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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Sunday, December 27, 2020

We've Become A Complacent Country-Watters World 12-26-20 FOX

Watters World 12-26:  We've Become A Complacent Country

Complacent Country - Watters' World from StoptheStealPA on Vimeo.

Even if you dislike the Fox and CNN news polarization or dislike one or the other this monologue has alot of truth in it. Over the years activists have been warning of the public not 'minding the store' and falling into tribalism and diversion. In 2016 many of us suffered major blows to our reputations and our ability to function as light bearers in enclosing darkness with a string of entrapment and frame ups that have discredited and silenced much of the most valuable dissident voices that dared to speak out or worked on pioneering subject matter. It's understandable the public are tired and weary after decades of terrorism, economic issues and a manipulative agenda to put forth Globalism ahead of humanity and a Divide and Conquer that appeals to ignorance, fear and naivete.

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

China Threat During Biden-Hope Lies In Republicans Legislation (Fox News-The Ingraham Angle)

(Theres a broadcast after this one I've posted here- Fox News @ night with Shannon Bream I believe. There was a piece on Korea handling and containing COVID 19 early on using surveillance of infected citizens. A method of tracking people utilizing  credit card purchases was mentioned. I believe TIs will be very interested in this and should research this capacity of tracking further. It shows it IS feasible with today's technology. 
If it's ever been something you've suspected, just seeing this is a relief and very validating.
There doesnt seem to be a video available yet of the broadcast.)

Concerns over China's influence during Biden presidency. Remembering China's human rights policies. There is an interesting policy being introduced that would make big tech accountable to the public so people can sue if thier content is removed from social media etc.

I dont agree with the critique of the medical establishment concerning COVID 19. Being from Boston and surrounded by teaching hospitals most of my life I sort of understand the concept of not assuming the general public are capable of self governance when managing a disease's outcome. I do agree that much has been done by the Left to take advantage of the isolation, fear and increased control the public have experienced. The "power grab" idea is feasible.
Depending on public responsibility for compliance with dealing with a deadly disease isnt realistic. Unfortunately, controlling the pandemic probably has to take into account that humans are animals, will behave as such and dealing with the lowest common denominator is necessary.


CA releasing criminals due to COVID. Is this yet more attempts to create chaos in our society which seems to be a goal of certain powers for the past few years. Order Out Of Chaos seems to be the goal. One has to wonder if this has anything to do with creating a greater surveillance state, keeping in mind 5g has been quietly being implemented. It would be beneficial in pushing a transhumanist future, creating a greater need for security along with marketing machines as incapable of human error or prejudice. Anyone balanced understands that no party or leader is disconnected from Globalist agendas at this point. People need to realize that most likely the same people doing sophisticated security nowadays have the capacity to do alot of damage through blackmail and could control an unbelievable amount of powerful people in key positions. This includes spying capabilities as well as trusted security. 

The problem is believing Biden is somehow benign compared to anyone else. This is how so much damage was done during Obana's administration.

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Should Being A TI Count As Disabling?

 Many TIs use benefits to survive. Without them people in various situations would die in the streets. Especially medical coverage as the physical damage is devastating and over time leads to degeneration of the body even heart problems etc due to stress levels being elevated constantly. Even PTSD, battle fatigue etc can result. 

In many European countries, having Electromagnetic Sensitivity to electromagnetic  pollution is considered disablin legally. The big communication companies in this country disregard studies and scientific evidence that do  not fit into their desired results or agendas and ensure they cover up the facts with disinformation. 

Psychiatry covers for all of the symptoms of microwave sickness as it used to be called (where the term blamed the technology, not the person) and many effected people never realize what is genuinely wrong with them. Not being able to sleep due to the horrors of the new oppressive LED street lights everywhere especially in cities in active areas it's very bad even train stations both underground and above-its likely victims of sleep deprivation are never told why they suddenly cannot sleep or worse-are being diagnosed with bi polar or other over reaching inventions of mental illness conditions created  by the psuedo science of modern day big pharma run psychiatry (more a form of social control today than medical practice to heal people.)

Theres even a theory that panic attacks are nothing more than getting.hit with some form of electromagnetic attack. Its certainly a convenient way of getting someone into a psychiatrist to get them under the control of the system by scaring the shit out of them. (The victim often thinks they are genuinely having a heart attack).

Sadly many TIs dont know about the theories available that may explain their situation differently and end up living out the rest of their lives not reaching their full potential or flourishing.  Especially for those going through an internal deprogramming process, who will now be contained indefinitely instead of growing. Kind of like the old tv show The Prisoner where agents who have been burn noticed (forcibly retired) know too much and are captured and kept on an island where they are told they will eventually reveal their information. Yes, the show is about using everything you've got to resist and keep trying to escape the island...of course. It's a must watch for any TI, SRA Survivor or person who discovers any connections to MK Ultra etc.

Also theres the issue of denying a citizen their Constitutional rights and preventing them from reaching their full potential in their lifetimes or flourishing and achieving. Many of us do activism to create awareness so that Targeted people can realize their circumstances theoretically could be not the harsh reality they see but a manufactured one where a system is used to keep them down or destroy their lives. Many TIs end up suiciding and this is what internet activism of awareness is trying to prevent. It's like having a disease and not knowing what's wrong. Well, if you consider the theories presented by the TI community then perhaps you can change things in the way you live so you can survive-not taking your own life being one of them and a good start!

Then creating counter moves for defense will allow a safe space to be built so one can live ones life. It's hard to get into an bunker for safety on a battlefield or go get some armor when you dont even realize people are shooting at you.

Theres also the issue of reparations, compensation or even just support for an abused, oppressed person. If the power structure wants to play they can pay then because the TI in theory has been denied the ability to be self sufficient in the modern western world where this should be totally feasible. Especially for deprogramming and SRA people where a person of superior intelligence, talent, physical strength, agility and attractiveness by all that's logical should be a 10 in our modern western world. Many TIs are zeros or end up that way-totally or partially marginalized by society. 

I dont think anymore damage should be done to our Social Security system in this country and there would be a huge issue with scammers but if a genuine TI is rendered disabled by the harsh, cruel living conditions created by being targeted, and is fortunate enough to get help then it should be allowed and a grey area for society to tolerate. 

Before Globalisms brainwashing of the public and its innate cruelty and inhumanity, the system knew such people existed or at least understood the human condition in that something happened to these people-and homeless or the dysfunctional that effected them so they are damaged and live marginalized in society. Homeless people in cities were tolerated because people understood the reality of being human and of living. 

We now exist in a reality where people are taught everything can be fixed and anyone suffering must just be doing so by choice. Of course this is easy when you guide the public to only focus on a very limited amount of subjects to deal with and ensure the issues they focus on can be changed by them especially without harming anything to do with the corporatocracy or Complex etc. By that formula of course those harmed by a shadow system maintaining the latter's  power in the world be percieved as unfixable, marginalized and misunderstood by the public. 

Also this false empowerment of the public will lead them to disregard anyone not fitting into whatever ideology even cult thought control system because seeing victims that are beyond their control DISempowers them. Very important when trying to ensure that people dont see issues that are genuinely important to all of humanity not just certain lives.  

Nowadays people seem to subconsciously do the bidding of the aforementioned power structure by vilifying anyone who does not fit into any identifiable victim status (a pitfall of Identity Politics). 

They need to feel in control, they need the illusion things will improve because our world has become so incredibly corrupt by the powers having technology as an edge as the people naively believed that this very resource would eventually create a more democratic, fair and free world so it's been hijacked and used to terrorize us, enslave us, militarize us and weaponize or world against us. People believe they as humans have grown to a point where they no longer believe in the concept of 'evil' existing in our world. They now believe in a system of technology and science where information is kept from them thus the answer to every formula or problem is incorrect due to data being missing from the formulation. How can the answers your given be correct if information is missing?

Especially I've seen a change in the attitudes towards the homeless population in this country. A complete divorce from the reality of being human is what I see in people now. The mystery of the homeless is too much for the modern world deal with as they dare not consider anything in the shadows unaccounted for in a new world where everyones victimhood has been defined and accounted for. If you dont qualify for Inclusion then you cannot exist in this reality. 

Used to be that things that existed in the shadows were accepted as a normal part of our human existence. In a world where our physical reality is being rebuild so that no space is left unmanaged and hostile environmental design  ensures only certain demographics exist within the managed space, lit by blinding LED lights it's only a matter of time until that physical reality begins to define inner reality. That what's outside of us begins to define what's inside. 

How can people accept what's hidden in a world constructed to appear as if nothing is?

The issue also stands concerning how much money is spend on the Complex and war for profit etc.                  When you get the public so controlled they dont dare question the system they now depend on to survive and are  easily led to other issues instead then they need an enemy or someone to be vilified or blame as their old system of this kind no longer works.

How did Identity Politics become so important to our existence but those wanting truth and to spread awareness or present alternative history or information are now condemned as dangerous, untruthful or disregarded? Because that is what must be done by a population busy with a laundry list provided to them by the system which itself is trying to avoid being questioned or changed.

In a world where everything must now be exposed and accounted for, where 'disconnection is danger' (a phrase used by the Pentagon in dealing with nations not being westernized, now obviously popular in managing the public domestically), destroying what remains in the shadows that may be the only way that people can forget about reality and exist in this insular new world of self destruction and slavery consisting of extreme social engineering, trans humanism, a total removal from nature and false environments 'protecting' them from a hostile soon to be inhabitable world, that was destroyed purposefully and systematically by the very same powers that created this new world of alleged safety. 

People are being left behind in basically what amounts to murder, genocide and eugenics programs applied and implemented in such ways that their will be no resistance nor hope nor change from We The People. 

Self governance is not possible if people arent told the truth about their reality.

That goes for nations to individuals. 

If someone is brave and clever enough to make it out of the maze, then their survival can be helped along and they can maybe even flourish grow and contribute to society. 

Friday, November 20, 2020

Demonizing of Groups of People In Todays Social Justice Environment Resembles COINTELPRO

COINTELPRO-Style Demonizing of Groups of People

What was oppressive decades ago is now progressive? 

This era has seen more things censored and banned than old book burnings or the rising of the Moral Majority in the 80s.  It's as if no one has read in history class about the Stasi in East Germany or any other such misery to live under and Farenheit 451 never existed. 

Isnt it great how you can reinvent something and once again deceive the people? 

Saturday, November 7, 2020

It Doesn't Matter What Changes-We Remain\Must Continue Our Quest For Truth and Raising Awareness

We can only keep trying and working on our activism to help fellow TIs suffering and trying to save lives which raising awareness does. Our community goes through many changes depending on who holds key ppositions of power but that doesn't change our general circumstance. Our goals and work do not change. The greatest concern we should have now is that the corporatocracy and Complex do not gain more leverage working through this new administration to further destroy our freedom of speech, our right to defend ourselves and our property, our right to exist, to free association and self determination. the country, if not the world has been taken over by a handful of big companies such as BlackRock and Vanguard Inc. An ever ignorant or compliant public our the greatest obstacle as they have become comfortable with living within this new sort of feudal system. These companies own major shares in companies that own cell tower real estate (American Tower, Crown Castle International etc that major telecommunications company lease towers from, are major weapons investors and even companies like Starbucks. The public dont know, dont care or gladly comply with whatever is required as long as the corporate plantation is comportable, provides the illusion of choice and they perceive their lives as fulfilling and believe they can flourish in what is now perceived as 'freedom' which is anything but in modern times. The presidency and all politics have ceased to be a serious respected process because in reality it no longer it's the global corporatocracy that truly rule. Without the transparency or accountability of governments. Our work is never done and changing of the guard still leaves the same rules we must fight for our freedom. When it comes to elections-pay no attention to that man behind the curtain as was said in the Wizard of Oz. It's the wizard who must be watched.

