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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Market On The Square In Harvard Square, Cambridge Is Organized Crime/Foreign Money (harassment)

Getting so much subtle harassment its ridiculous. More perps mixed in with normal people than I've ever seen anywhere at anytime before even during Bush.

Hopefully its just Boston and not the whole USA.

Was being harassed non stop by gestures in Harvard Sq, Cambridge, MA today. Usually i don't stay all day in Harvard but today was an exception.

This older black male walked by me and looked down on me pan handling across from Market On the Square convenience store in Harvard Sq Cambridge, MA.

I mentioned something to that effect and he started an argument that could only be for the purposes of gang stalking harassment to escalate and get me to flip out or due to he being.just a shitty person. (After this situation got complicated he sat on a bench in front of me doing the same gestures perps are doing lately so that answers that.) Remember ever since Rossi became city manager and Maher mayor of Cambridge and the new admin in Boston (new mauyor, police chief and commissioner) as well the system here has had heavy, intense harassment designed to break me and get me institutionalized, not only to silence me thru incarceration but for total and final discreditation. (Uh, is that guy from the Rossi crime family? If her is it might explain a bit about whats going on. Hmmm).

He kept talking over me and eventually used the same lines of psychological harassment that many perps use when working off the angle of my being homeless.
He said that Im just another low life, I would never do anything for myself etc etc. I have heard these exact lines before from perps trying to get into my head and mind f*ck me working on the homeless angle.

The GS has come to a point where all the people involved can do is repeat themselves-with gestures used and the verbal brainwashing/abuse involved.

Ive heard those exact lines many times from different people always in reference to my homelessness. Just like Ive heard repeatedly in reference to my gang stalking activism and blogging that "It gives your life meaning". How can different people over many years time think exactly the same things about a person always in reference to the same part of their lives...and express it in exactly the same phrases?!

Its attempted brainwashing plain and simple.
This man also had that condition many low level perps have: mentally slow or disadvantaged and/or creepy and leering as would appear a person possibly in trouble or becoming part of the network of pedos pervs and offenders trying not to get exposed for such behaviors.

Looking back after it was over it was all well orchestrated.

i was alone, he sat on the bench in front of the store refusing to leave as part of fighting with me. As he sat there multiple people from the neighborhood came over and said hi to him and he told them why he was sitting there thus trying to create a community mobbing situation.
Most of them brushed him off kindly making it appear he is indeed perceived as slow and a bit troublesome by locals. "oh George!" One woman kindly exclaimed as if he mite get into these situations frequently.

I had ended the verbal argument long before when he stated i was a low life etc by telling him that he arrived walking by me with that perception to begin with so i was correct to be offended originally.

I sit quietly sewing and ignored him only focusing on passer byes occasionally being friendly of course.

I called my companion as it was our arranged meeting time. He arrived and as he did a blonde short woman was talking to this man on the bench who I believe was named George. She is a foreign woman who claims Market On Square is her store.
She was the biggest douche of a b*tch Ive encountered in years in any of these situations.

 I will tell you what she did but I want to add that through the years the Mexican males who are employed at this store have been a bit nasty and many recently giving me those knowing perp dirty looks one the other day even performed the mind control tactic of 'The Interview': all kinds of personal questions in a process resembling interrogation that always ends up including where have you been and "Where are you going next?" which I ace nowadays by being vague or lying outright.
One man-the late night cashier has been consistently kind and friendly to me. Everyone else either looks down in shame when they see me or gives me intimidating looks..which I ignore.

The blonde woman seems Russian by her accent but I cant tell. Shes not Mexican.

Someone out here told me the Mexican employees were listening to music in there at night and when asked what kind of music it was they claimed it was "mafia music". 

I dont mess with anyone unless I get toyed with first and everybody knows it. Im peaceable above and beyond the call of duty (as thats the motive for much of my self control to begin with) considering what I go thru still and have been put through.

So lastly lets run down what the horrid blonde did...becuz its totally screwed up but also entertaining.

The idea that people with property and money who side with the corrupt system somehow believe they are more clever and wily than those of us put out here to fight the system who happen to be without alot of visible resources is always amusing to me.

After chatting with the older black male still sitting on the bench, a short  blonde woman with an accent approached me and my companion who had joined me awaiting to leave. We were  both sitting across and to the side of the market, on a public side walk.
 She told me nastily not to ask people coming out of her store to buy me anything as shes had trouble with this. (Which I believe is a fabrication becuz the only other panhandler who frequents this location is an older black man who I am friendly with due to his civilized, old school and diplomatic nature. He is very reflective, from Los Angeles originally and peaceable. I regularly get on with African American males from Cali, with Oakland being the exception, as they seem more friendly, chill and less interested in being political or greedy, self aggrandizing, power hungry, abusive assh*les like Massachusetts. Even NYC is better than here. Farrakhanland I guess.)  I replied to her that I dont do that anyway, my focus is whoever is on the public street areas and my sign does the work for me anyway. I dont engage in aggressive panhandling.

I then POLITELY inquired if she owned just the store or the entire building. I was curious as property owners do turn up and its best to know their views on people like us being around as well as possibly try to make nice or at least be diplomatic.

She became nervous, balked and didnt answer. I explained kindly the motives I just wrote above.

She became aggressive herself, actually and asked "Do you own that whole sweater?"  referencing the Traveler hoodie I was refurbishing and I replied spiritedly that I had better (own it) if Im sewing it. She then retorted snottily "Oh its lovely" and rolled her eyes in an attempt to piss me off as obviously to the average person in this culture it simply looks ripped up and ragged (as opposed to having respectability in the Traveler culture).
I replied that it certainly was a piece of hard work. (becuz i work fuckin' hard to live like this well as do my activism project. In fact..I kick major amounts of ass so f*ck all these people's ignorant opinions).
Then ignored her.

She went back to talk to George on the bench and as she left our personal space and got back on her own territory I commented to my companion that this is simply a sign of the foriegn money taking over Harvard...and how they and their underpriveledged helpers from the communities surrounding well off areas share the same low standards of human rights and lack of conscience.

This was said of course of people taking part in GS and not generalizing all foriegn investors.

My companion and I began to get up and leave as he only showed up to retrieve me anyway. I noted that after the store owner left a younger large black male had sat next to George almost serving as a guardian due to the arrival of my male companion. He looked guarded, nervous and made sure he stayed on the phone.

When we left he may have been an attempt at an arrogant perp smirk but it was more of smiling rather nervously.
As if the operation would not go well and end as planned...but he was trying to make that the result.

ive learned to ace these situations by delivering a calculated aggressive controlled counter attack, then disengage and if possible try to use the perp to my advantage.
George served as a buffer against further harassment from gesturing perps the entire time he sat on that bench.

These desperate attempts are to keep me down and silenced in a brainwashed terrorized state so I cant make anymore strides with my project or take legal action.
I have love and support now I did not have before as well as whatever remains of the heart and soul in areas like Harvard and Brookline etc which is why they have to work so hard now.

I sense alot of people just want to see this resolved.

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