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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned that no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bush Tries To Block Release Of Bush-Reagan Era Files

Heroes Dont Need Holidays

IAs usual on a holiday there is no feeling of gloom and doom or hopelessness. Other than being a Targeted person and taking this very personallly did you ever consider that the technologies used to make us so crazy and miserable, that we know are used for mass mind control also are used to ensure holidays occur, that they are profitable and most importantly, when people gather together on such occassions its carefully engineered so they do not feel the normal daily oppression they do the rest of the year? This is important becuz if people gather together they may begin discussing things. They may compare notes and agree that life should not be this difficult or miserable in one of the leading industrial and wealthiest countries in the world.

So holidays are purposely psycho managed so people will feel good and then its used as an escape.

However its not natural for humans to feel so horribly to begin with on a daily basis.

Psycho management does what ignorance and religion or other forms of psychological oppression used to do.

And think about how many people just in the USA are in on individual Target's campaigns. Those property have some understanding of society being managed by covert methods.

So not everyone is being innocently oppressed. The powers thst be cannot enslave a society as they have historically without the assistance of the People themselves.

And I know being targeted makes you feel bad.

You are not what they have slandered. You are not what they have made you out to be.

You are a freedom fighter, a hero. In a country with many spineless cowards, I don't see behave as dependent children on an oppressive authority figure and simply out right greedy animals.
You are as the characters of stories about heroes throughout history.

Screw new years. It's always been for amateurs anyway.
The stupid bitch has a cold. I can feel it already.

Totally inconsiderate. Now I might get whatever she had.

She works as a cook at a local I am sure she'd be bringing home a lot of crap she caught at work.

I notice this is the quietest this room.has been since I got in here. No constant horn from the Union Pacific trains. Its NEVER been this quiet. Ever.

A Targeted Survivor Blogpost and A Promise To Everyone Back Home And The American Public

No matter what anyone does to me you'll never get me to behave the way you want me to. And you can't keep hiding the American public's role in perpetuating war crimes behind pretending to teach someone like me a lesson. The rest of the world will listen and understand when I tell them what goes on in the states. I will use the world wide hatred of America post Bush against you.

The world hates us becuz of exactly the reason you rationalize and validate your hate and mistreatment of me. Americans don't want to take responsibility for their governments or corporations actions and want to naively believe that all bad people are overseas somewhere or that like me they are outcast by good Americans.

I will be the bitch who finally makes you realize that YOU the American people are responsible for these warcrimes- becuz you don't listen and you don't care. You'd rather believe all the bullshit about someone like me.


You are going to pay for writing me off as just some pretty dumb girl you can destroy just becuz you are a jealous petty mob who thinks they can get away with it. Keep ignoring me. I will not expect any response to my expose here. I wont waste my time. But I know overseas they are salivating for it. Go ahead meet me with the same descending silence as every other whistle blower. Unlike them I've never been so naive as to expect any other reaction. Becuz I've been ignored all my life while being abused and exploited.

But people in other countries will be more than happy to read about yet another targeted person with yet the same story to tell. Except this time the names aren't so big unlike some other its more believable isn't it?

Who needs bombs and suicides when you've got facts and truths instead. Now do you understand why terrorists blow things up? Becuz you aren't listening to anything else. I don't expect anyone in the US will listen to me either. Or perhaps the USA prides itself on being able to ignore people as they please. A kind of luxury. And me being a white attractive straight female so I am socially acceptable to hate and not high up on the sympathy list of Liberals for instance.

The powers that be manipulate you and you love it becuz for all your compliance you get people you can hate on without having to worry about consequences.

I will make everyone pay its a matter of how long it takes.

Older Women Can Be Dangerous

Aww its time for the old bitches to show the still young attractive bitch who is boss...I have come to the conclusion that older women, if not of the right type temperament and if not satisfied with life are a danger to a younger woman's health. I dealt with this from my mother's family and here I am dealing with it again.

No women over 45 allowed to live in the same house unless they are hip, creative and not competing for lost time.

I never ever want to deal with this again.
Actually no I take that back: punks can wreck the squat as long as the sleeping area and creative areas are left alone. And I suppose as long as hippies are freaks making noise late at night actually doing creative things that would be cool. I think its wasted time and stupidity I want to get away from.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Gotta Leave

I am now have to leave this place I thought was safe. They have a puppy with flatworm they are being lazy about treating and caring for (it pisses everywhere and now both dogs are getting into the garbage.)

This lady insisted on moving into my room at ten o'clock at night due to the assistant supervisor wanting her to do it right away. At 10 pm all over a puppy. The puppy isn't paying rent. The live in manager of this sober house hasn't been here for days supposedly due to a sick friend.

This morning the garbage men emptied only two of the three garbage bins. I think this place is being given indications that it would be best if I didn't live here.

Well they did it if that was their goal becuz I am not staying somewhere that I get treated like this becuz some woman can't handle pressure. Typical Christian type the weak kind who's always looking for guidance from Christians strong in their faith.

She's extremely selfish is she's imposing on me like this at a late hour due to her own emotional weakness.

If you get threaded on once it will happen again. So I'm leaving. This place is a bunch of lazy, afraid women anyway except for two younger women. They don't do their chores either. Another social services program for losers. Weaklings. And they aren't doing much in forcing some structure on them either and strengthening them.

Forget it. Besides I don't need flatworm. If They want To get sick with something That doctors don't admit to so you remain sick and they can medicate you calling it a number of other ailments they can give into the system getting the best of them. I refuse To I've worked too hard to stay alive coherent and healthy.

Isn't there a communal living situation without weak idiots or hippies? Or punks that destroy the place? Wtf

Attempted Harassment In A Public Transit Station, Stopped By Someone Actually Doing Thier Job

The city I am in uses too many blacks so its not going to work. However they keep sending blacks first becuz its degrading and secondly becuz they want lots of footage with me using the N word.

Another trick used intermittently is to have a perfect pretty girl walk by dressed to the nines or else a red head becuz they know I am very intrigued by red hair. Not sexually but its uniqueness. They also know by now I am a sucker for beauty being that I am artistic. A woman I will be sure to look at (I used to be a knockout you know) walks by and after my taking in what she's wearing and she's past, she will touch her hand to the area where a man's wallet would be. There's been some use of that especially on buses here where its used most frequently nationwide anyway. Ifs been used in stores that are very targeted like MICROCENTER in Cambridge MA but using a redhead.

It happens so frequently that its obviously a tactic. Its a good one for them too becuz they can always have anyone do it after catching the TI off guard. You don't expect it especially when People like women in skirts don't have pockets.