Thursday, November 5, 2020

TRUMP Social Security' Disinformation\Keep Focus On Our Issues No Matter Whos In

The sophisticated disinformation involved in campaigns now is unacceptable. Many of us dislike some of Trumps actions like the border and selling off public lands and pushing 5g but at least sight REAL things not manipulate information to create fake ones. Just yesterday someone claimed they saw on TV Trump would shut down social security. This elderly person was terrified they'd have to sell their posessions and become homeless. After doing research I found that Trump was simply stopping the tax on peoples pay checks so that they could have all their income for COVID and that he wud forgive those debts later and maybe take that tax away permanently. An independent tax organization and a White House rep said SS could be funded from other sources. They said SS was protected in this country. He was using his business knowledge to try to help people for COVID. How in the hell does that get fairly marketed as Trump doing away with SS, and worse, why wud people actually believe propaganda like that?? That is what's wrong is ignorance of our country's laws and understanding how it works. People actually do not understand the Constitution is there to protect them and we have a good life here regardless of imperfections or problems. It's a shame that this kind of disinformation can now run a presidential campaign. Its disinformation that is more akin to the world of intelligence than a political campaign which traditionally is more forthright which is very dangerous. No matter who is president Americans should have faith in their nation and its ability to provide opportunities and safety for us. Unless you've got megabucks to live in Switzerland or Luxembourg or any wealthy area anywhere, this is the best game in town for common people. Forget Europe that was never going to last as a socialist 'paradise' because such places dont have Freedom of Speech or Right to Bear Arms-which is why European Americans left in the first place along with lack of economic opportunity. It's still dominated by Christian government in this day and age, if you can believe that. Corporatocracy is the problem. Instead of solid reality the public now live in a ever changing virtual sphere of marketing. Thus reality is marketed and people have lost touch with the solid structures designed to protect us known as laws, the Constitution and government. This country lost control of its government on 9-11 2001 after slow sell off piece by piece to globalism, privatization and special interests. Since then candidates get elected out of fear, panic and reactionary voting after the last candidate proves he too is corrupt or extreme. Until the nation comes to terms with the idea that our lives have come to be ruled by terrorism and extremism as a means of controlling us through fear, manipulation and deception we will keep existing in a living hell of never ending chaos. Choosing to exist in a comfort zone of denial through the internet, virtual living and consumerism, diversionary entertainment and feel good activism that doesnt tackle the real issues we will go on being dissatisfied and frightened, deceived by propaganda and ourselves. As our natural environment begins to fail for all humans on the planet, nature is trying to ensure our survival as a species with natural checks and balances such as diseases which again we see as threats to our dominance over the man made world which we still fail miserably to manage well as creators. We behave regularly moreso as dumb scared animals oblivious of our own power to determine our fates or create something sustainable and responsible. Now we live in cages as frightened captive beasts, whipped regularly and now conditioned to perform and exist in the zoo. We blame every circus ring master elected every four years instead of realizing the massive influence of the real jailers known as globalism and the corporatocracy. We also refuse to approach the cage door with any plans of escape or revolt that are genuine because we have been conditioned to be comfortable in our imprisonment and to contribute to it and our own misery. The internet and consumerism anesthetize us while we continue to destroy ourselves. Our youth and the remaining still self deluded elders are indoctrinated as armies for misguided action that only serves the zookeepers. People my age didn't live through the 60s and 70s with narcissistic, misguided parents and then get misdirected by the powers that be to suffer multiple set backs just so we can spend our middle age in a living hell of unamerican oppression, paranoia, disinformation, tribalism. Its uncomfortable being ordered around and monitored by kids young enough to be our children who dont even understand what real injustice means but are obsessed with lifes innate unfairness. I will not waste what's left of my life on reactionary ignorance while its destroyed by special interests posing as progressive left nor the neocons that began this nightmare in 2001. Western people don't seem to grasp the re designing of our world via globalism and the internet and they arent acclimating well. Becoming an internet junkie or producing an entire generation of them and moving into an all inclusive gated community is not dealing with reality. Either people are just as stupid as the elite screwing them have always claimed they are or many humans I was unaware of formerly are wired to subvert their subconscious knowledge that conditions arent right and accept whatever is dictated to them in order to survive. When I was a kid thank gods they didn't medicate us yet. Teachers were crafts-men and women specializing in understanding children and neighborhoods were intact so people could care for each other. In classrooms I would stare out the window often uninterested in what the teacher was saying. I simply wanted to go outside, to explore and see what was beyond that tree, beyond the hill behind it, into the skyline. This was very common years ago in many Boston Irish who usually ended up in trouble or on drugs most likely due to the urban environment not educating them or providing a proper outlet for this nature or genetic drive to travel and explore. You'd see them staring out of the MBTA train windows, all that muscle and intelligence being wasted in the modern world so oppressive to its existence. Liberal elitist cities are all too happy to provide vices like drugs to medicate the mental and ethnic spiritual suffering caused by its limited structure. Ensuring the lower classes that can rival them and dont serve them remain under control. I'd always performed poorly in mathematics and still possess a mere 6th grade public school education in math. I was however, reading college level in 5th grade. Throughout my education many teachers were often neglectful and sensing this the window became even more of a focus-whats out there had to be more interesting than what was in the classroom. Due to its literal and visual nature, history and geography known as Social Studies, was easy and interesting. Just stories about people, maps I could memorize because they are pictures. My curiosity and wantIng to move ahead more quickly in things I could grasp easily was always rebuffed in every school I moved to. In middle school I approached a then middle aged Boomer Social Studies teacher who had his feet up on the desk next to a globe of the earth, which he was supposed to be responsible for telling us about. We had been rushed through historic ages and grown ups were more concerned with getting to the required place in books we were supposed to be at by a certain time than respecting the countless lives and contributions of people now gone and places forever unseen. Entire eras were skipped to provide this deadline which seemed pretty in comparison. Frustrated I approached his desk and asked that if we have studied ancient Rome and Egypt, then what was going on in the areas of our European ancestors or in other places like Asia etc during ancient times? He claimed "nobody knows Rachael..nobody knows". Shaking his head a bit, feet still parked on the desk seemingly handing me bullshit and doing with nervously with subtle mockery. He could have recommended a reading list or some books or directed me to another teacher or even to an open college course but he didn't. He chose to be arrogant and irresponsible with his authority. I decided as I had a few times prior in clashes with bad teachers that the content of books and globes mattered more than people because people cant be trusted especially adults. Back then Boomers who werent hard core 60s era age (born 1942-1948 who wud have considered it a revolutionary obligation to answer my questions or tell me to go further in my studies) were coasting and focusing on playing catch up. 80s kids were left on our own to an irresponsible degree, the system figuring lower middle white kids would find our way to factory jobs and get married, buy a house and settle. College wasn't for us. I chose the globe on the desk over the authority figure. The globe belonged to me now. If he wasn't willing to negotiate then I was going to take the knowledge wanted. I figured it must be special if he didnt want to share it. A few decent people made good impressions on me like the principal who took me into his office out of suspension (which did not happen often) sat me down to what I thot wud be some disciplinary lecture but immediately began showing me how the stock markets worked in the newspaper. My mother found this charming and funny. Though I found the content confusing due to my math learning disability I understood the gesture as he saying to me that I was smarter than other kids, that the content being given us in class was bs and beneath me and most importantly that theres a whole world out there for me beyond this stupid building and its ridiculous restrictions both physically, mentally and otherwise. That stock market paper was a glimpse out that window, beyond that tree and over that hill-to the contents of that spinning globe on that Social Studies teachers desk. Sometimes zookeepers provide keys...if they like and understand you. If they think you're worth it. Like most principals of my era the poor man was nervous, overworked and overweight and ended up retiring after a heart attack. Many people in the school systems used to work very hard for kids and neighborhoods. In our corporate design we live in we rarely see this sort of work ethic anymore. It's the natural progression of neighborhoods working together and companies as part of the neighborhood to a large corporate structure where people are connected via virtual means. It seems like living in communist Russia but we can still buy things and consume, so long as we exist within the corporate 'state'. Schools are sadly set up this way now, and the horrors of denying teachers their craft as well as overreachng authority into entire families' lives is common. 'The State' indoctrination is now mandatory and highly intelligent, creative kids with specific learning needs are now medicated regularly-specifically those most likely possessing genetic variants like The Traveler Gene which has shown up in every person diagnosed with alleged ADHD. Yet in our world of obsession over discrimination, this is not considered wrong though it is genetic discrimination. Medicating people with unnecessary chemicals instead of challenging and changing an archaic school system to appease the medical industrial complex and big pharma should be considered morally and ethically incorrect. It seems considered more important to provide social control and create worker bees. Then there was the writing teacher who took my first draft late and gave me an A-, telling the whole class that's what a paper should look like and I had a flair for writing. The next writing teacher accused me of plagiarism without explaining what that was and why I shouldn't do such a thing. I took some content from the book given to write a report about and thought I was supposed to use it and mix it up like paints to create something. I didnt understand 'reports'. I wanted to write my own things not read other people's work and write about it. I genuinely did not understand what was required. Probably because writing reports on another's writing who's been long dead seems unproductive. Why wouldn't you sit and discuss the work civily? Am I a policeman now or a clerk? Filing reports? It seemed so...clinical or beurocratic-writing a 'report'. It seems like you're taking another person's work and dissecting it as a medical or science student would. It seemed like murder or a horrible treatment of a creation. Its cheating to go through an author's work, dissecting it only to gather information for answering unimportant questions, to mindlessly regurgitate information and to prove you read something. At that point, you didnt genuinely read it. You absorbed information and regurgitated it, you didnt read a book as one is supposed to. I never liked laundry lists. Which ironically living a demanding alt lifestyle I now have to tackle daily. I dont like mindless busywork, like those long, laborious addition and multiplication problems-the uninteresting ones I had so much trouble with. My mind would wander from the boredom of repetitiveness and I'd get them wrong. They seem for practice and to prove you know how to perform the task, unlike Algebra which is akin to a fun jungle gym. Algebra is Arabic which may explain its similarities to physical structures or architecture, which being Italian I understand naturally. Math and numbers made no sense to me. In the earliest years I was more interested in the numbers as designs or pictures than that they represented anything or had meaning. Numbers' purpose made little sense. Why count things? Why weigh and measure? Weighing is for the palm of your hand, measuring is done with a keen eye and value should be determined by small, weight, view or taste or its relative to culture or its perceived value by others giving it trade value. Our numbers are too abstract for me. Roman numerals seem more sensible because they are chunks of value, like blocks for building structures. Only as an adult have I, by force, repetition and experience become familiar with the levity of numbers. As a young adult I found myself employing my mother's instructions (one of the few sets I was given about living as an adult) on how to purchase food per pound not as marked. I found myself in front of a can of soups with a few dollars in my hands figuring what's the most food I could get. My understanding of finances now reaches what I've had to do as an adult to take care of my affairs. Math however is a concept that I have found reaches me without the mechanics of the little figures known as numbers. Math flows through musical works (where I probably got my greatest math education from as math in music is moving math, numbers represented with human energy and labor, language), works of visual art- specifically paintings are laughably easy for me to see the math within. Economics was always attractive because I could then implement that globe I mentally stole from the desk that day from the stupid lazy teacher and now math had a place that made sense because it was about people, history, geography and human energy influencing what's known as money and value. Buying and selling things is easy-its representational value and its basically a form of trade. Math standing still, numbers figures and problems still continue to look like necromancy to me. A bunch of dead things, lumbering along as we count them and calculate them-lacking life or any representation thereof. Morbidly moved around and animated by us to serve our purposes. My mother did make an effort with multiplication table flash cards which was so uncharacteristic of her to have anything to do with my school work I suppose I thought it must be important. Those cards are probably the only reason I know my 'times tables' to do figures at all. Her one other attempt at getting involved with my school work was my writing homework she inadvertently applied the military tactics she'd been raised with from both her parents being US Marines probably because that's all she knew about how to accomplish those kinds of goals. Once she came and told me to finish my writing assignment in 20 minutes. I couldn't do it so she took the paper, ripped it up and I was told to finish it within the time allotted or it wud be ripped up each time. Eventually I did the task in the time limit. To this day I start writing immediately upon sitting to write and cannot understand anyone who sits in front of a blank space staring into space complaining they can't think of anything. I can write anywhere and on anything and have been for years. What's not to write about? These are only a few stories of how my life in the USA could be construed as unfair or the way I was treated unjust. Yet if you look at kids who had more than our level did (the rich kids who's family owned a local funeral home, the cheerleaders, the pretty wild girls who dated older boys with cars and got it out of their systems very early on and settled down in young adult hood, the kids that wanted to be lawyers etc) they all followed the same path as the poorer kids, unless those kids found drugs and as I've mentioned one of society's ongoing areas of social control, designed to catch the more creative, insecure maladjusted little fishies who escape and swim beyond the net everyone else stays in. Life is akin to a card game where you have to play the hands you get to the best of your ability. All a society can do is provide equal opportunity. The viscousness greed and selfishness of human nature cannot and will not be fixed. If that were possible we wud have gotten rid of nuclear everything by now, taken recent measures at environmental sustainability and implemented them 30 to 40 years ago when those ideas formed originally, re assessed our consumerism and outlawed planned obsolescence especially in technological gadgets, demand the discussion with the Complex that if the DOD is working on AI that make a self healing skin for drones or Boston Dynamics creates supermen androids, if we are that technologically advanced then why are we still having wars as a species? Why isnt that technology being used to create equal opportunity on this planet? Why are there still ghettos in the 21st century? Why is there such lack of basic resources for survival in other countries? Why can't Africa feed itself and limit its population growth with its endless rich resources? Why cant the recurrent opiate and other drug problems be stopped using current in place anti terrorism surveillance state to find out who's bringing them in and what bank's laundering money and stop blaming users? Also hold accountable the medical complex and academia where problems like the oxycontin epidemic stemmed from. Also questionable is nowadays providing chemicals that prevent OD in inhaler form so that users live in a state of misery and torture by NOT dying but simply getting revived to use again. Which sells drugs, paraphernalia, inhalers, medical equipment as well as numerous First Responder services daily in every part of this nation. In the age of the corporatocracy and the promised utopia of Globalism, users were safer under the organized crime run cities of the past as there was low tolerance for dirty dealers. Now drugs are cut with fentanyl and bath salts and garbage like k2 exists, ensuring that addicts either die or if they get into recovery theres little left of them to recover. Probably permanently. People have stopped living in reality or facing the real issues. We've been brainwashed through decades of terrorism and extremism to finally cave into the idea that the corporatocracy is an acceptable replacement for government run by the people and anyone seeking truth or justice through alternative news, info or history should be regarded as a potential future lone shooter or disregarded because corporate tells us its 'fake news' and people basically write it off as no longer being able to afford luxurious frivolities like genuine truth or justice because corporate Globalism has living in something akin to the communist idea of The State which we must be loyal to and cohesive with to survive. Opposed to being connected we are collective and surveilled and it seems it's gotten ridiculous lately with a culture of public shaming resembling Korea. Like east Germany with the Stasi our communities are easily the greatest source of keeping an eye on each of us so that we cease to have anything in society if we dont tow the line of popular opinion. I knew something was desperately wrong after 9-11 and after the Boston Bombing. After Newtown and Colorado. It's why activists like me keep working. There's something suspect about the creation of private sector warfare companies from armed battle to black ops or private security companies being used in wars overseas so that govts can avoid oversight and war crimes charges. One has to consider when this effective tool will reach home and when the troops return needing employment will the corporatocracy utilize them in the same fashion domestically? The public cannot accept the reality of a ruthless military mindset, one of getting results at any cost. This is the folly of turning a blind eye to the Complex while whining about trifles in comparison and attacking the wrong enemy. I always have to ask myself why an activist like myself who is so dedicated and living on nearly nothing was framed in 2016, involving at least two major well respected educational institutions one of which is a major player in the concepts of PC and ID politics culture? And one small, corrupt city in NH, notoriously run by a corrupt, dangerous British military industrial complex contractor as well as historically involved in the presidential election process. When the Epstein scandal broke it didnt surprise me that the two institutions involved in my frame up were embarrassed publicly for taking his donations, having him on campus, fraternizing with him regularly and entertaining his projects Recently Epstien's female pimp was found by the feds hidden up in small town NH, surrounded by British body guards. (Her father is Maxwell famous Brit) It showed me that I was right all along that during the period leading to my frame up, when three emails were send under my name threatening three police depts using material publicly available on my blog-that there were very visible, obvious changes in the environment either of these institutions or around them that came with a change in leadership. The same leadership or at the Ivy League university involved-several academics, that had taken power in recent years. This explains why I or anyone else had never had problems before and that these institutions functioned as they should have-being able to afford being challenged or questioned by dissidents. If this area is now a major indoctrination center for the left and responsible for influencing the culture as its become over the past ten years then why aren't people questioning the growing level of unprofessionalism, lack of freedom of speech or thought, oppressive measures, and going against everything a major medical, law and science educational hub SHOULD be doing and standing for?? My being framed in 2016 and the subsequent efforts to keep me silenced or even to neglect my legal right to clear my name is a major indicator to anyone that things are not as they should be at the major power centers driving this country and even the world recently. Really book smart people who are determined career types make very dangerous criminals. Their one vulnerability is their false sense of security that their being part of an institution or community of institutions will protect them endlessly. The west continuing on this path to hell via complete insanity, diversion from real issues and persecution of innocent people for a misguided perceived greater good is the very content of the Left's Nazi bogeymen they constantly market to an ever increasingly ignorant public. If we continue to allow the Complex, private sector and special interests via Globalism to dictate to us what is real and not what is right, who are the worthy victims and who are to be left behind and who is to be persecuted via a world of never ending war for profit, terrorism, extremism and order out of their chaos we wont be living at all. Going along with self serving victimhood and the gripes of children that haven't discovered the way the world works or that life is INNATELY unfair as a battle cry to destroy society is not justice. Instead of social justice how about real justice using the real and grown up justice system. The ostrich syndrome is extreme now and cannot continue without consequences that will lead to the worst outcomes for those most vulnerable. The beautiful thing about Republicans is they are pretty overt about being selfish and self serving. They don't hide behind falsehoods that claim to be fixing things for vague concepts of justice for victims. Christianity is probably their greatest moral front but at least it doesn't attempt to claim to be all inclusive of every single living person on the planet who's a victim. I keep thinking that if I was victimized involving the very institutions that deem who the victimhood groups are, how right can they be? Speaking of Boomers, in the 60s LSD was marketed through these same universities and colleges. Timothy Leary and the like. That was a decade or so after Project Paperclip had formed a team of doctors rescued from Nazi Germany who would team up along with institutions, academics and the private sector, to commit further war crimes in the form of unethical human experimentation utilizing LSD on human subjects-the connected projects would become known as MK Ultra, sub projects and the use of radiation on human subjects many children. One of whom was my mother. Tell me how credible is any form of indoctrination through those institutions today or even then? One major hospital in Boston which was a huge player in the aforementioned unethical human experimentation is today a bloated research hospital and never should have been allowed to become as such considered their history. This is how injustice actually works. Through money, power, influence and deceit. Deception is necessary in all forms of governing the public. People today and kids who don't remember the harsh reality of REAL communism believe that no covert warfare or actions any longer take place-that this is something left behind in the Cold War era. People believe injustice is something right in front of you, that you can see easily. The truth is that our society can no longer deal with the deeper problems or crimes being committed. Years of indoctrination, dumb down, psych meds, expanding influence of corporate run everything in their lives, internet reaching a ceiling of what good it can so and now taking on a dark turn to negative effects, terrorism, extremism, video games even pollution, overbuilding and tearing up of familiar environments, neighborhoods turning to callous uncaring 'communities', street lighting, electromagnetic pollution and worse, lack of jobs for youth now a pandemic killing people have beaten our nation down so badly that people will accept anything they are told to. They are too exhausted to even question where true corruption is coming from or where it may lie. If we dont keep trying, if the original assaults of over ten years ago and the resulting changes arent dealt with there will never be genuine peace and order again, only an anesthetized dumbed-down public resembling ostriches with their heads in the sand being trapped in a hellish reality. Some of us don't get to be anesthetized or live in the falsehood. For more heady readers an interesting theory is that a kind of false time line has been created through all of the undue influence mentioned above and many of us remain in the original, true timeline. Why the fuck else would someone like me be homeless or Donald Trump be president? Have you EVER sat down and actually ASKED yourself WHY IS DONALD TRUMP president of the United States Of America? The Donald. Like, hasn't that ever occurred to anyone as to how completely insane this has gotten? Next will be Oprah. Let's do it...why not. At least he has business expertise...but still. No matter who is in office we must remember that our job is to focus on one subject matter that remains unchanged. Until its exposed effectively changes in key positions of power only change the conditions of the circumstances we keep going under, not the goal itself. A major rule to remember is that in psy ops, the enemy is made to believe he has lost when he actually has not. This is how the opposition wins. It doesn't matter if you become convinced you've been defeated, it's more important than ever now to keep working.

