As Pain-Inflicting Crowd Control Weapons

5G Radiation Uses Same Frequencies As Pentagon’s “Active Denial System” Crowd Control Weapons

5G network is designed for mass mind control of citizens

5G Apocalypse – The London Event’ facilitated an expert panel on the 5G existential threat at the iconic Chelsea Old Town Hall in England.

This Week in Washington: Security in 5G Networks, Setting Standards, for AI and Promoting Civil Liberties in CIA Data Collection

CIA Admits They Are Spying On You Through Your Appliances- 5G Internet Of Things

There's hope if people become aware and cities and towns keep fighting the installation. Some are already saying no to this technology.
Surpisingly San Francisco is one of them.

California is Fighting 50,000 New 5G Cell Towers Linked to Cancer Risk. Bills in THESE States Will Permit Their Installation in YOUR Backyard

Major City Blocking 5G Cell Towers Over Concerns They Can Cause Cancer

Amid the political diversions politicians have been fast tracking this tech just like the new LED lights that are causing so many health issues for humans and animals and destroying our environment we need for health and well being even further.

Now we see the usefulness of rolling out caracitures like Gerta the
16 yr old from Sweden with no degree who doesn't even know how the real world works yet. it's possibly a diversion to stop people from seeing the new kinds of pollution.

It's shocking that this is being pushed by governments like the LED lights. The 5G Towers under the guise of some kind of race against China for technologic dominance.

Trump campaign pushes government intervention on 5G

Trump wants 5G 'and even 6G' in US as soon as possible

Scoop: Trump team considers nationalizing 5G network

Politicians and the system have also quietly gone after public lands while our backs were turned paying attention to the circus and the side shows and it's really worrisome that even if you escape the cities you won't be able to get away from 5G because now it's implemented on public land.

Trump Signs Executive Order Expediting Rural Broadband with Federal Lands, Towers and Fiber

Trump's New Rural Broadband Executive Order Doesn't Actually Do Much Of Anything

Business as usual they go after native land still if there's something they want on it or to build a pipeline through but now they're going after public lands and the actions of three presidents are being repealed to do this. I think it only one case they pulled back their efforts which was Utah public has Utah wouldn't put up with it.

A Timeline of Donald Trump's War on Public Lands

Open for Business: The Trump Revolution on America’s Public Lands

Op-Ed: The Trump administration is redefining the ‘public’ in ‘public lands’

The Great Western Public Land Robbery

Trump officials reverse course on selling public lands

So while everyone is wasting their time with antifa and fake riots probably instigated by agents or some private security company employees and the circus show likely put on by both sides, remember the more you focus on hating the president the less you're going to pay attention to the issues that really matter. Nobody paid attention to Fukushima to the extent they should've. I run into people that don't even know what it is but they know what all the bombings are shootings are.
What kind of world are we going to be left with if this continues?

Maybe if we had listened to people like the Union of Concerned Scientists and the like back in the 80s

Shell and Exxon's secret 1980s climate change warnings

It should have been dealt with then. Environmentalism was part of the 90s culture but I doubt if there's been much institutional change. In post 9/11 culture technology became popular with the public and it seemed that planned obsolescence was a normal part of life along with endless war. Environmental issues fell by the wayside.

Corporations prefer the studies done by scientists who are career ambitious that put out stats and results fits their agendas. it's typical that the public is becoming so dumb down and so terrorized into slow thinking that they're paying attention to a 16 year old autistic girl who has no degree and no worldly influence. it's another sideshow.

It doesn't matter who you impeach now. It doesn't matter who's President.
As long as this country does not want to know what happened on 9/11 everything after that is part of an ongoing deception or mistake. Also, not impeaching George Bush for election fraud and other crimes at that same time frame.
We should have been following our laws which is why you have clown after clown in office now because in a sense its a falsified timeline or a result of undue influence.

Yes, Bush v. Gore Did Steal the Election

US Presidential Election Fraud 2000

Why did some people want to impeach GW Bush

H.Res. 1258 (110th)

Declassified CIA Document Reveals Iraq War Had Little Justification

As long as this country doesn't solve that mystery and learn the truth and everything that happened along with it's going to keep on going just the way it's been going regardless of whos in office.

Friday, December 6, 2019

BAE Systems NH Location President in 2016 now named CEO

I always keep up with relevant current news.

I'll always be around.

I'm not going anywhere.

And neither is this blog.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Endgame 2019: Boston Dynamics Now Selling Robots/PDa Now Testing

So its too late. We're totally screwed over the next 20 yrs.

Mass. State Police have been trying out Boston Dynamics’ robot dog
Massachusetts State Police have been quietly testing and — in a couple cases — actually using Boston Dynamics’ famous dog-like robot.

Boston Dynamics tests robot

I love how resilient this thing is. How it feels no pain. How it can't be reasoned with. How it does not suffer. How it lacks emotion.
Oh..right. Google has AI. Humans who can't even maintain a sustainable environment conducive to their survival as mammalian animals and cannot stop making war (even though at this level of technological progress, war should no longer be necessary), have created and are growing Artificial Intelligence. While dumbing down that of the actual human population of the western world.

Sounds reasonable right?
Absolutely not.

I now understand the reasons for the diversions, dumb down, and reduction of liberties-surveillance state.

With this generation of younger people being removed from reality, nature and being indoctrinated its hopeless.

Activists can continue to put forth the abuses of power that the public should be aware of but it seems that reality has become in short order, so it probably won't be considered as a risk of continued progresses in technology.