A woman did this tonight at a bus station. After I was caught in that psychologically a car came by with a non ghetto black driver and fat faced white guy in passenger seat. I had earphones in and ignored them but the perps know by now that at this point I am triggered and caught like a fish in a net psychologically.

Even if I ignored it it would still be damaging or produce a brainwash state in my consciousness. Its all about keeping the Survivor under control.
Making them feel bad, singled out and picked on.

An employee approached the car and told them to get out of the bus lane area. As he did I laughed becuz the scene was broken. The chubby faced white guy in the passenger seat also smiled becuz he knew they had been interrupted or caught. A very Satanic smile. He.looked a bit like Aquino but a lot less..intense or intelligent. And it certainly wasn't a smile one could respect. Dumbasses is all they were, typical low level perps. And as usual the black dude was nervous and jittery. Probably doing this to get paid or made or whatever. F*cking idiot.

The fact that chubby gave a sly smile is indication enough that they were up to something as well as they have a warped, sick sense of humor.

ALL IT TOOK WAS FOR ONE PERSON TO INTERVENE AND ASSIST OR AT LEAST DO HIS JOB for the effect to be broken. Just one other person. This is why its important to keep the TI isolated.

There was also a black dude older, in the bus station doing stalking that was not so overt. Then again he might have just been nosy becuz of the way I am built but blacks down here seem to mind their P's and Q's. I don't trust it isnt gang stalking.

After the spell was broken by the employee I looked over at the honeytrap girl and all she could do was look away half ashamed and half hiding her face.

It was a nice evening for once.

Dealing With Disruptors In Conspiracy Research

It says "UFO" I know but it mentions MILABs and MK Ultra experimentees.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

They're All Guilty

Remember you're fighting against a bunch of pedophiles, Johns, drug dealers, rapists and such people who don't want to get caught.
IF THIS COUNTRY WANTED TO STOP KIDDIE RINGS, CHILD PORN, PROSTITUTION AND DRUG DEALING THEY WOULD HAVE DONE SO LONG AGO. They choose to leave a solid network intact. And gang stalkers are always people who don't want to get caught. They harass Targets, especially Survivors of mind control or people who have information about the sex industry because they themselves have something to hide.

My mothers family has a lot to hide and they think they can just betray me, help frame me and then put my squeaky clean cousin out in the forefront to make it look like my aunt was never a ho, my mother never a drug taking, welfare cheating child abuser and my uncle never shot dope or killed people for a living. That my grandfather was never a child molester. My mothers still just jealous becuz I had the Italian and Eastern European DNA she lacked to tell him or anyone else who tried to mess with me to f*ck off without caring about consequences.

My family can't hide what's gonna come out someday nor can Boston and Cambridge keep insisting I am the bad Guy so they can appear as if money and status makes for.good people.

..or that they aren't totally whores out to the military industrial complex there. Its ridiculous.

Unfortunately authorities like the FBI are totally discredited and can't be trusted. But they can be sued I assume. SOMEBODY has to be responsible for chasing me around the country, asking me what I think of George Bush and why am I traveling here...and where am I going next. And having idiots in Freemont tell me I am in Freemont becuz I am running from the FBI, while in the driveway across the street there's a douchebag in a black suit and tie with dark glasses in a sudan waving at me like 'we see you, we know where u r!'. Great! If u clowns gave me a subpeona then we.would've been all set!

Someone has to answer for ruining my life with games. Somebody is going to have to pay up. Perhaps the FBI if they aren't guilty would like to know who is going around impersonating them and misusing their clout in society....if they themselves were not the total bastards involved.

Stalking And Harassment In New Location

The new location is a big city. It is known for gangstalking along to ti community.

Last minute I've been receiving, is basically dumb tactics from way back during the Bush administration.

However, if you wanna make somebody look nuts by getting them anxiety ridden or if you want to keep them down by backing up years of trauma did you party city place that would be the way you do it.

It really doesn't matter where u go. Though these networks act as if they have backed off of TIs like me they are only acting more stealthfully due to knowing I have gear now in order to get evidence. If there were this many scumbags during Bush believe me they are still out here.

More Mind Tricks To Trap Me Into Moving Somewhere Disasterous

And of course lately I am getting a lot of ideations as well as flashing visions. Only two.

That I STILL belong in Oregon more so than any other place in the USA. That I would be welcomed there. This particular harassment has been going on for a few years now. It comes and goes but usually occurs when I am settled into a city somewhere, trying to stay in one place.

What's wrong with this is that I cannot live in OR due to the high mold content and the constant rain, humidity. I've traveled through there and I wasn't well during my short visit. I could not imagine living there.
Its also lacking in any classical or Greco-Roman or Masonic artworks or buildings, symbols or designs like the east coast or even Cali. Its only natural beauty is woods and mountains which, being from New England I am sick of anyway. Their woods don't have the very dainty, pretty quality New England has. To me its just a lot of wilderness. No form or artfulness to it.
Places like Portland contain a kind of modern artwork style and no classical works. It has a depressive effect on me after a short time. The sculpture there in public spaces made me depressed just looking at it. Oregon is not glamourous nor respectable as a structured, historic type place.

Though traveling through one area coming out of Utah one summer before hitting Portland area of the state, I got this feeling of being very comfortable as if some entity of parties would be more than happy to have me up there.

A strange inkling and flashing visions isn't a very good reason to move somewhere especially outside a major city in a whole other section of the state.

The other harassment that's been going on as anyone that reads this blog should know, for a very long time, is that I should go back home and go to UMass.

Now this is just ridiculous. Why does it have to be UMass? I can't go to school anywhere else??
Anyone who reads this blog knows that in MA last year I had a terrible time especially with my health. Whatever is going on up there its extremely dangerous for me to be there. This is where I started bleeding internally and was targeted very hard in that apartment in Dorchester MA.

The entire northeast is off limits for any extended periods of time. My health starts to fall apart there and I gain weight.

Nova Scotia is now a major electromagnetic pollution area. Unless you are young and healthy or wealthy I wouldn't live there. Under any circumstances.

Perhaps years ago when I WANTED to go to school there I could have but its too late now.

Eroticizing Equality

Did I mention that this activity lately has included eroticizing the NWO and all the Equality crap?

TOTAL brainwash, by definition if I ever saw an example of it.

The NWO is a cult. A mindless cult. Don't buy into it. Its a deception.


We always knew we couldnt trust her and its turned out to be true. A lot of people are being brainwashed into this, thinking It will bring world peace. A lot of them are under mind control and don't realize it like Stienem most likely.

