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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bush Isnt The Only One

This saddened me. I have always felt bad for George Bush 'Jr'. I know hes not a Jr but thats what the common people refer to him as. And I miss him. Why? You ask with all the torture and horror of his years in office?
Becuz if Bush had stayed on I would be dead from torture and terror by now. Id have finally been at peace, Id have not been tortured and run ragged within an inch of my life but I would have lost my an incredible power. An era where the most evil forces rose up and shown themselves to humanity at least here in America. And unlike today, I could see my enemy. I knew clearly I was being attacked. The gs was very overt, the content of the attacks mosrly by humans in person. I felt alive, I knew what was real and what was not. I knew I was in the midst of war and I was fighting to survive.
With this new president has come such a death, such a horrible new era that I can barely stand to survive. I feel nothing, I get no stimulation. I can make nothing of what really happened as no one but few know and its denied anyway.

What happened during Bush's administration perhaps was an opening of the gates but only with Obama has there been such a betrayal as to close them behind us and lock them for eternity. That era caused some kind of rift as to start a new era altogether. And for many of us its literally been the ending of our lives.

Yet Bush himself is hardly the only guilty party. Blair, and many powerful people in Bushs administration and world wide are guilty and most of all look to Blackwater and the military industrial complex in general. They are the ones with the real voodoo that one must watch out for.

And blacks in power and everywhere wanted this so badly they would and DID do anything to get Obama in. It was a black conspiracy and that.goes all the way over to Africa. Do not be naive about how rich and powerful blacks are few in number. They have, in many ways since Bush and largely DUE TO the Bush era, taken over the world and its only escalating.

I also notice that people are quick to mess with Jr but usually dont even toy with Daddy Bush.
Before you go after easy prey becuz you are being fed bs, look to the real power. These people serving in office now are a joke compared to the old guard. Being that the American public have been dumbed down and made clinically insane by video games, computers, endless gadgets, taking away recreational drugs and insisting on psych meds for replacement as well as a ridiculous inflation of the cost of living, the public has lost most of their memory of what REALITY is or was. An entire insular false environment has been created and you live in it now. We have entire multiple generations not only born native to technology but born native to stupidity....watching OCCUPY is testament to this. They have no idea at all what to expect from any examples from the 60s. The fact that cops beat them is like a big surprise to raised by hovering parents and constant survaillence by the system. They are mostly ineffectual at dealing with getting raided. They seem totally innocent grass a world with activists having ties to people giving them intel...its ridiculous. They think nothing like my militant parents generation who gave the powers that be a good run for their money. They are commendable but they are ten years too late. They are merely reacting finally to how obvious it is weve been screwed over.

Its not just Bush and the only war crimes and human rights abuses are not damned water boarding- the existence and use of microwave, electromagnetic and other weapons must be considered, used by the USA and any other country as well.
By the way, they can waterboard via hovering helicopter overhead, its virtual or psychic waterboarding if you will and its the same treatment for interrogation as physical waterboarding. Dont you think that f*cks a person up just as badly as the real physical act? Targets like myself are tortured for years not just a few choice incidents. Gimme a f*ckin break.

What about Bush himself. Do you honestly believe he would be as he is without being his father's son...or his mother's even?

I witnessed someone slightly sad become more saddened, aged and hardened by the years as president of the USA during those years. I, cannot in good conscience, blame one man singularly.

He acts in the interest of people much more powerful and frightening than what the American public get to see.

In order to understand what truly happened during those years Americans must be honest with themselves and I dont see that happening anytime soon.

And until people have the guts to do that, we will for the remainder of our lives, be locked into darkness-kept behind the gates.

If YOU want to stay tethered then do so but I never did like it and always kept bucking my being enslaved by anything: sex, money, heroin, family ties, incompatable men, jobs beneath me etc.

The gs system wants to trap someone spirited and then finally break one the way the system never could.

Stop blaming one damn family and read some books and talk to some professors for christsake and start learning what is really going on and has been for some time now.

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