If you feel like giving up because of this news and that activism is pointless then you must become more dedicated than ever.

I guess I wasn't framed for nothing.
Alot of things add up now.

If only I had written my book sooner. If only I had done more, been more dedicated, stepped with more caution.
I can look at it this way but it probably would not have made any difference.

And I think we will have more company and support as this moves forward as the public becomes aware of exactly what we've been trying to make people aware of.

The ACLU already has a special program to deal with privacy concerns around this issue.

This may be a part of the ACLU that we can finally work with lol. When I was framed, the gatekeepers of the local chapter were certainly working for the system here. That will have to change as our activism on these issues becomes more validated by public experience.

in Christo non natalis Certatim

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Gary Webb-Another Dead Activist Who Matters (Iran-Contra, Crack Epidemic, Gang Creation)

Getting into the
theory that Crips/Bloods are manufactured as part of the overall conspiracy research Jonestown, Jim Jones and the People's Temple. These were supposed testing grounds for how to control and organize people, specifically urban demographics. Listening to the FBI Jonestown tapes it's clear that members had been recruited from urban areas, entered the cult then transformed into terrorists similar to gang members.

Studying the CIA's interest in Jones very early on is also quite revealing.

Another aspect is the alleged creation of gangsta rap at this time, with allegations that the music industry  hijacked the black community's recent at that time, 'rap' style of music and sampling to create a militarized form of war mongering music, with heavy, hypnotic beats. This also includes the change to the industry at that time, a take over and the industry's place as part of the Complex that feeds into it's other sectors, specifically through cross investment.

How Immigration Has Been Weaponized (US Style as opposed to Europe)


'A Culture That Is Corrupt': Reps. Ayanna Pressley, Joe Kennedy Describe Visit To Migrant Detention Centers
"Braude suggested the same conditions would not be allowed to continue for white immigrants, Pressley agreed. "That is a fact, in my view," she said, and Kennedy agreed."

A 'fact' in her 'view'?
How can that statement even make sense? How can something be a fact only in someone's viewpoint?
And how is this about melatonin and not nationality?
If they were illegal Russians invading from the south through Mexico in large waves it would be the same.
This mess at the border was created by corruption and chaos so why are those conditions so surprising now?

I've been to that border every year for over ten years and no one cared as much as they do now about those people.
After I saw what exists over the border of El Paso by just looking at it from the shelter which has since relocated or the college (it was just a fence then, I have photos), then and there I considered that every single spoiled brat from the northeast elitist culture of arrogance and overeducated ignorance should be mandated to view the border at least once in their pathetic lives because seeing people living on dirt roads in mudhuts and stucko when in reality they are on the same piece of land you're standing on is a real eye opener.

 The people down there told me the truth about how all the conflict in recent years, including the drug wars, HAS BEEN CAUSED BY INTERFERENCE FROM THE UNITED STATES. Decades ago, people recalled drugs as being peacefully brought over the border-in bails on the back of horses by their relatives-no guns no wars no 'cartels'.

I've met many hard working people who operate peacefully and have families but no papers.

The issues at the border today are different. The sheer number of people trying to get in as well as the differences of nationality and culture. These aren't Mexicans many of them. Mexicans themselvesare suffering due to their borders being invaded.

When you go down there it's comfortable probably because that land has belonged to these people for millenia. It's a familiar situation that locals of all persuasions are used to. Perhaps all were not happy with it, but that's natural for familiar groups to live in conflict.

What's occuring now is different and it's got to do with globalism and weaponizing immigration just as we see in Europe. Believe me if Mexico and the USA did NOT have the right to bear arms and the US protected free speech, we would find ourselves in the same situation as Europe now. Be thankful to the nature of the nearby immigrant populations as opposed to Europe and kiss that US Constitution every day.
If anything is corrupt and always has been its the northeast-Massachusetts and it's politicians. Improved appearance, groomed streamlined young players and psy ops learned from years of being at war doesn't change that.
Four Freshman of the Apocalypse:

But it seems to divert attention and mask it pretty well.

AOC and Ayanna Pressley Grill Trump Officials Thursday Morning
"panel members including prominent Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.)"

AOC’s Stooge DESECRATES The Declaration of Independence

Redistricting Of Voting Zones /Creation Of 'The Squad'

Massachusetts 7th Congressional district is new and was created in 2013 out of redistricting MA areas.

Discrict 7 now and prior to 2013:

Congressional Districts Map
Clearer map

After New York's electoral upset, eyes turn to Massachusetts:

Damn. How much grooming did this take anyway? I wonder how many creepy Masonic ritual sacrifices (satire) it took to go from that Boston feel to that of one of federal level power. *Shudder*



'The Squad' claim Trump reps agenda of White Nationalists

Uh. Ok, brat pack. Then why does he have a strong hold incities like Vegas and the pit of hell your Hall Of Social Justice superheros have been spewn from: NYC? Why was one of the first things he did in office was to give Israel Jerusalem instead of Tel Aviv? Why did he go to Russia to bail himself out of trouble financially and make his comeback if he's a 'nazi' or 'white supremacist'?

I think this is all bullsh*t. I think these insane Lefties are nothing more than controlled opposition ultimately working for the same people.
Wow. These women really are 'product' for Millenial consumption aren't they?

This photo makes me want to vomit.

I wish I could have been a house slave for corporate/bankster/intell.

Well best of luck with Divide and Conquer!

I wish feminists cared about actual struggling female activists.

Alas, the feminists and activists have been deadly silent on this matter.