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Election Day Apology

 I dont know which candidate u r going to vote for  but it's been like a maze with no escape for decades now. It's always the turd vs the shit sandwich and no decent candidates. 

Sadly I cannot vote this year due to COVID making my demanding alt lifestyle nearly impossible and a cold front that hit our area for the past 5 days. 

I apologize to my readers for not posting as much due to COVID and post frame up circumstances having been extremely challenging. 

Since 2016 it's been hard to continue this blog but unlike other people in our community I refuse to delete my work. The attempt to silence me with fear, intimidation and bogus actions from corruption in the justice system hasn't entirely stopped me but it has slowed me down considerably.

Let's hope for a more productive 4 years. I've had alot of good news in the past 4. I definitely enjoyed the just desserts handed out to major institutions involved in my frame up..but I know it goes beyond and is more involved than that.

Only with my two books I have always wanted written can I rest. This isnt a reactionary it's my job. My obligation.

Let's finish I can get an artist space and paint like I shud have been doing since 2006 anyway. 

Friday, October 9, 2020

Where Are Your Signs In Your Windows For THESE People?

Why aren't we protecting Freedom Of Religion around the world at least by demanding that the countries we deal with are similar? 

They are trying to erase Teinneman Square from Chinese history books?! I wont ever forget being young and seeing that on TV. It has influenced my entire decision to be an activist, it was a huge event for our generation partly because there was no internet and genuine journalists brought us that horrible event.

Just as we now want to erase history instead of learn from it and also seem to refuse to deal with the real inequality of opportunity and lack of basic rights or resources that other nations suffer from. 

Why have major Ivy League universities given up supporting Tibet and now celebrate China on their campuses? 

I like the Chinese and we grew up here in Boston with a China town but I dont think their government is the right kind of system for the 21st century especially due to progress and advancement in technologies which is the main purpose of this blog to raise awareness of potential abuse of power using surveillance or advances in science the public aren't aware of.

I now understand fully the diversionary activism and ensuring that people especially the young ignore other more worldly issues. 

If anything we are coming to resemble such a regime not try to influence the world to take on a model of governance more similar to our Constitution.

Its times like these the Constitution was created for. So soon we forget the horrors of history that motivated the forefathers to create it.

We've become to comfortable with the quality of life it guarantees and now exist within it no longer seeing it as the cause of our ability to protest believe freely or right to exist. 

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Private Security And Intel Contractors Do Modern Day COINTELPRO\Trumped up charges used to jail activists and burden with legal issues\reputation damage

"a simple solution to “isolate” them, as suggested by Duchin’s formula. “I’m in favor of using whatever trumped up charge is available to get...and his servers off the streets." Indeed, the use of “trumped up charges” is often a way the U.S. government deals with radical activists, as demonstrated clearly during the days of the FBI’s Counter-Intelligence Program during the 1960s, as well as in modern-day Occupy movement-related cases.." it's a little different when coming up against a woman who's not a snowflake idiot living in mkms house or a shill from Harvard dating Kissenger fronting 'feminism'. (does anyone really want to think about that relationship? ew. once a playboy bunny not always a playboy bunny..shudder.) most women are being misdirected and used for the agenda in armies of modern feminists to simply forward and maintain a corporate agenda. it's a joke. any female who has actual bite grit and can tackle moving forward with real change and activism is told they are either crazy or gender confused because they are a man stuck in a womans body. the brainwash and abuse and terrorism is fucking beyond knee deep now we are wading in it. 'be safe' from terrorism has now morphed into 'stay safe' for the pandemic- the natural consequences of Globalism all the scientists we now believe beyond our own intuition and common sense shud have told us about instead of PC pipe dreams of a utopia that just isn't realistic. Globalism naturally brings disease. duh. but PC will block discussing the mechanics of tha because no one wants to get stripped of their lab, research funds or tenure. if this past 5 yrs isn't about being conned beyond what's reasonable I dont know a better example of what is. and managing perceptions of any and all conspiracy theorists or anyone with alternative answers or news as potential lone shooters is certainly one way to ensure theres no dissent or resistance to being conned. great job everyone. I love living in Russia or East Germany during Stasi or worse. we were safer when the war was overseas. I've been doing this a long time. just because I'm old dont mean shit.

