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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fools Reign

BTW I dont support the Kenyan Haravard grad either with the extremist racist pastor. Race card playing is soooo tacky at best. Its boring as well. What year is this?

We either get Obama or Romney. Neither of these parties seems to care about whites in poverty nor salvaging the middle class.

We need a candidate who isnt the elite's idea of a joke on the public nor cartoonish like every president since Reagan. (Clinton was good but the sax as a selling point on MTV? I'm still insulted I was duped as a youth..while Dad Bush sat back and lost all the debates on purpose and still had most of the nation convinced he was 'a wimp' whilst he and his controlled the strings all along. Annoying as hell. I review those old debates and see a lot of things I didn't see at 18 or 22) It just got worse after Clinton. Its just been one long sadistic comic strip really.

We need someone who isnt representing special interests but cares for Americans not specific demographics.

And I refuse to give any money to Africa until they stop feeding people just to make more starving children as well as perfoming ANY Female Genital Mutilation on any females of any age. Those bastards over there still pay bride prices for wives.

Female US citizens should demand no taxes be alloyed to Africa until this is no longer an issue. Refuse to pay taxes if any of it is going towards that sadistic sexist bs.
Americans arent told about all the dictators over there or rebels or military who frequently steal US aid and supplies anyway. Much of Africa is kept.down on purpose to exploit the land's various resources and the people as well. That entire place could have been improved drastically by now if it was much more closely watched by the public. How many more years of heart string pulling ads of sick starving children do Westerners need before they realize their emotions are being appealed to so they dont seek any true knowledge or stats on Africa? Ive heard complaints about the starving African chikdren ads for years mostly from blacks who are hip its a con. We should all get wise to what's really going on over there.

How many people know that one of the world's richest countries is in Africa? Can't THEY spare a bowl of rice and some meds (which should NOT be provided without vesectomies or birth control shots/ implants for females, without exception)?!

Wise up to being conned.

There has GOT to be someone other than Obama or Romney. Just ANYONE other than those two.
;Both are ultimately so insulting to me that having a plane ticket for Europe at the ready by next election seems mandatory.

Its your own greed, ignorance and stupidity thats gotten these clowns and their cronies this far.
Sadly most Americans are asleep and will remain that way. Brainwashing works! And with the progress in technology its practically unbeatable.
America is never going to change. We are isolated over here on this continent and removed from.our ancient homelands and cultures its quite easy for powerful bullying factions to define for us what 'America' means or culturally what it goes on.

America, technically is a part of The Americas cut out by a false man made border on a map. In recent history it was already occupied by Natives who were genocided in an ongoing action that makes many other genocides, recent or throughout history seem paled in comparison.
Immigrants from other parts of the world now occupy the land mass known as The United States Of America. Many carry the DNA of the original Native population and many do not. So what IS 'America' by definition? Not a text book one but as defined by its people?
Many of us thought we knew. And by deception, coercion, intimidation, unethical tactics like chemical and technological influence the definition of our country has slowly changed with the most severe shift brought on hidden under the guise of wartime during the recent G. W. Bush administration.

The people cannot exactly define their own destiny nor culture if they are withheld critical information about what exactly is utilized to form it or what it genuinely consists of.

World wide these changes are going on and while American youth only has the spine to peacefully Occupy, Europeans have been violently rioting for years...much of that behavior is even questionable as to if its been a lot of provocation from covert operatives- while authorities often claim its soley the actions of the poor, arrest records of protesters and rioters show differently.

The question now more than ever is how much does the individual care that he is being lied to or conned? Hmph with constant propaganda being pushed to focus on 'community' who can think individually or in worldly terms? Another con, another diversion.

For many of us America simply no longer exists and we as Targets are stateless persons.

I suppose its better than being happy-and fooled.


  1. Plain and simple, I shed no tears when gangstalkers die, and burn in hell. I actually find it quite comforting.

  2. I feel bad, because they escaped justice and condemnation here on Earth. Some are dead but I still want justice.