During these past few years I've been hated on numerous times by fake feminists, or COINTELPRO infiltrators, young Leftist women
(specifically when the statute of limitations was still active and I cud sue local authorities/institutions in two states).
There were two 'political'  females on the train once, one a white snow flake and the other African American, who ended up bonding over hating on me, by hi fiving each other and exclaiming "let's go to the Women's March together!". 
After years of kicking ass across the country with a backpack while writing four blogs living on basically nothing, it smacked of Boston's typical elitist bullshit where anyone, will do anything, to preserve the establishment. Even making it appear relevant and modern, hiring whatever goons that are familiar and safe with the crooks' inner mechanisms and can be trusted to continue to keep their secrets.

People, there are mavericks and then there is product for consumption. Please learn the difference.
(Disclaimer *yawn*:
No communications will be sent by me, threatening or otherwise to anyone or any organizations/institutions mentioned in this blog post at any time. In the event of this occuring a thorough investigation should be conducted specifically towards the involvement of foriegn state actors as well as local corrupt authorities/institutions. I have documentation of an active cyber stalker in all legal files in the justice system as well as my personal files and known to others.
If my liberty is taken away and I am denied due process a full investigation will take place by law enforcement, possibly international as well as I and my support system will seek the fullest amount of civil settlement for damage allowed by law. ).

What r u gonna do? Frame me again because u don't like what I have to say? There's too many people watching now.

Whatever. †

This country and this state, I hope has learned by now that freedom of speech is protected and you can't just do whatever you want to people to silence them.

Is Hiring Of Illegal Workers Corruption Enough To Cause A Business To Become Rogue?
Article linked and discussion in comments.
Third comment
"U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents stormed the Market Basket grocery store in mid-August — just two months after the resolution passed — and escorted 27 undocumented Brazilian workers away in handcuffs."

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

TV Show SUPERSTORE Shows Examples of Community Mobbing/Organized Harassment Campaign

Clip doesn't show parts of episode in question. Must see.

You've got to have the NBC app to view the episode it's also on HULU. 

I was shocked when I viewed this by chance. It's so overt but casually put on a television show. Desensitization.

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Clearing up YT site, sending Xmas Cards early:

(Hey! I've been houseless and living below poverty line since 2006!! Can I have some free milkshakes?


Featuring 'Antifa! The Movie!'. Give me a f*ckin break.

My comment:
"For genuine activists working against global concerns that effect all of humanity your doing nothing but distracting youth from real more difficult issues of GLOBAL consequences-you're in the way. For those of us so blacklisted we live out of our cars or storage spaces like any genuine, effective whistle blower would, your existence is insulting and infuriating. Yet, like all disposable things, you'll be gone once you serve your purpose and the kids you're recruiting grow old enough to no longer be a threat to the system. Ultimately in the big parade of diversionary, jamming, COINTELPRO like movements, you're just another parade passing by and after you're gone- they'll come up with something else.
There's all kinds of shills like the people that lead or infiltrate your movement and work to create chaos to their advantage. They'll simply keep indoctrinating people and recruiting them.
I would love to see you and your family$' connections to The Establishment, intelligence, much less the military industrial complex and 1% corporations- it must be goddamn laughable.

Enjoy the spotlight while you can and get rid of all your youthful aggression because for those of us that are in it for life that are guaranteed to never have anything of value and live and die for a cause you are a joke.
By the way try being that energetic, traveling and protesting when you're 50 yrs old. I dare you because you would never be able to do it like those of us that are the real f****** superheroes."

Dear cyber stalker who framed me: I dare u to send a threat email to these shills much less anyone else because you'll be caught this time.

You're probably back in Russia now anyway or hopefully, one of the trolls that got caught and is rotting in jail.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Much Verbal Negativity Lately

"She's just a nothing from Waltham".

"She belongs in a hospital somewhere".

And a few other unkind remarks directed at me by jerks. Where is this coming from?
I can understand a smear campaign but outright ignorance?
Maybe that's part of it.

In theory of course. ūü§£

And people still thinking I can go live at my family's house is so ignorant as well. My family are mostly all dead and we have no more family home. Anything left to me has been taken and hidden by my family most likely and it won't be missed anyway.

More life I was denied and missed while on the road traveling since 2006. No one ever made a great effort to look for me either . A guy at a pub in St Louis in 2008 said to me "if someone can't be found, then it's because people don't want to look that hard", as in they don't want them found.

I know what I am doing.

Most people don't even understand the full situation or what these blogs are about.

A local woman who runs a chain business a few months ago exclaimed "Don't talk sh*t about me on there" (the blog or internet I assume) in her heavy local accent, though she is nice to me in many ways, it's disturbing to be surrounded-almost imprisoned by a sea of the ignorant public.

 It's predictable considering her level of undstanding of what my project is and her probable sources of information.

She had to be guided by people who probably understand more accurately what this blog is about. Thus, the general public can be used as force multipliers in smear campaigns and harassment because they're simply ignorant and they're being guided by people who know what's going on.

Do you actually believe that a person who's on the average level is going to understand what Mk ultra is about? Maybe some can. Your
average person's understanding of MKUltra is like them understanding the Mona Lisa in a color-by-number coloring book format. That's about the extent of the understanding you're going to get so that's what I'm dealing with now for some reason in the past 3 years my blog has been brought down to the level of the public.
 Just like .. I was framed involving levels of society that usually didn't interfere in what I was trying to do because their job is more local and has little to do with this level. so I suppose throwing me to the peasantry is probably what's going on knowing that they'll just rip me apart cuz they don't understand.   I suppose that's  a pretty brilliant and practical move because like I said how are they supposed to understand this, they think it's just something bad and negative and I'm just such a horrible person which is utter b******* of course.