Don't fall for it.

Being Targeted In New Place Down South

Where I am staying at night only and only in my bedroom there is a very nasty effect from what might be nearby powerlines or electromagnetic pollution (house has wifi as well as satellite TV. A lot of the neighbors have dishes too).
A part of a song I am familiar with usually something I've been listening to recently will get stuck in my head and repeat itself over and over. At the rate of a jackhammer sometimes. And other weird pinging noises. Its only for a few hours at night and ONLY in the physical location mentioned. I recently changed rooms due to a major health concern and since my second night here I have experienced this.

Its really horrible. Then the train is very loud most nights last night all night long they kept leaning on the horn. (Why is this necessary? There's no one around to get hit).

A lot of negative vibes from a few of the women. When one woman is present I get constant ideations that I should pack up and go back on the road again. A few of the women that don't work here and hang around all day are REALLY negative. You can just feel it coming off If them, as well as the shitty way they act. But its better than other places I've been.

Got a strong ideation this morning to leave becuz there's a puppy here they are taking cars of that has flatworm and I got a direct command to leave becuz of possibly getting flatworm. I looked it up and indeed they can transmit to humans and thy do a lot of damage to the organs. With my allergic reactions now I don't know if I could take medicines and can't take herbs surely.

Some healing is occuring but of course its coming along with a lot of content meant to change my nature. It seems very....Christian. Typically so.

Even my sexual health is being interferred with, the interference with the content of my imagination is definately hacked and being censored and used for further behavior modification. Basically its like FGM to make women less sexually powerful but psych warfare, torture, behavioral psychology and tech is used. Plus the damage to my genital area from not seeking medical attention for a while had helped damage nerves there.

See why people become travelers or take jobs that keep them away from settled areas for long periods? Smart ones we are.

The entire country is now under mass mind control and there's not much to do about it without having the money for shielding like living in a concrete steel structure no cell reception etc.

Oh and a lot of forced content concerning that this has all been a part of the new world system to make people not think about themselves as much and to create true equality. This is why we have to lose our privacy as citizens. We are no longer allowed to be individuals with personal power. We have to join this world wide brotherhood that's created.

Which is BS of course. Its only the common people. I am sure the elite don't have to. Its all deception to more easily get the public to buy into being enslaved.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Norwegian Expat Claims There's More To the Lone Shootings In Norway

Well, the only good things come out of this is that it might keep those radical muslims in line, finally. Or it might just be used to put added pressure on the norwegian people in creating on yet another police state.

a possible voice-to-skull murder case in texas

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Author Who Inspired Truman Show Possible TI/ Artists Exploited For Creative Works

Here's another twisted pretzel like mind game from the gs system.

This guy was more than likely targeted. FBI agents paying him visits? Father worked for govt? Berkeley CA???

Total Recall and Blade Runner are dead on concerning programming and mind controlled slaves.

Also here is an example of how the gs system rips off artists. One way to steal ideas is to torment a creative person and thus their output and originality is phenomenal yet they are usually "in near poverty" or in poverty their whole lives.
Also typical is places or people like Hollywood picking up on the artist's work and turning it over as hugely successful only AFTER the targeted person is dead. So so typical.

He didn't go to the hospital when advised to-why? Who wouldn't get medical attention for such a frightening onset of symptoms especially after being advised by a person aligned with the medical field?
Perhaps he was mistreated or harassed to many times. Stopping care for your health is typical for targeted persons. The fear of being vulnerable in an emergency situation like surgery or of being mistreated by staff yet one more time becomes unbearable- TIs are CONDITIONED OVER TIME to no longer seek medical attention. This helps along the process of destroying the person; it also assists in hiding other damages done to the Target via ACTIVE GANG STALKING or PASSIVE GANG STAKING. The former being actions taken against the Target such as exposure to chemicals as part of covert warfare or the use of bio agents such as mycotoxins etc (these are most easy to make look like just 'bad luck' situations or happenstance.) and the latter includes professionals not doing their jobs, purposeful negligence etc. These are also easy to make appear like misfortunes when in fact the system makes sure the Target themselves knows they are not seperate random, natural events but a never ending string of action and inaction performed for the sole purpose of slowly destroying the Targeted Individual physically, mentally and emotionally.

What is most distasteful about this wiki page is that his work is used as reference to novels that inspired the movie The Truman Show, which patients are using as a media reference to describe their situation where circumstances indicate to them they are being watched, monitored and their lives are like a reality TV show akin to the Truman Show movie scenerio.

Yet if they are Targeted Individuals, all of the very real circumstances would indeed indicate just that!

One of the biggest and most used tricks I have experienced the Dirty Tricks Dept using is what I call Chicken Or The Egg?

They arrange smear campaigns and frame ups and place
information so that they basically have predicted what scenerios and behaviors the TI will end up manifesting and expressing, and they usually push the person into such actions on purpose.

For instance to suggest to the TI in the beginning of a campaign that they are dangerous when they don't even get it yet, to smear them as potentially dangerous to the public and then use the gs system over time to push them into snapping, lone shooter being the worst case scenerio with specific Targets say.

Yet the person wasn't even capable or considering such actions in the beginning stages of the harassment and stalking.

Think of it as the gs system using time travel or a sort of manipulation of time. Self fulfilling prophecies.

Nothing but deception which is the mainstay of the gs system.

They are using a possible Targeted Individual or perhaps Survivor's work yet simply perceiving of it as the work of a successful schizo that due to his creativity is exempt from his mental illness status carrying stigma, as a fictional example to describe a delusion or syndrome among mentally ill persons!

Yet the alternative is that these people are being targeted as was the author who inspired the movie Truman Show!!


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Former CIA Philip Agee On Writing: Working For The Company

The vids on page don't work so I posted a few below.

Its like a book on tape nowadays the way he tells the story. Modern attention spans tend to be short so be aware. Its very refreshing however to hear someone actually just tell a story out right.
The other great thing about this is if you have ever had to deal with intrigue you'll appreciate hearing this.

Imagine if they were capable of all that back then, what are they capable of now with the advancement in technologies.

Average citizens now have the capacity to spy on people as well as create networks such as SmartMobs using cell phones.

For anyone denying organized stalking and harassment of Targeted Individuals do you honestly believe such an organization or similar parties would allow the public to be on equal par with them in such capacities?

The problem nowadays is not spying and revealing information its using all that's been learned over the years to control the population, like never before.

When I hear books on tape nowadays its very controlled. I can tell that the orator is not just flowing but there is a lot of control over where your imagination is going to go with it in the process of listening to a story.