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Fearing Symbols and Language Isnt Part of Genuine Change/Manipulative Movements

 I see the country is getting a facelift. However when people fear and attempt to alter symbols and language it is a sign that genuine change of the system at large is not in process. Fearing history, the past, people who were products of their time, ideas, language, symbols and trying to alter the nature of human animals is futile. 

What is happening is social engineering. Re arranging people and things. Nothing is going to change on a large scale regarding the corrupt system structure. If this were the case, then it would not be symbols that people would  be taking down but the rotten parts of the system itself. 

If everything that needs to change is not considered then it can only be that its specific changes that are being engineered by design most likely to benefit the designers. As usual the public are being manipulated into doing the bidding of the very people who cause oppressive conditions to begin with.

Executive Order on Protecting American Monuments, Memorials, and Statues and Combating Recent Criminal Violence LAW & JUSTICE Issued on: June 26, 2020

The mindless violence and feeding frenzy involved in recent rioting and 'protests' only exemplifies the fact that these movements are not genuine in thier intention and more akin to terrorism. Something that has been being used against the American public for decades but in earnest since 9-11. Most likely to result in 'order out of chaos' and 'Divide and Conquer'. The youth especially seem manipulated into mindless violence which unfortunately is the nature of young people. If it werent here it would be war overseas.
Whats also noted is the lack of keeping focus with principals of the cause. Why are memorials being destroyed that are pro slavery abolition or war memorials that have nothing to do with the issues? Even structures that were celebrating or commemorating Union army heroes shows destructive violence is more the focus than staying to the cause. 

Besides the power structure always decides what the outcome is. They may side with you temporarily because its in thier best interest or you are useful at the time but that doesnt last. Business as usual goes on long before we are born and will continue after we die.

Friday, August 7, 2020

Beware of Corrupt Businesses Contributing to Smear Campaigns or Frame Ups

 Yes even taking part in retaliation for whistle blowing or suppressing whistleblowing.

The past few months has been a resurgence of businesses trying to bait as part of a possible renewed attempt at discreditation. 

The dramas that occurred during the three years of statute of limitations where i could have sued or filed against authorities, hospitals, jails etc for the email frame up fiasco of 2016 were outrageous and have to be read to be believed-which my readers will get a chance to do someday. 

Throughout the ordeals each one was documented, higher ups contacted and letters written, all filed with corporate if possible in order to cover my butt because I wasnt falling for the same thing twice. 

In the process of that advocacy I cleaned up multiple stores of bad security and managers got replaced. Only one company, a major drug store chain seemed unaware of what was going on in store and seemed interested in acknowledging what occurred and fixing it openly, probably because district had no idea what the individual store was doing. In other chain stores, its harder. Interestingly, less corrupt locations amusingly seem to be aware of the stores that are up to no good. When you talk to them as part of seeking proper channels in the process their awareness of that one screwed up store is kind of funny..if it werent so sad. 

I could have sued for many of the instances that occurred but instead choose to include them as part of a coming piece that illustrates how TIs can document such activity properly and with each additional instance and over time, a pattern will be formed that should illustrate clearly that a harassment campaign is occuring. How many times can that occur where in each instance that ONE person or they and their companions are made out to look like assh*les?

This is necessary because what the system is doing theoretically is to try to attempt to create a perception of a person, the theoretical TI, as a person whos 'always in trouble' or of bad character etc even mentally ill. 

Remembering that the original email cases in 2016 were part of an overall frame up attempt that was so overt and done so badly that even people in law enforcement and other sectors were disgusted. The latest attempts, if that is what is occuring, are much more subtle and work more on profiling, any issues with companions and guilt by association as well as taking advantage of other ongoing circumstances. 

The recent pattern connects to the original frame up of 2016 in that it seems to seek to work off the  angle of fear and lack of closure I have been carrying for four long years and it works off the damage to my rep and doubt cast on me at that time. 

In essence the original frame up, though unsuccessful is now useful as a mechanism of ongoing control and suppression, using intimidation and continued smear in the form of 'little frame ups'. 

So once  theres anything or anyone that can be used against you it or they will be. 

As I mentioned I had experienced a possible start up of harassment from store employees after April when quarantine was announced in this area for a solid month. 

Ive come to find out that one of the worst places for this, a supermarket location in a large local chain, that the employees have an ongoing embezzlement or theft scheme going exploiting low level employees and management is involved allegedly beyond store level. 

This store's manager is a white male and seems particularly zealous on involvement in the theoretical campaign.  Come to find out hes got major issues with women and a nasty divorce. 

Always remember that GS theory, a rule to remember is that perpetrators of organized harassment or mobbing, usually have SECONDARY motives for their involvement that arent motivated by necessity such as money or avoiding legal troubles, etc. They are personal motives, things that are their own issues.  

Men who are angry at women, women who bait men or torment them with sexual attraction, racial hatreds, religious, classism, jealousy etc etc.  There is the theory of  'Cause Stalking' where persons parade their behaviors under the guise of religious self righteousness or morality such as belief that the TI needs behavior modification in some way or to convert to a religious belief. 

This is a rule of thumb being targeted-that a high percentage of perps have secondary, personal motives which makes them more dangerous for Targets and more effective to benefit the corrupt system at work. 

There do seem to be people involved in this that are in denial as well as naive about the sinister nature of the  'dirty tricks' system in its entirety as well as shockingly ignorant of its layout. Many perps dont seem to percieve the octopus like design of the theoretical system  that quietly oppresses and destroys people's lives. 

Many corrupt or obviously organized crime connected businesses have been active lately at attempts that though small, add up to more work for me to correct them and more headaches. This is of course, the purpose of the ongoing smear and 'little frame ups' as well as working off of the original large scale frame up in 2016 through inducing fear, stress and worry.  Im sure killing me through stress is desirable as well which always seems at work. 

Basically its terrorizing a person with a huge wallop they weren't ready for then constantly controlling them thru that ordeal with ongoing little instances of accusations.  Specifically to prevent the victim from getting justice for themselves by using the justice system to clear their name and expose the frame up itself. It seems that they are less afraid of exposure and punishment as they are of LOSING CONTROL OF THE TARGET whos been tortured into submission. 

Also this takes full advantage of any PTSD or anxiety the TI has by EXPLOITING THE PERSON'S FIGHT OR FLIGHT MECHANISM which is now more out of their control than before. 

One of the reasons I made it through the 2016 frame ups was due to an old man down town Boston a few years ago who turned to me in a vague conversation about what had been going on for those years and said "they are trying to make you lose your right to legal recourse by trying to trigger you into reacting (violently or negatively to being harassed)". 

Hes one of those people you meet outside who probably could have been a lawyer had the world been a different place when he was young. 

So this is a well known method of jamming a victim from getting justice or from exposing the injustice at all. 

As always a bit of poking around reveals the possible participants are once again crooks in some way. 

The point is to make the TI feel that THEY are the ones who are wrong or bad or that society generally hates them. This is hard to accomplish if a TI becomes trained thru internet activism, research and involvement with the TI community and acquires resistance to being targeted. 

It is however effective once a TI is re victimized with being terrorized and tortured with a process as traumatic as a large scale frame up. 

It takes away the Target's boundaries, privacy, anonymity and sense of self righteousness gained after years of being treated unfairly especiallly where people may have sympathized with them. 

After it becomes obvious that the legit, above ground justice system is involved in a plot and many local businesses join in an ongoing smear where bogus, COINTELPRO type legal cases are used as a basis or premise-you're not going to have as much support due to the public becoming fearful of their own safety. 

Its one thing to attempt to snag or trip up someone  or lame attempts at frame ups (of which I had a few in early 2000s involving an ex BF in trouble for drugs, in which people stepped in and stopped it. Someone later told me about it and referred to he and his friends' attempts as "stupid" and  called them  "dumb rich kids", which was both enlightening and helpful as well as hysterical.)

Its quite another to outright abuse the justice system and wipe your ass with the US Constitution when members of the justice system, the medical profession and law enforcement of all people should know better. When its obvious to the people that those boundaries no longer exist and the power structure can do as it pleases without fear of punishment or restoration of order, when abuse of power becomes a tasteless Punch & Judy child's play- you then have very little hope and fewer allies. 

Every shark in the area will then respond to the blood spilled in the original attack and a feeding frenzy will occur.

Times are hard due to COVID but also the public's attention is distracted by bigger issues. 

Your average cowardly predator now believes no one will notice, see or care about their actions.

Its also an election year. Recall that 2016 was also, the year I was framed. 

These truly are dangerous circumstances if the theories are correct of such activity. 

As in the MIT email case where a sloppy attempt at smear or character assassination was put forth by including an unrelated discredited incident in the paperwork presented by the legal team, so I notice that many of these recent attempts lately are working off of a recent incident.  

At a long time hotel of mine this winter where a new employee took charge after long time managers I was acquainted with relocated, within one week I was evicted due to her negligence and fabricating a story that it was I who was doing wrong not her or the hotel. 

One of the false claims she made in her email communication was that I was harassing another guest. I have text messages from that guest and video documentation to prove otherwise. 

I also had a 15 year patronage to that hotel chain with no issues..until 1 week after one crooked employee and her husband took over temporarily. 

Each recent attempt thereafter has been to make it appear I harass employees or ,bother people too much" etc.  One such attempt I backed out of as fast as I could and continue to monitor the situation. The person actually used SIMILAR LANGUAGE to the false claims of the hotel as have other attempts. This is key in identifying that there is a pattern present and that a perception about a TI is trying to be formed. Multiple accusations similar in language that create the same illusion are a grave warning sign.

Due to learning from the brutalizing assault of 2016, I now understand what the enemies' M.O. is. I also know another important rule of thumb about perps -they are unimaginative and lazy and will attempt the same repeated campaign or script multiple times. 

TIs are unusually talented, creative or intelligent individuals who often fall into these traps perpetrated by a mob of lesser human beings simply because its so beneath them-its beyond them. TIs are oblivious to these plots often because the schemes are so incredibly dumb they are a waste of any decent person's time.  

Always understand that life's losers and Nature's lessers need a way to flourish, win and gain in this life the things they not only dont deserve but could never acquire any other way. 

Every TI has their blood sucked daily by a group effort of people who they have to fail for so the mob can succeed. Being part of a large group is the only way these people can survive. 

So just like the old COINTELPRO program, the constant laying on of bogus charges IS the harassment campaign-regardless of the sorting out of them later. 

The thing thats so maddening is the arrogant casual nonchalance of how these communities believe they have already won but thats the flagrant disregard of an entire generation of youth nowadays anyway...and the Globalists colonizing our cities etc. 

And that is the number 1 rule of psy ops- to influence the Target enough to make them believe that they have already lost.

Never believe it. 

I suppose once the legit system turns its back on you in such an overt manner all the losers will come out of the wood work believing its free-for-all time.

You must maintain, regain control of your situation even territory and at last rule over once again, those who were once too afraid to attempt to interfere with your affairs. 

If they see the authorities ok such actions they will certainly imitate them. 

If they are in league with said corrupt authorities who must eventually stand for their crimes-they will most certainly protect them. 

Always stand with the truth. 

Its a process to learn the GS theory as a means of possibly improving your chances at life. Its typical once that is achieved, that your winnings are taken from you by the people youve beaten switching up the game. 

Its all to waste your whole life dealing with their bullshit instead of being engaged in life itself and living. 

I spent my entire 30s-the best years of my life traveling the USA with a backpack living on nothing. I was told to my face that "its all about keeping you on the run". Which is probably why I didn't end up in a ditch the entire ten years. 

So im assuming that since Ive made headway in the past few years staying in one place, that I've got to be demolished because how dare I no longer 'stay on the run' and actually come home to build something. 

And these same people admitted as others have that the motivation for many of them is "its all about making that money". 

So COVID is providing some opportunities to TIs but also some to the GS system..theoretically of course. 

It all consists of mostly business owners or employees saying shit to people that they wudnt under normal circumstances and each time you pick beneath the surface its crooked or connected. 

Keep fighting. 