It sucks living in this globalist world of 'mob rules' or more accurately-they are allowed to believe they do.

Giving spy equipment (personal technology) to the masses was the single most destructive and stupid idea anyone has ever had.'s fulfilled an agenda of those in power that took much longer or much more effort or more brutal actions throughout history.

It that's all.

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Election Time. I Thought So...Sigh

Well this may explain the recent... escalation. Well..myife has been and will bea living hell until after Nov. Sigh. Same old same old.

A new admin may not pretend that frame ups and corruption don't exist like the last one may be the problem lol.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Garbage Truck Odd Occurrence

Had an odd visit from this truck this morning at 5 am, never seen before this location. Noise, idling (illegal in MA), parked in a strategically aggressive position (which I've noted other kinds of vehicles do this for protection or to claim territory with intimidation. Guess which ones-right. This is all being brought back from the post 9-11 war zones-military tactics being utilized domestically.)

When I pulled out the phone to catch on vid suddenly they thought better of it and went away very quickly.

Based in AZ
They contribute to both political parties.
They merged with Allied Waste which involved The Blackstone Group.
The merged company now simply known as Republic Services is owned by Cascade Management, owned by Bill Gates and Larson.

Any other pertinent facts leading to asshole-dom unknown. Maybe the guys just a jerk all on his own.

No emails are sent by me to anyone or any company or entity due to the information on this blog. I am a public figure and this information can be accessed by anyone and used against me using my name.

Any arrest or other actions resulting in further legal issues or denial of my liberty will bring the most dire legal, political and social consequences local and any other judicial system wishes to imagine.
Don't even think about it.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Protest March on Raytheon In Cambridge Today

This group consists of a few different activist organizations. Vets for Peace are there.

They are looking for more people to gather and they are going to Raytheon in Alewife later.

Please join them and share your knowledge and presence.


Tuesday, September 10, 2019

How Anti Terrorism Is Being Used To Move Against Activists


How governments and businesses silence land and environmental defenders

Colin Kaepernick Gets Amnesty International's Ambassador of Conscience Award-Amnesty Has Become Corrupt


Amnesty, morally corrupted?
How a once great organisation completely lost its way:

When Amnesty International concerned itself with campaigning on behalf of individual and identifiable political prisoners of regimes of whatever political colour it did some real good.

However, it now appears to have become an expensive exercise in wholesale and futile virtue-signalling, with some highly dubious choices of targets. If it is still campaigning for individual prisoners, one doesn’t hear much of this.

Fraud allegations lead to closure of Amnesty International in Zimbabwe
Police are investigating suspected misconduct involving millions of dollars of funds from donors:

It comes months after a damning report into the wider Amnesty International organisation warned of a “toxic” working environment and widespread bullying.
The review was ordered by its head, Kumi Naidoo, after the suicides of two staff members last year, Ga√ętan Mootoo, who worked in the Paris office, and Rosalind McGregor, a paid intern at the Geneva office.

It pointed to a workplace culture of bullying, nepotism and an “us v them” dynamic which threatened the organisation’s credibility as a human rights champion.

'Widespread bullying' Identified at Amnesty International:

Amnesty International has like every other organization that formerly did actual good and caused real change on this planet, now in a globalist world, been 'overhauled' by suspect persons involved in politics (??!!) and government to now be simply utilized in the world of disinfo and psy ops. Infiltrated. Is there anything that isnt? Well there is. Which is why you dont know about any of them that actually do have a genuine moral compass remaining.

It isnt that these issues arent important or relavant or real. Its that theres forces co opting the activist community so that they can be controlled. I think thats what everyone whos cynical about these issues is upset about. Why doesnt anyone remember COINTELPRO? East German Stasi? Russia? China (who we are doing business with and allowing to buy up alot of American land. Entire cities in the midwest burnt out by jobs going to ironically-China.).  Thats what thinking people are worried about.

Interviews With COINTELPRO Agent Revealing and Modern Tactics Today Used Against Activists

Like It Is with Gil Noble: Interview with COINTELPRO FBI Infiltrator


Impact of Decades-Old Gov’t Infiltration Program Still Felt Today:

Eddie Conway interview with author, activist and professor Ward Churchill.
Impact of Decades-Old Gov't Infiltration Program Still Felt Today (1/2):

Impact of Decades-Old Gov't Infiltration Program Still Felt Today (2/2):

TigerSwan Private Security Hired To Target Pipeline Activists:

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Vid testimony of frame up will be released if any retaliation occura

If anything occurs while trying to clear my name and exercise my legal rights video testimonies will be released revealing every embarrassing detail. And there's documentation to back it all up. It's either done quietly thru proper channels or it's put out there for the everyone to see. It's up to you.

U can make as much noise as u want or smear or slander or have a mob as big as you want. It didn't change the laws of the USA nor does it make me wrong. Might does not make right no matter how much u try.

U r still wrong. U can't force people to accept corruption no matter how hard u twist their arms.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Huge Commercial Real Estate Companies-Locals Should Be Aware of Globalist Gentrification/NWO Is Not Evolution

The buildings we work in, shop in or even seek medical care aren't really part of what we percieve as our local environment anymore.

Isreali developer becomes largest Regency Centers Corp. backer

Regency Centers Properties:

-Harvard Sq, Cambridge.
Listed under 'THE ABBOT' as this is what the Curious George store will be known as. What's under construction now is already listed as a completed property.