What I have experienced over these years and with what I know about mind control, a very powerful entity in society has progressed in leaps and bounds in the ability to utilize mind control in media and through technologies, in order to control the population as well as target specific individuals.

With what we know about Project Paperclip, MK Ultra and programming of human beings, this scenerio is totally feasible.

The only confusion seems to be exactly who is behind it? Gang stalking for instance? In a world where crime organizations use advanced technologies and have manpower we can't always claim its a govt agency. Outsourcing overt and covert operations to private companies makes it difficult to say who they are working for- if its a government entity they can hide behind this loophole.

These people saw that the world was going to get more complicated and so have found ways to get around exposures that could be embarrassing as well as liability.

The military is obviously suspect, due to the military industrial complex needing to be fed constantly . With a paper like MINDWAR in existence their involvement is all the more likely.

Someone like myself, an uneducated person who was never privy to information about how any of this works, can become very confused as to exactly who is responsible.
For all I know the CIA is working to help keep the military from taking over through projects such as MINDWAR deems possible.

Its a bit hard to take when you think in terms of he CIA and other agencies being in on such a conspiracy collectively.

However, someone somewhere wants TIs to expose this or people like me wouldn't still be writing blogs etc.

Also over the years there have been new agencies created, ones that average Americans aren't even familiar with.

The way the authroities are structured nowadays is very complex and confusing compared to years ago.

What is most disturbing is the outright brainwashing that seems to be going on of much of the public.

One main reason that whoever is behind organized stalking and harassment is so confident is that the ability to mind control the masses is so absolute now that they fear no exposure. The circus is so large, with so much information to chose from that life seems surreal. Like none of it really matters. Not even our own demise.

This false environment they have created largely through media and tech such as cyber space, radio and TV, makes what is really going on in solid reality seem not as important anymore.

In fact one could look at it as if there has been an entire new dimension created by the existence of media through tech. One that is new to humans and we are not very good at balancing our real lives with it.
It seems like there is an ultimatum to either exist in the new dimension or be out of what defines modern society altogether.
Yet the missing factor as to why humans would want to exist largely in the media saturated cyber/tech world is mass mind control. If you interrupted the signals for a time people would start coming out of this deep freeze. I don't know what would happen to the kids born native into this. They would have to adjust.

Humanity was going to evolve due to the internet anyway as well as personal technologies available to them. Its simply that some powers wanted to ensure that evolution was engineered to their liking and to benefit their agenda not something more positive..and natural.

Enslaving humanity is not a great way to ensure world peace.

This is how far we've come with covert activities interfering with our lives-and our evolution as a species. Science is completely out of control when it comes to the agenda. And remember, many scientists are mysteriously killed, targeted or shunned due to their not wanting to be a part of this agenda.

And anyone who claims gang stalking doesn't exist is an idiot or a total liar out for themselves. Just watching these videos every heavily targeted TI has had to live through this paranoia.

These videos are just ONE PERSON exposing information. And for them to follow him to every country is pretty extensive. Imagine now with technologies-forget about ditching anyone following you now.

And what about many TI experiences with how massive the gs networks are. In my experience during Bush more people than not were part of this. Bus drivers, it seemed like 90% were in on it and passengers as well. Coincidentally Homeland Security gave them special powers and funding during the Bush years becuz they considered them Americas first line of defense.

But no one wants to deal with the reality that covert ops were used during that time period to create an entirely new society, one that's controlled and surveilled and now mass mind controlled.

People don't want to believe it but its true. Those of us trying to speak out about what we know and have experienced are worse than simply chased from location to location-we are jammed mentally so we forget or get diverted,our emotions altered to make us feel anxiety, anger, depression and our minds manipulated so we believe the situation is hopeless. With years of psychological warfare we are made to believe over time that no one will believe us or listen.

With whatever force the system has, mentally we are forced to run memories over and over again, until we commit suicide.

Worse than death is being kept in a constant interface, decieved minute by minute, until we are kept alive in a tormented state of existence.

One book of importance may be all we can produce in a lifetime, when many Targets could have been capable of so much more.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Insurance Companies Using Black Ops Tactics To Frame Claimants

I just realized as I have had time to rest that insurance companies who dread having to pay someone like me as the damages are so great may be involved in gs like activity and spying.

Due to me being so harassed I was unable to make the best decisions at all times or behave like a reasonable person during to being persecuted hounded chased stalked etc.

Anyone witnessing this recording it would be able to possibly is it against any future claims I make against injuries.

And I never considered such parties monitoring social network sites or even this blog. Under such duress imgaine what someone might say.

They might have been all along planning for a day I found refuge somewhere to ensure when I became able to function normally and in safety that I was already discredited as well as had provided much to that end along the way.

The situation might also be that insurance companies are utilizing black ops type activity or any company that assists the campaign gets protected from claims by whoever got them on board to begin with.

All other factors in my case do not change the fact my mother is a documented radiation experimentee connected to MK Ultra. In an infamous hospital for such activity none the less.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Keep it Up, Brats

Did I add that I woke up to intermittent car alarm noise along with more of the charming train bs and my phone went crazy by ringing a ring not chosen as my ringtone after I turned it off and on EVEN THOUGH NO ONE WAS CALLING? I had to put on my location a buncb of apps and put it in the freezer to make it stop.

Coincidentally I was looking up info about Mitt Romney, Mormon weirdness and corruption, Bush 'Sr' and the previous train article and left my phone with these multiple windows open when fell asleep?

Maybe I will get politically active as well. Imagine my big mouth, personality and t&a in a political campaign for or against a candidate, especially with my knowledge of 'dirty tricks'? A tenacious Yankee involved in politics down here might be veeery interesting. Hmph.

Or just rally against whoever is in office for the Union Pacific issue as well as anything else wrong with...well ANY city I go to.

It doenst matter where you go, youll get messed with anywhere and the perps will continue to act like brats having tantrums.

After the way the train industry messed with me during Bush I would love to put a few dents in their reps...and I can make people actually listen.

Noise- its nothing sleep aides and earplugs won't fix.

Union Pacific Trains Bring Hazard To San Antonio Residents

Look it up and get the desktop site. PDF or Quickview.

This should add insult to injury concerning the obnoxious train noise this evening which I dont recall experiencing last night.

Maybe I will start becoming part of this protest or on some committee. I will definately become pro active in seeking action on noise ordinance levels for train horn and why the need to blow so long? Its unessary late at night and evening.

I have alot of time on my hands remember that.

Also intermittent car alarm sounds (with a far off train in the backround) is only going to add to the charm of my voice recording or video taken of how obnoxious this is.