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Family Scapegoating Abuse Syndrome-In Families and In Society

Many TIs have this situation with their family unit and in a larger context it becomes obvious its also the working mechanism behind smear campaigns. 

Especially those who find they may be TIs due to being Survivors of SRA, high level programming, cults etc. 

In MK Ultra linked families theres always the same patterns of behavior and family structure with similar dynamics. Without this working to the advantage of the main perpetrator the Survivor would not be so easily controlled.

Running away from or stopping this mechanism in ones life brings great resistance and resentment from the family unit. 

In order for members to survive their own abuse and compartmentalized pain and suffering the scapegoat must never break free nor can it be admitted that's their function. 

Even after breaking free and gaining autonomy the scapegoat will experience family members trying to relive old lifescripts where that was their position in the hierarchy. This must be avoided and discouraged for the scapegoat to heal and grow properly. 

Most of these families tend to die down with heavy repeated dynamics once the main perpetrator dies. The family looks like its 'falling apart' but its simply the members no longer being kept in line and in patterns of abuse and control by the main perpetrator. 

Monday, July 20, 2020

Nanotechnology Used For Murder-The Growing Threat from Big Corprorate Health Care and Biotech/Rant About How Insane Things Have Gotten Lately

The worst problem is the continued mentality resulting from the public being kept in a 20th century reality while the elite and their cronies among us in the know live in a 21st century one. People are questioning authority less and trusting the power structure by engaging in whatever corporate approved diversionary causes thru mob-rules 'activism' that are put in front of them. Its an obvious smoke screen to ensure that the real issues that need to be dealt with are forgotten or not even realized. Slowly the genuine dissident people and activists are being blocked, screened out, pushed out, marginalized, smeared and even possibly genocided.

The fact that advances in genetic research, technology, medicine and drugs since the 80s have given us the potential we have today is in direct contrast with the PC culture's claims of genderless society, genetic background being a 'social construct' and other brain washing that all seems to be to demand the public live within a cult like culture believing on thing they are told while the thinking people who work with these progresses know quite another reality. Its as if being realistic or grounded is now somehow a moral sin. Its against some planned utopia the power structure and large institutions are providing for us with some vague plan for our collective future.

From all of my research over these years and my many travels and experiences Ive come to an ultimate theory-that this is all in the interest of a Trans-humanist future. Every bit of social engineering, 'hope and change', cause, war, movement or progress. Everything that seems in our best interest simply cannot be so because it is now quite clear it lacks any sort of true self governance, free association and self determination.

This sentiment that westerners seem to hold-that technology is, in itself, divine and will save us has all the markings of cult mind control or being part of a cult. The childish perceptions of humans to animate inanimate objects or vilify or exalt them to messianic status is one of the very reasons why humanity is not ready for anything like AI, 5g the-internet-of-things or the like. Its like the vilification of guns mostly in Left wing Liberal especially liberal elite areas: guns do not kill people, people kill people.
Just as technology will not save us as it is not divine by nature. It can be used to destroy just as heal. Kill just as create or heal or prevent disease may cause it. Very feasible sinister applications should be investigated, perceived by every citizen as part of the double edged sword of having such power present in our culture and our daily lives and have checks, balances and safe guards put in place before the technology is allowed to be let loose on our world.

Just as the theoretical mind control capabilities and programs that the Reagan administration tried to put into place but due to public outcry did so supposedly covertly, so progresses that may not be wholly altruistic in nature are being put forth with the ignorance of the public. The lack of understanding of how big corporations have gotten globally by your average person with even a basic education is astounding. Out of sight out of mind. The misdirection of the public to still focus on government activity in this day and age instead of an understanding of the power of the global giants now have over our lives...and our governments.

I believe that this is now as of this writing a major concern for anyone who is potentially targeted and is enough of a threat to the system. Theoretically it would be a dream come true for many interested parties from intelligence to military contractors and private security companies, even individuals in power with enemies.

What is shocking is the growing naivete of the public as they take down statues of the past in a vain effort to erase wrong doing by erasure of long dead ignorant persons who were simply a product of their time as if this will stop all the big bad things happening in the world, yet they are missing the growing threats right in front of them. Statues and words cant genuinely hurt anyone physically, destroy thier spirit or kill them. The growing threat of unseen massive power structures that seem to disregard safety, rights and liberties in thier insane quest for thier utopian scientific future-the ultimate revenge of the nerds. Also is the blind trust in career scientists and big companies who want profit like anyone else in business. I thought trusting the priest and doctor blindly died with my Irish Catholic grandmother but it still perseveres that we somehow dont question 'professionals' anymore or companies. The problem with a scientist is that he is seeking a successful career and might just be more career driven than idealistic and he/she is smarter than the rest of us. These people can run crime scams or strategies in circles around the rest of us so why wouldnt they?

It is unbelievable that the public have been regressed to the point where authority is no longer questioned unless it is rebellion or a cause thats put into motion by the authority themselves to create promoted 'change' that actually in the long term only benefits them and thier position.

An example is ID politics. If corporate and the Complex make mainstream, now corporatized life more accessible to marginalized populations then not only will they get more people working and consuming and living within thier influence,for those interested in security it reduces the threat of extremism, dissidence, rebellion and all the cost of marginalization or even any further questioning of the system by marginalized peoples.

As was said by a anti terror expert in a presentation once of Iran "disconnection is danger". As it seems everything used by the military is sneakily being implemented soft core domestically, it would seem that sentiment would also apply to corporate. It is now a standard that protecting the US economy is key to NATIONAL SECURITY. Thus, just what is allowed to accomplish that goal? Psy ops, murder, conspiracy, COINTELPRO like programs probably now handled by private firms to avoid detection and accountability or even liability?

The problem lies in that the elite or whatever one would label those in the power structure who are keen on this outlook on how to handle the public-that they have seen the future as theirs and as beneficial to them and their own as well as being able to maintain their position in a world that supposedly is 'changing' with the ideals of 'equality' and 'diversity' as a required program one must live by in order to have a job, be socially acceptable or avoid marginalization even legal or medical negligence. This is quite a feat considering how we are supposed to be evolving to be more informed and intelligent. Yet the opposite is occuring.

What I see is those in power have now seized the public, outwitted them with atypical Machievellian designs per usual and are now ready to complete thier plan for total control where they and their trusted servants are so advanced that a citizen would not even understand what was happening to them much less be able to show or even prove it if they did.

It seems logical that in a transhumanist totalitarian reality that nanotech murder would be used by the power structure. As more people get left behind amidst the selective fist raising for those exalted by the power structure for their own advancement or designs we are going to devolve into an almost Dark Ages like existence. Maybe its not a good idea for everyone on the planet to have access to each other or know about each other's existence or hear about what happens to them in thier country. Equality is simply the realization that you are no longer an individual that matters, you are a meaningless drop of water in a huge ocean and your life and death essentially mean nothing.

That is not why we are here. Ultimately humans are incapable of being responsible creator gods and seem to always be turned by dark manipulative forces towards focusing and satisfying our base Simian natures instead of evolving as Nature intended. This world is no more deserving or capable of being responsible with advances in technology as a monkey is going to handle a machine gun properly or a sledge hammer or another infant monkey if that one is of a competing tribe. In fact, apes have been observed invading another groups camp and smashing the infants only to calm down after the frenzy of violence to cradle the dead infant ape and replace a smashed skull cap on its head.

This is how we behave. Until people can handle stop polluting thier own environments, manage their own waste or understand that nuclear anything or inventions like plastic should not exist and cannot be managed or begin being realistic about the warmongering for profit that fuels our high quality of life or stop partaking in witch burnings in the 21st century that resemble the Salem Witch Trials where hatred, violence, tribalism and greed for what someone else has were used as vehicles to destroy under the guise of doing Gods work or being goodly-until humans can stop acting like animals repeatedly and claim fascism and control is civility. Until the bullshit stops and people actually become responsible for this planet and their lives on it thieris NO WAY humans should be creating AI, progressing so far with technology, doing genetic engineering or otherwise. I just read that nanobots will be used to 'cure' ADHD. When there are studies from other countries that show that psychiatry is basically committing genetic discrimination because many people have variables in thier DNA that account for these conditions and the problem is with the education system and the still archaic structures in our society that are based on outdated models-kind of like psychiatry itself.

Its been shown that those with the conditioned termed ADHD do much better in jobs where they can travel long term and get alot more exercise than normal people. People with the genes responsible for ADHD actually respond differently in studies where stimuli are given to different control groups as well as their bodies process protein differently under certain conditions than the rest of the population without the gene variant.
This gene has been dubbed The Traveler or Wandering Gene. It is thought that its purpose had to do with long term migration from human origins in order to evolve and establish human colonies elsewhere. I myself most likely have this gene. People with this gene simply learn differently and the classic classroom setting in youth is absolutely unbearable and so is being around too many people without the same gene lol. Under proper conditions these people can accomplish things that people without the gene cannot. Yet it seems in our wonderful world of the future we are determined to genocide such people thru genetic engineering or CRISPR babies or even give them permanent lobotomies as it were, thru the use of nanotechnology to 'manage' them and to basically modify their behavior so the gene cant express itself and they fit in to the world the way those in power want it designed.

This is an example of how humans are incapable of evolving beyond Simian urges. Urges of tribalism, violence and control of territory even war with competing tribes. Gaining the most bananas, impressing potential mates and flinging feces at other animals. Even admitting that we are driven by such urges openly would be a welcome world to live in as opposed to a world of technology used to satisfy these drives complete with self righteousness, piety and all the other denial and mob rules mechanisms to make that possible.

As far as I can see this is in line with my other warnings and alerts for recent issues that seem pressing. With conditions right for this to begin as a reality and of course everything those in power has the public is not made aware of for 50 years or so or until its become obsolete for them, I feel that its right to have every potential TI from great to small or potentially targeted group to be aware of such a plot of evil design being possible. Medical care becoming run by large corporate hospitals, online information transfers that could be monitored easily between patient and provider,from patient sites to docs taking notes via tech, records easily accessible to intelligence or any bogus smear 'investigation' of a person, genetic research projects perhaps used to find a TIs genetic weaknesses to make assasination easier and deniability more plausible. Most perceptions of this as feasible have been wiped out in our society recently by the perception management of the public that all conspiracy theory or alternative news/history is 'fake news' and the vilification and fear mongering of anyone whos a theorist being dangerously mentally ill or even a perspective lone shooter. This in itself should illustrate that theres a cover up going on-not of something that has happened but of things that are going to happen or are at least feasible enough to get people thinking about the dangers of abuse of power. To create a prison of fear and denial where people arent allowed to question unbelievably powerful entities with massive resources on issues of thier safety or potential abuse of power is insane and outrageous.

Little did we realize when we were young that the internet and technology were going to be used not to free humankind but to brain wash them with such absoluteness as to create an actual alternate reality that they gladly accept their own destruction and enslavement.

Like I said alternate reality. They certainly dont want you understanding you dont have to live in the prescribed world they've crated and this is the irony-irresponsible Simian human animals playing ultimate creator gods who have created a reality that deprives other humans of their ability to be creator gods or even of their own humanity.

This is why tearing down history is what they WANT people to do-so theres no lessons to learn from. Which is how they keep pulling off this recurrent trick throughout time.

I havent lived this long and grew up with Boomer parents so I can return to the ignorance and imprisonment of my Victorian great grandmother which is what this is like now. Now its not religion its science and medicine or ideological doctrine. Questioning is not allowed.