-TWIN CITY PLAZA Somerville, MA.


The U.S. Is Worried About China’s Investments—This Time in Israel

City’s biggest developers look hungry for a piece of the action in Allston

allston development pipeline:

Harvard University’s new research campus seeks a developer

CBRE real estate:

After going into one of their buildings in Houston and experiencing a complete nightmare I've noted that the same trend goes for MA as well.  They hire thugish types for security and other employees are unpleasant regardless of who rents from them. Porter Sq is one example and worse is a building a local hospital uses as a satellite office on Boylston st Chestnut Hill Newton, MA. The medical facilities are fine-its the building employees that make it unpleasant to go there.  It's an intimidating, and often unprofessional environment. They resemble D&D in many ways in their agenda for hiring practices. Anywhere I see this logo on anything indicating it's run by them I realize why I'm miserable and that it's time to consider alternatives to having to frequent the building.

The mega cities won't stop now that the public have been formed over time to fit into such environments. The worst human cost is the denial people now live in, having been terrorized and indoctrinated into believing that 'social justice' handed to us from these same elite, actually deals with genuine issues of oppression and injustice globally and locally.

Globally and locally the most vulnerable populations still suffer-if not moreso now due to megacities being constructed.

The proles as in the novel 1984, are content to console themselves with authority, corporate approved 'hope and change' feel good activism, because it pays the Piper and pleases the hands that feed.

There is nothing evolved or new about the new world order. It's exactly what it says it is. A 'new' 'order'. It's not a new world or an evolved one. That has been blocked, jammed and destroyed to ensure it doesn't occur. True evolution isn't allowed. Controlled growth according to the requirements of those in power is all that is possible.

Humans are animals thus can be conditioned-it does not mean they have evolved or become enlightened.

What is often referred to as 'the Illuminati' isn't actually an accurate term but it's a slang of sorts used by laymen so let's stick with it for now.
The thing about 'the Illuminati' if you will is that they decieve but often the truth is provided right in front of you.  This is the nature of being enlightened-do you have eyes to see. If not you'll fall for deception.

New order or global order doesn't denote enlightenment or evolution. It simply indicates a new way of reordering things as they already exist. That's exactly what it is.

We've been fooled yet again and anyone who isn't will be the enemy of the trained monkeys who benefit. This is typical and no surprise, thus further proof that there is no evolution or enlightenment.

Just a rearranging of the idiots.

Friday, August 9, 2019

Why Isn't Link Between Psych Meds and Shootings Being Investigated?

Mass Shootings Likely Linked to Psychiatric Meds

El Paso Walmart Shooting Creates New FBI Directive: Conspiracy Theories Lead To Violence

Seems that the directive has guidelines such as the conspiracy theory has to mention a specific person or persons to cause violence towards them potentially. Logically I suppose a conspiracy theory that's just theorizing would have no potential target.

Expert Warns of Possible Abuse of New Phoenix FBI Directive on Conspiracies

Weaponizing the Term 'Conspiracy Theory': Disinformation Agents and the CIA

How Big Tech Companies Should React To The FBI Memo on Conspiracy Theories.

Conspiracy Theory? The El Paso Shooting, Red Flag Laws & The Gun Confiscation Agenda

National security experts warn of rise in authoritarianism

Friday, August 2, 2019

How Establishment Elitists Allied With The Left: The Rise Of Authoritarians

The subtle rise of authoritarians
By Frank V. Vernuccio Jr. - - Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Don't Bother Contacting Activist Legal Support-Misleading Internet Presence

I called the number listed as it appears to be portrayed as an organization independent of any firm etc.
It's referenced all over the internet as a vital resource for a help for legal representation, questions etc.

What I got is a snide female answering the number her first words being "i don't know what that is" when asked if this is Activist Legal Support listed on the internet.
After establishing that it's all over the internet with that number to call she then changed to saying "well we are a law firm and some of our clients are activists".


Then I asked simply if someone could call me next week as I know it's after 5 now etc. I got a kurt, dark, low response of affermative, then I got hung up on.


Then I called back and left a message. I mapped out the conversation as above. I noted that it's on the internet as appearing as a singular organization and its supposed to do what it says it does.  Also that the first response made no sense. Also no one took my number.

Then I added that I will keep calling because I need help and also...well..I'm just confused about what is going on (lol).
I also noted that any federal Federal funding they get should be may be best put elsewhere because it sounds pretty misleading.


Then I actually talked to a live person. Basically reiterated whats above.
One thing I understand is my number is on the phone from calling which is fine but a little communication on that further than hanging up wud have been nice.

She of course then claimed I was very aggressive which is interesting because I'm being assertive not aggressive but she was indeed being passive aggressive from the start.

I informed her my location was a state away and if that wasn't an issue at least for the two things I needed then can someone contacted me. I also asked if they only deal with protesters etc and is that their limitation.

Dead air. Hang up.

So it's safe to say this is a waste of time for genuine activists that are looking for any answers or help other than protesters and the run of the mill trendy 'activist' a tivities going on there. I suspect if I was a masked member of ANTIFA I'd be in no prob.  (That's satire. That's my opinion not asserting fact).

I also made no threats and wasnt loud or using obscene language etc. And no emails are going to be sent so dont even try another frame up stunt like that again. My cyber stalker from 3 yrs ago disappeared after the frame up failed so I doubt this will happen.)