Its not 2007 anymore. I know how to ace this.

BTW all cities in the USA who arent Castle Rock CO or Flagstaff AZ etc, (rich enough to avoid having these games with TIs),
are ALL THE SAME in respect to getting harassed if you try to settle anywhere so leaving is pointless.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dr John Hall On GS In San Antonio TX

Military Use Of Electromagnetic and Microwave Technologies

Clear Last Few Days

I had just deleted a post that focused on my feeling clear of remote influence with its varied side effects over the past few days. Somewhat since the 15th but completely since the war officiallly ended publicly a day or two ago. (dont recall when news report was, traveling now.)

The difference is definitely noticeable.

I theorized it was either the wae ending, the holidays or one of these perhaps mixed with location.

However upon publishing I started to feel depressed, flat and forgetful/brain fogged again.

I know this blog is monitored by the gs system becuz once i started using my phone to post an not public computers i dont get harassed in specific locations, or rather i DO get harassed noticeably when i log into this blog from public access systems usually a public library. Log ins at colleges I havent taken note of any change other than it seems i am monitored when on such a system which i think is well known standard since 9-11. Some colleges post it right on the computer this is the case.

So this blog is risky always has been becuz its obviously hacked.

However i will be able to tell moreso after the holidays.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Retirees Amused By Surveillance Cam Content

The cool thing about people this age is that they lived in youth with SOME sense of privacy and decency about how to treat other human beings in regards to privacy. They may gossip but they probably wont mob anybody.

The problem with this is no one is revealing how such x ray vision or mirrors of reality-such power can be abused.

People write about it happening but it doesnt seem to be a major area of mental health concern for humans generally.

Mirrors are used in internal programming as in all kinds of illusions.

Its harmless until one considers the amount of mirror images we encounter daily in modern times.

Congressional Oversight Crippled The CIA-??

If the CIA is crippled and incapable of such large scale covert action as gwng stalking then who is responsible?
The DOD?

Art and Cover Operations. Book; Andy Warhol And The Can Who Sold The World
Note Eisenhower's speech.
How different it is in a tyranny indeed.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Most Obvious Psy Ops Media Of The Year Award: TV Show PERSON OF INTEREST. PERSON OF INTEREST on CBS.

The sleazy, ambitious, drug peddler, diddling, slime in Hollywood really out did themselves with this show.

As usual the real motives behind gs campaigns are diverted and the real perpetrators are hidden behind a mask of some great, unknown entity.
"Hunted by authorities we work in secret". (Roll eyes now).
This is a common tacctic used on Targeted Individuals. Many times unfair actions against the Target are attributed to a faceless, inaccessable higher power. Everything from people around you referring to the gang stalkers as 'They' to a store employee telling a Target that unfair treatment has been dictated down from 'the bosses' but never with a sense of a corporate headquarters one could call.

The motive for targeting people in the show as usual blames the victims (Targets).
'They' supposedly go after people for crimes that the government overlooks as unimportant in the grand scheme of world events or in the big picture.

This TV show is by far the most damaging piece of propaganda becuz it hits those who may know that such a system actually exists but knows only what they are told of cover stories about why Targets are being attacked and stalked.

Actually gs is a lot like feeling monitored constantly. The tech part of it is very much like that.

However most TIs are targeted becuz they know too much, they whistleblow at high levels and had the credibility to make trouble or victim witnesses to unethical human experimentation, Survivors of mind control projects or Ritual Abuse- all of whom can recall damning evidence through memories at some point.

In short, this show sucks. Its abusive and insulting to anyone who has suffered under this system, lost their lives and had their potential taken from them as well as their futures.

Check it out just to see what I mean...then ignore it with a vengeance. Becuz its nothing more than a head game to twist up Targets to somehow believe that we deserve to be tormented.
Ignore the attempts to block our cause with more psychological warfare. Becuz that's all this is. Just more smoke and mirrors.

This might explain a lot:
I can just see these jackasses "hanging out" with these creeps and being "on board". It certainly defines the social scene of rich people I experienced in Boston. Everything was done by who you knew or did favors for. Everything was ridiculously easy. The ego trip most people are going to have concerning hanging out with those elements of society is what is most disgusting.
Now lets see if there are any articles on organized crime's influence on Hollywood.
Isn't the new system of whitewash wonderful? Its as sleazy and corrupt as the 70s ever was except they make it look as if corruption is being cleaned up with choice scapegoats. So the public believes its no longer a corrupt system.

Book: Hollywood and The CIA:

The war is Over, Who Cares? It Doesnt Help TIs Get Their Lives Back!

Is the gang stalking going to stop now that the war is over? Is the remote influence and torment going to stop?

Its obvious that mind control and psy ops was used to get the tribes over there to bond with the American side.

Can I sue now? Can I sue my family and the military and the colleges, Brighton and Boston and various police departments?

How do I know? Becuz someone named Rebecca in St Louis MO at that hostel told me so. She said I would be targeted heavily for ten years. From 2001 till now, if the campaign is going to let up now.

So the best years of my life spent in exile being tormented and harassed jusr for some foreign war?

Im pissed and I want justice and revenge. This country is full of shit and its military abuses power to the fullest.

So I had to wait until all the greedy assholes made their money and now that my life and future is ruined do I get any relief?

F*ck the United States and the military or whatever power perpetrates gang stalking and harassment.

I was singled out and tortured simply becuz I was going to recall memories or I couldve testified against that bitch Julie or expose my family for being abusive.

America is a lie. The United States is a lie. All the worst people, criminals and total scum went on to have great lives and I was kept on the run for years and tortured.

The military only care about making money and controlling the public. I dont care what they tell your gullible asses on the news.

Corruption and scum run the United States Of America. And if I cant get restitution and justice for what Ive lost becuz the truth is being hidden underneath propaganda that I am schizophrenic or lying then I will make it my lifes work to travel around the world and telling anyone who will listen that the USA is essentially a bought out country controlled by special interests and everything is pulled off by covert operations from the get go.

I hate this country. And if I cant be happy or have a life or get the respect I deserve then I will give America and shithole Boston MA what it deserves.

The scum in Boston all get to have great lives? ?? Why? They are criminals.

Was it an absolute necessity for the war that I be harassed, mocked, insulted, followed, laughed at and humiliated? Especially during the Bush years, specifically the worst torment taking place during Hayden's time in office. (Michael Aquino's buddy from the military. They resemble each other and even blink alike erratically when interviewed.)

Scum is in ultimate power around the world.