If anyone out there whos a theorist gets caught up in the theory that this is all The Jews doing then Ive got news for you. Lately Ive seen observant Orthodox Jews being some of the only remaining voices of reason against the NWO. Saying 'The Jews' is like saying "all white people" or "Blacks" or 'The Homeless'. Theres differing demographics, belief systems and even levels of faith. In fact Ive discovered that some of the most valuable people on earth right now are those who are determined to and by their nature preserve tradition at any cost and remain reasonable amid chaos mongering, manipulation and fascism. Believing The Jews are responsible for the NWO or what have you is typical of a conspiracy theory meant to discredit and cause more harm than good. No one is saying that they are infallible or that they dont have a crime network like everybody else or that there isnt a form of Jew that seems to have undue influence in American business or entertainment etc but thats just the same as the WASP or the Chinese or the Arabs. It seems that when a person like Bush or the WASP or the old British criminality functions its undetected or ignored. The nature of disinformation is to trap people, marginalize them and create an absolute solution to something that seems so overwhelming that it seems impossible to control. I suppose those who believe Jews have undue influence in the NWO will claim those I speak of are controlled opposition but it does not seem that way. Its always the common and good people who become crushed under fascism and the first to go is the intellectuals, the religious and the artists. Look around you its happened. And it does explain why after so many decades of fawning over Israel despite obvious human rights abuses and land theft now its turned against them. Is it possible that this is due to the unbending faith of many of its citizens or Jews around the globe? Again the trend to call out people on thier wrongs or misdeeds or crimes is always incomplete-becuz Native American lives should matter when the violence and genocide are compared to the African American community and we are ALL as Americans standing on stolen land-land that we can still view the historical treaties and deeds that had been broken systematically to create the United States. So why partake in selective victimhood championing? Why hold Israel accountable all of a sudden when the US genocide of Natives beats even the Jews own in numbers in WW2? (if i dont complete my obligation to write my books or after I do Im going to go to someplace maybe Israel or France and be that homeless old woman who wanders and people know theres a story behind it but dont know what. They just feed you and dont bother you until you pass away. Consider it the homeless retirement plan lol. )

As I said its not about fixing real wrongs or evolving or helping each other while we are on this planet its about using the public especially the young or the ambitious as a recruited army to complete an agenda.

The hoarding I saw during COVID 19 shows humans true colors and then for a movement like BLM to occur demanding equality and claiming that racism is in only certain peoples Nature (uh, like 85% of American blacks have European DNA. So then how much percentage of natural racism are you going to exhibit?). Its all intimidation and its insane cult brain washing and all the while science and tech power structures and the people who seek to use them to enslave mankind and all life on earth are growing stronger and more capable.

A homeless man in Los Angeles area a few years ago was beaten to death by police and he cried out the same phrase as the most recent victim, that he could not breathe but his death was more long and torturous as he did not die instantly but was beaten to death over a period of time as he cried for help. There were no protests and certainly no T shirts for this event. WHY? And then why should I as a houseless person take this seriously or anyone for that matter?

For one I am going to notice the homeless death as most people will not equate it with a life with worth matching their own becuz the person was homeless, thus Homeless Lives Dont Matter...As Much. We all know its true in the westernized consumerist culture's perception but refuse to admit it because of Equality and Inclusion. It exposes inconvenient truths so is excluded. One thing about science that is superior is that you cant remove information from an equation or formula and get a correct answer. Unless of course you are trying to manipulate results which is totally possible to achieve but the dishonesty is considered simply an incorrect answer not a personal threat or moral failing. But this is how manipulation is in essence achieved in the same fashion. People make bad choices all the time based on only reading whats in BIG LETTERS and ignoring the fine print.

Secondly I know damn well as an activist and as a houselsess person that there is a definitive agenda in this country if not world wide in every city or town partaking of aggressive, large scale gentrification agenda consisting of a building boom especially of condos being built-complete with erasing history and that includes locals. Thus 'homeless people' and the elderly locals and the poor locals are obstacles to this agenda. As the big machine churns forward destroying everything in its path providing a terraformed new environment for the colonization by Globalist citizens why wouldnt a movement that includes erasure of history be of use to them? Especially one that focuses on the most up and coming middle to upper middle class citizens in the Globalist design? And lest we forget that the outdated archaic methods of construction cannot possibly be 'green' enough to genuinely produce sustainability or prevent further damage to the environment thus Global Warming will soon make places uninhabitable-unless it can be inhabitable to those who exist in dome like conditions where everything they need is under one roof and theres no need to venture outside thier complex or if less fortunate city dwellers are more suited to conditions that would be extremely hot with scorching sun and high radiation and pollution levels.

In theory these assholes are thinking just as they did when they arrived in Africa, seeing that the inhabitants would do well in hot sunny conditions in the Caribbean or in the Southern USA on plantations. This includes Latino peoples. Genetic studies have shown that these peoples benefit from having lived in rough natural primitive environments for so long and only recently being exposed to industrialized conditions or acquiring Europeans tired DNA.

What the Church did to take Europeans from thier paganism and natural environments of primitive conditions, invasion and slavery-Colonialism and Imperialism- did to POC. But its the same game.

The agenda to get rid of undesirable DNA thru junk science or medicine is just another Eugenics program and there have been many. Many that the public arent aware of. Ever wonder why much of the population of Sweden is seemingly fit, smart, beautiful and perfect? There have been Eugenics programs in that country to rid them of DNA traits that seemed 'low born' or dim and slow witted. Sterilization of women was popular.

Ever really observe your average Globalist colonizer? The insect like appearance complete with hive like conformity. The aloofness, the lack of civic mindedness in place of a pretend virtual concept of 'Community'. The eerie lack of differing facial or even physical features, as if though from differing DNA profiles, somehow all part of the same 'tribe'. The lack of specialness or colorfulness, the lack of physical prowess or genetic superiority. Yet somehow none are all that strikingly ugly. No one is seemingly defective in any severely noticeable way nor any deviant behavior present. As if being pleasant and unbothered by anything is a requirement of being considered 'normal'. I never see anymore public fighting or crying. Hardly ever any upset feelings or heated arguments between couples. Nor heated arguments about art or politics-they seem incapable of discussions about politics anyway becuz its the way of indoctrination into the cult or the hiway. I had a political discussion once with an older gentleman in a college area and the younger people were awe stricken that such a thing could occur, that things were discussed firmly and logic prevailed and then the ending was pleasant with both parties removing from the engagement with amiable farewell.
Kids could not believe this was possible and this is what is wrong with our schools and modern cities. Being older its normal for me to now get impatient with youth especially being childless and for they to no longer be able to relate to me as I am firmly their parents age. However when not being frustrated with them and thier culture I notice sometimes that most of this is definitely NOT thier fault. If anyone is a victims its these kids and my generation are ill equipped to help them.
Becuz they resemble our parents generation so closely complete with violent protesting and addiction to mind altering substances (the internet and psych meds) as well as the total self righteous peity of US VS THEM, Fuck the Older Generation and we know whats best even though we are only in our 20s or 30s. We grew up with people claiming that dosing the water supply with LSD was the way to cause great change to society and then as each decade passed they kept coming up with What Was Best For Everyone And How To Change The World and We Know Best. We learned to just avoid them, their world of insanity and make believe and begin trying to salvage what good ideas they once DID HAVE and try to continue on with using the internet and the original concepts of Diversity and World Culture-not cult mind control brain washing and corporate world culture which is what the hijacked version of PC now looks and operates like.

These kids are far too much like the pushy, mobbing, self deluded, indulgent, self righteous, ultimately selfish psychos we grew up with. Besides, this generation actually pushes older people around as if we know nothing about the way the world works and if you are alternative and houseless its worse becuz these kids lack mercy and humanity unless its from the reserve saved for selected groups or tribes designated deserving of 'social justice'. and becuz they are ultimately products of the Corporatocracy and they dont realize it becuz they dont know anything else so they dont understand the hypocrisy of being a total dedicated consumerist while claiming to be an Anarchist or Socialist. And of course becuz they are kids.

However the power structure finds this generation of open mouths both for screaming and consuming, to be very useful to their Globalist agenda. Which is why it seems hopeless to anyone with any wisdom from being alive for a long time or common sense from being alive before technology was used to enslave and indoctrinate people or manipulate populations with information war to attempt to intervene or teach them anything even though it seems they desire another perspective. Its obvious by skipping over Gen X and putting the younger mob might makes right generation into positions of power and in every store and every goddamn where that they dont want anyone capable of balance or real change to the system anywhere near a key position. Laughably after being tormented for years by our parents that they won the never ending competition for whos the coolest and whos the rebels, that it turns out Gen X are actually too radical to tolerate in society. Its one thing to rebel when younger and then sell out and play catch up when Reagan and AIDS come along and its evident the party is over. Its quite another to have firm resistance which gets coined as being a Slacker, ongoing tenacity for a lifetime and being too smart to get manipulated into taking action in youth that might be used to built your own prison when older. Just ask the Boomers who arent doing well how thier twilight years are going. And they still wont admit that they made severe errors in judgement both or themselves and this country and that perhaps they were manipulated. For LSD to be fed through the colleges ten years after MK Ultra experiments on the military and civilians is just a little too sinister and coincidental for anyone with any brains or has done good research. If Anything, its the still living Libtards that are causing and encouraging the continued break down of our society if not the world by insisting on still living in denial as elderly people. At least my grandmother had a damn clear picture of what happened to her in her lifetime thru the depression and WW2. She took it maturely and tried to enjoy what she could in life and old age not deprive others of thiers. Gen X is so capable of genuine change that the powers that be have ensured that we have some crisis befall us every decade to ensure we never get anywhere during lifetimes and our old age will also tax everything we have. You cant compete with these Hunger Game kids thats for sure. Growing up with terrorism has made them good at making terrible tough choices (like whos lives matter and whos doesn't) and being born into a surveillance state complete with personal technologies and social justice indoctrination has made them effective spies that cloak in their daily lives just as well as they scan obsessively for injustice or something wrong or out of place as they walk their dogs daily. Women dress like wanna be Che Guevara groupies complete with Secret Deodorant rendering them fierce in thier t shirts claiming they are as such. They refuse to be colorful and romanticism is a thing of the past when people had imaginations and werent under the illusion they know everything about everyone and their culture on the planet and science rules absolut thus they refuse to wear pretty clothes or dresses, such is the refusal of the patriarchy or gender roles and instead opt for yoga pants every hour of every day for every activity which instead takes away decency, taste, sensuality and mystery and replaces it with an almost anatomical display of their very female body parts which of course dont exist and are an illusion of the patriarchy. And also serve to make many of us ill considering they are usually unimpressively built and sometimes offensively built for skin tight clothing that showcases cottage cheese and being overweight.
Shockingly fat people existed before Millenials! I know its unbelievable but usually they wore comfortable clothing and looked to decent people to like them for who they were or dressed very cute and groomed with appropriately fitting clothes for their size.

Theres a reason that the word 'tacky' isnt used in our vocabulary that often anymore in Globalist society. I think Ive illustrated why if not go to any city and sit for a few moments and get the jist. This is why the Olde Money people have fled. And this is the reason for the extreme high percentages of psych med prescriptions. They like what they are seeing with Latuda becuz they dont have to see whats really wrong.

Multiple studies have found that mice taking anti depressants did not recognize predators and got themselves killed. Though fish arent usually comparative to humans in studies I think this one deserves our attention. It certainly seems it had the attention of the powers that be a long time ago. How much of that crap along with the shitty drugs on the street are in our water supply? Great, false sense of contentment allowing predators to take our lives while shadow people chase us from the Bath Salts in the fake meth everyone is pissing out.

Whats shocking is how people as a collective are supposed to have evolved by now and the sinister forces in our world can take humanity itself at least those connected by the industrialized world, and turn back the clock yet again as in every lesson one has observed in history books. Its an amazing feat to see within our lifetimes but it also makes one feel that ones life is meaningless. Like 'why did I bother to come here?' .

This blog has been beaten down very badly in the past 4 years like many works by activists that actually know whats going on and have an impact. The system and all the major institutions that used to welcome dissident opinions can no longer afford to be questioned, becuz the levels of corruption have become astronomical and they've slowly crafted an effective method of hiding, cloaking, diverting attention, denying and covering in a world where the common man has access to reading about or seeing on camera their activities and crimes against him.

Its no surprise that many activists in 2016 were framed not just myself. Some in the TI community, some in the MC and programming community and others from COPBLOCK etc. Its atypical for such activities to come in waves or be a trend with abusing law enforcement or the justice system.

Some are now actively being harassed by those posing as reactionary cult belief organizations yet have back ties to the military (COS Michael Aquino), organized crime and perhaps Communist infiltration (COS Anton Lavey-known family members in Jewish mafia Las Vegas with ties to Hollywood. Of Hungarian descent. Productions and actors such as DesiLu studios with ties to Communism) and even ties to large universities who traditionally are covertly funded by the CIA as well as are major players in beginning the 60s LSD culture and todays PC indoctrination culture (cannot name for legal reasons). This organization mostly plays on the Satanic Panic claims which was invented to cover up for therapists uncovering programming in victims in the 90s that led through connected dots to MK Ultra and the Presidents Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments during Clinton. SRA is a way of laying down programming in a very young human being of a certain genetic background and family line as well as family background. Name one Survivor without an intelligence, military or police connection to the family.