Don't waste your time with this. For someone to answer the phone claiming they don't know what that is, when the number is connected to that organization and posted all over the internet is complete bullsh*t obviously.

Any emails or harassment of any parties mentioned using my name will warrant an investigation that WILL catch those responsible next time. Don't even try it.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Posted Update on Fake News Photo Used In 2017 post

I used this photo in a 2017 post and have updated the post with this new info as the photo was revealed to be fake.

I still think it has value as a spoof however as the post was about mass immigration in Europe which unlike ours is not regulated by security. Women are getting murdered just for opening their homes to refugees.

The original photo that was altered claimed this woman was a Swede at a protest.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Let's get this straight: It's easy to FRAME a genuine activist, but people wanted by ICE get let out the backdoor of court rooms? F*cking Seriously?!

So this IS Armageddon because everything is completely f*cked, doesn't make sense and is a complete mess unless you are somehow sheltered or brainwashed enough to avoid seeing it/experiencing it.

Years ago it would have been unthinkable to frame or hurt someone like me in this area because I'm genuine, suffering for a cause and that's because I was wronged to begin with-multiple times and chose to respond by becoming an activist and traveling instead of losing it or hurting people or nosediving into self destruction.

However punishing the good and rewarding the bad without any balance left at all has become the norm. The COMMONWEALTH is no more it seems being now hooked into a globalist agenda.

Yet in some ways things don't change.
Illegals are like old time ghetto dwellers-easy to exploit by corrupt authorities and useful in running any vices you can think of. Also slum lords have a field day, so any neighborhood not being gentrified by the Condo Monsters can be pawned off on vulnerable people who can't complain about shitty buildings and conditions, so Inspectors can continue to take payoffs like in the bad old days. Calling them 'Santuary Cities' makes you appear Noble and good, while your greed is satiated-something Yankees have been expert at since genociding Natives for land by starving them to death in winter or burning witches in Salem Village and surrounding areas as part of a land grab and for amusement of the upper classes children. (It's was way more sinister than Tittuba or ergot poisoning from moldy bread).

Well after watching how much effort was put into first attempting such an undertaking as a frame up, then the system trying to cover it's ass and using avoidance and intimidation because I wasn't as dumb or without balls as they thought leads me to believe that the actions reported above are nothing less than a publicity stunt, to push the agenda of appearing tolerant in a revolutionary Libtard way, without being as 'revolutionary' in nature as say Berkeley CA.

Don't ever fall for the fronts, cons or routines of power and politics in the Northeast. It's usually the result of 'an offer you can't refuse' and someone somewhere is wearing cement shoes so someone else can enjoy a good quality of life.

There is no such thing as no corruption in politics or power structures not does equality exist.

Only death has that power. Man especially, and laughably his creations, do not. We are animals. As it is now, the norm is we utilize our highly developed cerebrums to satisfy our animal desires and needs. Our ability to use tools and create has done little to make us responsible Creator gods on this planet.

So until I see changes that are meaningful to all life on Earth I must assume it's bullshit as usual. And what you are allowed to see is rarely the full story of what is going on.

One Million Species Faces Extinction says UN-While We Trifle Over Diversions

While the special interests have scammmed everyone with diversions such as ID politics and fake diversity that ONLY BENEFITS CORPORATE not actual genuine human diversity of culture, the world is falling down around us.

Instead of worrying who's using what bathroom or if tomboyish teens need hormones because they are 'binary' or other modern attempts to negotiate reality, try paying attention to issues that actually matter to ALL OF HUMANITY.

Yet another generation of youth has once again been duped and used by the power structure to serve the very agendas that prevent genuine change and improvements for all of humanity, playing terrorist with ANTIFA and being total Nazi fascists whilst claiming to fight fascism. While everyone has fallen for diversions, the cities have been taken over by land grabbing builders and real estate people who give new meaning to the word greed.

Anti-homelessness has become rampant in areas where the globalist building boom has taken to colonizing and terraforming entire cities instead of just merely gentrifying existing structures. Prefab garbage built obviously for obsolescence is stinking up every city. You see government gets taxes on EVERY UNIT in a condo complex as opposed to taxing one house with multiple apartments which is probably why these structures are so popular with governing bodies nowadays.

In extreme Liberal cities of the north the reverse racism that exists naturally that we previously had at least a working balance to negotiate through, has been weaponized against poor whites and locals. This seems to be put forth by Liberal elites eager to secure their position in the new globalist order or hateful upper middle liberals who live off being contrary and are self destructive cowards who use classism to avoid responsibility for society's ills. It's a globalist agenda overall and banks are probably a major culprit but the cultish politics involved has served to make society willing to see change as benign social issues not what it really is.

 Not surprisingly the one demographic of people who can't pay to live in globalist cities and traditionally are most effective in fighting or resisting gentrification are, by design it seems, are being driven to leaving, homelessness or death.

An opiate epidemic and garbage drugs not from plants like meth, bath salts (China) or bad 'spice'/K2 synthetic marijuana (Middle East) are destroying the lower classes. It's been admitted in the press that the two latter are forms of terrorism from these areas listed to destroy America and even fund terrorism.

Amid K2 overdose spike, retired DEA agent says synthetic drugs fund terrorism:

Life-threatening bleeding linked to synthetic cannabinoids, CDC warns:

Synthetic Drug Money Funding Terror

Massholes (a derogatory term for the typically aggressive, driven greedy, impatient, foul mouthed Massachusetts natives) and meth don't mix. Meth has traditionally not been a part of Northeast culture.
Northeast cities that are small and crowded with bad winters and aggressive people synthetic methamphetamine has had a disastrous effect on the lower classes both housed and 'homeless'.