And why was the Jewish community so involved as well as Isreal?

Something is very off concerning the entire 9-11 era. And the media can attempt 'feel good' sentiment all they want. (The war ending officially before Xmas? Talk about timing. The public are eating it up).

The country was so abused during Bush and so much has happened ancestors then that the public has been lulled into not remembering. I and other TIs remember. And we wont let this go. We WILL persevere.

And if ANY one, ANY part of the FBI or similar factions thinks they can abuse their authority the way they have and that I deserved any of this, they need to wake up and realize they are nothing more than victims of brainwashing. Or self righteous assholes. That goes for any part of organized crime as well.

They think they can do whatever they want and hide behind a war to conceal their true motives. The black community got Obama in- that was their price for helping during Bush.
And they also need to pay. You think you can cry victim and poor mouth while holding power quietly so the public are kept in a controlled perception about blacks. While having major crime organizations connected to rogue government well as any corruption or abuse of power within the FBI itself.

The public believe COINTELPRO just went away. As if people that screwed up and into control of others wouldn't raise children that screwed up as well. I've seen too many scum bag perps use their children in this. So the kids are brainwashed, basically domestic terrorists.

A number of very stupid people in this country thought they could get off on their personal petty hang ups and grievances by harassing me but they were being used by the system for something much more sophisticated and sinister. And from what I've seen over the years most of these people are either child molesters or back the culture or, like my family, come from a background where a perpetrator of sex with children, a pedo, was harbored by the family and the family is in desperate denial.

Screw your false happy endings.

You've got people at Harvard and MIT into these abuse and stalking groups, the kids at MIT looking generally more guilt ridden about the situation than Harvard. Interestingly you've also got proffessors as escort clients at both of those places as well. And both colleges have been involved with unethical human experimentation. MIT- military contractors and Harvard- CIA projects.

The end of the war doesn't change the pukes that run our country or our world. It changes nothing for those of us who have seen the truth.

Why does the public persist in living in a 20th century mentality when the tech and knowledge of the elite is 21st century?

Our war never ends and no one believes us anyway. Life may not be fair but why can't it not be fair to the people behind the gs system at times instead of always unfair to Targets?

Screw your dramas. Until the next meat grinder of young men and women is arranged always set in motion by covert action.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bored Lawyer Threatens Fonda After Obama Joke

Who can blame him? We live in times where we are forced into feeling this way.

Obama was groomed and chosen becuz he pisses off certain people.

Hes as two faced as Bush. He tries to use Teddy Roosevelt as an example of how he loves America and wsnts to also act in our best interest, yet before this election timr he was busy abusing his position by claiming that America is a country with "her" best years behind her. He and his wife especially have played the race card unashamedly and tried to get out of thier former strong associations with a racist nutjob pastor and church.

Face it people: he never would have gotten into office without the Bush era terrorizing us and beating us down with unbelievable abuse of power and opportunistic exploitation of 9-11 and the war.

To be fair there are a number of African Americans that any of us would rarher have seen in office and at least theyd have real cred from actually being from AFRICAN Americans not questionable if they were born in Kenya or not. And his attentions to Africa as opposed to American poverty is overt, insensitive and also opportunistic. He and his wife serve as a racial focus, a distraction so Bush and company, including Blackwater and the like, can ride off into the sunset with the booty without answering for warcrimes and other horrors.

Anyone who still sees clearly, who hasnt become a zombie walking off into the fog for eternity, never again to awaken to reality, (most of the American public) is going to be resentful towards the agenda and its players.

Obama in many ways is obnoxious.

Also the sensationalist lawyer who says he could be incarcerated for such a joke is welcome to try it.

I doubt if the Fonda's connections in general are going to allow that.

The Cyclical Holiday Lull From Being Targeted

The holidays especially Christmas are torture for many TIs. To give someone's life back to them for a short peroid of time and then take it right back from them is essentially part of the torment TIs experience. Part of this is knowing one can finally take action yet many resources are not going to be available due to the holiday.

Once again the Target is isolated.

One feels calm, peacful, hopeful for a future, confident without anxiety or any kind of insanity -like a normal person basically with a normal life.

This is given back to the Target for only a short enough time for them to realize all they have lost or been denied in life by the powers that be. Its also done during a period of time when they cannot take action or express these positive qualities and take advantage of this lull becuz everyone is on holiday.

Its also a way of cleverly continuing brainwashing the TI to give up their whistleblowing and to conform to the social norms of society...and remain silent life long about harassment, being blacklisted, abused and especially revealing the existence.of a huge network within the USA and abroad capable of the organized stalking, psy warfare and use of technologies on ONE targeted individual.

I am realizing more and more that when you are targeted out of having any kind of decent life the world goes on without you and you never recover.

The lull in being targeted and experiencing a return to normal life actually contributes to Targets feeling suicidal (depending on what phase they are in personally).

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Walmart using RFID in Underwear and Other Products

(Couldnt space or use number keyes as this browser or Bloggrr on this browser has been corrupted somehow) The problem once again is no one is being honest or realistic about abuse of such access by powerful entities that DO have the money to track people. As well as sophisticated crime syndicates .Interestingly the article points out that radio waves dont travel well or work through water or underground. Every true Targeted Individual experiences exactly the same conditions. Whether it be an ocean down to a bathtub bodies of water provide relief.And its not just TIs or mass mind -this kind of pollution is simply bad for human beings animals and even vegetation. Trees have already shown to be damaged by WIFi.The end of the world may not be as quick and compelling as a nuclear bomb. might come as a slow kill. And each generation will percieve this to be normal..until total devestation is the norm.Unless of course like the elite you have purchased your land to be tunneled out.or plan to take a dollar ride into space perhos in future to go live on Mars or the space station .They are going to make money off of rhe lower classes, trash the place, then leave.Why does that not surprise me?

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Reading Up On Defense Industry Assists TIs

There are a number of publications that keep up on defense industry, contracting even DEW! Those of us targeted yet uneducated would benefit from reading up on such things.

Most Survivors of mind control projects like programming etc seem to have been kept from much of how the world really works. Expendables are trained and utilized strictly for their purpose(s) and then as we know- meant to self destruct at a certain time.

Much is done to ensure if we do survive that we are as dumbed down as possible, and whats being done as far as technologies in use to dumb down the masses and TIs does not help at all.

I find my writing on these blogs is only back to its original quality on Sundays and holidays. Mostly now all my writing is just complaining or being vengeful. I find I am kept in a state of anxiety, insecurity, feeling I must work harder to achieve status in society, get revenge. Much has done to ensure dissidents and anyone who knows whats going on or wakes up to it is cut down and silenced so they are discredited as well as unable to function.