The False Memory Syndrome concept was created by a doctor and some cronies that have connections to CIA as well as educational institutions funded by MK Ultra. Many are mathematicians or psychologists which makes sense due to the functioning of programming. All have been connected to pedophilia and one couple was outed in a book by their daughter.

People today believe in a trickle down arm chair internet reality version of science explaining everything in thier world around them. They seem to no longer see or even understand the existence of anything hidden or the nature of intrigue. As if that is something left behind in the days after the Cold War. As if spycraft and deception and intrigue didnt exist before. As if it isnt whats created and destroyed nations or put monarchs in power or taken them off the throne or kept them from it. Directed designs and agendas of entire nations and destroyed powerful ones when its time to create new ones.

The US was created it seems solely based on the forefathers and mothers understanding of this as well as the destructive influence the rule of the Church as a world power had on Europe and still does today. I think it rather un-American to be sold a honeycomb in an insect hive (condo) in an area that formerly had apartments where one could have a backyard. Its almost like saying that being a worker bee is what is necessary and that is what one strives for not being a human animal living in a more healthy space. Its also very Chinese in its look which doesnt surprise me either. Also why arent we protesting China? Why are we doing business with them and why are major educational institutions celebrating them? Why arent we being more careful about possible spying from students or others? The former COINTELPRO agent in the famous interview claimed that COINTELPRO activity was done by African Americans, Chicanos which we now call Latinos and "even the Chinese". He also mentioned that the Native American movement was infiltrated by COINTELPRO but that was mostly on reservations.

Again, its as if all the people who performed a function for COINTELPRO just disappeared into history. As if they did not use their children for such purposes or as if they did not raise their children in the same culture or it isnt intergenerational in nature. Nope. Once the Panthers were done, they all retired. Sure why not.
This is why my blog mentions race alot especially during the pre frame up years. It is to illustrate who is active theoretically in what area and provide intel to whoever may use it with whatever other info they may have to gain a better understanding of what modern day COINTELPRO, probably being done by private security companies to avoid accountability). In one of the three email frame ups it was attempted by bit players (very likely employees of said private security companies lol) to refer to this blog as racist becuz during Obama that was disfavorable and in fact during the end of his admin it was being attempted to make racism into an actual mental illness diagnoses in the psychiatric reference book. Well now after BLM its the absolute eternal sin and its the kiss of death for anyone who even wants to exist in society. Which I assume theoretically forces behind modern day COINTELPRO foresaw. Race being weaponized against the public just as the police have been militarized over time and weaponized against the public like everything.

Also, its a bit annoying that people like me have been pointing out and warning the public for years now that militarization of police is occurring and isnt the best idea domestically. So it stands to reason that when police start doing the kinds of things that are getting attention that its not THE POLICE but the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX that is being used to arm them, and anti terrorism experts that train them that this Us vs Them mentality with the public is the new way to manage things. So why are people angry at police? Why are we defunding them and in some cases Dept Public Works which makes absolutely no sense at all. Are the garbage men fascists now too?

Its also a bit annoying that once again a society that seems to forget that police have always been vulnerable to abuser of power particularly brutality. There just wasnt any cameras around and if it did occur people without means were advised to not seek justice or they paid off and it was hidden. Just becuz there are now cameras around to expose crime doesnt mean that its never happened before. Its also advisable to understand that the greatest tool for controlling the public nowadays is information warfare. Like waiting for everyone to be isolated and half insane and scared from COVID and showcasing an event like police brutality caught on video and marketing it to people who are prime for rioting and venting frustration especially the young. One has to wonder if it was more marketing than Social Justice that was used to bring the issue to light and its very convenient for big retail business to get insurance money pay offs from rioting and looting when COVID-19 shutdowns destroyed business and caused losses. In the inner machinations of the world of economics, finance and insurance etc it may actually be desirable to have a short very destructive bout of vandalism-destruction- to cause changes that create benefits in the long term plan.

Ive asked people why the US Treasury is allowing homeless people and others to make bogus claims for unemployment stimulus. I do not recall money being THAT easy to get for nothing in this country from the US GOVT and rightly so. The answer was that they knew people would do that and they want people to get the money so they spend it and STIMULATE the economy.
So....if they actually are planning or factoring in human greed and crooked behavior into stimulating the economy....why wouldn't they factor in rioting and looting utilizing peoples reactionary anger under pressure and isolation and fear of death?
I think Im right about this one. Sorry.

The issues of police misconduct should have been dealt with long ago and in a different manner and actually dealt with but they were not. Now one case causes major domestic terrorism that involves insurance companies and looters were seen on phones with leaders who were directing their actions???? And the Democrats have decriminalized this?? And an entire nation gets selective about which demographic of victim in police brutality cases matters more than others???

Its been extremely trying seeing this go on while being a homeless person being kept up at night be M-80s probably bought by the kids by whoever covert asshole factions are sponsoring this insanity, as police misconduct wasnt dealt with when my life was destroyed in 2016 as well as other activists who also never recovered. Yes we are alive. What about the homeless man in LA who was beaten to death or any other similar case? If anyone suffers disproportionately its been the Native Americans. Go oONLINE and look up the proud pics of mass graves of Natives. What about early germ warfare using pox infected blankets. Straight out starvation was another fun way of eradicating people that and relocating them like the Trail of Tears. Yet becuz we as a nation of spoilt rotten greedy consumerist brats now exist on land gotten from genocide thats stolen we cant afford to think about it. Its true but inconvenient and hey, we arent afraid of Natives rioting and smashing our windows or looting our stores? People have no guilt inside them to fuel this as the victims are all dead and the peoples far from where most of us live. They dont have to deal with them on a daily basis, and feel uncomfortable or be afraid or the eradication occurred before their families arrived so it doesnt apply to them.

The innate racism of tagging some people as 'of color' and others as 'white' is fucking retarded to begin with. Its the Obama era FORREST GUMP approach to perceiving race in society: People are just like a box of crayons.
Anything to simplify things to a level of cult like information delivery and then indoctrination.
I recently read this interview with a Hindi (India) woman living in Italy that whined that her skin was not white so she gets treated differently blah blah blah. Uh has anyone ever even looked at the variance of what Italians look like? It IS the fucking Mediterranean, near Africa and the Middle East. Its also been invaded by Normans which means a portion of the population are going to express fair DNA (Normans are exiled Vikings that settled in France and then after becoming 'french', began invading southern Italy, Wales then Ireland and knights and other areas). Alot of Italians are dark. Thats part of the reason that it was hard in the US when they came over. The Jews would deal with them but the Irish didnt like them of course becuz of the vast difference in culture and appearance. And that is the reality of human populations.

One form of racism is often due to the seemingly discriminatory person having bad experiences with that demographic. Plain and simple.
It also may be simply racism based on a sort of natural cultural separatism such as cultures that are so different people cannot get along easily such as the Italians and Irish in the early 20th century. My grandmother would accept an African American and definitely a gay person before she would accept an Italian, so where is the racism based on color?? Its bullshit.
The last kind of racism Ive experienced is racism or bigotry in its pure form, where people simply reject a certain demographic on sight regardless of that persons behavior or character or culture. This is true in parts of TX where I was accepted due to my strict adherence to the old school Boston way of accepting people based on behavior not purely by race or culture.
It turns out I simply wasnt racist ENOUGH becuz I became disliked due to my being even mildly friendly with someone if they seemed decent who was black. So Im racially realistic and aware and that makes me a horrible Nazi in Libtard areas but not hard core enough for others. I guess Cali is like the only place I can live then lol. Where people have common sense and Diversity works and corporate hires diverse people but they have to be up to corporate standard not some creepy elitist game of purposely blocking the lower classes that might question your position with house slaves that have appalling behavior and appearance and belong no where NEAR anything requiring standards of decency and performance.

This is an example of weaponizing race against the public. And the Globalist colonists wont see it becuz firstly the terrorists put in place by the elite in places like the NE are smart enough to be nice to those that butter their bread and then show a very different face to the rest of us or they feel they can toy with lower class peoples now becuz the Globalist citizens dont seem to like us around much or dont care.

One black lady on a bus who seemed to be trying to handle me or recruit me years ago, noticed a white yuppie couple ignoring me, she said "Your own people dont even want you". I just disregarded her altogether as Im not going to be manipulated.
Of course I was fully aware of how the association between other whites and myself goes and its not an issue. Im doing something totally different than they are, thier goals are different thus they dress different and have no need to fraternize with me which is their prerogative but its also expected they mind their own fucking business and dont start any shit becuz after years of war and famine and invasions and monarchs and oppression one thing alot of white people dont want is any trouble. Thats where people claim we have white fragility. Its part of our survival tactics and should be respected. Europeans have historically fought amongst themselves so often that such a system of behavior in modern times is necessary. Also I am of whats considered mixed European heritage or race. Its hard for maybe some fair people to relate to me becuz I look too Italian or Slavic, people that are very different from them. In fact such whites are often more comfortable with African Americans who share similar blonde DNA than affiliating with a Middle Eastern/Mediterranean person or a more Eurasian Slav type. I see it all the time and I get a kick out of it. The blonde girls hanging with thier black friend and its all so progressive-yet the black girl looks exactly like the white girls becuz...OBVIOUSLY they are related. Duh. We are often attracted to people who share similar DNA or are from places close by our ancestors. And they got around more than the system lets on so it seems alot of us are more related than we think. I notice more blonde women going with African American men traditionally. Usually the male has some similar features. Of course theres always people that choose the exotic by nature but most people choose mates that are related to them. Its natural to want to care for someone who shares your same flesh. Its primitive and makes sense.

Thats the reality of humans. The theory of why blonde people are perceived as racist is becuz often by nature they are. They often prefer to be among people who look like them as many types of people do. This may be becuz the reason people are blonde and blue eyed is natural selection. When blonde and blue eyed people kept choosing mates there looked like them it created more of the same looks. Laughably, accusing 'white people' of destroying indigenous cultures all over the globe is partially true but not fully explained to be fair. Firstly if you look at Scandinavians you'll see that they have a Eurasian look even the more German looking ones. Most of them are mixed with the ancient Saami indigenous natives of the north but due to natural selection those traits got mixed down and people are mostly fair and look similar. Yet most have hooded eyelids, strong high cheek bones and chins or tiny Inuit noses tell tale signs of their DNA from Arctic Indigenous peoples.
So when you want to destroy Scandinavian Europe with mass immigration to make it less white and seem more diverse its actually the PC Left WHOS DESTROYING AN INDIGENOUS CULTURE OF AN ANCIENT PEOPLE WHO HAVE LIVED ON THE LAND FOR MILLENIA.

This is also why they prefer other people who look like them and Irish fair people can be the same way. Becuz they are a result of recessive genes its which is how they came to exist. If you look at pictures of Saami natives some of the pics are crazy how they are built for cold, I mean COLD weather.

Imagine if you have blonde DNA and your African American you could be related to any of these ancient peoples. And now they are discovering OTHER HUMAN SPECIES THAT DIED OUT BUT WE CARRY THEIR DNA.
By managing the public's perceptions about peoples ethnic and genetic heritage as being akin to a box of crayons they are denying us, every one of us, the reality of life here on earth, thousands of years of struggles and survival and a rich history of heritage that is so colorful and interesting that it could be researched endlessly. They've denied this to African Americans and its a way of keeping them enslaved.
empty gestures like changing names or words ultimately changes nothing. Nothing can ever bring back their lost heritage from their homeland, something we have a better access to. Even with a family tree and a DNA test it may still be hard for African Americans to understand who they are and where they are from but I stand by my years old theory that that is what should have been done, along with the original Panthers grass roots approach to activism. Trying to re identify themselves and stop slavery from its inception, to not be house slaves anymore. Which is why of course COINTELPRO had to stop them. And through tracing all the plots and schemes and lies and deceptions we can trace where we are today.

Years ago I went through Baltimore and said to myself that ghettos like this from the lost 70s shouldnt be around in the 21st century. Then I realized that in evil places like Baltimore, once a prison colony, it seemed by design-the suffering and oppression. If something is kept around to serve a purpose they arent going to change it.