Immigration isn't a slow sensible trickle with ghettoization then assimilation as in centuries prior in cities with little room like out west. The corporatocracy now employs these new citizens or illegals in any and every area complete with unbearable language barriers. Immediately transformed into nothing more than a form of 'house slave' for corporate 'plantations' if you will, there is little Diversity or culture left just the corporate plantations. These protectors of the Man and all that is his effectively enforce globalism's quiet classism with constant profiling and cultural warfare to destroy lesser locals in US cities. These aren't the diverse cities of the 90s but ghettoized corporate gentrified controlled environments, benefitting fully from the surveillance state and militarized law enforcement (INTELLISTREETS in public spaces and in-store security systems tracking customers are new parts of the structure of control).

Depending on the area, African Americans often join these ranks as corporate Diversity brings them into other neighborhoods outside

the areas where black 'folk' exist and live their lives like the rest of us and they become fierce defenders of corporate while freely and without fear exercising reverse racism, using classism to validate their newfound position replacing the white middle/lower middle class.

You'd probably get this in Boston or Houston but not Oakland/Berkeley. It depends soley on what demographics are most useful to the globalist agenda for individual city design.

All to the benefit of the globalists who seek to destroy any and all existing structures in cities both cultural and otherwise for profit and control.

As for sustainability what people either don't know or forget about older cities is that the only reason these places are habitable is due to the natural habitats left in the cities and between them such as we have in New England. Winter guarantees a cleansing of the pollutants, diseases and anything else in the area. Global warming, over population, over building and  a rise in car owners as opposed to public transport is also taking that away. 60° days in February are making locals sick and with good reason. Centuries of pollutants from farming to factories etc remain. Without cold winters and natural spaces these areas will become uninhabitable.

The prefab condo builders may already know this is coming and that's why there's short term structures being put up: soon the very same people who helped cause global disasters will 'save' us by constructing domes and damns to save us and our cities from radiation, pollutants and a destroyed ecosystem.

A company that seems to be doing alot of this in the area I'm in, the men who lead the sites can't even make eye contact with locals like us, and they have a cold, steely look as if they absolutely know what they are doing to the city. A friendly look or hello is met with robotic self possessed determination.

So while your ditching being concerned about the environment or the elderly, blind, disabled or Homeless in favor of ridiculous bipartisan conflict and ID politics that only benefits corporate not real people and going to ANTIFA rallies in masks checking your damn iPhone, the ENTIRE EARTH WHERE WE ALL LIVE IS BEING DESTROYED as it has been systematically for centuries.

Anything to prevent actual evolution of mankind so Nature and technology are used in harmony or fused. Anything to perpetuate an outdated education system and industrialist society. You can cause 'change' all you want. You are only rearranging an archaic system that's flawed by design from it's inception.

Modern feminism is reactionary as hell (as it's always been post '60s) and denies women once again of realizing their true power-which probably has been it's purpose all along.

Bipartisan politics has NO PLACE in business. REI etc boycotting CamelBak because they are involved with the NRA is one example.


I think REI has had DOD contracts as well and they offer military discounts. Why are weapons and violence acceptable overseas but not domestically. I call BS on this as a PR move.
It's all the stresses, bad psychiatry and society itself causing gun violence not guns themselves.
I'm all for getting rid of all guns and nuclear everything world wide. These half measures illustrate where corporate loyalty truly lies consistently.

I recently talked to a local businessman who expressed concern about another businessman's political views before becoming involved with him. Growing up I had never heard of such a thing.

Everyone is acting like children nowadays not adults and this is also a result of a society of spying. Privacy, respect and acting like an adult used to be what I expected from mainstream society. After being terrorised by Bush and infantilized by Obama it's more like a daycare center than a society. And it sucks.

Reality is not negotiable. Wake up, grow up and start minding the store. And cut the shit with projecting onto the homeless population or people with addictions etc. Making excuses for your own cowardice and greed shows there's no 'change' going on at all-just the usual shift-the-shell game, rearranging society for the latest agenda.

I call bullsh*t on PC culture and ID politics. And will someone PLEASE inform millennials that people have been f*ckin gay like FOREVER and places like Boston were always more tolerant. Maybe not at work or school and that's change that is actually necessary, but out in public no one has never given a f*ck here. We grew up with a mini NYC feel here and guys in drag at night wasn't surprising. If anything gay people are becoming more boring and uptight than June and Ward Cleaver ever could have been so cut it out please. You don't have to go back to the days of slinking around Central Park in a Dracula cape cruising..but I can't say I don't miss it, lol.

I'm Delighted that David Hockney Thinks Gay Men Have Become Boring:

My grandma was a US Marine. Dont you think plenty of women were gay that served? People just were quiet about it. My grandparents were fully aware of gays. Before that it seems in my great grandmother's day, Catholics just joined the church to avoid embarrassment and simultaneously bringing honor to the family.

My grandmother said that it was obvious couples were gay but as long as they were good neighbors and kept their home in order, other than say, the local men making little snickers among themselves occasionally, no one bothered anyone. There's always been some level of tolerance because contrary to popular modern belief being attracted to the same sex is as old as humanity and not new.

If I see one more hipster looking kid with a full beard in a dress sitting in Starbucks with his laptop looking up at me as if he's a freak-out I'm going to scream.
Damn. At least do drag right. Get a damn shave sweetie.