Much of the running over of memories that is part of what grinds one down and drives many to suicide seems to be relieved by conditions where remote influence is blocked or not present: Sundays, holidays, underground, in a concrete and steel structure with metal roofing etc. Yesterday I was being driven up a mountain and upon losing cell signal I felt as calm, clear and 'normal' as a kid in the early 1990s.

Air pollution and electromagnetic pollution are destroying human helath and have made cities unhealthy to dwell in. Nust so companies can continue to make money the truth is hiddenn from the public.

Then big pharma aloo makes mony off of covering up much of human illness from these causes by overmedicating and using biological psychiatry to explain away symptoms and poison human bodies even further.

The benefits of what makes cities seem fun and exciting are ssimply distractions from what is happening in reality to human beings and other life forms due to various kinds of pollution.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fools Reign

BTW I dont support the Kenyan Haravard grad either with the extremist racist pastor. Race card playing is soooo tacky at best. Its boring as well. What year is this?

We either get Obama or Romney. Neither of these parties seems to care about whites in poverty nor salvaging the middle class.

We need a candidate who isnt the elite's idea of a joke on the public nor cartoonish like every president since Reagan. (Clinton was good but the sax as a selling point on MTV? I'm still insulted I was duped as a youth..while Dad Bush sat back and lost all the debates on purpose and still had most of the nation convinced he was 'a wimp' whilst he and his controlled the strings all along. Annoying as hell. I review those old debates and see a lot of things I didn't see at 18 or 22) It just got worse after Clinton. Its just been one long sadistic comic strip really.

We need someone who isnt representing special interests but cares for Americans not specific demographics.

And I refuse to give any money to Africa until they stop feeding people just to make more starving children as well as perfoming ANY Female Genital Mutilation on any females of any age. Those bastards over there still pay bride prices for wives.

Female US citizens should demand no taxes be alloyed to Africa until this is no longer an issue. Refuse to pay taxes if any of it is going towards that sadistic sexist bs.
Americans arent told about all the dictators over there or rebels or military who frequently steal US aid and supplies anyway. Much of Africa is kept.down on purpose to exploit the land's various resources and the people as well. That entire place could have been improved drastically by now if it was much more closely watched by the public. How many more years of heart string pulling ads of sick starving children do Westerners need before they realize their emotions are being appealed to so they dont seek any true knowledge or stats on Africa? Ive heard complaints about the starving African chikdren ads for years mostly from blacks who are hip its a con. We should all get wise to what's really going on over there.

How many people know that one of the world's richest countries is in Africa? Can't THEY spare a bowl of rice and some meds (which should NOT be provided without vesectomies or birth control shots/ implants for females, without exception)?!

Wise up to being conned.

There has GOT to be someone other than Obama or Romney. Just ANYONE other than those two.
;Both are ultimately so insulting to me that having a plane ticket for Europe at the ready by next election seems mandatory.

Its your own greed, ignorance and stupidity thats gotten these clowns and their cronies this far.
Sadly most Americans are asleep and will remain that way. Brainwashing works! And with the progress in technology its practically unbeatable.
America is never going to change. We are isolated over here on this continent and removed from.our ancient homelands and cultures its quite easy for powerful bullying factions to define for us what 'America' means or culturally what it goes on.

America, technically is a part of The Americas cut out by a false man made border on a map. In recent history it was already occupied by Natives who were genocided in an ongoing action that makes many other genocides, recent or throughout history seem paled in comparison.
Immigrants from other parts of the world now occupy the land mass known as The United States Of America. Many carry the DNA of the original Native population and many do not. So what IS 'America' by definition? Not a text book one but as defined by its people?
Many of us thought we knew. And by deception, coercion, intimidation, unethical tactics like chemical and technological influence the definition of our country has slowly changed with the most severe shift brought on hidden under the guise of wartime during the recent G. W. Bush administration.

The people cannot exactly define their own destiny nor culture if they are withheld critical information about what exactly is utilized to form it or what it genuinely consists of.

World wide these changes are going on and while American youth only has the spine to peacefully Occupy, Europeans have been violently rioting for years...much of that behavior is even questionable as to if its been a lot of provocation from covert operatives- while authorities often claim its soley the actions of the poor, arrest records of protesters and rioters show differently.

The question now more than ever is how much does the individual care that he is being lied to or conned? Hmph with constant propaganda being pushed to focus on 'community' who can think individually or in worldly terms? Another con, another diversion.

For many of us America simply no longer exists and we as Targets are stateless persons.

I suppose its better than being happy-and fooled.

Romney Likes Steven Tyler's Show But Claims To Not Know Any Vampires

Why Mitt! Of course you do (know some vampires). The people backing you publicly are one mere example....and after the things youve done to people to get where you are today, and to fufill your obsession with being president becuz your dad could not....just look in the mirror.

The LDS church isnt faring too well with their track record of mind control victims.

"uh, I dont know any (vampires)". Are you actually going to let this guy into the presidency just becuz that's what Bush and his people want? Or that Romney played ball during Jr's administration while govenor of MA??

AMERICA ARE YOU TIRED OF THE TYRANNY YET??? Stop tormenting yourselves and get rid of this guy out of the race...sheesh.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bush Isnt The Only One

This saddened me. I have always felt bad for George Bush 'Jr'. I know hes not a Jr but thats what the common people refer to him as. And I miss him. Why? You ask with all the torture and horror of his years in office?
Becuz if Bush had stayed on I would be dead from torture and terror by now. Id have finally been at peace, Id have not been tortured and run ragged within an inch of my life but I would have lost my an incredible power. An era where the most evil forces rose up and shown themselves to humanity at least here in America. And unlike today, I could see my enemy. I knew clearly I was being attacked. The gs was very overt, the content of the attacks mosrly by humans in person. I felt alive, I knew what was real and what was not. I knew I was in the midst of war and I was fighting to survive.
With this new president has come such a death, such a horrible new era that I can barely stand to survive. I feel nothing, I get no stimulation. I can make nothing of what really happened as no one but few know and its denied anyway.

What happened during Bush's administration perhaps was an opening of the gates but only with Obama has there been such a betrayal as to close them behind us and lock them for eternity. That era caused some kind of rift as to start a new era altogether. And for many of us its literally been the ending of our lives.

Yet Bush himself is hardly the only guilty party. Blair, and many powerful people in Bushs administration and world wide are guilty and most of all look to Blackwater and the military industrial complex in general. They are the ones with the real voodoo that one must watch out for.