Telling people fairy tales to make them feel better isnt helping them grow or survive. Its pandering to them. Associating them with Nubians who hail from a completely different part of Africa or giving them stories that they hail from pharaohs or Egyptians isnt giving people accurate information about who they are. What there was nothing fascinating about ancient western or central Africa? Why must the culture always lie to people?
Now especially this view is unpopular but I stand by the theory that if people had access to find out where they were from and could attach something to thier heritage that was solid it may produce an understanding but then again, what we have from our knowledge of our heritage is a cultural background to go with it. A place. A society we were once part of. The African Americans position is a unique and difficult one but being manipulated constantly-to me thats the real crime. Its like keeping someone prisoner for an eternity instead of just one lifetime. Perhaps thats true of the civilized world generally.

And feeding them music nowadays that sounds like hypnotic slavery and militarization. Why when I listen to music from the Congo do I feel the energy of life being raised, literally produced by the musicians yet todays black culture's music is akin to what sounds like anti-life? There is a con going on here and its ongoing. If you want to crucify me in Libtard land for telling the truth go ahead. I know too much about black people and think too much of black people to play these bullshit games on black people even if young blacks today dont understand my position and others dont like it. Im not conforming to something that seems harmful to people. Maybe Im just not an educated social engineer. Maybe all the bullshit people are coming out with is the only possible solution to this issue to benefit people ultimately, that may be so but I believe the truth is better. However its often not for everyone and maybe thats what I am missing. Im not everyone, not most people in fact. I was once told that in order to govern the public for their benefit they must be deceived, as long as the end result was beneficial. That this is what governing people was about.

Racism or bigotry can be based on discriminatory attitudes towards a certain type of person on sight. Yet it can also be caused by experiences with bad behavior and the person never experiences anything else. The person is conditioned to be at least leery of a certain demographic. How does this make them a bad person or supremacist? Real white supremacists dont live in big libtard cities with all kinds of people in them. They live far away from such places so the chances youd be around a genuine hard core supremeisist is less likely. Supremacists arent just bigoted or separatists or racialists. They genuinely believe that the 'white' race is superior and that other kinds of peoples simply are not or are defective beyond fixing. This is not the same thing as someone who seems discriminatory towards a certain demographic which may be caused by a number of things of which Ive mentioned. Separatists often dont dislike other kinds of people nor believe themselves superior they simply for whatever reason cannot feel comfortable or functional among other cultures. Realistically that describes all kinds of people who live and work in places where they simply feel comfortable amongst a culture thats insular and others who share that cultural identity.

The insane rhetoric of BLM campaigns mostly coming from corporate or shills, that 'white people' are innately racist and capable of nothing else is nothing short of disinformation, terrorism and harassment. Its chaos, and crazy making. Its abusive. Claiming reverse racism doesnt exist is also lyin ass bullshit and its probably stemming from some ideological bullshit coming from an overeducated retard whos got verbal diarrhea and theres like a whole science in political sciences to racism based on power positions, and dynamics and other over educated bullshit that means absolutely nothing when you are traveling thru downtown St Louis at 11 pm at night and youve got to decide how cool this shit is and if you can handle this and are they cool with you? If you make a wrong turn and as a woman alone have to quickly decide if this is someplace you have to get the fuck out of real quick or if you can walk through for a bit or find some cool people.
People in real life in the real world of struggle should not have to deal with eggheaded, superhead bullshit trickling down from colleges funded by intelligence agencies or god knows who nowadays while we try to fucking survive the destruction and invasions of our cities by Globalism and what seems like the use of tactics and ops learned from the last decade of war overseas in the military to gain control of the country and its people.

Immigrants are ok in this area but I like other states better. Foreigners used to come here to go to school or open a business or the immigration was at a much slower rate. It was a way of experiencing World Culture in the 90s.
I dont know where they are coming from now in this area but some of them are the worst fucking people I have ever met in my life. I expect more especially from Indians (Hindi). I know enough about Indians to know that they come in two kinds-the sweet and the sour. The sour and very war like and almost devilish and cause trouble have trouble with aggression. The sweet are spiritual or just very nice and pleasant or reserved and solid. Sehks seem to get put into management positions and are usually peole I can deal with. I recall they are an ancient warrior tribe from the mountains. When they would come to our house to visit my friends from New Delhi they didnt look at me much, being an American woman but I noticed something about them which was RESPECTABILITY. They may have ignored me but they minded their own damn business.
My New Delhi friends were fun and wanted to see America. Indian men are very into the power of their mothers which I thought was interesting. Using a slipper to discipline children like our belt or paddle is absolutely hysterical. And of course their mother was polite and graceful.

So it pains me that I am now surrounded by Indian immigrants, not all but many in the areas I frequent, who seem suspicious of alternative people, have gone right into corporate retail jobs and basically play house slave for them by trying to get rid of poor people for the Globalist agenda and are downright rude and even have taken to harassing myself and even while my mom was present aggressively.
I was in a drug store in Brookline MA one day and went out to get a coin and came back to hear and see this middle aged Indian man whispering in the ear of the white kid working there like the devil in fairy tales, "They are all lazy, and dont want to work". Thank goodness the kid was from Brookline and was smart enough to reject this information.
This is very common now. And exactly who is this jackass to say something like this about me? As if being alternative in a college town is now something culturally negative. And hes not even considering the fact that maybe I have adapted the best I can to circumstances beyond my control and made something of myself and help others in spite of my hardship, which I dont actively whine about if you notice. Nope. Oppression ONLY OCCURS IN HIS COUNTRY. THE USA COULD NEVER HAVE A COVERT SYSTEM IN THEORY OF SUPPRESSING DISSIDENTS, VICTIM WITNESSES OR WHISTLEBLOWERS.

Then again, knowing what we know about COINTELPRO one has to wonder if he actually may KNOW EXACTLY THAT IS THE POSSIBLE SITUATION. Remember the bit in the old interview about minorities making up the majority of COINTELPRO agents. Provocateurs. Infiltrators. Saboteurs. Agitators. ETC.

What gets me is the immigrant types who act as if alternative types scare them. I always remind them and myself about the probable conditions in the third world shithole they ran from in order to come here to escape oppression and possibly by killed by a cartel or rebels or worse. That usually cuts that shit right away. But the premise to that performance of drama is so ridiculous that its intolerable. So what causes this behavior. This DISCRIMINATION? Is it purposeful harassment from desperate assholes who need a new truck or a green card for grandma? Or a get out of jail free card etc? POr is it a methods of making yourself better off compared to a competing tribe, in the eeyes of the powerful class of people over you (globalist yuppies) or just fucking with peole u can get away with it to make yourself feel better becuz a snowflake or white yuppie was a racist asshole to you yesterday?

Whatever the fuyck it is I usually dont have time for it and dismiss that shit immediately. and claiming that shit doesnt happen to me. that it doesnt exist from 50 yrs old now to back swhen i was 9 yrs old coming home to live iwth my mom being thrown in to the bussing wars of the 70s in boston. To tell me reverse racism doesnt exist is abusive.

So often times people's attitudes about race and culture can be formed by like I said negative repeated experiences and thats what people get wrong about what the ALT RIGHT was trying to do. I understood the alt right was people who were racial or cultural realists that refused to be Supremacists or even Separatists becuz we just didnt feel rejecting or disliking people based purely on culture or race was acceptable. However becuz of PC people needed some sort of alternate tribe since thats what society is is tribalism. Its perfectly natural for a woman of my age, geographical upbringing or background to have the attitudes about cultural differences that I do and handle them as I do. For PC overeducated people to invade every social services organization of our area and start denying us services as homeless people or vilify us or discriminate against us based on our traditional cultural background and history of this area without first trying to work with the local culture and try to fix these things over time IS TERRORISM and it IS INVASION AND OCCUPATION. ITS OPPRESSION.

Ive actually been barred from an organization (it is in the city that framed me with the emails so it may have been politically motivated smear to add to the perpetrators cred and discredit me) for getting upset years ago and getting into a heated argument after being harassed for weeks by aggressive African American females who wear red constantly from Central Sq cambridge and claim to be Bloods. I suppose every gang needs lackies they can use for stuff that they can let them brag they are in the gang when in fact its a fucking joke. I was told this type is wanna be anyway but they are a pain in the ass.
This was years ago. Last year I went back becuz I needed help as a woman in crisis with a domestic issue and was told they had changed their policies and are now focusing on race isues such as women of color and that I needed to go to counseling even though they admitted that years ago when this occurred that they did indeed allow black girls to talk shit about white people constantly and start trouble in there. But now they've changed that. OK so why am I being held to task for something that happened years ago when they didnt handle these things properly?

I suspect organizations now just want the govt funding to stay alive and these are the conditions. Even though these are supposed to be funded for HOMELESS services they now claim that its all race based. Many of us dont even seek services anymore becuz of the favoritism.

So as you can see if you are in college or have a nice home and dont know how other parts of society work you may be being manipulated into believing that only certain people have been left behind. However from what Ive seen, this looks like social engineering an ORDER OUT OF CHAOS as well as a nice fat insurance scam during COVID shutdown.

I know theres a rule that says if I mention Nazis I lose the debate but thats for the overeducated once again. I dont survive on rules especially not thiers. but its getting more and more like something akin to that and theres all this potential for abuse of power the public isnt seeing becuz they dont seem to take biotech and tech companies to task. Its as if they trust them implicitly and its very naive. It could turn out deadly for many people who dont understand the dangers and risks. People are already suffering from things like electromagnetic pollution and America is in total denial. Years ago they referred to it as 'microwave sickness' as that blames the technology, now the current terminology blames the person by calling it 'electromagnetic sensitivity' as if theres something wrong with your ass becuz you get sick from exposure. Its not good for any living thing just like the new LED lights put up all over the world and again theres total denial. Years ago it would have been blocked from happening based on health hazards.

BTW applying any sort of PC anything to the homeless scene is absolutely ridiculous and shud not be allowed becuz everyone with a home has the power position so to speak in your little war games of PC warfare and power struggles. Also we have a specialized culture that is seperate from yours. Until you are out here dont apply your rules to us. Unless you want to work your ass off doing simple survival shit every day from the time you wake up til you go to bed-no car, no home and during COVID not many showers and no places to congregate inside. Until you want to play survival camping every day and be super organized, innovative, inventive and hypervigilance to survive stop trying to apply rules to us. I suspect its in line with the anti homeless Globalist agenda. Behave or dont get services. This is also an organization whos been exploiting homeless women all along. Controlling content of conversation to ensure nothing political is discussed, controlling the clients free association, employees ordering clothing and expensive things using the center's address and OPENING THEM IN FRONT OF CLIENTS who are homeless and poor. Discussing paychecks and vacations in front of clients as if they aren't there. Bringing their children in without asking and showboating them around making other women feel bad. The pictures in the local mags society pages of the fund raising cocktail parties are annoying enough but so predictable of this crowd of Liberal Elitist assholes from a small Ivy League college town that has far too much money and power packed into one small area, and does a very good job of creating a Libtard smokescreen for the public as if their voices matter. Most people dont even know theres at least 3 major war for profit major military contractors at the edge of town, nearing a military base area in the next town.

Its not that the issues being dealt with now arent important but there are issues that are far more sinister and concerning than old fashioned murder. Take away the personal attachment to the issue for a moment and think about our long human history which consists of murder being a norm. Morally wrong and based on that in our Judeo Christian society, illegal. What is occurring now is much worse for all of humanity. I suppose murder is what this post was supposed to be about and I guess my discussing an entire worlds reaction to one murder as being a sign of that world being manipulated into insanity becuz soon theres going to be an entirely new dimension to living in human society. Its the kind of joke the Illuminati play on people- Lets manipulate the public into complete chaos that serves our purposes over one murder when weve caused much more than that with war profiteering, covertly interfering with foreign affairs etc and then lets quietly begin to create a world where if you dont do as you are supposed to, then murder of endless people may go totally undetected. Creating the ultimate society of control and enslavement of humanity, utilizing the unfortunate death of a man as diversion (and an insurance scam and Divide and Conquer and social control etc).

Its said that the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince the world he did not exist. And that is happening now, again to a world that should be old enough by now to know better.
There is more to fix than just what you see in front of you. And there has never been a perfect future or any 'changes' to the world that have worked to improve conditions permanently.