Over ten years of activists or naive people who subconsciously know that it's safe to take part in CORPORATE LIBERAL ACTIVISM that never dares tackle the real issues that would cost them their jobs or prevent young people from getting them has made us blind to the issues that really matter. That and terrorism both foreign and domestic. It's doubtful that this head-in-the-sand culture and it's 'change' would have even come to be without Western society being constantly terrorized for decades.

You may not like Trump but it took an extreme person like him to shake off the nannying culture so we can see more clearly what is actually happening. And thank god for his liberal foul mouthed use of free speech. I love the Liberal attempt to question his competence and sanity with psychiatry. If only that had been done with Bush or Obama or Reagan. Sigh..

You can't work in a corporate job and be an effective activist so stop wearing Anarchy tattoos and putting "Black Lives Matter" on policeman's coffee cups in drive-thrus while working in Dunkin Donuts. Trendy safe activism guided by the Divide and Conquer agenda. Get a set of balls.

Dunkin' Donuts Employee Writes '#Blacklivesmatter' on Police Officer's Coffee Cup:

More cowardice. A generation raised by the state, corporate and the internet with hovering parents ensuring their proper indoctrination and medicated if they don't conform to cookie cutter standards probable doenst even know any better nor sees anything genuinely alternative in society anyway.

Take it from a real activist who has had consequences for standing up to the corrupt system and lived out of a storage space since 2006, traveling the country into middle age, much of the time alone- YOU DO NOT WANT TO SEE OUR COUNTRY WITHOUT A POLICE PRESENCE, A RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS OR FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

If we don't stop falling for diversions and become more balanced and less extreme in trying to bring about 'change' we will accomplish nothing but our own self destruction or worse-the enslavement of all humankind.

Being separated from Nature is a very important step in enslaving humans, theoretically. Already we can see the results of over medicating with psych drugs, electromagnetic pollution and most recently constant exposure to HEV or 'blue' light from the new LED street lights. 5g towers will bring even more challenges to humanity

Awareness, resistance and action without being interfered with or diverted is imperative to creating a genuinely SUSTAINABLE balance in which to exist. Not being obliterated and poisoned to death by greedy industrialists and irresponsible technocrats.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Big Banks Do Bad Things: Credit Unions For Smaller Footprint

Every account we hold with a Big Bank is giving them the money they need to pillage people and the planet for their own profit—costing us our health, our stable climate and our children's sustainable future.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Vegas and Other Area Hotels New Daily Room Check Policy Has Become Intrusive And Harassing To Guests-From CEOs To Conventioners

What is being accomplished by harassing paying guests at high end hotels? It would be interesting to see if it's selective.

Las Vegas casinos change 'do not disturb' policies, MGM refuses comment

Vegas hotel room checks raise privacy, safety concerns at Def Con, Black Hat
What is accomplished by sexual harassment of female CEOs in the age of #MeToo?  ??

New Disney Policy Puts Security Over Privacy

Hilton, Disney Revise ‘Do Not Disturb’ Policies to Require Employees to Enter Rooms Daily

The real reason for Daily Room Checks?

Guest Room Privacy and the Fourth Amendment

Curiously I did not get one result for looking up "hotel room checks lawsuits".
Why would you not start a class action or at least start stiring up some sh*t about this issue, it's not like these demographics don't have the money and clout to get legal muscle. I don't understand this at all. Isn't the state of NV owned by the US govt? Doesn't that offer some sort of unique legal opportunity for legal actions?

What's the purpose?
If it's security theatre then, is it like a generalized psychological oppression of the public under the guise of safety or if there was a conspiracy as there's been a few viable theories-are those in power colluding with the Complex basically saying 'we can do whatever the f*ck we want' as was the environment after 9-11?
Are only certain people or conventions targeted for this overbearing, overzealous behavior so it's now a tool of covert warfare??

Is it simply insurance companies freaking out and overreacting?
They may be causing temporary inconveniences trying to create an impression of a new secure environment to rival the perception formed by the shooting.

Whatever this sh*t show ist, its been concocted by people more clever than I can follow.

Just be careful it isn't like MA where the state is abusing the involuntary 3 day hospitalization for anyone accused of being "a danger to themselves or others" in order to get rid of undesirable demographics that interfere with the building boom, anyone dissident or inconvenient, trying to manipulate statistics on certain demographics being mentally ill (homeless, addicts) or if you have weapons and your former roommate/spouse or family members don't like you/want to smear /frame you or have concocted a plot of evil design to get your inheritance/business/savings or whatever havoc can be caused by hearsay.
If you react in  any manner other than submissive to this bullsh*t, like  being female with security walking in on you then yelling at you (couldn't believe that example in the article linked above) it's a perfect excuse to frame up your ass and smear you with being nuts. Keep filming, keep documenting and get lawyers.

Ironically Vegas has a history of strong arm tactics (understatement of the century) and was basically built on crime. People seem to have forgotten that which is laughable. Such is the modern global citizen living in a pipe dream of globalization.

Take note that as of this year I've noticed a change in what may be more financial monitoring.

Pay online sites like PayPal are now requiring everyone to have a bank account (the govt states this is a safety measures because those are brokers not banks and money isn't insured FDIC. Yet at the same time hotels are converting to technology for check ins that won't function unless a credit card issued by a bank is presented.
It's as if a whole new level of financial monitoring has begun adding onto what became possible (and has been used for abuse of power) from the Patriot Act after 2001. Just be aware if you are worried about privacy as many of us are in this community.

It means you'll potentially be staying at Circus Circus regardless of where you go, LMFAO, if you get what I mean.

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