And blacks in power and everywhere wanted this so badly they would and DID do anything to get Obama in. It was a black conspiracy and that.goes all the way over to Africa. Do not be naive about how rich and powerful blacks are few in number. They have, in many ways since Bush and largely DUE TO the Bush era, taken over the world and its only escalating.

I also notice that people are quick to mess with Jr but usually dont even toy with Daddy Bush.
Before you go after easy prey becuz you are being fed bs, look to the real power. These people serving in office now are a joke compared to the old guard. Being that the American public have been dumbed down and made clinically insane by video games, computers, endless gadgets, taking away recreational drugs and insisting on psych meds for replacement as well as a ridiculous inflation of the cost of living, the public has lost most of their memory of what REALITY is or was. An entire insular false environment has been created and you live in it now. We have entire multiple generations not only born native to technology but born native to stupidity....watching OCCUPY is testament to this. They have no idea at all what to expect from any examples from the 60s. The fact that cops beat them is like a big surprise to raised by hovering parents and constant survaillence by the system. They are mostly ineffectual at dealing with getting raided. They seem totally innocent grass a world with activists having ties to people giving them intel...its ridiculous. They think nothing like my militant parents generation who gave the powers that be a good run for their money. They are commendable but they are ten years too late. They are merely reacting finally to how obvious it is weve been screwed over.

Its not just Bush and the only war crimes and human rights abuses are not damned water boarding- the existence and use of microwave, electromagnetic and other weapons must be considered, used by the USA and any other country as well.
By the way, they can waterboard via hovering helicopter overhead, its virtual or psychic waterboarding if you will and its the same treatment for interrogation as physical waterboarding. Dont you think that f*cks a person up just as badly as the real physical act? Targets like myself are tortured for years not just a few choice incidents. Gimme a f*ckin break.

What about Bush himself. Do you honestly believe he would be as he is without being his father's son...or his mother's even?

I witnessed someone slightly sad become more saddened, aged and hardened by the years as president of the USA during those years. I, cannot in good conscience, blame one man singularly.

He acts in the interest of people much more powerful and frightening than what the American public get to see.

In order to understand what truly happened during those years Americans must be honest with themselves and I dont see that happening anytime soon.

And until people have the guts to do that, we will for the remainder of our lives, be locked into darkness-kept behind the gates.

If YOU want to stay tethered then do so but I never did like it and always kept bucking my being enslaved by anything: sex, money, heroin, family ties, incompatable men, jobs beneath me etc.

The gs system wants to trap someone spirited and then finally break one the way the system never could.

Stop blaming one damn family and read some books and talk to some professors for christsake and start learning what is really going on and has been for some time now.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Movie Review: Serenity

Like I needed to see this. Its good so far..with the NWO being represented as negative and forced social control. The beginning is disturbing though. Its like the latest Star Wars prequels meets BBC sci fi tv meets Bladerunner.

Its nice actually. No big names, no big budget.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Movie Review: Oceans Thirteen

Viewing this movie. Its VERY much like what goes on in a gang stalking campaign. So...there are criminal organizations who do these things as opposed to just agencies belonging to govt etc. If Targets are subjected to the use of technologies in a campaign that means sophisticated criminal organizations have access to such things. The movie might be showing what covert agencies use in targeting someone but dont want to reveal the source so make it look like only criminals do such things. Messing with that one guests room and food certainly was familiar to any TI. The help being in on it and having his picture on arrival is also very familiar. Ill never forget whst that group of people in a cab who offered me a ride said to me, one guy taunted me "You look just like your piiccctuurre". Had fun didnt we, during those heady Bush years when you could get away with anything under the guise of a legit investigation or the confusion and fear of wartime. Big f*ckin joke wasn't it? I can still see the bastards face who said it, each time I run that memory over. Slouched in the back seat with a few women a bunch of YUPpie looking people who blend in perfectly to any such setting in any city. I guess its like the little bastard at the Manhattan hostel said:" Its all about the money"(involved in targeting someone). Yer all so f*cking hard arent you? As long as you are in a mob or have access to superior knowledge on the singled out, isolated Target, as long as you are provided anonymity and protection by higher ups. You are nothing. You are insects in a hive. And I hope thst I and other TIs who survive with memories intact break you by exposing you to the public....again and again until the public realizes you are not simply the stuff of movies.

Book: Universities In The Business Of Repression-The Academic Military Industrial Complex

Book: Universities In The Business Of Repression-The Academic Military Industrial Complex

Tufts Human Experimentation On African Infants

No surprise considering how heavy the remote influence is within Tufts Medical Center formerly named New England Medical Center. As Ive posted before the psych warfare within that hospotal by staff is generally nasty as well.

Arent they just so confident. As if no one is ever going to catch them.

The public must begin to understand how corrupt higher institutions of learning have always been and continue to be. That scientists and medical professionals often are so removed from humanity by various factors that they have no respect for human lives-only business and success.

The myth that medical professionals all behave according to Hypocrates inspired oath is just that-untrue. Human beings with power and superior knowledge are capable of abuse of power. It matters not their profession nor status.

Tufts, including thier dental school has always been extremely nasty to me personally as a Target. It will be a great pleasure to lump them at the top of the heap of corrupt, overprivileged institutions involved in torture, war crimes and generally arrogant behavior.

In fact, I am salivating just thinking about it. Tufts is one of the absolute worst.

Nuremburg Codes being broken doesnt matter to people who deny any wrong doing has been done at all to begin that comment I recieved on this blog as of posting about being harassed and malpractice being the basic behavior at the Harvard owned Mt Auburn Hospital in Cambridge, MA this summer-"Youre crazy". Typical strong response to claims of psych warfare from such an institution.

Boston and Cambridge are abusive, corrupt and deeply tied into organized crime, old money and the military industrial complex.

I have dealt with these people all my life and dealt with powerful people. The general attitude is that they may do as they please....becuz its Boston. Becuz its the east coast. Becuz they are the collegiate and Ivy league elite.

Why Dont More Targets Sue? Just To Gain Numbers?

Suing the FBI, even CIA or local cops even city doesnt sound like a bad idea.

It makes sense for them over the years to have gotten as much dirt on me as possible or anything to discredit me.

Yet I know, somehow, there is a way around that good old reliable insurance of theirs they keep on people theyve f*cked over.

And I am just the person to find it. An expose is going to be fun...but an expose after a lawsuit is better. Maybe I can even sue the career criminals involved.

Perhaps suing the colleges and universities as well as the military contractors and weapons/tech manufacturers involved would also be...amusing.